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August 5 09:09 PM

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    Class is delivered via award winning HD-ILT at Centriq's facility. Students view the live instructor utilizing a 60'' HD monitor.
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Microsoft 365 is an entire ecosystem working together for you and your company. This course is a 2-day immersion into several of the M365 applications from a user perspective. We will start off with examples of how you can incorporate various apps into your day-to-day activities. Then we will start diving into all the apps and how they work together.  Along the way we will also cover some tips and tricks. We will finish with a discussion on how to drive adoption in your company and the concept of a Champion role. 


This course focuses on end user capabilities in the Office 365 apps. We will cover basic user function for all apps and focus on the new modern SharePoint.  Our training environments use an Enterprise license, ProPlus Office, and Windows 10. The only custom content used in the environment will be from the SharePoint PnP Community, otherwise everything is out-of-box.


  • Ideally a student would already have access to an Office 365 environment, so they can apply new knowledge and skills in their job immediately.
  • Basic computer knowledge (i.e., keyboard, mouse, headset, webcam, and browsers like Edge or Chrome) is required.
  • Basic knowledge of OneNote or similar product is recommended since coursework and User Guide are in OneNote and will be used throughout the course.

Course Completion

At the conclusion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Describe what Office 365 is by listing the various apps, identifying similarities and differences between online and desktop versions of certain apps, and providing examples of how the apps integrate and are used in real-world situations.
  • Use Delve to manage profile and discover documents and connect with others.
  • Recognize differences between the desktop app and the online app for Outlook features such as email, calendar, and people.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with how the To-Do app works.
  • Use OneDrive to save, manage, and/or access files from anywhere, anytime including demonstrating how to share and coauthor a file and synch files to a local desktop.
  • Describe the role and impact of creating Groups including how they interface with other apps.
  • Practice using SharePoint to create and/or discover sites for sharing and collaborating on documents while simultaneously understanding SharePoint’s importance to the overall O365 ecosystem.
  • Display knowledge and skills in creating and managing tasks in Planner.
  • Use Teams to communicate with others using text chat and/or video/audio calls while working on files and describe how to use other Office 365 apps seamlessly in the environment.
  • Create a form, quiz, or poll using Forms and subsequently manage responses.
  • Design a presentation using Sway to deliver your message online.
  • Explain how to use Stream to discover videos and/or upload recordings.
  • Practice starting and/or replying to conversations in Yammer.
  • Recognize differences between the desktop app and the online app for common apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Create a Flow to automate tedious and time-consuming processes and become more efficient.
  • View a PowerBI dashboard to engage with your data in different ways and appreciate its power and possibilities.
  • Interact with PowerApps to build or use mobile or web apps for your data and understand their power and possibilities.

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  • In the course, participants will learn: 

    • What is Microsoft 365? 

      • Apps, Access, Navigation, Search 

      • Delve (M365 Profile, Popular/Recent Files, Favorites, Boards) 

    • Overview of Groups 

      • Shared Outlook email address/inbox and group calendar, SharePoint Team site collection and document library, Shared OneNote notebook, Shared Plan in Planner  

    • Overview of Teams 

      • Team Channel Posts, File Sharing/Editing, Personal Chat, Audio Calls, Video Meetings 

    • Overview of SharePoint 

      • Team Sites, Lists and Libraries, Communication Sites, Web Parts, Hub Sites 

    • OneDrive 

      • Files, Folders, Syncing, Sharing, Co-Authoring 

    • Planner 

      • Tasks, Buckets, Assigning, Due Dates, Progress 

    • Forms 

      • Surveys, Polls, Quizzes, Question Types, Results  

    • Stream  

      • Upload, Manage, and Search for Videos and Channels 

    • Yammer 

      • Communities, Conversations, Polls, Questions, Praise, Announcements 

    • What is a Champion? 

      • Integration of Apps 

        • greater overall adoption of Microsoft 365 

        • improved personal efficiency and usability 

        • increased value as features of one app are extended to another app 

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