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September 25 03:38 PM

Office 365 Training

You have O365... Now what?

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Office 365 Training Courses

Be the O365 Champion in your company.

Training course number 1.

Office 365 User Bootcamp

Our 4-day O365 User Bootcamp is designed to provide Office 365 Champions with an understanding of the entire Office 365 ecosystem. At the end of this training course Champions will know the most effective, productive and consistent ways to utilize many O365 apps within your organization.

Training course number 2.

SharePoint Online Bootcamp

SharePoint Online is the backbone of Office 365. This 4-day training class provides a comprehensive look at the capabilities and features of SharePoint Online from the point of view of the End User to the Power User to the Site Owner to the Site Collections Administrator. You will learn best practices and governance and how SharePoint enables the power of Office 365.

Training course number 3.

Microsoft Teams Bootcamp

If all roads lead to Rome, all Office 365 apps lead to Teams. This hands-on, two-day training bootcamp offers the deepest dive possible into the incredible functionality of Teams. It not explores all Teams features such as chat, online meetings and calls, but also teaches you how it integrates all other O365 apps.

Then we'll help you train your End Users.

Training course number 4.

Dedicated End User Training

When you are ready to train your End Users, Centriq’s expert instructors and Training Advisors will design dedicated or private training for your organization, which allows the curriculum to be tailored to your specific needs.

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How Centriq Makes the Most of Office 365

When you are ready to train your End Users, Centriq’s expert instructors and Training Advisors will design dedicated or private training for your organization, which allows the curriculum to be tailored to your specific needs.


“As our Company and business has grown, so has our demand of need-to-know-now. It’s unfair to expect our Training Advisors to remember every detail of every technology or partnership and it’s counterproductive to make them wait for a response from me. We needed a tool that would help us collaborate and help us work smarter and faster. Yammer is that solution; it’s our internal search engine – like our own tailored Google search, specific to the needs of our organization. My team can look up questions for fast answers, even when they do not know who to ask, and also share ideas from anywhere at any time.”

-Emma Copas, Kansas City Corporate Operations Manager


“We have a project team researching training curriculum for a new IT job role. Each team member has been tasked with areas of industry research, which we are completing consecutively. We are using OneDrive to save and share our research tracking documents and spreadsheets. OneDrive allows us to collaborate with one another in real time and allows simultaneous editing of content. We can also see a log of all changes that have been made by various members since we were last active in the OneDrive resources. There is no emailing back and forth of attachments or to notify one another of version updates. And with several virtual and traveling team members, everyone appreciates being able to access all of the most updated resources (and edit them anytime) through the OneDrive app from their laptops, tablets, and phones.”

-Jessica Oliver, Vice President of Operations


“Our team uses Teams for quick communication with instructors who are in the classroom both at our office and when they are offsite. It allows us to receive real-time updates, questions or support requests. Our team is able to give feedback and resolutions in a more timely fashion than via email.”

-Leanora Wendling, St. Louis Corporate Operations Manager


“Implementing Planner was one of the best decisions I could have made for my team. We are a very visual group of people, so the simple, navigable front-end design makes project management a breeze. Planner gives us the ability to collaborate, share files and communicate with one another without over-saturating our inbox. We have boards created for individual marketing campaigns and can break them down into “buckets” to categorize tasks based on status or whom they’re assigned to. Our productivity, time management and overall efficiency is better than ever before.”

-Hannah Gerstner, Marketing Manager


“Microsoft Forms allows me to capture information not only within our organization but allows me to survey event attendees, without spending the premium cost of other third-party surveying tools. I can collaborate efficiently with my team: any edits are made in real-time and eliminates the back and forth of sending emails to share updates. My results can be exported directly into an Excel document and shared using other 365 products. Because I have eliminated any additional subscriptions, I am not only saving time, but I am saving my organization money to gather the results I need!”

-Alison Chludzinski, Marketing & Event Coordinator 


“I sit in various meetings throughout the week and used to keep a record of these meetings in many different documents. Using OneNote, I have one program that allows me to track all of the meetings and notes in one place. I can also share specific items from OneNote with my teammates so they always have access when needed. OneNote also allows you to house spreadsheets, PDFS, Word docs, and other file types on one page!”

-Nicole Trendel, Sr. Course Developer


“Teams allows me to work from home and still be able to effectively communicate with my team face to face.  Email can often be read or interpreted incorrectly, but Teams allows us to hear the inflection in each other’s voices, see facial expressions and allows us to build relationships even though we are not in the same room.”

-Andrea Pendersen, Career Operations Manager


“We have been using OneDrive for our projections. In the past, I have had to send out a template to the AEs individually to complete their projections. When sending the template out, I had to give it a deadline to complete and return to me. So, I would be waiting on 7 different documents to come in before handing that information over to our database analyst to input into our CRM system. Today, I was able to pull 1 report with 7 sheets and share out the OneDrive link to the entire team. Because we are sharing this document, I am receiving live projections on 1 document. Once they have completed the projections, I will send the 1 document (instead of 7) out to our DBA to upload into CRM 1 time vs. 7.”

-Justin Ruby, Corporate Sales Manager

O365 Training Resources

When you are ready to train your End Users, Centriq’s expert instructors and Training Advisors will design dedicated or private training for your organization, which allows the curriculum to be tailored to your specific needs.