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August 21 04:12 AM

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New Careers

People from all types of backgrounds have changed their careers and their lives with Centriq.

Centriq’s programs are designed specifically to train you for a new career in IT. Whether you are looking for a college alternative, want out of a dead end job, just got laid off or are transitioning from the military into a civilian career, there’s a great chance someone in a similar situation and background like yours has changed their career – and their life – at Centriq. Here are just some examples:

Track: Full Stack Web Developer
Old Job: Sales Associate
New Job: Software Developer

“I had been in sales for the past six years and was tired of chasing unrealistic sales quotas. I was thirty years old with a girlfriend and two kids to support, so I knew I needed a more fulfilling career with a better income. Centriq gave me just that! I was hired as a software developer and love my new career. My girlfriend and I were able to get married and buy a house with the income boost. I also have a flexible schedule and the option to work remotely which allows me to be there for my kids for school events, or when they're sick.”

David Doherty

Track: Systems & Security Administrator
Old Job: Military Food Safety Specialist
New Job: Field Support Technician

“When I left the military, I knew I wanted a career in IT. I enrolled in classes at a community college but quickly realized it was not for me. I was completely dissatisfied with college life. I felt stuck behind what I thought was a necessary degree. My wife has worked in the IT industry for years and recommended Centriq to me… at the time, I had no idea how much Centriq would end up doing for my family.”

Tim Reneau

Track: Full Stack Web Developer
New Job: Manufacturer
Old Job: App Developer

“I was working as a manufacturer when I was hit head-on by a drunk driver. The car wreck had a big influence on my life: I had a two-year-old, a spinal injury, no job, no income and no plan. When I heard about Centriq, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to make a career move that would increase my quality of life and give me a better financial future for my daughter. Looking back, it was the best thing to ever happen to me.”

Cleopatra Byas Full Stack Web Developer

Track: Full Stack Web Developer
Old Job: Pastor
New Job: .Net Software Developer

“I spent fifteen years as a United Methodist Pastor. The denomination needed me to relocate, but I didn’t want to leave the Kansas City area. I knew it was time for a career change. I always loved technology, so Centriq’s 4-month IT Career Program seemed like a great fit.  Now, I’m a software developer and I love what I do! I get to make a difference for other people, I have more time for my family and we get to stay in KC!”

Ben Mulford

Track: Systems & Security Administrator
Old Job: Military Police Corrections Officer
New Job: Service Desk Analyst

“I served in the United States Army as a military police officer for twenty years. After retiring, I thought about getting back into police work but I knew I needed more stable hours and better pay to support my family. After graduating from Centriq, I accepted a position as a Service Desk Analyst. My new career not only allows me to work in a field I love, but also gives me the flexibility to have a personal life with my kids and hobbies… something that was very hard to balance while serving in the military.”

Josh Martin

Track: Full Stack Web Developer
Old Job: Retail Associate
New Job: Web Developer

“I worked in the sales industry for fifteen years. After finding myself looking for work on multiple occasions, I decided to take a step back and reevaluate my career options. I have a young family to support, so I knew I needed a career with more stability— both financially and professionally. I talked some family members that were in IT and they said Centriq was the place to go if I wanted a career in IT. They were right.”

Livio Merino

Brett Palmer IT administration Centriq Testimonial Success Stories.
Old Job: Student
New Job: Network Analyst

"I decided after high school that I wanted to attend The University of Kansas. As great as KU is and how much I enjoyed my time there, it just wasn't the best fit for me. I wanted to attend a place like Centriq where you didn't have to take a bunch of general education classes, a place where I could get a more concentrated and focused learning experience. At Centriq, you get hands on experience and smaller classes that makes it easier for the instructors to help each student individually."

Brett Palmer

Heather Downing Application Developer Centriq Testimonial.
Track: Application Developer
Old Job: Hospitality, Retail Management
New Job: SharePoint Developer

"I was working in the hospitality and retail management industries and there just wasn't enough of a challenge creatively in it to keep my mind as engaged as it needed to be. I needed a job I actually enjoyed doing. I enjoyed the level of interactive instruction at Centriq, without a doubt. The trainers made all the difference in the world. I've found that graduates of this program are respected by companies all over the Midwest. It's a fantastic reputation to be a part of."

Heather Downing

Nick Johnson Application Developer Centriq Testimonial.
Track: Application Developer
Old Job: Student
New Job: Developer

I specifically wanted to get into the technology industry. After researching university options, I made the decision that Centriq's 4 month career program with actual up-to-date technology was a more viable option to get employed. The instructors at Centriq are by far the best teachers I have experienced. They made class fun and interactive. I love my new career path. I enjoy going to work every day and the new challenges each day presents."

Nick Johnson

Chris Nichols Application Developer Centriq Testimonial Success Stories.
Track: Application Developer
Old Job: Meter Reader
New Job: Chief Technical Officer

"Prior to Centriq, I read electric meters all day and was working towards a degree in computer programming. But at the rate I was going, I wouldn't get my associates degree for another 2 years. I decided to go to Centriq because it was real, hands-on training instead of "read this chapter and write an essay." Now I'm working as a Chief Technical Officer and literally using what I learned at Centriq every single day."

