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Professional Development & Soft Skills Training Workshops for IT Pros

Today, many companies expect employees to have soft skills as well as technical skills. Professional Development (or Soft Skills) training can provide these skills.

Centriq’s Professional Development Workshops focus on soft skills related to Communication, Leadership, and Time Management for IT professionals. (Individuals in non-IT positions will benefit from the workshop content as well.) Professional Development Training - Soft Skills TrainingWorkshops are half a day in length and are available for purchase individually or as a bundle with the ProDev Pass.

More details about the ProDev Pass and its benefits are provided below, along with pricing. 

Professional Development Workshops


Communication Training - Professional Development - Soft Skills Training


Workshops pertaining to Communication skills include:


Leadership Training - Professional Development - Soft Skills Training


Workshops pertaining to Leadership skills include:

Leadership webinars available to ProDev Pass Holders include:

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Change Management: Flexibility & Adaptability

time management

Time Management Training - Professional Development - Soft Skills Training

Workshops pertaining to Time Management skills include:

Time Management webinars available to ProDev Pass Holders include:

  • Stress Management


ProDev workshops may be purchased individually, or as a group with our ProDev Pass. The ProDev Pass allows you to attend unlimited workshops within a 12 month period. ProDev webinar recordings are available as well, but only for ProDev pass holders.



    $295 or 1/2 CV    

 ProDev Pass   ProDev Pass + VLL Individual Workshop

CV = Centriq Vouchers   |   VLL = Video Learning Library

Is your company interested in a customized, private, on-site session for ProDev topics?  We can combine topics or modify any topics in our ProDev series to meet your team’s specific needs.  Sessions can be anything from full-day to half-day to a lunch and learn.

Some recent client deliveries include:

  • Large Banking Institution (Leadership, Teamwork, Motivation, Conflict Management, Negotiation, Communication, and Crucial Conversations)
  • Global Technology Company (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Federal Government Agency (Teamwork, Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, and Problem-Solving/Decision-Making)
  • Non-Profit Organization (Crucial Conversations)
  • Managed IT Service Provider (Leadership)
  • Global Insurance Corporation(Crucial Conversations, Problem-Solving/Decision Making)
  • Oil and Gas Corporation (Crucial Conversations)

Contact a Training Advisor at info@centriq.com, 913.322.7062 or 314.644.6400 to add a ProDev Pass to your Centriq Annual Pass or technical class purchase at a reduced rate, and to discuss whether a Private/On-site session is the solution your organization needs.

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