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What You Learn

Our up-to-date, cutting edge IT curriculum - developed by IT professionals and coders specifically for our program - is designed to give Centriq grads the technology or coding job skills that are in demand today.

The IT skills you learn at Centriq prepare you for a career in technology. While there are many different job roles in IT, they can generally be divided into a networking role or a developer (or coding) role.  Regardless of which path you choose, our programs train you on the most current technologies Kansas City and St. Louis employers are using because – unlike four year schools – we can quickly adapt our curriculum to match changes in the job market.

Full Stack Web Developer

Our Full Stack Web Developer (or Coding) training is based primarily on Microsoft’s enterprise .NET C# (Visual Studio) development platform which is utilized by a vast majority of Kansas City and St. Louis employers.  However, just as the technology workplace is integrating and utilizing more and newer open source coding tools, we also provide you with exposure to the newest technologies.

Here are some of the core technologies that you will learn:

Systems and Security Administrator

Our Systems and Security Administrator training offers exposure to the multiple technologies utilized by Kansas City and St. Louis employers. The core curriculum is focused on Microsoft Windows Server – which is the primary infrastructure management system for most Kansas City and St. Louis companies – and networking fundamentals. However, you will also learn technologies from companies like Cisco and CompTIA, as well as security concepts.

Here are some of the core technologies that you will learn:


Both the Systems and Security Administrator and the Full Stack Web Developer programs offer solid job and career opportunities.  But each of these advanced jobs requires experience and training.  The good news is you don’t have to choose which advanced area you want to specialize in at the beginning.  All you have to do is determine whether you’re best suited to be an IT Systems Administrator or a Web Developer/Coder. Fortunately, Centriq has a free assessment to help you determine which path is best suited for your IT career.

Take our free Aptitude Assessment and find out or contact us for more information.

Find the right IT job field.

Take our free Aptitude Assessment.

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