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Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Changing to an IT Career in Kansas City

Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Changing to an IT Career in Kansas City

September 21, 2016 in IT Career Program / by Ted Parker

Being stuck in a dead-end job can not only be frustrating, but stressful. You feel trapped because you don’t have the time to job search while working, and maybe the prospects outside of your job just aren’t that promising. The job growth in Kansas City is below the national average, so there’s little chance more exciting career opportunities will come around soon. It may be time to re-evaluate your career path.

It’s no secret the IT (or Information Technology) industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Technology is constantly evolving, and entire businesses and industries rely on the latest technology to grow. Some could even say that technology is the backbone of the economy of the United States. A career in IT may just be the solution you need for your dead-end job.

Here are four reasons why you should consider changing to a new career in Information Technology.

The Industry is Growing

The IT industry in the United States has been growing steadily since the late 1980’s and will continue to expand as more and more industries turn to IT solutions for their growth. This year is no exception. As the demand for such IT services as coding, software engineering, web development, mobile apps, big data and network security increase, many industry insiders expect another year of strong growth. CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook for 2016 anticipates at least a 4.7% growth in the industry globally in 2016 but says that it could grow up to 7.0% if other economic factors improve as well.

This means the industry could be worth almost $4 trillion by 2017 globally and well over $1 trillion just in the US. This opens up countless opportunities in the industry for job seekers, and there will only be more opportunities as time goes on. And IT jobs are not limited to the IT industry, either. In fact, according to CompTIA, there are actually more IT jobs outside the IT industry than there are in it. Because most businesses rely on technology, many are hiring internal IT experts and departments now, and there will be other opportunities in the future.

Immediate Opportunities

Even better, these opportunities are available RIGHT NOW in the IT industry in Kansas City. Employers are looking to hire qualified IT professionals immediately, and there simply aren’t enough qualified candidates to fill the positions. The KC Technology Council estimated that there were approximately 2300 unfilled IT jobs in KC in 2015.?? MARC (Mid-America Regional Council) recently reported that there were almost 2400 computer job postings in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Forbes includes four Information Technology careers in its list of the Top 10 Best in Jobs in 2016, and because IT jobs require specialized training, there are fewer qualified candidates available than most fields. That means more opportunities and less competition from other job seekers.

IT Training Only Takes Four Months

Centriq Training can help you take advantage of these opportunities by providing this training in just four months. Centriq has built a network of over 875 hiring companies in the Kansas City area looking for Centriq’s IT Career Program graduates to fill their IT positions. These are companies both large and small that have hired Centriq grads in the past and trust the IT training Centriq provides. You’ll have a leg up because these employers know Centriq grads not only have the IT job skills they need, but also have experience working on the actual technologies they use. You can find the whole list of companies who have hired TechSmart grads here.

Endless Possibilities

Because every business uses technology, the opportunities for experienced IT specialists are endless. You can work in any industry and still provide an essential service to your employer or client.

Entry-level IT jobs generally fall into one of two general areas or disciplines of technology: networking or programming (or coding). Networking involves computer hardware, operating systems, network servers and security. As you progress in your career the variations expand greatly into such careers as network architecture, data storage, Cloud architecture, enterprise mobility and network and data security. Programming (or coding) involves writing software that every company uses today to manage its business. It ranges from developing websites ‘ both front end and back end – to creating mobile apps to managing data to programming software for everything from driverless cars to piloting drones. Want to build communications solutions for a large company or maintain and secure a network? Networking is for you. Want to build the next great mobile app or build websites? You may want to consider programming. No matter your interests, there is a future in technology for you.

Get Trained for your New Career

Does a new career in IT sound appealing to you? You’ll need specialized training to start your career. The good news is, with Centriq Training, you can get the skills you need to get hired by the best companies in Kansas City in just four months! To learn more about Centriq’s IT Career Program here or give us a call at (913) 322-7044. If you’re not sure which area of technology is for you, Centriq has an assessment to help you decide. Don’t spend another day stuck in a job with no future. Begin pursuing a rewarding career in IT with Centriq Training today.