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October 12 04:15 PM

Microsoft 365 and
Microsoft Teams Training

Make the most of Teams (and the rest of the M365).

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Microsoft 365 Training

The overnight transition to a remote work environment required an immediate utilization of Teams—whether your company was prepared or not. Now it’s time to step back and to ensure you’re using Teams—and the other M365 apps—as efficiently and productively as possible. The best way to endure this is through training. Centriq has the programs and experience to train not just your End Users but also your M365 Champions that drive training and adoption inside your company.

Champion Program

To put it simply, an M365 Champion is an internal team member who has been chosen to help lead your company’s M365 training and adoption plan. Your M365 Champion(s) act as your company’s "early adopters" becoming experts in Teams and SharePoint Online and building proficiency with the entire M365 environment. M365 Champions then work to establish M365 policies, procedures, and best practices while providing subject matter expertise to your End Users. Read more about M365 Champions here.

Training Offerings

Centriq offers a comprehensive schedule/calendar of M365 training classes and programs:

M365 Subscription Program is a cost-saving solution for your organization to save on M365 training all year long.

M365 Apps Training

M365 App Training Classes provide an overview of the Microsoft 365 environment (M365 App Boot Camp and M365: Envisioning Demo Workshop) as well as in-depth training for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft OneNote.

M365 MicroClasses

M365 MicroClasses offer End Users short two-hours demo classes focusing on specific tasks or projects within various M365 apps.

M365 Technical Training

M365 Technical Training Classes prepare your IT team to install, configure and manage the administrative back end of the M365 environment.

M365 Desktop Training

M365 Desktop Training Classes train your End Users on traditional Microsoft Office desktop apps such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

Dedicated End User Training

Dedicated End User Training Classes are private classes for your End Users. Centriq offers great flexibility regarding content, training modality, training location and timing so your entire team gets trained the to use M365 Apps the way you choose.

Microsoft 365 Subscription Program

A new way to train on M365 and Teams.

Centriq’s new M365 Subscription Program is an annual subscription that provides access to M365 training at a low monthly price. The subscription can be offered as a standalone training offering, or paired with live M365 training, including Centriq’s M365/Teams Adoption Package, and is designed for mid-sized companies. Your subscription includes:

M365 Video Library

A self-service M365 video library with over 5,000 task-based learning sessions covering Microsoft Office and M365 apps.

Centriq365 Video Library

An ongoing series of proprietary 15-30 minute videos covering common M365 features from three different categories:

• How-To (favorite tips and tricks to get the most out of our favorite M365 apps)

• What to Use When (real-life, business-use scenarios for which app works best for a given situation)

• Professional Development with M365 (develop your “soft skills” with M365 apps)

Monthly Video Updates

Short, streamlined video content describing M365 updates so you’re always up to date on industry changes and trends.

M365 Live Training Options

M365 Subscription customers are entitled to discounts on our live Centriq M365 Training.

Microsoft 365 App Training

Take your M365 knowledge to the next level with our full-length courses. Our M365 curriculum is developed in-house, and revised with each Microsoft update, so you always have the most up-to-date training on all things M365.

Take on all Microsoft 365 has to offer with our 2-day bootcamp. We cover the most commonly used apps in M365 and tips and tricks with how you can incorporate them into your day-to-day activities, and how the apps work together. This class will also discuss how you can drive the adoption of M365 in your organization and the development of a Champion role.

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Are you getting the most out of Microsoft Teams? Our 1-day course teaches you how the everyday user can master the basic functions and take control of their workday. We cover everyday tasks such as chat, audio calls, and video calls and how Teams can integrate with your other Microsoft 365 apps. This class is a great starting off point before enrolling in our Workday Advanced course.

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After mastering the basics of Microsoft Teams, elevate your knowledge with our 1-day advanced course. Polish your skills as a meeting host, and take your presentations to the next level with Teams Live events. Understand when and how to use apps, bots, and connectors to help you automate your tasks. Completion of this course will make you an all-around advanced user of this powerful tool.

