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Our People

Our entire team - including the largest and most experienced technical training staff in the Midwest - is dedicated to helping develop the IT workforce.

Executives & Managers

  • Kevin Grawe, Centriq Training - President/Partner

    Kevin Grawe


  • Ted Parker, Centriq Training - Vice President/Partner

    Ted Parker

    Vice President/Partner

  • Steve Harmon

    Steve Harmon


  • Dean Bezdek, Centriq Training - Vice President of Finance/IT

    Dean Bezdek

    Vice President of Finance/IT

  • Jessica Oliver, Centriq Training - Vice President of Operations

    Jessica Oliver

    Vice President of Operations

  • Justin Ruby, Centriq Training - Corporate Sales Manager

    Justin Ruby

    Corporate Sales Manager

  • Andrea Pedersen, Centriq Training - Career Operations Manager.

    Andrea Pedersen

    Career Operations Manager

  • Sara Lamb

    Corporate Marketing Manager

  • Tina Pugh, Centriq Training - Career Placement & Initiatives Manager

    Tina Pugh

    Career Placement & Initiatives Manager

  • Emma Copas, Centriq Training - Corporate Resource Specialist.

    Emma Copas

    KC Corporate Operations Manager

  • Leanora Wendling

    St. Louis Corporate Operations Manager


  • Bob Reinsch

    Bob Reinsch

    Technical Trainer

  • Caleb George, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer.

    Caleb George

    Technical Trainer

  • Chad Johnson

    Technical Trainer

  • Chris-Dunbar

    Chris Dunbar

    Technical Trainer

  • Chris Nuckolls, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer.

    Chris Nuckolls

    Technical Trainer

  • Chuck Wieners, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer.

    Chuck Wieners

    Technical Trainer

  • Craig Gerdes, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer.

    Craig Gerdes

    Technical Trainer

  • Derek Duderstadt

    Technical Trainer

  • Doug Hoff, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer

    Doug Hoff

    Technical Trainer

  • Eric Reid, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer.

    Eric Reid

    Technical Trainer

  • Hai Hilvitz, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer.

    Hai Hilvitz

    Technical Trainer

  • Jamell Mixon

    Technical Trainer

  • Janet Nichols

    Technical Trainer

  • Jason Presley, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer.

    Jason Presley

    Technical Trainer

  • Jeff DeMaranville, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer

    Jeff DeMaranville

    Technical Trainer

  • Jeff Overhaug

    Technical Trainer

  • Jenna-Beckett

    Jenna Beckett

    Technical Trainer

  • Jonathan Lindley

    Technical Trainer

  • Jory McRaven

    Technical Trainer

  • Karla Sharp, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer

    Karla Sharp

    Technical Trainer

  • Kasama Kasemvudhi, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer.

    Kasama Kasemvudhi

    Technical Trainer

  • Kevin Hay, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer.

    Kevin Hay

    Technical Trainer

  • Ley Fatzinger

    Technical Trainer

  • Mark-Russell

    Mark Russell

    Technical Trainer

  • Matt Neilsen

    Technical Trainer

  • Michael Osborne

    Technical Trainer

  • Mike Rissen, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer.

    Mike Rissen

    Technical Trainer

  • Robert Ritter, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer

    Robert Ritter

    Technical Trainer

  • Sandy Bentch, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer

    Sandy Bentch

    Technical Trainer

  • Steve Nichols, Centriq Training - Technical Trainer

    Steve Nichols

    Technical Trainer

Learning Consultants

  • Andy Cross, Centriq Training - Sr. Training Advisor.

    Andy Cross

    Sr. Training Advisor

  • Dave-Bonebrake

    Dave Bonebrake

    Training Advisor

  • Jenn Miller, Centriq Training - Sr. Training Advisor.

    Jenn Miller

    Sr. Training Advisor

  • John Cox, Centriq Training - Sr. Training Advisor.

    John Cox

    Sr. Training Advisor

  • John Mason, Centriq Training - Training Advisor.

    John Mason

    Training Advisor

  • Kim Bridges, Centriq Training - Technology Career Specialist.

    Kim Bridges

    Technology Career Specialist

  • Owen-Graham

    Owen Graham

    Training Advisor

  • Richard Losciale

    Fed/SLED Learning Solutions

  • Russ Mondry, Centriq Training - Sr. Education Consultant.

    Russ Mondry

    Sr. Education Consultant


  • Alex Maurer

    Student Advisor & Alumni Coordinator

  • Ashlee Rhodes

    Front Desk Lead/Career Services Support

  • Brandie Bahner, Centriq Training - Scheduling Specialist.

    Brandie Bahner

    Scheduling Lead

  • Chad Balter, Centriq Training - Database Administrator/Developer.

    Chad Balter

    Database Administrator/Developer

  • Kiera Roberts, Centriq Training - Career Services Advisor.

    Kiera Roberts

    Career Coach & Employer Relations Specialist

  • Lisa Perez, Centriq Training - Accounting Coordinator.

    Lisa Perez

    Sales Administrative Specialist

  • Marion Healey

    Operations Associate

  • Nicole Trendel

    Lead Student Advisor & Online Course Developer

  • Ryan Teufel

    Systems Administrator

  • Sara Lindstrom, Centriq Training - Operations Coordinator.

    Sara Lindstrom

    Operations Coordinator

  • Thane Clark, Centriq Training - Marketing Coordinator.

    Thane Clark

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Tim Roth

    Front Desk Receptionist