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November 27 05:12 PM

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*Centriq Exclusive!

Microsoft’s TypeScript is a modern typed language that can transpile into JavaScript providing the programmer with a stronger language for maintainability and debugging. It is the language of choice for Google’s AngularJS 2.


A JavaScript developer. 


The student should be at least a beginning JavaScript developer with the helpful knowledge of a typed language like Java or C#.

Course Completion

The student will have gotten an overview of the differences between JavaScript and TypeScript as well as become familiar with the workflow through the use of Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code IDE.

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  • Tools
  • Types- static type notation
  • Types – any
  • Types – basic
  • enums
  • Scope – var vs let
  • Union types
  • Type guards
  • Type aliases

Operators and flow

  • Arithmetic
  • Comparison, logical, bit
  • Assignment
  • Branching
  • Iteration

Microsoft Visual Studio Code workflow

  • Install TypeScript
  • TypeScript support modes
  • Setup project
  • Build project
  • tasks.json
  • tasks.json – tasks
  • Run the file
  • tasks.json – tasks
  • <filename>.d.ts
  • tsd
  • tasks.json – tasks
  • Running a test server
  • Hiding .js files matching .ts files


  • Return types
  • Declaration types
  • Arrow / lambdas
  • Parameters
  • Rest parameter
  • Template strings
  • Union type parameters
  • Specialized overloading
  • Hoisting
  • Variable typing
  • Tag function
  • Tagged template
  • Callbacks
  • Async/await
  • Generics – functions, classes

Classes and objects

  • Declaration, instance vars
  • Scope
  • Accessors
  • Static properties
  • Constructor
  • Interfaces
  • Interfaces – on variables
  • Inheritance


  • Namespaces
  • Modules
  • Modules – export
  • Modules – import


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