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April 19 05:11 PM

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Classroom Experience

From our hands-on methodology to the expertise and passion of our instructors, students love the Centriq Classroom Experience.

How do we make sure you are getting the best classroom experience possible? At the end of every week, we ask our students to complete an anonymous Centriq Review form. They evaluate the classroom, the curriculum, the instructor and their overall experience during the week. We also invite them to make comments and suggestions. We use this information to continually improve our program and the student experience.


Check out these recent highlights:
Instructor Chad Johnson
Class Cybersecurity Essentials with CompTIA Security+
Track Systems & Security Admin

"Chad is helpful, informative, does not just give the answers. He wants you to understand how to get there, in order to prepare you for a real-world scenario. THAT is a sign of someone who teaches, not instructs."

Instructor Jenna Beckett
Class C# Fundamentals 2
Track Full Stack Web Developer

"Really enjoyed how she took the time to answer ALL questions, no questions were stupid questions. Her teaching style is very visual which is really helpful in understanding complex concepts. I've learned so much the past couple of weeks and I thank her! She seems like she really wants us all to succeed!"

Centriq Training Instructor Steven Russell
Instructor Steven Russell
Class Systems & Security Career Foundation
Track Systems & Security Admin

"I really enjoyed every day of class. This is the first time I have actually looked forward to coming to class. Steven Russell created a fun learning environment. He made concepts that I thought would be hard to learn, easy to understand in minutes. He took my nervous start at a training facility and turned it into a welcoming environment that I'm happy to be a part of."

Centriq Training Instructor David Ray
Instructor David Ray
Class A+ Essentials – Server Configuration and Help Desk Training
Track Systems & Security Administrator

"I think Mr. Ray is an excellent instructor. I think he established a good rapport with the students; he was friendly without losing control of the classroom. He also makes it clear that he is available for additional assistance for anyone who wants to stay after class."

"David Ray is like having our own personal Mr. Rogers. He makes us feel good about ourselves while learning new/difficult material."

Centriq Training Instructor Jason Presely
Instructor Jason Presley
Class Distributed Computing - Dependency Injection, AngularJS, & Web Services
Track Full Stack Web Developer

"Every single person who goes through Centriq NEEDS to have a class taught by Jason."

"I really enjoyed the week with Jason. I have enjoyed every instructor's different styles of teaching the content, but really appreciate Jason's drive to find answers to help us refactor and clean the code we are developing. I also love the concrete examples that he uses to help us understand complex concepts."

Instructor Jeff DeMaranville
Class Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep
Track Full Stack Web Developer

"Jeff has an infectious, friendly attitude that makes the difficult material a little easier to learn. He always has time for questions and is very patient."

"Jeff is extremely helpful. His teaching style is very engaging and easily keeps us all on task without feeling burned out by the end of the day."

Instructor Frank Pflumm
Class Systems & Security Career Foundation
Track Systems & Security Admin

"I am not one that likes to talk, but it's day 3 and I already do not mind speaking in front of the entire class. Instructor gives comfortable atmosphere during class."

"...our instructor is very knowledgeable about everything thus far and I am excited to continue learning!"

Instructor Matt Neilson
Class Systems & Security Career Foundation
Track Systems & Security Admin

"Matt is awesome. One of, if not the best, teachers I have ever had. He knows the skills we need to move forward and that is what he teachers us... I have grown more confident in this program over the little time I have spent in this class because of Matt. I have become more confident in the fact I can actually pass this class because of him."

Instructor Derek Duderstadt
Class Team Development
Track Full Stack Web Developer

"Derek shows incredible leadership skills with an ability to read the temperament of the class and address any issues head on. There were several times that the class was feeling uneasy or insecure about a particular skill or process. Without anyone saying anything, Derek recognized this and addressed it. This was the overriding theme of the class: encouragement and empowerment. From day one I felt a greater sense of hope in my ability to learn and acquire the knowledge necessary to succeed. But Derek's encouragement of the class was not unbalanced. We were routinely challenged to think outside of the box, answer in-class questions, and solve our own problems. All that to say, I was very impressed with the guy."

Instructor Jeff Overhaug
Class Cyber Security Essentials with CompTIA Security+
Track Systems & Security Admin

"Jeff is an amazing resource to students. He knows the material inside and out, but he also goes beyond that by effectively communicating the material. He speeds up when the class obviously gets the material, and slows down on the harder information. Jeff is also very approachable, and was available outside of class hours for all needed tutoring for several students. In short, Jeff delivers exceptional customer service and consistently exceeds expectations."

Instructor Chuck Wieners
Class Advanced C# Review and Tech Interview Prep
Track Full Stack Web Developer

"Instructor went above and beyond to ensure I grasped the material. Due to an illness, I had to miss a day and a half of material. The instructor made sure I had all the class material, pictures of the notes on the white board, and also sent me his instructor code. Will all the extra help I was able to catch up on everything I had missed."

Instructor Chris Dunbar
Class A+ Essentials
Track Systems & Security Admin

"I love this guy. The first day of class, I didn't think I'd have a good rapport with the instructor, but he has an ability to teach while being equal parts informative and entertaining. A perfect combination."

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