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November 11 02:30 AM

Classroom Experience - September 2021

Student Comments

  • “I enjoyed working with the Active Directory Domain Services to learn how to create and maintain a domain. I also enjoyed working with the Server Core which help me learn more about command prompt.”
  • “My favorite aspect of the course was being able to put what we learned about the front-end, mid-tier and back-end into practice by creating a site using the MVC framework.”
  • “Thank you for being willing to stick behind after these classes and really get me up to speed on everything I felt I wasn’t quite grasping. Instructors that take the time to help me make these mental connections reinforces my faith in Centriq as being the right landing place for my training.”
  • “The instructor matched with the curriculum are my favorite parts of this course. This is significant because one would have a very difficult time self-teaching all of this content on their own. Our instructor follows a structured curriculum that is matched with how I can learn this material in a way that will prepare me for the field.”

James Caldwell – CSF2 Evenings

  • “James is super engaging and fun to learn with.”
  • “I thought you had great pacing with your teaching.”
  • “James is an incredibly knowledgeable and personable instructor. He is always willing to answer questions and willing to spend extra time to help a student understand the content or debug code.”
  • “James is one of the best instructors and has a very great deal of knowledge; he makes us want to learn about CSF2 and how to improve and continue to learn as students and future developers.”
  • “My favorite aspect of this course is the interaction with other students and the instructor. It makes everything easier when you have a solid, supportive group like this!”
  • “I enjoy practicing with hands-on work.”
  • “I really enjoyed seeing how everything stacked on top of each other in this course and builds off of previous foundations.”
  • “I am enjoying the content and seeing how new things work.”
  • “Using math and logic to build console applications.”
  • “Setting up class libraries.”
  • “The way James makes the environment a welcoming and warm place to be at each evening. He is interested in what we learn. I liked the fact that he took a few minutes at the beginning of class to ask us how we were doing and what we had going on both with school and in our lives.”
  • “James deserves a raise!! He has made me want to continue learning even with the health issues and difficulty of the material. Thank you!!”
  • “Coming from a background with no development experience or even exposure, I still feel a little unsure of myself and my abilities, but I think that’s just general anxiety. Some days I feel overwhelmed and some days I feel like I’m doing really well so to me, that sounds like a healthy balance of the course curriculum and my own work ethic.”
  • “James’s teaching style fit my learning style very well. It is a lot of information relayed over the course of 2 weeks. I have always struggled with definitions and being able to explain things properly. With a little bit more time to study, hopefully I will make it through. Thanks for your time and help with everything James.”
  • “This course has been difficult due to many personal reasons. James has been amazing at tutoring me and all of my classmates and making sure we get the big and small concepts down as we learn more.”
  • “the technology seems to work just fine”
  • “The environment feels great and James is good at making the learning environment positive and in a compassionate way. James pushes us to want to learn and he contributes to our learning with feedback that is very constructive and non-judgmental.”
  • “The curriculum was styled really well.”
  • “James has been exceptional.”
  • “James is able to focus our attention on the details and the concepts that will make us understand these difficult ideas, abstract concepts, in small pieces, one at a time. James is awesome!!”
  • “I have nothing but positive experiences to give back. James managed to let me catch up and work on the material even when I was sick and not feeling well”

Dakota Oney (Contractor) – WS3 Evenings

  • “Dakota definitely shined during his first class. He was very energetic.”
  • “Great knowledge of the source material, always willing to help and go above and beyond. If there was a problem he would go rhe extra mile to troubleshoot and explain the problem.”
  • “The labs were essential and help me retain the information”
  • “Presentation”
  • “All of it.”
  • “Labs”

Jajuan Elias – Network+ Evenings

  • “The instructor did great.”
  • “Great instructor keeps the class engaging and is very helpful when you need to know more about a specific topic.”
  • “Just continue the engaging and relatable material. It helps someone like myself that is really learning this all from scratch to have terms that help me process the material.”
  • “I felt that the instructors took time to make sure that a variety of methods were used to make sure everyone got a full and complete grasp of the information presented. Any time someone had a question or was struggling to grasp a concept, the time was taken to make sure that a full and working understanding was achieved before moving on.”
  • “The culture of the instructors and how loose they are when interacting with us was top notch!”
  • “Understanding how subnetting worked.”
  • “Walking away with even more knowledge to my toolbelt as we move forward to Net Fundamentals 2. Your team and instructor is great for building confidence and helping learn this field.”
  • “I enjoyed the interaction, as well as being able to make my own machines and the LOD that allowed me to grasp concepts better”

