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November 11 02:34 AM

Classroom Experience - September 2020

Student Comments

  • “Training was followed by cleared and repetitive instruction to ensure that all students can understand and follow all information that was given out.”
  • “Classroom is very comfortable and a great learning environment even with COVID-19 having a factor Centriq has found a great way to move forward.”
  • “Created a very safe and outgoing place, made it known that it is okay to be wrong and we made it the biggest learning point when somebody made a mistake.”
  • “Everything worked very well especially considering it was done on zoom”

Matt Schwarzenberger – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days (KC)

  • “Great instructor, new to Centriq but amazing at keeping us on track and teaching us what we need to know”
  • “We weren’t the most talkative class but he would try to get us to ask questions so he could help those that didn’t understand the topics”
  • “you did amazing matt. hope to have him again in the track.”
  • “very personable and knowledgeable. overall enjoyable to learn from”
  • “Amazing class environment as always”
  • “created a fun environment to learn in and was full of physical examples that proved helpful”

Jeff DeMaranville – FSWD Project Week 2 – Days (KC)

  • “Jeff always does an amazing job. He is extremely knowledgeable and helps guide students to overcome challenges.”
  • “Really thankful to have had Jeff these last two weeks, he is really awesome! I learned a ton and a lot of that is a direct result of him.”
  • “The training and support provided by the instructors and the rest of the Centriq staff are top-notch. I sincerely appreciate all that they do to ensure student success.”

Shawn Nelson – Front End Development 2 – Days (KC)

  • “I really enjoyed the analogies – they helped a lot.”
  • “The instructor was great teaching us material. Shawn did great and I feel I learned a lot in this class.”
  • “We dealt with adversity on a shortened week, and Shawn did everything he could to roll with the punches. Thank you for hearing our concerns, and reaching out to Jenna, to facilitate a day of learning for us during our self-paced week so that we weren’t shortchanged a class because of a holiday.”

Caleb George – IT PRO Project Week 1 – Days (KC)

  • “Help has been given in situations that really call for it, but the lack of hand-holding has been very good for increasing my troubleshooting and overall knowledge.”
  • “Caleb has been letting us try to figure things out on our own”
  • “Caleb did a great job giving us feedback on our work and let us stumble a few times before stepping in. it helped me learn”
  • “Getting to build with any physical equipment at all has been a very welcome change.”
  • “I liked the way this week went. I had plenty of opportunities to learn and put my knowledge to the test”

Matt Neilsen – Linux Administration – Day (STL)

  • “Instructor Matt was extremely knowledgeable. Made learning easy”

Charles Wieners – MVC3: Advanced MVC – Days (KC)

  • “Thought you were great overall.”
  • “Chuck was amazing this week. Even with the holiday, he was able to chug through as much information as quickly as possible whilst still making sure that everyone was understanding the material. I really enjoy the faster pace that he had towards the end of the course. It allows us to not only get through more of the information, but it gave me a much better understanding of how quickly I was able to type within Visual Studio. I’m looking forward to having him in class again for our final project!”

Adam Jurotich – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days (KC)

  • “As always Adam is pretty great at what he does. Very informative and always willing to assist in any way he can.”

Chris Dunbar – Windows Server Administration 1 – Days (KC)

  • “The instructor is great he is attentive patient and very knowledgeable.”
  • “Clear and concise. Straight forward stuff. Really fun class to start to learn about. “
  • “I wish I had Chris throughout the rest of my track, he shows examples and shares his knowledge practically and in real-world situations.”
  • “Instructor did a great job of making content enjoyable and fun. Also, the instructor is great for being patient with students.”
  • “Chris does an amazing job of keeping the class together and on the same page. If someone gets behind or loses the internet he waits… He reiterates everything multiple times that way you understand and you hear it more than once which I appreciate the repetition.”
  • “Chris is doing very well and I learn very quickly from him. He has been very patient but also pushed us that are catching on to do extra work outside of class to expand our knowledge, which I appreciate.”
  • “Instructor very respectful to the student. He was able to demonstrate professionalism toward all students regardless of the situation they are going through”
  • “Chris is an amazing instructor, he explains everything to great detail.”
  • “Chris makes it welcoming to talk in the environment and also makes it known that if you want to privately chat and not talk in front of the class it is welcomed. Also makes dad-jokes which lightens the mood!”
  • “No need to change anything Chris is GREAT!”
  • “Chris has done amazing with this content and breaking it down to our level!”
  • “Training was followed by cleared and repetitive instruction to ensure that all students can understand and follow all information that was given out.”
  • “He is very patient and caring, he is very knowledgeable and shares experiences in the workforce which is great and what we will be expecting when getting into the IT field.”

Andrew Mackay – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Evenings (KC)

  • “Great beard, even greater instructor.”

Frank Pflumm – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Evenings (KC)

  • “Professor Pflumm is excellent and very knowledgeable, and if he doesn’t know something he’ll make sure he figures it out and lets you know the answer later”

Caleb George – IT Project Week 2 – Days (KC)

  • “Felt like he leads us in the direction of success”
  • “Caleb was very efficient at having use collaborate using PowerPoint to build our presentation”

Matt Neilsen – Security+ – Days (STL)

  • “Matt was Amazing! Knowledgeable and made it as fun as possible”
  • “Matt is amazing! I think he is one of the best teachers I have ever had.”

