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November 19 02:17 PM

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2018 IT Certification Roadmap

2018 IT Certification Roadmap

January 19, 2018 in Corporate IT Training, Microsoft, Security, Cisco, EC-Council / by Centriq Training

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is a leading non-profit trade association that educates and informs current and future IT professionals who want to earn the right certifications. Filling the need for skilled IT workers is a top priority here at Centriq. After all, there are literally millions of unfilled IT jobs that cost the US economy a lot of money. If you are considering earning a professional IT certification, take a few moments to review this objective roadmap that CompTIA made that lays out the different certifications you can earn to qualify for a variety of jobs in the field.CompTIA IT Certification Roadmap 2017

Once you take a look at the top 2018 IT certifications, simply contact us to take the next step. We can review your career goals with you, and make sure you enroll in the right certification program to maximize your chances for success. Our advisors and instructors have real-world experience in the field of IT. We also understand the local job landscape and have relationships with local employers who need workers with information technology skills.

Once you review the areas of certification and read about the main pathways below, take a look at the flowchart to review the options for beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert level options for IT professionals.

Areas of IT certification

CompTIA has certifications with learning outcomes in many areas of the growing field of IT. Here are the focal points of their pathways:

  • Information Security
  • Network and Cloud Technologies
  • Hardware, Services, and Infrastructure
  • IT Management and Strategy
  • Storage and Data
  • Web and Mobile
  • Software Development

Infrastructure Pathway

This pathway starts with the fundamentals you need to start your career in IT. You will learn the ins-and-outs of hardware and software at the most basic level. This will prepare you for courses that follow, including CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+. As you dive deeper into the infrastructure pathway, you can take Linux+, Server+, and Cloud+ certifications.

Earning certification along the infrastructure pathway can prepare you for countless roles on the field of IT. For example, individuals who complete the Cloud+ certification, you can qualify for employment as a project manager for cloud services, cloud engineer, as well as business analyst roles that pertain to cloud-based networks and services.

Cybersecurity Pathway

The cybersecurity pathway includes popular certification courses that help fill the growing need for IT security professionals. After all, the job growth for Information Security Analysts is forecast at 28% between 2016-2026 – which is four times the average job growth for all other occupations. (BLS, 2018.) These certifications can help you pursue this type of role, and others, such as: threat intelligence analyst, security engineer, vulnerability analyst, and other in-demand roles.

Additional Certifications

CompTIA recognizes additional certification courses that you can also take right here at Centriq. As you browse our catalog of IT courses, you’ll see that you can create your own pathway that leads to the job you want. CompTIA Project+ helps future project managers grasp the skills to handle small to mid-size projects like a pro. For professionals in non-IT roles, the Cloud Essentials certification helps you gain the solutions-focused skills that all employees can benefit from having. And the Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) helps you prove that you have the ability to work as a teacher or educator in the modern IT classroom.

Which 2018 IT Certification is right for you?

Are you ready to learn more about choosing the best IT certification program for your career goals? Talk to us today, so we can create your plan-of-action for success. We will focus on helping you succeed no matter where you want your career to lead. Whether you want to move up the ladder in your current organization or aim for a fresh start with a new company, Centriq can help you get there!

CompTIA IT Certification Roadmap 2017

Live, Instructor-Led training can make passing a certification exam less of a challenge. Learn how today and get advice on the right cert for you at 913.322.7062, 314.644.6400 or jruby@centriq.com.

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