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September 20 05:01 PM

Centriq Training and COVID-19

How we are operating today

The health and safety of our students and staff is of utmost importance to Centriq Training. When the KCMO and St. Louis stay-at-home orders were issued in March 2020, Centriq remained fully operational by transitioning our entire operation to a “Work from Home” workforce. All classes, all operations and all sales functions at Centriq became 100% virtual (or remote). Utilizing our Live Virtual Training delivery format, Centriq continued to deliver uninterrupted training to both our Corporate Training division and our IT Career Training division through the end of May 2020.

As the Kansas City area began re-opening in May 2020, Centriq leadership—after monitoring and reviewing information from multiple government, news and health-related organizations regarding COVID-19—developed procedures for a safe and deliberate “phased transition” back to our classroom facilities. Phase One of the transition consisted of moving a limited number of Kansas City staff and IT Career students back into our facility for a limited number of days beginning June 1, 2020. Beginning mid-June, Centriq began delivering a limited number of Corporate class days on-site in Kansas City (in addition to the IT Career classes) and a limited number of IT Career classes in St. Louis. Phase One allowed us to implement and adjust policies and procedures to deliver Corporate and IT Career classes at our facility while still adhering to local regulations. After a successful Phase One, Centriq transitioned into Phase Two of our re-opening July 2020.

Phase Two Description

In Phase Two Centriq will increase the delivery of in-person, on-site training in a safe and deliberate manner and continue to comply with the recommendations of government entities and the CDC. However, social distancing will continue to limit the number of students and class days in the building.

Centriq has carefully evaluated all the IT Career and Corporate classes scheduled to determine which of these would significantly benefit from on-site delivery. We then identified the specific sessions of the classes that were most affected. By moving only these sessions on-site, we can reduce class sizes (by dividing classes) which allows us to adhere to capacity regulations, implement stringent safety protocols, create a socially distanced on-site environment, and ensure effective delivery of our programs.

In July 2020, we also welcomed the return of certification testers with a scheduled exam back into the building. All test takers must also comply with our building rules.

The safety and social distancing protocols include the following:

  • A single building entrance to be utilized by all students, employees and visitors
  • All screening questions must be answered with a "no", and temperature must read below 100.4 degrees
  • Limit building capacity to 50% and maintaining a daily trace log
  • Masks or face covering worn in all classrooms and public areas
    • Centriq will provide masks for anyone coming into the facility without one
  • Posting of building safety procedures at the entrance
  • Posting of safety protocols throughout the building reminding people to:
    • Wear masks
    • Wash hands regularly
    • Social distance (6’) from others
    • Go (or stay) home if you feel sick or display any symptoms
    • Cover your coughs and sneezes
    • Sanitize frequently touched objects and surfaces
    • Not touch eyes, nose or mouth
  • Limited capacities (and social distancing) in classrooms, restrooms, elevators and break rooms
    • Classroom tables spaced 6’ apart
  • Doors to classrooms, meeting rooms, and all public areas will be propped open to eliminate frequent touching of door handles
  • Plexiglass partitions between instructors and students and at front desk
  • Twice daily cleaning of high touch areas
  • Nightly cleaning of entire building
  • Weekly spray cleaning of all rooms, tables, desks, chairs and computer equipment

Centriq will continue to monitor and review information from multiple government, news and health-related organizations and make changes and/or additions to our operating schedule as circumstances dictate.

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