Andrew Mackay – WS1 Days

  • “By far my favorite class, keep up the good work.”
  • “Andrew is very supportive and will help you understand the material”
  • “very helpful if anyone had questions, made sure everyone was caught up if they fell behind”
  • “Andrew was extremely patient and willing to help out when it was needed. He is very knowledgeable in the field that he teaches and it shows that he genuinely cares for the students.”
  • “The real world application with all of the labs was my favorite aspect. It made me feel more prepared to have a job after this.”
  • “Learning new things each day, to assist in several aspects of my day-to-day.”
  • “The teacher and his ability to teach well. Also the hands on labs”
  • “Labs kept you more involved then lectures did”
  • “I enjoyed working with the Active Directory Domain Services to learn how to create and maintain a domain. I also enjoyed working with the Server Core which help me learn more about command prompt.”
  • “Active Directory!!!!!!!!”
  • “Labs”
  • “setting up adds and learning about active directory”
  • “I loved all of the labs and the step by step instructions as we followed the instructor. It made it really easy to stay interested and follow along in the virtual environment provided.”

Jeff Overhaug – Linux Days

  • “Jeff is a very patient very hands on “lets fix it” instructor and was incredibly helpful with teaching us linux centos 7. I very much appreciate having gotten the opportunity to learn from him. Highly enjoyed him as an instructor.”
  • “Gave great instructions and extremely helpful does not allow you to fail”
  • “i just really enjoyed learning whatever i could about linux”

Jeremy Rutherford – FED1 – Days

  • “He’s been one of the best teachers I have had. he makes it really easy to learn and understand the concepts and is really helpful with any questions I have.”
  • “Easy able to access the resources for the class and share screen to show exactly what im doing.”
  • “Doing it from home.”
  • “I was weak in css, so it would be css, and git.”
  • “The teaching style and being able to focus on one class.”

Jeff DeMaranville – MVC3 – Days

  • “Jeff is awesome. His class environment is open and comfortable yet still challenging.”
  • “Another great week. Thanks Jeff.”
  • “Though we moved rather fast this week, Jeff was open to helping at every available instance.”
  • “Everything coming together. I enjoyed learning AJAX and more JQuery”
  • “It was fun learning about AJAX. It so cool to change things without the page reloading.”
  • “Learning AJAX and all the possible ways to utilize it.”
  • “My favorite aspect of the course was being able to put what we learned about the front-end, mid-tier and back-end into practice by creating a site using the MVC framework.”
  • “I enjoyed learning to use various ways to create, edit, and delete, as well as creating registering/logins.”
  • “Jeff’s awesome! Always able to help, very knowledgeable”
  • “Edward and Alina are so great.I think this is the first week I actually utilized them and I wish I would have done so sooner. Really appreciate them.”
  • “This stage in the track I feel more confident with what I know”
  • “Jeff is great! He is extremely patient and very thorough.”
  • “My portfolio project had to be redone two or three times, but I was able to catch up with Jeff’s help.”

Matt Schwarzenberger – NET2 Days

  • “Matt was a very thorough and helpful instructor if anyone was confused or fell behind.”
  • “I liked how he didn’t make us get labs done in a certain time manner”
  • “very knowledgeable instructor with value added knowledge to course content”
  • “I loved the labs. I feel like I learn more with the hands on aspect of the classes”
  • “Learning a bit about cyber security and configuring DHCP and DNS”
  • “The DHCP and DNS labs”
  • “Learning with the labs”
  • “knowledgeable instructor”
  • “Learning how devices communicate to one another”

