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October 22 04:20 PM


See what our current students and our graduates say about Centriq.

meet our graduates- Video reviews

Centriq helps hundreds of students a year find a new IT career they love. A few of our graduates decided to share their story with us, from what they were doing before Centriq to what they’re up to now.What Students say about their new careers

Before coming to Centriq, I was hit head-on by a drunk driver. The car wreck that I was in had made a big impact on my life. I had a 2 year old, a spinal injury and no plan. I had no car, no income and I was not living up to my full potential.  I came to Centriq and absolutely loved my experience! Once I graduated, I was hired as an assistant developer— it was the best thing to ever happen to me.

Cleopatra Byas Web Developer (2017)

social media posts

Social media allows people to make unsolicited public comments about a school or business. Many people believe these posts are the best way to evaluate an institution before making a decision. So we’ve included some of the social media posts of our students and alumni.

What Students Say about Centriq on social media

Six weeks ago I was one of the many people with "Monday Blues." For the past month and a half, I've woken up ready to take on whatever new information the instructors at Centriq Training were going to throw my way. It feels so satisfying to know that I'm one Monday closer to my dream career, one more non-blue Monday. Also, welcome to all the newbs who start class today! Best. Decision. Ever.

Jessica Wilson Developer Track (2018)

New Careers

Some of our students are young and just starting out, others are more experienced but need a new direction and others are transitioning from military to civilian. But all have one thing in common. They all came to Centriq because they wanted a great new career with real opportunity.
What Students say about their new careers

Matthias Lane Desktop Support Engineer Centriq Success Stories New Careers testimonial.

"My life has definitely changed for the better. I really did not know what I was going to do after the Army. Sure, I had an idea or two, but when I visited Centriq after hearing their radio ad, I knew this was my field. Now, I work at one of the top 100 Companies in KC, and have a solid place there. My new family is grateful for the knowledge I have, as it keeps them safe, and warm, and fed, and that's the most important mission in my life."

Matthias Lane Desktop Support Engineer (2012)

Classroom Experience

Centriq’s training methodology is different from anything you’ve experienced. It is hands on training in small classrooms focusing only on technology job skills. If you’re like most students who’ve never taken an IT training class, you may be wondering what it’s like.
What students say about our classroom

Scott Siegel web developer Centriq Testimonial .

"It is still a bit unbelievable to me that I was able to learn as much as I did about web development and programming over a time span of a few months, but that is a credit to the program at Centriq and also to your abilities as teachers. Thank you."

Scott Siegel Web Developer (2013)

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