Frank Pflumm – System & Security Career Foundation – Days (KC)

  • “Being relatable is important. The instructors have done a great job at doing so. Also, taking the time to answer all the questions in a timely manner is awesome.”
  • “He gave detailed explanations and examples that helped me understand the information.”
  • “Frank is very knowledgeable and great on conveying the information to us. He is calm and allows for questions and explains our questions to us greatly.”
  • “Frank Pflumm is very VERY good at this. He answers every question clearly and is relatable with patience and humor and skill. I’ve had many instructors over time and he is definitely at the top, especially with foreign/difficult subject matter. I feel I have learned much on only one week.”
  • “Classroom is very comfortable and a great learning environment even with COVID-19 having a factor Centriq has found a great way to move forward.”
  • “As so far, exceptional! The rooms are split into 2 to accommodate COVID phase 2 restrictions and all staff follow for everyone’s safety.”
  • “Love the changing of the ways to learn and the practicals which reinforce learning.”

Chris Dunbar – Windows System Administration 2 – Days (KC)

  • “Chris was great”
  • “Chris was an amazing instructor these past three weeks. His teaching style works perfectly with “new to the field” students. Always reiterating what we are learning, pausing for us to absorb what we are doing or for students to catch up.”
  • “Really appreciate Chris’s willingness to go above and beyond for students. I appreciate that he gives us the freedom to practice within our created environments. Great at giving examples and then letting us do on our own.”
  • “Great job answering questions and explaining the subject matter.”
  • “Every single question that was asked of Chris, he either knew the answer or was able to quickly find it and bring it back to the class, and had incredible levels of patience with teaching concepts multiple times when necessary.”
  • “Chris is a great instructor and really cares about his students.”
  • “He was great, good job!!”
  • “He will stop the lecture to address any question and help out any student that falls behind to catch up to speed. He will repeat all those instructions that matter the most so it sticks the next time we going over the information again.”
  • “This instructor gives amazing examples and he has done an amazing job the last 3 weeks. I have learned a lot and it is because he does use examples and does let us know what will be useful in the field.”
  • “Chris is a fun instructor. takes class seriously but lightens it with jokes!”
  • “Being able to be my house and receive a quality training does change my perspective about virtual training”
  • “Last 3 weeks of class have been great and have learned a lot and Chris is a very good instructor”
  • “Great online class.”
  • “Does not need to change anything.”
  • “Chris has great answered all questions and was knowledgeable”
  • “Chris is very responsive and always there is you have questions and if you do not understand he will give more examples until he knows that you understand the content. And I truly appreciate him sharing his knowledge with us. “

Chuck Wieners – MVC3: Advanced MVC – Evenings (KC)

  • “The pacing was great, I also really enjoyed his use of notes to map out and explain the code we were about to type out.”
  • “Great job pacing and keeping us engaged”
  • “Chuck did a great job, he stayed late with me to help me prepare my MVC portfolio for a career fair and I greatly appreciate his efforts. He also wireframed his code in a clear and easy to follow method that allowed me to process the material a little easier.”
  • “Perfect pace, obviously very knowledgeable”
  • “I really liked the “note it, then code it” setup it really helped to see what each peace was doing and know what we were looking for before trying to code it”
  • “Great teacher, explained concepts well and fully.”
  • “Fantastic teacher! Very informative and did a great job of making sure everyone was coming along well with him as well with the appropriate use of the green checkmark etc…”
  • “Chuck’s ability to check with each student and have them confirm their code was working well before moving on to each section was very impressive and appreciated in a virtual environment.”

Jeff Overhaug – Windows System Administration 3 – Evenings

  • “One of my favorite instructors thus far.”
  • “really enjoy jeff as an instructor”
  • “Jeff is amazing!”
  • “Jeff was able to troubleshoot anything we threw at him with a smile. Swell guy, 10/10 would have class again”
  • “Couldn’t ask for better classmates or instructors.”
  • “Jeff is amazing! makes learning fun”
  • “was great to be in the classroom everything worked as it should.”
  • “Great class, fun doing the labs.”
  • “Anything I asked was met and things I didn’t understand were explained to me in a way that let me understand even if it took a little longer.”