Chris Dunbar – WS2 Days

  • “Anybody who had a question in the class could ask at anytime and would get an answer. The instructor also held breakout rooms for individuals so that the entire class wouldn’t be distracted and the focus could be on that student’s problem.”
  • “Chris is very patient, knowledgeable and extremely helpful throughout the week.”
  • “Very patient, and great communicator of information.”
  • “Chris was very good at making sure everyone was caught up and understood what we were covering.”
  • “Chris did a great job and very helpful and willing to work with each person as needed Great Class!”
  • “great instructor, very helpful whenever anyone especially myself when there was a problem or if anyone got behind, he made sure that everyone was caught up and understood the material”
  • “Chris did a great job with any topics I had any questions on and also was very clear and helpful during lecture and classtime.”
  • “I loved active directory and learning more details and options with that”
  • “the hands-on experience and practicing on the labs”
  • “Windows Server 2 has definitely been my favorite class so far. I really enjoyed Chris’ teaching style and getting to learn more about Windows Server.”
  • “Command prompt, Diskpart Interface”
  • “the Labs”
  • “learning about active directory and configuring users”
  • “The labs and the instructor”

Evan Whittaker – FED2 – Evenings

  • “I thought pacing was great, even when we sped it up a bit.Checking functionality and diagnosing issues during class was also one of the biggest things to help me during this course.”
  • “No complaints!”
  • “Evan is absolutely the best instructor I have ever had. I have had quite a few and he just loves teaching the material and it shows. We have worked very hard and yet, have had a learning environment that is supportive, fun, relaxed, and optimistic.”
  • “Evan has been and extremely effective and competent instructor. He was always prepared and always willing to answer questions of dive into content further.”
  • “I really enjoyed jQuery.”
  • “Creating the accordion element. The JS that allow the user to interface with the website in fun ways kept me focused.”
  • “The instructor is superb!! Evan motivates us to learn and to do so in a relaxed environment. The other students are also really great and supportive of one another.”
  • “I really enjoy the content and the high level of individual attention given by the instructors.”
  • “Evan is superb and deserves pay raises. He has motivated so many of us to keep at it and to practice what we learn every day even if it is just 15-20 minutes at a time.Thanks for having such an awesome human that cares about all of us!!”
  • “I learn really well through having references and using repetition from my work and this class fostered that really well.”
  • “Evan has been instrumental in my staying in the program. He is professional, understanding, really wants us to learn, motivates us, and provides us a very positive learning environment. He is fantastic!!”
  • “The instructor (Evan) was extremely complimentary of my work and has stated that I seem to be far beyond where i should be at this stage of the course”
  • “No complaints.”
  • “Our internet does not always work from home. Evan has made sure that we can login back immediately and does so in a non-judgmental environment. Evan is an excellent communicator that knows the technical material very well. He even knows Zoom and has guided many of us to updating and understanding the learning platform to facilitate our learning.”
  • “the entire virtual setup seem to work as it should”
  • “I thought the curriculum was presented really well. The flow from vanilla JavaScript into jQuery felt really natural and gave me a better understanding of JavaScript as we worked through jQuery.”
  • “With Evan’s assistance, the material has been manageable despite being difficult and overwhelming with the time constraints allotted for each topic.”
  • “the curriculum and pace seems prefect through this course and very conducive to learning”
  • “Evan provides all students with a supportive environment that is respectful and attentive to ensure students are able to grasp the complex material we learn throughout the week. Evan ensures every student is on track and does not move on to the next topic before we ALL understand and know the material.”
  • “The online course works great for me, and my classmate are easy to get along with”

Jeremy Rutherford – CSF1 – Day

  • “Explains everything great and takes the time to make sure we understand it and answers any questions we have.”
  • “Jeremy is a very fun instructor. You can tell he has a firm grip on the material and has answers to any problems following along quickly. His personality was approachable and his mood was always “Up”, which is appreciated.”
  • “The labs clarify each topic to further understand how to concept works. They are super helpful and I would be lost with out them.”
  • “openly talking about how this course could improve.”
  • “arrays as I’m week in using console.log() to debug problems primarily not sure how to refer to them in the console.log”
  • “I like the labs and the ability to work with the knowledge that we are learning.”
  • “applying material”
  • “mini labs”
  • “The programming labs and examples. “Hands-on” learning.”
  • “Mr. Rutherford is an engaging and informative instructor.”
  • “The mini labs are helpful.”
  • “They seem nice, but haven’t really had a chance to interact with either of them.”
  • “THE LABS ARE THE BEST PART OF LEARNING!!! Very easy to understand we need more”

