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September 22 02:40 AM

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How You Learn

How you learn sets Centriq apart from traditional schools.

At our IT and Code School, you don’t learn from long lectures and you aren’t measured by writing essays. Your progress is measured by the skills you acquire throughout the program. Each skill requires you to learn a different or more advanced technology. The result is that you not only learn the skill but you also learn how to learn the technology needed.

Lyon Centriq testimonial.

"From the time class began to the time class ended, I had my hands in code. From my first application to my final projects, I was never learning anything other than what would help me succeed in a job. That allowed me to focus all my attention on one goal."

Lyon Lenk Associate Performance Specialist (2015)

Our Students / Your Classmates

Your training class will include anywhere from 8-14 students most of whom will have had little or no previous experience in IT. They are different ages and come from varied backgrounds. While some may have an interest in computers or gaming, others are just looking to get started in a new career. You will spend your entire four-month Centriq experience working with this group as a team – just like the workplace.

Chris Swatzell final

"Watching our team grow from the beginning of the program, all the way through our presentation, was an extremely rewarding and memorable time that I won't soon forget. I honestly consider each and every one of them to be my friend, and I believe we all made impacts on each other that made us strive to be better and better each day."

Chris Swatzell Systems Administrator/Analyst (2015)

Your Track

When experienced IT professionals train with our Corporate Division to update their technical skills, they typically take a one week class. The IT Career program incorporates this format. Your four month program or track is actually a series of strategically structured one week classes. You learn a specific skill set or aspect of a skill set each week. This enables you to concentrate on only one skill set or technology topic at a time.

Jeff Casebolt Centriq testimonial.

"The entire track was enjoyable. Mixing it up by having different instructors really helped. They are all knowledgeable in every aspect of the track. They were all great at explaining issues and concepts in their own ways, that could really help you relate to it or picture it in a real world setting."

Jeff Casebolt Systems Administrator (2014)

Training Methodology

With Centriq’s innovative training methodology, you spend the vast majority of your class time learning new IT and/or Coding skills through hands-on projects or exercises that simulate the exact things you will do in your new job. The classroom experience is highly interactive. On a typical day, instructors explain and discuss what you will learn and then demonstrate the lesson or skill set. You repeat the demo and then practice independently. The instructor then evaluates your performance and the class engages in a Q and A session. Once you master the concepts, you are given challenges that simulate technology workplace experiences.

"Our training prepares you to be able to do your job. If a server goes down, you've seen it happen and know how to get it up and running. If there's a bug in your code, you know how to find it and fix it."

Andrea Pedersen Career Operations Manager

Project Weeks

The final two weeks of your track are the most exciting and rewarding. During that time you will build your Final Project either independently or as a team (depending on the track you choose). The Final Project is the culmination of your experience at Centriq. It integrates the IT or coding skills you have learned into one tangible project. It demonstrates to you and to employers that you have obtained the real world job skills that qualify you for your first job in the IT industry.


Student Services

Throughout your four month track, we’re sure you will have questions and issues that arise outside your classes. That’s why we have a Student Services office to help you. Our Student Services team is always available to resolve any challenges you may encounter. Student Services offers you continuing onsite support throughout your track, including scheduling issues, learning styles seminars, mentoring sessions and customized study tips.

Michelle Miller Centriq testimonial.

"Nicole - You are the heart of Centriq. I can't thank you enough for your support, help, questions answered, and the list goes on. Everything I needed was taken care of by you with great ease. You need a raise!"

Michelle Miller Windows System Analyst (2014)