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May 26 12:59 AM

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See what our customers have to say about their experience with Centriq.

"I had a great experience in the ITIL Foundations class taught by Sandy Bentch. After approximately 25 years in Facilities Management, I've decided to shift my career to a focus of Business Analysis, IT and Project Management. The class was a great way for me to jump-start my goal and I was thrilled to pass the certification exam at the end of training."

William S. North Kansas City Hospital

"The training we received was; inspiring, enjoyable, educational, informative, and very well presented. I came away feeling more confident and self-aware, which is very helpful when working within this environment. I also have new insight into the individuals I work with and those we serve. I indeed have taken away from the training many things which may be used both professionally and personally. The passion and care demonstrated throughout the training toward us all is greatly appreciated."

Darrell M. St. Louis Housing Authority

"I’ve been going to Centriq for training and testing for more than 8 years. The instructors at Centriq have prepared me for 13 certifications, which have helped to propel me from first-tier help desk to system administration. Everyone at Centriq makes you feel at home and goes out of their way to accommodate any need. I highly recommend Centriq to anyone looking to expand their skills and advance their career."

Mike P. Saint Louis Art Museum

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"Nice facility and very talented instructors. I have been there for training many times and plan on returning many more. Keep up the good work."

Gary Guider Sprint, Overland Park campus

Training, Facility and Instructor Specific Comments

MS-10961: Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell v4.0

"Mark is one of the best instructors I have ever encountered. Not only knowledgeable, he also relays information in the manner that is understandable. And his personality is amazing, I was looking forward coming to class every day. Thank you so much!!!"

WD-505: Intro to jQuery

The instructor provided excellent materials which were not only useful for the current course but also cover a wider variety of Software and tools.

MS-20483: Programming in C#

"Mike is very knowledgeable in his field. He uses funny and real example to show us how to use the concepts and knowledge in the real world to solve the problems. It is very beneficial to me."

AG-ASB : Agile/Scrum Bootcamp: Agile Expert & Scrum Master Certification

"Ley was very knowledgeable! Reviews of the content we’d previously covered were great and highly beneficial."

MS-SP2016: SharePoint 2016 Server and SharePoint Online: End User, Power User, and Site Owner

"Karla has amazing energy and really knows SharePoint! Who knew SharePoint could do so many things. A lot was covered, but she made sure everyone was always with her before moving on. Would love to take more classes from Karla!"

WD-515: Mobile Web App Development

"Doug Hoff was very easy to work with, had an easy going personality and the ability to adapt - and overcome problems with code. He also had a great sense of humor, which made the training even more enjoyable."

SEC-115 : CompTIA Security+ Cert Bootcamp (Exam Included)

"Mr. McRaven was really knowledgeable and was able to explain when we didn't understand certain concepts. I have attended plenty of bootcamps and I haven't enjoyed any of them. This was the first bootcamp that I have enjoyed in my 14 years of IT experience. I will be attending more classes if Mr. McRaven will be teaching."

BTC-202: Business Analysis for the IT Professional

"Small class size was nice and gave us the opportunity to discuss and compare each other's business makeup and processes."

MS-20411: Administering Windows Server 2012

"Took course remotely, but felt involved in the class and could easily following along and see examples."

MS-20486: Developing ASP .NET 4.5 MVC Web Applications

"Mike does a great job of providing a wide breadth of information as well as depth to the information. Displays command of development and shows authentic enthusiasm for teaching the material and showing it."

SEC-110: CompTIA Security +

"Kasama's focus on the key learning points and memorization techniques for the relevant material was extremely helpful. His presentation style was perfect. He mixed the right humor in to aid in the understanding and more importantly the retention of the material."

MS-10969: Active Directory Services with Windows Server

"Janet Nichols is a natural platform and remote learning presenter... quite good, effective, articulate, and an excellent communicator. She makes learning quite enjoyable, by her combination of good and clever humor, delivery of information, helpfulness in anticipating and answering questions, and helpful in the lab sections. She shows genuine care to her students, and represents Centriq in the highest quality manner."

ITL-2011: ITIL Foundations Certification

"Instructors past work experiences allowed a lot of real world examples for us to understand the application of the material. Key for me was that the instructor was teaching with the view of learning the material and NOT to learn-only-to pass the exam. My goal was to first learn the material COMPLETELY and then focus on the test. The instructor helped me with this goal."