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Django Girls… the D is Silent

Django Girls… the D is Silent

July 31, 2018 in Centriq News / by Hannah Gerstner

Every year, we rave about how much we admire Django Girls and everything they do for our tech community. And, every year, we get blank stares and questions like, “what the heck is a Django Girl?” No worries— it’s a fair question! We had to ask ourselves the same thing before we started teaming up with the incredible organization.

So, what is Django Girls?

Django is one of many web frameworks that help developers build websites. Like their name suggests, Django Girls provide the framework needed to help women organize free, one-day website programming workshops across the country. They’re also an incredible non-profit, volunteer-based organization with a focus on bringing more women into the technology industry.

Django Girls Kansas City Workshop

Kansas City Women in Technology (KCWiT) hosted the second annual Django Girls workshop in Kansas City, which took place July 20th and 21st at the Sprint Accelerator in the Crossroads district.  Centriq Training is proud to sponsor the workshop for the second year in a row— this year as a gold sponsor.

During the workshop, attendees (most of whom who have little or no coding experience) actually built their own websites. Among the impressive number of volunteers and mentors was Jenna Beckett, one of Centriq’s very own coding instructors, who devoted her free time for both the Friday and Saturday sessions.

Aside from building a website, the Django Girls workshop offers participants additional takeaways, like relationships with mentors, developing and challenging critical thinking skills and creating lifelong learning opportunities.

Women in Technology

There’s no question that females are massively underrepresented in the IT industry— which is why organizations like Django Girls put such an extreme focus on diversity and inclusion in technology. However, it turns out that Kansas City is one of the best places in the country for women in IT. While Kansas City is ranked number two (just behind Washington D.C.), KC women in technology— on average— earn 102% of what their male counterparts make. Kansas City is the only U.S. city where women in technology on average made more than men.

Here at Centriq Training, we know about the incredible opportunities for women in the technology industry! We encourage women with an interest in IT to get involved with the many local organizations in Kansas City that support diversity in tech, like Kansas City Women in Technology. There are also plenty of opportunities to get your feet wet, like the Django Girls or Rails Girls workshops.

Learn to Code

At Centriq Training, we’re firm believers in diversifying the tech industry, so we offer several opportunities for females of all ages. For younger girls, Centriq offers a summer computer camp where students can transfer their passion for technology (like computers or video games) into valuable, career-based abilities.

Or, for adults considering a career in coding or IT, Centriq offers an accelerated, hands-on career training program that takes individuals with little or no IT experience and gives them the coding or IT job skills to get started in a career in technology in just four months.