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October 27 01:32 PM

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Working with a screen that is smaller and can drop an internet connection provides the web designer with new problems to solve. The design approach recommended for a mobile environment is one that should start with the basics and adapt as the screen size enlarges. This course is a design workshop and does not involve any coding.


Any designer who wants to understand how to create a better user experience for a web user on a mobile device.


The student should be familiar with html design and layout including CSS used in the web page development cycle. No coding will be necessary but HTML5 and jQuery skills are recommended.

Course Completion

The student will have encountered the goals of a successful mobile design and learned to apply them to a web site through the use of analysis exercises and design prototypes.

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Business Case

  • Recent statistics
  • Mobile index by country
  • So what changed?
  • All devices are not created equal
  • The time is now


  • The mobile app
  • Extending your capabilities
  • W3C working groups
  • Location detection
  • Device orientation / accelerometer
  • Touch
  • Other


  • Intro
  • Device constraints
  • Screen size
  • Mobile user behaviors
  • Time and place
  • Align with mobile behaviors
  • Getting back
  • Sticking to the bottom
  • Constraints - user
  • Constraints - developer


  • Requirements - user
  • Use cases - myth
  • Use cases - real
  • Accessibility

Design Strategy

  • A mobile web experience
  • Kneejerk design
  • Design goals
  • Developer design goals
  • Context
  • Native vs. web question
  • Web design strategy - deal with it
  • Web design strategy - dumb it down
  • Web design strategy - alternative site
  • Web design strategy - responsive design
  • Web design strategy - proxy server
  • Web design strategy - server side
  • Web design strategy - hybrid
  • Web design strategy - CMS
  • Frameworks
  • Frameworks - publishing


  • Touch
  • Go small by going big
  • Where do we touch?
  • Learn the language of touch
  • NUI is natural
  • Hover - a no-touch event
  • Multi-touch


  • Overview
  • Embracing input
  • Mobile asks
  • Mobile answers
  • Masking the hard stuff
  • Laying out the options
  • Beyond forms and input fields


  • Intro
  • Flexible / fluid design
  • Responsive design
  • Reduce


  • Intro
  • Content process
  • Mobile First
  • Progressive enhancement
  • Text
  • Flexible images & media
  • Ads
  • Performance


  • Ethan Marcotte at the Boston Globe
  • Process - Jeremy Keith
  • Process - Bryan & Stephanie Rieger
  • Process - Stephen Ray
  • Process case study - Drupal
  • Site map
  • Design guides - docs
  • Design reviews - Ethan Marcotte
  • Tips
  • Best practices


  • Purpose
  • Context
  • Types
  • Wireframing
  • Wireframing - content reference
  • Types - experiential
  • Better UX
  • UX patterns
  • UX sketching
  • UX sketching - process
  • UX sketching - techniques
  • Sketching tips
  • Sketch to mobile
  • Sketchbooks
  • Sketch sheets
  • Keynote / Powerpoint
  • Wireframes
  • Tools - Balsamiq
  • Tools - wireframing
  • Designing in the browser
  • Prototyping - Ethan Marcotte

End matter

  • Galleries
  • Conferences

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