Chris Nichols

Amy Harboard IT Administrator Centriq Testimonial.
Track: IT Administration
Old Job: Grocery Store Manager
New Job: Security Systems Administrator

"I wanted to go into a field where I could keep learning and bettering myself. I found my new career through the IT Career program and Centriq Career Consultant, Tina. After the track was over she helped me throughout my entire job search."

Amy Harbord

Wade Thomas IT Administration Centriq Testimonial Success Stories.
Track: IT Administration
Old Job: Casino Table Games Dealer
New Job: Network Technician

"Working the in IT field has given me much greater prospects for my future than ever before. In my new position I have lots of opportunities to get started and lots of opportunities to move up; all as a result of me attending Centriq."

Wade Thomas

Lane Meister Application Developer Centriq Testimonial.
Track: Application Developer
Old Job: Graphic Designer
New Job: Jr. Programmer Analyst

"When I figured out companies from around KC send their IT people to Centriq for training, I knew I could trust them with my future. Technology is challenging, no doubt, but everyone there made it a great experience. After my training, Centriq helped me land a job as a Programmer Analyst. In terms of job security, the cool thing is I can develop software for any company in the world, in any industry you can imagine."

Lane Meister

Brian Beagle Application Developer Centriq Testimonial Success Stories.
Track: Application Developer
Old Job: Mainframe Developer
New Job: .NET Developer

"Prior to coming to Centriq, I was a mainframe developer for 15 years. Technology has always been a passion of mine. I'm extremely glad I made the decision to come to Centriq. The instructors have been great and the classes have been a good mix from normal difficulty to challenging. In the case of the challenging material, we went over it multiple times in multiple ways. I would highly recommend Centriq Training to anyone wanting to learn. My only regret is that I didn't contact them sooner."

Brian Beagle

Amber Lufkin Application Developer Centriq Testimonial.
Track: Application Developer
Old Job: Hair Stylist
New Job: Software Consultant and Business Developer

"I did hair and massage for 10 years before I needed a new direction in life. I didn't have any experience when I walked into Centriq and it didn't matter one bit. Everyone there went to such lengths to make sure I was "getting it." I'm excited to go to work everyday. I honestly consider it a great turning point in my life and I recommend them to everyone I know. I am so proud of what I did and do."

Amber Lufkin

Curtis Cockerham Application Developer Centriq Testimonial.
Track: Application Developer
Old Job: Line Cook, Plumber, Pharmacy Tech
New Job: Development Operations

"Before I came to Centriq, I did a little of everything. I was a line cook, a pharmacy tech and even a plumber. I was also enrolled as a student in a traditional college and found that university life just wasn't for me. In one week at Centriq, I had already learned more than I did in one year at a 4-year university."

Curtis Cockerham

Andrew Cook Network Administration Centriq Testimonial Success Stories.
Track: Network Administration
Old Job: Consolidated & Audited Immigration Paperwork
New Job: Workstation Tech

"Before Centriq I consolidated and audited immigration paperwork for the National Benefits Center. I wanted my job to be more engaging and have more opportunities to grow in a field that I knew would continue to thrive in the future. My new career offers nearly double the salary after bonuses and has so much more potential for growth."

Andrew Cook

Jon Davis IT Administration Centriq Testimonial Success Stories.
Track: IT Administration
Old Job: Real Estate
New Job: Desktop Support Specialist

"Real estate was never my niche and I have always had a passion for computers and technology. I didn't want to be in school for several years before I could have a career. I worked during the day so the night classes were perfect for me. With Centriq's all-inclusive track it seemed like a perfect match. I really enjoyed the teachers a lot because they were very passionate about teaching their knowledge. It's great finally having a passion for your work."

Jon Davis

Daryll IT Administration Centriq Testimonial Success Stories.
Track: IT Administration
Old Job: Casino Supervisor
New Job: Desktop Support Supervisor

"Prior to Centriq, I was a Games Supervisor for a local casino. I was ready for a career change and had always been interested in computers, so I started the IT Administrator track at Centriq. After graduation I found my IT job through Centriq's job placement Centriq Connections program. This will lay the foundation for my IT career and future goals. I was a casino worker. I'm just one of a lot of others who have been successul in finding a job without IT experience."

Daryll Smith

Track: Full Stack Web Development
Old Job: Air Force Security Specialist
New Job: .NET Developer

"After years of working blue collar and serving in the military, I was starting to ‘burn out’ and wanted a change. Centriq teaches you so much so fast it’s unbelievable, and most importantly you learn how to teach yourself new skills. Now I’ve started a great career that I enjoy going to every day instead of dragging myself to another job, and my family loves having me around now that I’m on a normal schedule!"

Carl Johnson

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