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September 22 03:11 AM

Centriq company photo taken with a drone.

Our People

Our entire team - including the largest and most experienced technical training staff in the Midwest - is dedicated to helping develop the IT workforce.

Executives & Managers

  • Kevin Grawe, Centriq Training - President/Partner

    Kevin Grawe


    Has dislocated his shoulders 10 different times and in 10 different ways

  • Ted Parker, Centriq Training - Vice President/Partner

    Ted Parker

    Vice President/Partner

    Has run thirteen marathons

  • Steve Harmon


  • Dean Bezdek, Centriq Training - Vice President of Finance/IT

    Dean Bezdek

    Vice President of Finance

    Loves jigsaw puzzles and can't use a piece unless he can connect it to another piece before taking it out of the box

  • Jessica Oliver, Centriq Training - Vice President of Operations

    Jessica Oliver

    Vice President of Operations

    Samples and compares local cupcake vendors at all of her US-based vacation destinations

  • Justin Ruby, Centriq Training - Corporate Sales Manager

    Justin Ruby

    Corporate Sales Manager

    Loves to inflict earworms on co-workers by singing throughout the office

  • Andrea Pedersen

    Director of Career Operations

    Has a goal to golf on a course in every state

  • EmmaCopasCentriqTraining

    Emma Copas

    Kansas City Corporate Operations Manager

    Is obsessed with scary movies, ghosts and hauntings

  • Leanora Wendling

    St. Louis Corporate Operations Manager

    Wanted to be the White House Press Secretary when she grew up

  • Hannah Gerstner

    Marketing Manager

    Played Smoke on the Water on a recorder (with her nose) during a sixth grade talent show

  • KevinHayCentriqTrainingStaffPhoto

    Kevin Hay

    IT Manager and SSA Team Lead

    Used to sing and play guitar in a death metal band

  • Alex Maurer

    Alex Carnahan

    Career & Student Success Manager

    Would eat Mexican food every day if she could


  • Adam Jurotich

    Technical Trainer

    Sings in an a Capella men's chorus that has won multiple international gold medals!

  • CalebGeorgeCentriqTraining

    Caleb George

    Technical Trainer

    Rides his motorcycle all year long, even in the snow

  • Chad Johnson

    Technical Trainer

    Is a master scuba diver trainer

  • Chris-Dunbar

    Chris Dunbar

    Technical Trainer and SSA Team Lead

    Mixes music in his spare time

  • Chris Nuckolls, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer.

    Chris Nuckolls

    Technical Trainer

    Was once alone in a room for 20 minutes with 6 live, unrestrained tigers

  • Chuck Wieners, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer.

    Chuck Wieners

    Technical Trainer/FSWD Team Lead

    Has been to every distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and some that aren’t

  • Craig Gerdes

    Technical Trainer

    Has a favorite saying to use while teaching, which is to watch for "gold nuggets"

  • David-Ray

    David Ray

    Technical Trainer

    Has covered the Big 12 and written scouting reports for a popular NBA Draft website for the past 5 years

  • Derek Duderstadt

    Technical Trainer

    Loves to make music and can play the bass, guitar, drums and sings

  • Doug Hoff, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer

    Doug Hoff

    Technical Trainer

    Was trained by the Army to break code, and now he writes it

  • Eric Reid, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer.

    Eric Reid

    Technical Trainer

    Spent two years living in Europe across 3 different countries

  • FrankPflummCentriqTrainingInstructor

    Frank Pflumm

    Technical Trainer

    Got an A in a class because of Tom Selleck

  • James Caldwell

    Technical Trainer

    I have coached my sons in over 500 ice hockey games!

  • Janet Nichols

    Technical Trainer

    Loves American muscle cars

  • Jeff DeMaranville, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer

    Jeff DeMaranville

    Technical Trainer

    Is your go-to guy about alien facts!

  • JeffOverhaugCentriqTraining

    Jeff Overhaug

    Technical Trainer

    Visited 13 different countries by the time he graduated from high school

  • Jenna-Beckett

    Jenna Beckett

    Technical Trainer

    Is a Harry Potter super fan. Expecto Patronum!

  • Jonathan Lindley

    Technical Trainer

    Once won an eating competition of 5lbs of mac & cheese in 30 minutes while in Mexico

  • Karla Sharp

    Technical Trainer

    Is the youngest of seven;  Kathy, Kraig, Kelly, Karen, Keith, Kevin, Karla. All 5-letter K-names!

  • Kasama Kasemvudhi, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer.

    Kasama Kasemvudhi

    Senior Technical Trainer

    Proposed to his wife with a Velcro ring

  • Ley Fatzinger

    Technical Trainer

    Toured with a band that played for the Pope in Italy during Mass (though she isn't Catholic!)