Jeff Westerhaus – NET2 Evenings

  • “The instructor did a good job. Thanks for your insight and help to getting us on the right path to further our career in IT.”
  • “I have really enjoyed going back through Net+ again to help bring everything together for me. Jeff truly knows his stuff and bring both a knowledge of the material and an approachableness that I really enjoyed”
  • “The instructor was very adaptable to teaching the classroom and on-line learning at the same time”
  • “You were a great instructor I learned a lot of information from you and you never had a problem staying later after class to work with us on subnetting or even DHCP and DNS.”
  • “Thank you for being willing to stick behind after these classes and really get me up to speed on everything I felt I wasn’t quite grasping. Instructors that take the time to help me make these mental connections reinforces my faith in Centriq as being the right landing place for my training.”
  • “I was thoroughly impressed with the apparent actual desire to see us succeed in the course not only to test but to put it in practical applications that can actually be useful for us. More than anything else it stood out to me when Mr. Westerhaus said on the first day, not only for the portions that these weeks are covering but for anything we may have concerns or need more clarification on, he is always available. I typically never stay in any class environment longer than needed, but I found that I stayed behind several times. I’ve been through several advanced level training courses so I have learned through the years of PowerPoint presentation to have a deeply rooted dislike for powerpoint. I know there is no control over having those and the information has to be delivered some how, but any opening I have to formally state that powerpoint is an evil creation meant to slowly numb us into compliance I will. Truly enjoyed the course content these two past weeks and look forward to learning with and working with everyone here in the future.”
  • “My favorite aspect of the course is the labs. The more hands on that I can get the better and I just learn better that way.”
  • “My favorite part was Jeff himself. You can tell he has a passion, knowledge base, and approachableness that a class like this needs.”
  • “my favorite aspect to the course is the labs as it allows us to put our knowledge to work and retain it better”
  • “Understanding subnetting.”
  • “Subnetting, Lectures. The lectures catered to my learning abilities and really hit home a lot of the curriculum.”
  • “Labs and the math aspect of the encryption and subnetting.”

Jajuan Elias – HDF1 Days

  • “This was a fantastic fundamentals course. Mr. Elias did a wonderful job making the information easy to understand. He was always available to answer my questions. 10 out of 10!”
  • “Knowledgeable instructor, no complaints.”
  • “Jajuan was a dynamic presence, with clearly demonstrated field experience.”
  • “Nothing wrong with Jajuan”
  • “you did great and I had so much fun”
  • “I enjoyed learning the security portion of the week, and I never knew what the make up of a computer is, so that was interesting to learn as well.”
  • “The instructors are the best. Our instructor took complicated information and broke it down and delivered in a way that was engaging.”
  • “Hands-on portions and labs.”
  • “The Labs were very enjoyable. Its good to get hands on with the course materials.”
  • “In spite of different instructors each week there is no break in continuity, the instructors very quickly learn the room and adjust to each student.”
  • “My favorite aspects was the labs and how easy they were to understand”
  • “Learning about the Hyper- V and creating our own virtual environments through Hyper-V. I also enjoyed the hands on labs and quizlets.”
  • “the joking nature and light hearted nature of the room”

Jeff Overhaug – Project2 Days

  • “It was great getting to work with you, it was a blast”
  • “It was a pleasure to work with Jeff he went above and beyond my expectations for a course instructor, He was helpful and personable.”
  • “Just getting to interact with fellow students and the instructor”
  • “Ive loved being here for the last 4 months. The friendships ive made and the great teachers Ive had. Cant believe its already over. Great job”
  • “Learning new aspects about the IT industry,”
  • “Working as a team when the team actually comes together and works was awesome.”
  • “My fellow students and Jeff. When you’ve got people who are easy to work with it always makes for an easy class.”