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Understand how SharePoint Online works from the ground up. Our 4-day bootcamp takes you through the construction of a SharePoint Online site from start to finish, how to manage the environment, and best practices and governance. We take a comprehensive look at the capabilities and features that a SharePoint Online End User, Power User, Site Owner, Site Collections Administrator will use most frequently. This class also takes a look into Microsoft 365 apps, and how they all integrate into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

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Learn the ins and outs of OneNote online and for Windows 10. This 1-day course will provide hands-on training to create and organize notes, files, pictures and more in a digital notebook. See how OneNote integrates with Outlook and other Microsoft 365 apps for this digital-first world.

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Have you made the switch to Microsoft 365, but know your company isn’t getting the most out of it? Join us for a live demo where we cover a typical day for common roles in an organization, and how Microsoft 365 can help boost productivity and the ability to achieve overall goals. If you are not sure what M365 can do for you or for your company and how it can help your team work more efficiently, this is the perfect way to get started!

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M365 MicroClasses

New from Centriq: two-hour MicroClasses to get your team started in easy-to-digest training.

Take control of your meetings with Microsoft Teams. Learn how to host a collaborative, effective, internal Teams meeting. This course will focus on how to stay organized by looking at tools, features, and options you can use before, during, and after your meeting. Participants will learn to make the most of each meeting and ensure better follow-up on important action items.

Enroll In Best Practices of Hosting a Teams Meeting

Take control of your day with Microsoft 365 applications. See how you can use all Microsoft 365 has to offer and take on each app with confidence. This webinar is targeted towards those in marketing and communications roles, but anyone who uses Microsoft 365 can benefit!

Enroll In Transform Work Digitally

Did you jump into using Teams when you first started to work from home, but now realize it’s time for you to master some of its more useful tools? Join us for this session where we cover how you can make the most of
your Teams environment in an easy-to-follow demo. Are you looking for more out of your Teams training? Join us for our Teams: Workday Essentials and Teams: Workday Advanced full-length courses!

Enroll In Teams 101

No matter if you consider yourself well versed in OneNote or you are just starting out, this webinar offers you the tips and tricks to help boost productivity in your day. Learn about the features OneNote has to offer and how you can use this tool every day to keep you organized, no matter your job role. Are you ready to become a OneNote master? Sign up for our Microsoft OneNote full-length course.

Enroll In OneNote Tips, Tricks, and Awesome Add-Ons

You’ve heard about “Working in the Cloud,” but what does that really mean for you? Microsoft 365 gives you multiple locations to store your documents, and this session will cover these locations and demonstrate the life cycle of document development. This training will also cover key features such as co-authoring and versioning to help a team collaborate while maintaining visibility.

Enroll In Teams Digital Content Collaboration

Keep control of your documents with Microsoft 365 Groups. Learn how to manage what your Group has access to, and how to manage permissions as its status changes. This course is different than managing SharePoint permissions. For a better understanding of SharePoint and managing permissions, please view our four-day SharePoint Online Bootcamp.

Enroll In M365 Group Permissions

Microsoft 365 Technical Training

Create and manage your Microsoft 365 environment with our Microsoft 365 technical training courses.

Take on the role of Microsoft Teams Administrator in this 4-day course and learn how to configure, deploy, and manage Microsoft 365 workloads for Microsoft Teams that focus on efficient and effective collaboration and communication in an enterprise environment. If you are interested in learning how you can pass the Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate certification exam, this is the class for you.

Enroll In Managing Microsoft Teams

Are you responsible for planning, configuring, and managing your Microsoft 365 environment? Our 5-day course targets the needs of IT professionals who take part in evaluating, planning, deploying, and operating Microsoft 365 365 services. 

Enroll In Microsoft 365 Administrator

Learn how to plan, configure, and manage SharePoint sites and OneDrive to enable modern content services that transform the content lifecycle in our 3-day course. We will discuss SharePoint site structure and hub sites, along with best practices for adoption and deployment of OneDrive within your organization.

Enroll In Manage SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365

If you are managing SharePoint on-premises but are looking to migrate to Microsoft 365, this 5-day course is for you. Learn how to deploy, configure, and manage SharePoint Server 2019 and SharePoint service applications to meet the demands of modern workstyles. This course will also cover how to plan and implement SharePoint hybrid scenarios for a seamless user experience, and how to design the content migration process to use while moving to Microsoft 365.

