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September 23 02:50 PM


Introduction to Blockchain Training Class:

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The media has been talking with increased frequency about bitcoin, altcoins, and especially blockchain.

Not sure what Blockchain is? Put simply, it’s a digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly.

This course will cover the rise of digital currency and include a demonstration of Blockchain technology as it relates to digital currencies. In addition, this course will demystify terms such as “mining bitcoin” and “bitcoin farm” along with an information technologists’ perspective on the rise of the nearly 1600 cryptocurrencies in the market today.

This course is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about Blockchain from a technical, business, or purely curious standpoint.


This course is targeted towards those who have a basic understanding of web development platforms and is designed as a guide to the building Blockchain-based projects.


There are no recommended prerequisites, as this is an introductory course.

View the Introduction to Blockchain Training Course Outline

Module 1– Course Introduction

·         Course objectives and outcomes

·         History of centralized services, trusted third party for transactions

·         Making a case for a trustless system

·         Why blockchain

·         You are your own bank?

·         Decentralized transactions

·         No permission for transactions needed

Module 2 – History

·         How and when blockchain/bitcoin started

·         Milestones on the development of bitcoin

·         Criticism, ridicule and promise of bitcoin

·         Sharing economy

·         Internet of Value

Module 3 – Overview of blockchain technology

·         What is blockchain

·         Transactions

·         Blocks

·         Hashes

·         Consensus

·         Verify and confirm blocks

Module 4 – Hashes

·         Hash cryptography

·         Encryption vs hashing

Module 5 – Transactions

·         Recording transactions

·         Digital signature

·         Verifying and confirming transactions

Module 6 – Blocks and blockchain

·         Hash pointers

·         Blocks

Module 7 – Consensus building

·         Distributed consensus

·         Byzantine generals problem

·         Proof of work

·         Writing to the blockchain

Module 8 – Mining and incentivizing blockchain

·         Game theory behind competitive mining

·         Race to beat the others (including hackers)

·         Proof of work

·         Incentives – mining and transaction fees

·         CPU considerations

·         Energy expended in mining

·         Profitability

·         Mining pools

Module 9 – Security and safeguards

·         Protecting blockchain from attackers

·         Forks – soft and hard

·         Module 11 – Bitcoin

·         Bitcoin creation and economy

·         Bitcoin exchanges

·         Bitcoin limited supply and deflation?

·         Famous hacks

·         Scalability (1MB problem)

·         Wallets

Module 10 – Blockchain applications

·         Government

·         Identity management

·         Auto executing contracts

·         Three signature escrow

·         Triple entry accounting

·         Elections and voting?

·         Identity management

·         Property records, titles

·         Micropayments

·         Notary

·         Sidechains

Module 11 – Application

·         Introduction to Ethereum platform

·         Design a new blockchain

·         Potential for disruption

·         How to incentivize blockchain

·         Design a Distributed Application

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