  • Mark-Russell

    Mark Russell

    Technical Trainer

    Was voted most intellectual his senior year of high school

  • Matt Neilsen

    Technical Trainer

    Loves to brew beer and grows his own hops!

  • MichaelOsborneCentriqTraining

    Michael Osborne

    Technical Trainer

    Owns almost a dozen guitars but only 4 pair of shoes

  • Mickie Brewer - Technical Trainer, Centriq Training

    Mickie Brewer

    Technical Trainer

    Believes cars are not allowed and therefore owns a Jeep, Motorcycle, and Truck.

  • Mike Rissen, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer.

    Mike Rissen

    Technical Trainer

    Is a firework fanatic, has been in the business for over 20 years and was licensed to shoot the "big stuff"

  • Robert Ritter, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer

    Robert Ritter

    Technical Trainer

    Once played at the "Gambling' House" that burned down in the Deep Purple song, Smoke on the Water

  • Sandy Bentch, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer

    Sandy Bentch

    Technical Trainer

  • Steve Nichols, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer

    Steve Nichols

    Technical Trainer

    Is feared by trout

  • Steven Russell Centriq Training Staff

    Steven Russell

    Technical Trainer

    Ate a bourbon ball in Syria

Learning Consultants

  • Carrie Norton

    Sr. Training Advisor

    Loves to mow her yard and work on the perfection of having straight lines in the grass!

  • Jenn Miller, Centriq Training - Sr. Training Advisor.

    Jenn Miller

    Sr. Training Advisor

    Has been to games at 16 of the 30 MLB baseball stadiums, with a goal to get to all 30 with her family

  • John Cox, Centriq Training - Sr. Training Advisor.

    John Cox

    Sr. Training Advisor

    Has scuba dived at 20 different locations throughout the Caribbean

  • Kiera Roberts, Centriq Training - Career Services Advisor.

    Kiera Roberts

    Training Advisor

    Loves all things fitness, including cardio, weight lifting and aerobic classes

  • KimBridgesCentriqTrainingStaffPhoto

    Kim Bridges

    High School & Military Education Consultant

    Is a Kentucky girl, living in a KC world

  • MikePetersonCentriqTraining

    Mike Peterson

    Training Advisor

  • Owen-Graham

    Owen Graham

    Training Advisor

    managed a pizzeria for his first job (and may have dated the owner's daughter!)

  • PatrickNealonCentriqTraining

    Patrick Nealon

    Education Consultant

    Has played golf at the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland

  • Russ Mondry, Centriq Training - Sr. Education Consultant.

    Russ Mondry

    Sr. Education Consultant

    Claims to have seen over 1000 live concerts– ask him and he’ll be sure to tell you all about them!


  • Alina Roth

    Receptionist & Career/Student Services Assistant

    Was in the county spelling bee in middle school and is still a little sensitive about the word "quagmire"

  • Alison Chludzinski

    Marketing and Events Coordinator

    Was interviewed by The Weather Channel for ice climbing in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

  • Andrew-Strickland

    Andrew Strickland

    Classroom Setup

    Has completed Guitar Hero 1, 2 and 3 on expert difficulty

  • Ashlee Rhoades

    Operations Coordinator

    Can’t be a Disney Princess so learns all the songs instead

  • Brandie Bahner

    Scheduling Lead

    Lived in five states before the age of 21

  • CamronMetcalfCentriqTraining

    Camron Metcalf

    Classroom Setup

    Once caught a grape in his mouth that was thrown over a house!

  • Chad Balter

    Database Administrator & Developer

    Doesn't have a fun fact. He IS a fun fact.

  • ChristinaParkerCentriqTraining

    Christina Parker

    St. Louis Student Services Advisor & Career Coach

    Lived in Budapest for a year and taught English

  • Dayna Schroeder

    Dayna Schroeder

    Career Coach & Employer Relations

    Lived in the Czech Republic for 5 months in college

  • KaylanRybnickCentriqTrainingStaffPhoto

    Kaylan Rybnick

    Assistant Controller

    Makes up songs to sing to her dogs

  • Lisa Perez, Centriq Training - Accounting Coordinator.

    Lisa Perez

    Sales Administrative Specialist

    Has an adorable, 90-pound fur baby named Thore (who's a great foot warmer!)

  • Lori Smith Jennaway

    St. Louis Operations Coordinator

    Grew up in North San Diego County in Escondido and lived on her uncle's avocado farm for a year!

  • Nicole Trendel

    Sr. Course Developer

    Is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to movie trivia

  • Tim Roth

    Front Desk Receptionist

    Drove to see the Kinks play at the (now demolished) Ambassador Theater in STL in 1974