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October 27 01:13 PM

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JavaScript Tooling is a two day course for the web site admin/developer who wants to setup a development workflow for JavaScript based applications. The most popular cutting edge tools and processes are discussed. Students will work with Git, Grunt, LESS, Require.js , and more.


Web site admins/developers with minimal JavaScript/jQuery experience up to seasoned programmers or administrators who want to manage JavaScript based web applications.


  • HTML, CSS, or programming experience in any language
  • JavaScript or jQuery experience

Course Completion

  • Student will understand the basics of building and using a JavaScript development environment.

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Web Tooling - Browsers

  • Browser market share
  • Browser compatibility
  • Chrome
  • Chrome Dev Tools
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer / Edge
  • Safari
  • Browser testing

Web Tooling - Editors

  • Editors – text
  • Editors – extensions – Emmet
  • Editors - extensions, linting
  • Editors – extensions, Live reload
  • Editors – IDEs
  • Editors - Online IDEs

Web Resources

  • Google web
  • Google SEO
  • Google mobile
  • Adobe


  • TypeScript
  • Other transpilers
  • Editor support

Package managers

  • About package managers
  • Chocolatey
  • npm
  • npmjs
  • package.json
  • Twitter Bower
  • Yeoman

CSS transpilers

  • CSS preprocessors
  • Ruby based
  • SASS
  • JavaScript based
  • LESS
  • PostCSS
  • Minification
  • Editor support
  • Twitter Recess


  • Deployment terms
  • Continuous integration / delivery
  • Task runners / build automation
  • Grunt
  • Gulp
  • Uglify-JS

Software Configuration Management

  • About SCM
  • VCS vs DVCS
  • SCM in other languages
  • SemVer
  • Git
  • Git – terms
  • Git – workflow
  • Git - .gitignore
  • GitHub


  • JSLint / JSHint
  • ESLint
  • Vorlon.js
  • Others

Script loading

  • Intro
  • Client/Server, script loading
  • Client/Server, script loading – CommonJS
  • Client/Server, script loading – Browserify
  • Client/Server, script loading –
  • AMD vs CJS
  • Client/Server, script loading –
  • ES6 package management


  • CDNs
  • Learning JavaScript
  • Reference

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