Chris Dunbar – WS1 STL Days

  • “I actually really like the way you teach going through labs and lectures simultaneously. Maybe some more questions for the students when we hit anything review related.”
  • “I am absolutely in love with the teaching style of this instructor! Chris gives you the “required” textbook definition. Then, he breaks it it down. Then he gives it to you again in a language that you can easily understand. This helped my note taking abilities tremendously. I also love that he was willing to make himself available to catch up on missing assignments if need be.”
  • “Thank you for being so kind and calm while teaching. I like that you ask early on (and every day) “What can I do better, tell me early”. That’s great that you seek active feedback. I appreciate your professionalism and want to add that I enjoy when you share your personality with us. We’re all so similar, when we share our personalities (while remaining professional) – I feel this sets us up for success when communicating more difficult concepts / questions. It helps me feel more comfortable to ask / say what’s on my mind. I felt great about this week, I have great notes, and I was able to complete these processes with accuracy and without stress. Also, your availability outside of class hours is unprecedented. I love that. Keep it up sir! Looking forward to next week.”
  • “Learning Active Directory”
  • “The hands on learning and demonstrating what we are learning.”
  • “We had plenty of time to ask questions, take notes, and work on our labs. I didn’t feel rushed at all this week.”

Jim MacAuley – WS3 Days

  • “Everything was great!”
  • “Jim was great. Loved his energy and pushing us to learn and not being afraid to challenge ourselves”
  • “Jim made sure everyone was on the same page, he helped whenever we needed it, was fun to be around and learn from, and just an all around great instructor.”
  • “Jim was great!! He is very knowledgeable and always willing to help. He added a lot of humor which kept the class interesting.”
  • “I love the way he built relationships with the students and taught in general. Honestly my favorite instructor so far.”
  • “My favorite aspect was expanding my knowledge on servers and the job that sys admins do. This included updates and how important those are to a network and when to perform them.”
  • “The final lab of the week was really fun!”
  • “I like the final lab of the week because it was a lot of fun and because of the teamwork dynamic during the lab.”
  • “Group presentation.”
  • “Building Servers”
  • “Lab and pace of the materials”
  • “Active directory”
  • “The Hands-on application of what we learned through the use of Virtual Machines and actual switches.”
  • “More labs than lecture.”

Matt Neilsen – Project1 Days

  • “Matt was giving ideas on how where to go to trouble shoot before, giving us specific instructions which help us look for different was to complete task.”
  • “If it werent for matt we wouldnt have learned half the troubleshooting skills we did this week. on top of that if it werent for him we would have had an imcomplete project as we hit many dead ends due to bugs with our server OS. Really happy to have had him for our project week.”
  • “The trouble shooting of the issues we were encountering.”
  • “i enjoyed how frustrated i got with bugs popping up that wed never encountered which caused me to learn more than i anticipated.”

Jenna Beckett – CSF2 – Days

  • “Jenna is an energetic, knowledgeable, and passionate instructor. I enjoyed her command of the subject matter, as well as her command of the classroom. I also loved her quirky humor. Both Jeremy and Jenna work well together.”
  • “The *Whiteboard* visual examples are great when diving deeper into things”
  • “Jenna was great. She was very knowledgeable of the course work. She asked and took feedback while in class. A student suggested a change in going through the subject matter and it was implemented this week which is great to see. It was very appreciated how open she was for help and communication. Always remained upbeat and took constant responses/check-ins while we were coding along/note taking.”
  • “more dad jokes”
  • “The dungeon application and learning how to make my own.”
  • “The people and instructors in class. Having two instructors when break out rooms a person can still ask questions.”
  • “OOP as I’m more of a procedural developer”
  • “The dungeon application is really fun. The jokes from the instructors and their sense of humor is also enjoyable – it makes a really long day staring at a computer screen much more bearable.”
  • “The examples other than just writing notes. Mini labs for examples force people to think on their own instead of copying word for word and moving on.”
  • “taking all the information and creating working code”
  • “I feel like everyone, no matter who the instructor is, has the ability to ask questions and get them answered comfortably.”
  • “Jenna is great!. It was nice to have two Instructors for reason above. Jeremy is great also!”
  • “Very upbeat and positive. Really enjoy class with the classmates.”

