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Classroom Experience

From our hands-on methodology to the expertise and passion of our instructors, students love the Centriq Classroom Experience.

How do we make sure you are getting the best classroom experience possible? At the end of every week, we ask our students to complete an anonymous Centriq Review form. They evaluate the classroom, the curriculum, the instructor and their overall experience during the week. We also invite them to make comments and suggestions. We use this information to continually improve our program and the student experience.

See last months student comments

Here are some highlights from last month:

Instructor: Chuck Wieners

Class: Project 2 - MVC Project and Presentation

“Chuck was probably the best teacher I had in a program that is filled with incredible teachers. He was very knowledgeable about the material, encouraged us to solve our own problems (with subtle guidance), and wanted us to succeed.”

“I'm going to miss this classroom. All of us in here have bonded so well over the course of these four months. I really hope we all keep in touch after this because I want to see us all succeed and I would love to celebrate our success with them.”

“Coming here was honestly the best decision I have ever made.”

Instructor: Brian Harsh

Class: IT Admin 2 – Addressing and Name Resolution

“Brian is very knowledgeable and provides great teachings, with a lot of hands on labs for us to learn how to put everything we learn into factor on our virtual machines every day this week. Really helped me retain all the knowledge he provides and how it works.”

Instructor: Megan Starek

Class: C# .NET Fundamentals Part 1

“I feel like I've hit the instructor jackpot. She has proven time and again that she has endless knowledge, patience, and encouragement, and it's clear that she's invested 100% in her students’ success, which should speak volumes about how valuable an asset she is at Centriq. All in all, I'm really enjoying it here and a huge part of that is having such a great instructor. Ridiculously happy and very relieved to be "stuck" with her for two more weeks.”

Instructor: Chuck Wieners

Class: Project 1 – Web Forms Project

“Chuck is amazing. Through all my years of college I never had a instructor care so much to see his students succeed and that can be said for all the instructors here at Centriq. He is there to support us and is very patient with all of our issues. I really feel like he is someone I could always see as a mentor even after I'm out of Centriq I feel I could always come to him for anything I need. Truly a huge asset to this school.”

“Now that we are almost finished I could honestly say this was the best decision I have ever made. Looking back its amazing at how far we have all come and I'm excited to see us all get out and find careers.”

Instructor: Brian Griffiths

Class: IT Admin 5 – Routing and Remote Access

“Our instructor is really good and you can tell that he is passionate. He was always available for help when I needed it and gives excellent real life examples.”

Instructor: Kevin Hay

Class: IT Admin 4 – Building a Network Infrastructure

“Kevin is great. Works well with all and the one-on-one time and patience is well done. Commands a nice working environment. Would definitely recommend any class he instructs. Thanks for your smooth approach Kevin.”

Instructor: Tad Ellis

Class: Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices 1 v2

“Mr. Ellis is a phenomenal instructor; I completely enjoy learning from him!”

Instructor: Keith Smith

Class: Mobile Development

“Keith is a highly positive instructor that is quick to laugh and fast to help. He takes strides to help students learn how to find the answer by helping them help themselves. He is ULTRA FANTASTIC to have had going through this course.”

Instructor: Hai Hilvitz

Class: IT Admin 7 – Group Project Design and Implementation

“Hai is a phenom as an instructor, I believe him to be a genius when it comes to Networking. He is personal and quite helpful no matter what.”

Instructor: Neill Horton

Class: ASP .NET – Alternative Frameworks (ASPAF)

“The classroom environment here is a blast, all the students work well together and we all have a great relationship with the instructors. It really feels almost like a family here.”

Instructor: Brian Griffiths

Class: IT Admin 5 – Routing and Remote Access

“Was given real-world scenarios in our labs. Allowed us to trouble-shoot our own issues, which really helped the class to gain a better understanding of the material.”

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