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Microsoft Word Lunch & Learn

Microsoft Word Lunch & Learn

Event Date(s): Jan 10, 2018

Date: WEDNESDAY, january 10, 2018

Time: NOON – 1:00 PM

This complimentary Microsoft Word seminar will be demonstration based and cover the following:

  • Fantastic Features: Learn to create electronic forms using form controls such as text content, date picker, drop-down list, check box, and more. Also, learn to protect the form and collect data.
  • Terrific Tips and Tricks – Many topics will be discussed to include:
    • Inserting a horizontal line and random text with special commands,
    • Using Spike Cut and Paste,
    • Selecting a vertical rectangular area,
    • Creating customized keyboard shortcut keys,
    • Finding and replacing text using Wildcards, Codes, and/or Expressions,
    • Eliminating leading and/or trailing spaces easily,
    • Learning about Sticky Keys including how to use them or turn them off
    • Turning on and using Key Tips
  • Awesome Add-ins: Learn to use free apps such as Wikipedia, Consistency Checker, Rhymes, Writing Tips, QR Codes, and Emoji Keyboard.
  • Outstanding Options: Learn about setting advanced options to use Speech Recognition (read aloud and dictate), send outlined text directly to PowerPoint to create slides on the fly, recover unsaved documents, sum a list of typed values quickly, and inspect documents for accessibility, compatibility, and hidden properties.

Registration for this event is now closed.

We hope 1 – 2 people from your company will be able to attend. Lunch will be provided by Centriq starting at Noon; the presentation will begin at 12:15.

Craig Gerdes has written a series of blogs that coincide with the material being presented during this event. You’ll find the blog posts here.