SharePoint and the Future of Work
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SharePoint and the Future of Work

SharePoint and the Future of Work

August 3, 2017 in Microsoft, Corporate IT Training / by Sara Lamb

When it comes to its signature SharePoint document management software, Microsoft is deservedly ambitious. The company claims to reinvent the digital connected workplace and empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Underlying these big claims is technology that truly can revolutionize the way people work on every level.

Four Key Ways SharePoint Innovates

An important and highly educational Rencore webinar identifies ways that SharePoint changes the way businesses can handle data. The platform’s powerful technology lets users do four things:

1. Share with Confidence

SharePoint effortlessly integrates with OneDrive so that employees can securely access company data on any device. At the same time, built-in authentication and security measures ensure that sensitive data remains protected even if employees lose personal devices that have privileged access.

2. Transform Business Processes

Through integration with Microsoft Flow, employees can easily automate data managed on the SharePoint platform. Microsoft PowerApps gives the same employees the ability to create powerful, easy-to-use mobile apps using company data available through the platform.

3. Inform and Engage Employees

The SharePoint platform lets users build informative pages on a natively mobile platform. By using industry-leading intranet technology to engage employees, company culture improves and its employees become more enthusiastic about their ability to help achieve organizational goals.

4. Harness Collective Knowledge

Powerful search options and graded access management allows employees to find data they need faster and easier than ever before. They can also search through company personnel databases by skills, interests, and projects in order to better utilize human resources to meet organization goals.

SharePoint for Small Business

While SharePoint’s benefits may seem targeted towards the enterprise customer, the truth is that SharePoint helps small businesses manipulate data efficiently. As Jason Jacquot points out, SharePoint’s document management and collaboration capabilities make it ideal for use in a small business environment.

Users can assess security protocols to sensitive documents, files, and data while making them available to the privileged account holders who need access. Versioning controls are a standard feature of SharePoint, making it easy to keep track of fluid documents under constant review.

SharePoint for the Enterprise

While SharePoint offers key functionality for small to mid-sized businesses, its capability to revolutionize enterprise businesses must not be understated. For a specific case, look at Tyson Foods, one of the largest manufacturers of processed food products on the planet. This company replaced an aging legacy system with a SharePoint system that handles over 100 million documents across 30 departments.

The company integrated its business-critical SAP functions as well as many other business processes into the SharePoint platform and established an enterprise content management system to accommodate its huge database. Now, the company enjoys a streamlined workflow on all levels of its organization.

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