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Red Hat Learning Subscription

Standard Red Hat Learning Subscription


The Standard Red Hat Learning Subscription includes unlimited access to all ROLE course content and video classroom courses for $7,000. The subscription also includes up to 400 hours of lab access and email support for both access and content.

In addition to what you get with the Basic subscription, the Standard Red Hat Learning Subscription includes:

  • Exams. As you complete defined learning paths, you will have the ability to unlock up to five exams and two exam retakes.
  • Instructor office hours. Students may request instructor office hour time if they have a course content question. These appointments are fulfilled using a video conferencing/screensharing application.
  • Expert seminars. Expert seminars are 1-2 hour high-definition videos presented by industry thought leaders and expert practitioners about innovative technologies and practices, based on real-world use cases and scenarios.

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This is a ONE user subscription and additional subscriptions must be purchased for multiple users. Contact a Training Advisor to learn more.



  • No need to take your team out of the datacenter to train
  • Micro-learning – Employees can train in small, targeted chunks whenever they have time
  • RHLS Basic Subscription will be your Technology Library (reference guide to Red Hat Technologies throughout to the year)
  • Easy to budget; all training on one PO
  • Learn new RH Technologies before the Project

When New Courses have Version Updates, you get access to the new training content.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Red Hat System Administration I (RH124R)
Red Hat System Administration II (RH134R)
Red Hat Certified System Architect Rapid Track (RH199R)
Red Hat System Administration III (RH254R)
Managing Containers with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host (RH270R)
RHCE Certification Lab (RH299R)
Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration (RH403R)
Red Hat Server Hardening (RH413R)
Red Hat High Availability Clustering (RH436R)
Red Hat Enterprise Performance Tuning (RH442R)

Red Hat JBoss Middleware
Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Development I (JB225R)
Monitoring with Red Hat JBoss Operations Network (JB232R)
Systems Management with Red Hat JBoss Operations Network (JB234R)
Red Hat JBoss Application Administration I (JB248R)
Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Development II (JB325R)
JBoss Application Administration II (JB348)
Switchyard Development with Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works (JB417R)
Camel Development with Red Hat JBoss Fuse (JB421R)
Developing Workflow Applications with Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite (JB427R)
Enterprise Service Bus Deployment with Red Hat JBoss Fuse (JB435R)
Red Hat JBoss A-MQ Development and Deployment (JB437R)
Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization Development (JB450R)
Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Development (JB453R)
Authoring Rules with Red Hat JBoss BRMS (JB461R)
Developing Rules Applications with Red Hat JBoss BRMS (JB463R)
Implementing with Red Hat JBoss BRMS (JB465)
Building Advanced Red Hat Enterprise Applications (JB501)

Red Hat OpenStack Platform
Red Hat OpenStack Administration I (CL110R)
Red Hat OpenStack Administration II (CL210R)
Red Hat OpenStack Administration III (CL310R)
RabbitMQ Messaging with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform (CL315R)

Cloud Computing, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and Storage
Red Hat CloudForms Hybrid Cloud Management (CL220R)
Red Hat Gluster Storage Administration (RH236R)
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RH318R)

Containerizing Software Applications (DO276)
OpenShift Enterprise Administration (DO280R)
OpenShift Enterprise Development (DO290R)
Configuration Management with Puppet (DO405R)
Automation with Ansible (DO407R)

Note: Additional titles will be included as they are made available.



Red Hat® Learning Subscription is an exclusive program that provides you with one year”s access to all Red Hat Online Learning courses. You will receive unlimited access to our online learning content, up to 400 hours of hands-on lab time, and more than 300 recorded instructor videosall for one low price.

Learn about core Red Hat technologies such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat JBoss Middleware. Explore emerging technologies such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat. Or prepare for your Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), or other certifications.

This program allows you to take any of these courses in your own time and at your own pace, so if you are considering taking more than one Red Hat course within the next year, this program may be the best way to get the training you want, when you need it.

Red Hat Learning Subscription is the perfect solution from the frustrations of traditional training, saving you time, energy, and budget. Through this offering, you have access to the latest courses without the need to leave the datacenter. This gives the flexibility to train when needed, with just-in-time access for job-role performance support, and the ability to train in small, targeted chunks when time allows.


Red Hat Online Learning courses feature the same high-quality course content found in our traditional classrooms, supplemented with ground-breaking, cloud-based labs. The online learning courses also include dozens of recorded webinars by senior instructors.