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Red Hat Learning Subscription

Red Hat Learning Subscription

A growing technology market demands new skills and knowledge. Solve today's business challenges & prepare for tomorrow with unlimited access to online training.


Simple, flexible, on-demand training

Red Hat® Learning Subscription delivers access to Red Hat online training resources in a single, annual subscription. Watch videos, take courses, and complete hands-on labs online, at your own pace. Customize your learning experience to access online training classes, certification exams, or video courses by choosing your subscription tier.

Red Hat Learning Subscription Products

Standard Red Hat Learning Subscription

Learn about the features and benefits of Red Hat Learning Subscription’s Standard tier.

Basic Red Hat Learning Subscription

Learn about the features and benefits of Red Hat Learning Subscription’s Basic tier.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Red Hat Learning Subscription?

    Red Hat Learning Subscription is an exclusive program that provides users with one year of access to all Red Hat Online Learning (ROLE) and video classroom courses. All subscribers will receive unlimited access to our online learning content, up to 400 hours of hands-on lab time, and more than 1,000 recorded instructor videos. Those who purchase the standard tier (versus basic) will also have the opportunity to take a limited number of exams, utilize instructor office hours, and have access to expert seminar videos.

  • What is included in my basic tier subscription?

    The basic tier of Red Hat Learning Subscription includes unlimited access to all ROLE course content and video classroom courses. The subscription also includes up to 400 hours of lab access and email support for both access and content.

  • What is included in my standard tier subscription?

    In addition to what you get in the basic tier subscription, with the standard tier of Red Hat Learning Subscription, you get:
    Exams. As you complete defined learning paths, you are eligible to take the related exams. With the standard tier of Red Hat Learning Subscription, you will have the ability to unlock up to five exams and two exam retakes. Exams are available by Individual Exams in North America and Classroom or Individual Exams in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.
    Instructor office hours. Students may request instructor office hour time if they have a course content question. The student submits a request for instructor office hours by filling out a request through the learning portal. These appointments are fulfilled using a video conferencing/screensharing application. Appointments may be booked in either 30- or 60-minute durations. Due to the breadth of our course portfolio, we may not be able to honor the student's requested time, but we will work with students to find a time when the student and an instructor with the technical expertise are available.
    Expert seminars. Expert seminars are high-definition videos offered as part of the standard tier of Red Hat Learning Subscription. These one- to two-hour videos are presented by industry thought leaders and expert practitioners as conversations about innovative technologies and practices, based on real-world use cases and scenarios. These seminars have a broad appeal to anyone involved with IT.

  • Which courses are included in all learning subscriptions?

    All Red Hat Online Learning courses, high-definition videos, and all new online courses that Red Hat Training makes available during the subscription term are included. This includes all the same content and labs that students access in instructor-led classes. All courses can be found at redhat.com/en/services/training/learning-subscription.

  • Will new training courses or updated versions of existing training courses be available to customers during the term of their subscription?

    Yes. When Red Hat builds self-paced courses or updates existing courses, the content will be available to Red Hat Learning Subscription customers promptly.

  • Will access to certification exams be available?

    Certification exams are not included in the basic tier of Red Hat Learning Subscription. Exams are only included in the standard tier. Subscribers of the standard tier will have the ability to take up to five exams and two exam retakes during the duration of their subscription. If a course has a related exam, access to register for the exam will be available after the student completes at least 90% of that course. Exams in the United States and Canada may be taken via the Individual Exams option only. In Europe, Middle East, and Africa, they may be taken via Classroom or Individual Exams options (when those options are available).

  • What level of support will customers have in the basic subscription?

    Customers of the basic tier of Red Hat Learning Subscription will have email support provided through the Red Hat Customer Portal. This support will cover access and connectivity issues, as well as content questions tied to specific course content. There is a one-business-day service-level agreement (SLA) on all support tickets. Support is provided in English only.

  • What level of support will customers have in the standard subscription?

    In addition to the same level of support provided in the basic subscription, standard subscribers may use instructor office hours* to get additional assistance with course content from a subject matter expert. Support is provided in English only. Further definition of the support SLA will be forthcoming.

    *Note: Instructor office hours may be limited by the schedule and availability of subject matter experts.

  • Why should I choose Red Hat Learning Subscription versus buying individual courses separately?

    Red Hat Training is committed to providing customers choice and flexibility in how they access our courses according to their time, location, and preferred learning style. Customers can be assured that whether they choose traditional classroom, live virtual training, or online training (Red Hat Online Learning, video classroom, and Red Hat Learning Subscription) they will receive the same high-quality content and hands-on labs.

    Red Hat Learning Subscription is an ideal offering for customers who:
    ??? Desire to take multiple courses and want to minimize cost.
    ??? Would like to learn in small increments and on their own time.
    ??? Are constrained from traveling to a traditional course.
    ??? Cannot take several days away from their job to attend a live course.
    ??? Would like continuous access to all new courses and course updates throughout the year.
    ??? Could benefit from having the full Red Hat Training portfolio at their fingertips as a resource for just-in-time training and performance support.

  • How and when do I get access to my Red Hat Learning Subscription after I purchase it?

    You can access your subscription within one business day of the order being booked. Instructions for accessing the content will be sent after the order is processed in the system.

  • Can a Red Hat Learning Subscription be shared by multiple users?

    No. A subscription is for one named user. In order for that user to access Red Hat Learning Subscription content, it will be assigned to the Red Hat Network account only.

  • Can I reassign my named user license to someone else if an employee leaves the company?

    No, the terms and conditions of Red Hat Learning Subscription are clear that subscriptions are not transferable.

  • Can I get access for more than one year?

    The Red Hat Learning Subscription program is sold on a 12-month/one-year subscription basis. You have the option to buy consecutive subscriptions to fulfill multiple-year needs.

  • Can a Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) purchase the Red Hat Learning Subscription at a discount? Are there discounts for other levels of Red Hat Certified Professionals?

    Yes, there will be a 50% discount offered for current RHCAs. At this time this discount is exclusive to RHCAs. We do not offer any discounts for other levels of Red Hat Certified Professionals.