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July 5 11:34 PM

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new career, new life

People from all types of backgrounds have changed their careers (not to mention their lives) with Centriq.

Centriq’s programs are designed specifically to train you for a new career in IT. Whether you are looking for a college alternative, want out of a dead-end job, just got laid off or are transitioning from the military into a civilian career, there’s a great chance someone in a similar situation and background like yours has changed their career, and their life, at Centriq. Here are just some examples:

“When I left the military, I knew I wanted a career in IT. I enrolled in classes at a community college but quickly realized it was not for me. I was completely dissatisfied with college life. I felt stuck behind what I thought was a necessary degree. My wife has worked in the IT industry for years and recommended Centriq to me… at the time, I had no idea how much Centriq would end up doing for my family.”


Track: Systems & Security Administrator
Old Job: Military Food Safety Specialist
New Job: Field Support Technician

"Centriq completely changed my life. I dropped out of college with no real direction of what I wanted to do in life. After committing to learning software development and working hard for 4 months at Centriq, I landed a great job making more money than I ever have before. I am 20 years old and have become 100% self-sufficient, paid off my debt, own a new BMW coupe, and am loving my life, ALL THANKS TO CENTRIQ. Great teachers, great program. 5/5 stars, thank you."


Track: Full Stack Web Developer
Old Job: College Student
New Job: C# Developer

"Centriq helped me discover my career direction and professional identity. I discovered the things I liked about IT, and the specific skills that I'm good at. I built a certain confidence in those skills that made interviewers drool at when I went into interviews. I was quickly hired as an IT Service Desk Technician. My future looks bright… I’m getting treated— and PAID— like the valuable asset I am. I finally know who I am as a professional and have a direction, and I made life-lasting friends and supportive relationships at Centriq Training."


Track: Systems & Security Administrator
Old Job: College Student
New Job: IT Service Desk Technician

"Before coming to Centriq Training, I was in the United States Marine Corps until 2015. In 2017, I graduated from the Aviation Institute of Maintenance but still wasn’t happy with where I was headed. I was referred to Centriq by a friend who completed the program… I liked that the program was only 4 months long and could get me into the workforce quickly. I enrolled in the program and am so glad I did! I was hired three days after graduating by PriceSpider. I have great benefits, consistent hours, good pay and a laid-back work environment. I will always recommend Centriq to anyone wanting a career change!"


Track: Full Stack Web Developer
Old Job: Marine Corps Aircraft Mechanic
New Job: Software Product Support Specialist

“I had been in sales for the past six years and was tired of chasing unrealistic sales quotas. I was thirty years old with a girlfriend and two kids to support, so I knew I needed a more fulfilling career with a better income. Centriq gave me just that! I was hired as a software developer and love my new career. My girlfriend and I were able to get married and buy a house with the income boost. I also have a flexible schedule and the option to work remotely which allows me to be there for my kids for school events, or when they're sick.”


Track: Full Stack Web Developer
Old Job: Sales Associate
New Job: Software Developer

“I was working as a manufacturer when I was hit head-on by a drunk driver. The car wreck had a big influence on my life: I had a two-year-old, a spinal injury, no job, no income and no plan. When I heard about Centriq, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to make a career move that would increase my quality of life and give me a better financial future for my daughter. Looking back, it was the best thing to ever happen to me.”


Track: Full Stack Web Developer
New Job: App Developer
Old Job: Manufacturer

“I served in the United States Army as a military police officer for twenty years. After retiring, I thought about getting back into police work but I knew I needed more stable hours and better pay to support my family. After graduating from Centriq, I accepted a position as a Service Desk Analyst. My new career not only allows me to work in a field I love, but also gives me the flexibility to have a personal life with my kids and hobbies… something that was very hard to balance while serving in the military.”


Track: Systems & Security Administrator
Old Job: Military Police Corrections Officer
New Job: Service Desk Analyst

“I spent fifteen years as a United Methodist Pastor. The denomination needed me to relocate, but I didn’t want to leave the Kansas City area. I knew it was time for a career change. I always loved technology, so Centriq’s 4-month IT Career Program seemed like a great fit.  Now, I’m a software developer and I love what I do! I get to make a difference for other people, I have more time for my family and we get to stay in KC!”


Track: Full Stack Web Developer
Old Job: Pastor
New Job: .Net Software Developer

“I worked in the sales industry for fifteen years. After finding myself looking for work on multiple occasions, I decided to take a step back and reevaluate my career options. I have a young family to support, so I knew I needed a career with more stability— both financially and professionally. I talked some family members that were in IT and they said Centriq was the place to go if I wanted a career in IT. They were right.”


Track: Full Stack Web Developer
Old Job: Retail Associate
New Job: Web Developer

"After years of working blue collar and serving in the military, I was starting to ‘burn out’ and wanted a change. Centriq teaches you so much so fast it’s unbelievable, and most importantly you learn how to teach yourself new skills. Now I’ve started a great career that I enjoy going to every day instead of dragging myself to another job, and my family loves having me around now that I’m on a normal schedule!"


Track: Full Stack Web Development
Old Job: Air Force Security Specialist
New Job: .NET Developer

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