Enroll In SharePoint Hybrid Deployment and Migration

Microsoft 365 Desktop Training

Need training for Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint? Centriq has you covered on all that (and more).

Master Excel with any of our three levels of training. Each of our Microsoft Excel courses are only 1-day of training to prepare you for the skills you need to work effectively. Centriq also offers an Excel course specific to data analysis and pivot tables for job roles that require more granular analysis.

Enroll In Microsoft Excel Level 1

Enroll In Microsoft Excel Level 2

Enroll In Microsoft Excel Level 3

Enroll In Microsoft Excel: Data Analysis with Pivot Tables

Develop greater proficiency in Microsoft Word with our three levels of 1-day training courses. See how you can apply Microsoft Word in a variety of ways to create different documents.

Enroll In Microsoft Word Level 1

Enroll In Microsoft Word Level 2

Enroll In Microsoft Word Level 3

See how you can apply Microsoft PowerPoint in a variety of applications to help complete projects beyond presentations. Our 1-day PowerPoint courses come in two levels for the beginner and more advanced user.

Enroll In Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1

Enroll In Microsoft PowerPoint Level 2

Master your email with our Microsoft Outlook training. Our 1-day classes have two levels to help every user master basic functions and helpful tips and tricks to keep their inbox organized.

Enroll In Microsoft Outlook Level 1

Enroll In Microsoft Outlook Level 2

Understand the basic concepts of Microsoft Access and how it works with your database. This 1-day course will teach you how to navigate the interface and how to create and modify tables, queries, forms, and reports.

Enroll In Microsoft Access Level 1

Dedicated Training

Create a training plan that is customized for your company with our Microsoft 365 Dedicated Training.

Centriq Training's expert Instructors and Training Advisors can design dedicated or private training for your organization, which allows the curriculum to be tailored to your specific needs. Dedicated Training classes offer many benefits, including:

1. Customized Content

You can consult directly with Centriq Instructors to customize Microsoft 365 training so it covers only the topics your company needs to get a complete understanding of M365.

2. Convenient Location

Microsoft 365 training can take place anywhere! Classes can be delivered virtually, at your location, offsite, or at our facility. Learn more about our facilities in Kansas City and St. Louis here.

3. Convenient Date

Do you have a lot of staff that you need to onboard to different M365 applications? Centriq is flexible and can help you select a day or multiple days to ensure you and your team have enough time for training.

4. Collaboration

Teams is all about collaboration, and we integrate this into your learning plan. If there are features or skills you want to make sure are covered, let us know! With our staff and your team collaborating on your customized Microsoft 365 training, you can address issues specific to your environment to create a better, more effective training and adoption plan.

5. Consistent Learning

Whether you schedule Dedicated Training for one day, or we hundreds of people over weeks, your team learns the same thing, the same way, at the same time, every time.

Do you need dedicated training specific to Microsoft Teams? Learn more about Dedicated Microsoft Teams Training to see how a custom solution can benefit your organization.

Is a dedicated training class not necessary for your team at this time? View our Class Schedule to see our current M365 public training classes.

Microsoft 365 Champion Training

Microsoft 365 Champions are M365 subject matter experts inside your company. (Read about M365 Champions here.) They help determine the adoption and utilization plans for M365 inside your company. They then offer support to your End User team not only during training but also after training as your teams determine how to best utilize Teams and the other M365 apps in their respective departments. Centriq has developed a training program to develop M365 Champions within your organization.

M365 Champion Training generally includes the following classes:

M365 Training Resources

When you are ready to train your M365 Champions and End Users, Centriq’s expert instructors and Training Advisors will design dedicated or private training for your organization, which allows the curriculum to be tailored to your specific needs. Our proven M365 Adoption Guide outlines the process in three simple steps:

Step 1: We introduce your Leadership Team to the benefits of Microsoft 365 through several options such as webinars, workshops and even classroom training.

Step 2: We help you identify and train your M365 Champions who will guide your company through the training and adoption process.

Step 3: We train your End Users to drive adoption of M365 and the increased productivity and efficiency that M365 provides for your company.

Ready to get started with your M365 journey?

Call (913) 322-7000 or (314) 644-6400 to speak with a Centriq Training Account Executive, or fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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