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June 2 03:01 AM

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Do you know the differences between Word on your desktop and Word Online? Office 365 Office Suite products are different compared to their desktop counterparts.   

Do you know how to access your work files from any device via OneDrive for Business?  Learn how to store, protect and share these files. 

The skills and knowledge covered in this course will allow users to become quickly proficient with the differences in the new online environment. The users will also gain tips and tricks which will help them transition into Office 365. 

This course also provides a sneak peek of other popular Office 365 applications like Teams, Groups, Planner, Sway, SharePoint and Forms.   


Non-Management level, Management level, Trainers, IT Professionals, Executive-level Management, C-Suite, or any business user that is currently using products like Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 


To ensure your success, we recommend that you have: 

  • Currently working in Microsoft Office Suite desktop version, it is not appropriate for beginners 
  • Experience with accessing information via a web browser 
  • Familiarity with OneDrive is recommended but not required

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Office Products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint 

  • Review Launch page and Backstage 
  • Review Ribbon (Simplified), "Open Menu" 
  • Online File Name, Save, and Navigation 
  • Communicating & Collaborating with other users 
  • Transform 
  • Transition to Desktop 
  • How these products integrates with other Office 365 Apps 


  • Search 
  • Organize Mail 
  • Settings 
  • Other Mailboxes 
  • "Open Menu" 
  • Security 
  • How Outlook integrates with other Office 365 Apps 
  • Calendar 
    • Search 
    • Share 
    • Create, Edit, Delete Event 
      • Online meeting 
    • Settings 
    • How Calendar integrates with other Office 365 Apps 
  • People 
    • Search 
    • Settings 
    • Create, Edit, Delete, and Discover Contacts 
    • How People integrates with other Office 365 Apps 
  • Task 
    • Search 
    • Settings 
    • Create, edit, delete, and organize Tasks 
    • How Task integrates with other Office 365 Apps 
      • To Do 
        • Search 
        • Settings 
        • Create, edit, delete, and organize To Do 
        • My Day 
        • How To Do integrates with other Office 365 Apps
OneDrive for Business

Managing Folders and Files Online 
  • Creating a Folder 
  • Naming a Folder  
  • Renaming a Folder 
  • Deleting a Folder 
  • Moving and Copying 
  • Sorting 
  • Searching 
  • File / Folder Properties and History 
  • Back  
Sharing Files
  • Collaborating with Others in Real-Time 
  • Utilizing Version History 
  • Stop Sharing or Change Permissions on a File that is Shared 
  • Understanding using OneDrive with other Microsoft Office Apps 
  • Discover how OneDrive is a great backup solution 
  • Office App vs Client 
  • Understanding the Recycle Bin
Sneak Peek into Other Popular Office 365 Apps 
  • Teams, Groups, Planner, Sway, SharePoint, and Forms