Jeff Overhaug – Linux Evenings

  • “I didn’t think it was possible to have a better instructor than Pflumm, but Jeff Overhaug was hands down the greatest mentor/teacher I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from. His knowledge of everything IT is second to none and I absolutely cannot wait to work with him again for our final project. He was absolutely amazing in every possible aspect.”
  • “Jeff was great. Explained everything really well, very helpful, and answered questions thoroughly.”
  • “Jeff Overhaug”
  • “using labs”

Frank Pflumm – HDF2 Days

  • “Explained topics in a way that I could understand, and was helpful when I didn’t understand.”
  • “The instructor was extremely engaging and prepared. Based on their instruction, checking for understanding, and facilitating practical labs/experiences, I am able to grow as a future IT professional. My experience this week with our instructor continues to affirm my decision to attend Centriq. I particularly enjoyed the HDF 2 Simulation Lab.”
  • “Very knowledgeable, with a lot of experience. Very helpful with questions or ways to remember information.”
  • “3rd week, 3rd dynamic instructor. Honest open feedback, clear expectations.”
  • “This guy is great”
  • “i feel like i had a hard time learning but our instructor helped me.”
  • “You where very kind and very helpful with finding a way to help my dad with his laptop”
  • “I enjoyed the labs for this course and working together as a team to solve the issues.”
  • “The practical labs”
  • “The instructor matched with the curriculum are my favorite parts of this course. This is significant because one would have a very difficult time self-teaching all of this content on their own. Our instructor follows a structured curriculum that is matched with how I can learn this material in a way that will prepare me for the field.”
  • “The hands-on labs were very practical and I can tell they will be very helpful in the future.”
  • “watching the class of misfits gel into a working team”
  • “labs”
  • “the hand on aspect”
  • “Both the hands on and desk work was very palatable”
  • Jim MacAuley – WS2 Days

    • “He was very helpful when we got stuck and helped us through the troubleshooting process.”
    • “I liked getting deeper into servers. I don’t think I’ll be heading there, but at least I know a bit more about them”
    • “How hands on everything is”
    • “Learning the Active Directory and being more hands on”
    • “Really enjoyed the labs”

    Adam Jurotich – HDF1 Days

    • “Adam makes the class engaging and interactive.”
    • “Adam is great on explaining concepts of the course in a way that is very easy to understand and remember.”
    • “Adam is a very engaging instructor and makes class fun. Even with some of the more dryer subject matter Adam is able to sprinkle in life and 20 years of IT experience so that we know not just the information, but why it is important, and examples of practical use.”
    • “Adams examples & story’s are dramatic in style dynamic & very effective in my opinion, keeps you engaged especially learning dry terms & numbers!”
    • “Great teacher, continues to provide an excellent learning experience”
    • “Adam presents the lessons in a very engaging, and inclusive manor. Lots of great stories about real world experiences that he has had during his career in IT. He thrives off taking questions and his patience and empathy towards all of his students, in my opinion, makes him an irreplaceable asset to the Centriq training program.”
    • “Adam is a great instructor and he holds the class to high standards, self deprecation is the worst he says”
    • “Adam is a great instructor and makes sure that all of his students are engaged and feel comfortable asking any questions that they may have”
    • “The knowledge and experience Adam brings as an instructor.”
    • “Getting out of my comfort zone and learning about how IT things work”
    • “My favorite part was learning how to create Virtual Machines.”
    • “The hands on work.”
    • “PC/Gaming lesson, Assembling and disassembling PC”
    • “Learning about IT.”
    • “Hands on stuff with both hardware software”
    • “Hands on! form building a Computer, to putting the cord together”
    • “Still enrolled but so far the hands on activities such as building the Cat5e cables and taking apart and putting back together of the PCs”
    • “I really enjoyed the security fundamentals that we learned this week”

    Chris Dunbar – WS2 STL Days

    • “Loved the course, I appreciate your calm demeanor and steadfast dedication to progressing the class as a unit. Professionalism was fantastic. I felt that you were more relaxed towards the end of the course, which I enjoyed. Good work and I cannot thank you enough for your knowledge, time, and energy.”
    • “Hands-on, real world experience from a knowledgeable instructor. We had the repetition that allowed us to harden daily skills as we learned new skills.”

    Caleb George – Project 2 STL Days

    • “Caleb pushes you to realize yourself what you need to improve on in regards to the final project and speaking, ensuring you make steps to improvement.”
    • “Very helpful with power point and setting up the slides and how we should get them to look.”
    • “Learning more about setting up a power point presentation”

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