Jim MacAuley – Windows System Administration 3 – Days (KC)

  • “what he didn’t know he was able to find out quickly.”
  • “Jim does an amazing job of breaking down the information and answering questions. I think because he was in our position a few years ago, that he can really relate to how we are thinking and what struggles we have with the material so his teaching style works well with us.”
  • “Jim kept things lighthearted, but was extremely knowledgeable while making the class enjoyable to take.”
  • “Jim is wonderful and energetic.”
  • “Jim made the class welcoming and fun. I appreciate everything.”
  • “Excellent”
  • “The labs at the end of the week truly helped me grasp the concept of everything that we have learned so far and I was able to learn my areas of struggle and get some clarification on it”

Matt Neilsen – IT Project Week 1 – Days (STL)

  • “Matt was extremely helpful, in helping us work through some problems we were running into”
  • “Had everything we needed and more to design and build out a small business infrastructure”

Frank Pflumm – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Days (KC)

  • “I like that we review what we went over the day before for about an hour and a half every morning”
  • “I really would not change anything at this point. It flows, and is a great learning environment,”

Adam Jurotich – PowerShell Programming for System Administration – Days (KC/STL)

  • “SO helpful and amazing, if someone had a problem he would help them solve it before moving forward.”
  • “Upbeat attitude possesses a love for teaching/making sure we understand the new content. Was very eager to teach us more.”
  • “Adam shows a lot of things that I think will help us in the field.”
  • “would spend time with each student having issues, but also wouldn’t get caught up and get behind.”
  • “Adam would always try to help solve our problems when we had them and in one case even escalated to asking his peers on one thing he didn’t understand.”
  • “Keep the music going. you played some bops.”
  • “Love the handling when scripts went red”
  • “you did amazing you really made a difference for me at least you were an amazing teacher literally couldn’t have asked you to be better”
  • “Adam got us ahead of schedule without anyone feeling like they were left behind, which resulted in him being able to spend time with each of us individually if we had a problem with our scripts.”
  • “Greatly enjoyed. The instructor was extremely helpful and ensured we understood what we were doing. Appreciated the examples he provided.”
  • “Great teamwork, as usual, problem solvers”
  • “Adam, was good and patient with us this week.”
  • “Created a very safe and outgoing place, made it known that it is okay to be wrong and we made it the biggest learning point when somebody made a mistake.”
  • “Love the music”
  • “Being taught Powershell virtually ended up being a great tool for all of us to check our work against each other’s to make sure we had everything typed out correctly.”
  • “No classroom, we were doing Online classes.”
  • “Nothing really to change with PS the week went great.”
  • “I wouldn’t change the training content.”
  • “Very well paced and not rushed, this class is something that can’t be rushed if wanted to be learned properly.”
  • “Great pace, labs and troubleshooting made it more fun”
  • “I usually prefer the classroom environment, but being able to share screens ended up being a very valuable asset. Moving out of the pandemic, it may be valuable to others to continue to teach Powershell virtually.”

Jared Long – Introduction to DATA – Days – (KC)

  • “Jared clearly has a deep understanding of the content.”
  • “The labs were great”

Chris Nuckolls – Front – End Development 1 – Days (KC)

  • “I enjoyed the “standups” implemented every morning to show and follow along with homework/project current progress with the requirement of explaining your methods/though the process. I felt that it helped to see my fellow classmates work for new perspectives and retention of material. Also, the instructor was willingly giving out constructive advice.”
  • “Chris is very clear and will stop and help us fix any problems before we move on”
  • “been a real homie, look forward to him teaching again in later weeks.”
  • “I thought that the class went well both online and on-site.”

Shawn Nelson – Front – End Frameworks – Days (KC)

  • “Loved that we had a couple of times this week where we were looking for what was wrong, trying to make it work right. “

Chris Dunbar – Windows System Administration 1 – Days (KC)

  • “Holy cow this guy was so helpful, ran at a good pace, and was so easy to get along with.”
  • “Keep teaching the way you are man! By far one of my favorite instructors. Took the time to make sure we understand the subject and was always optimistic. Made sure as a class, we were following and doing labs correctly.”
  • “Chris did a good job with us this week. I learn a lot this week.”
  • “I really enjoyed Chris, he was patient and understanding. able to get things done efficiently and not have it feel rushed. Chris seems to have a story for every situation which was awesome getting a feel for how things can work out in the field.”
  • “Chris’s pace was easy to match, and after all of the labs, I feel more confident than I would have expected with just a week of classes. We got to put in a lot of reps and that meshes well with me because I am 100% a hands-on learner. Jim MacAuley and Jeff Westerhaus offered additional support and their presence allowed for a diverse knowledge pool when asking questions, which is exactly never a bad thing.”
  • “You’re a great and amazing instructor.”
  • “The instructor was able to solve all issues that occurred throughout the week even if there was no issue and it was just a mess up on the end of hyper-v. made every mistake a learning opportunity for the class. “
  • “Extremely helpful about student questions fixed a lot of my problems by watching you fix there’s”
  • “instructions and content was always super clear and easy to follow”
  • “Was extremely helpful, made sure all the students were caught up, and did not leave any students behind.”
  • “Great environment as always!”
  • “Spoke great, taught swiftly, and made sure we fully comprehended the subject. Overall great teacher.”
  • “Everything worked very well especially considering it was done on zoom”
  • “Had a great time. Chris, Jeff, and Jim were all willing to tip in and help any time we needed it.”
  • “Perfect comfortable learning environment created by the instructor”
  • “did great instructional and entertaining”
  • “Best lab walkthrough ever easy to follow”
  • “I had a blast and learned practical skills. Don’t change a thing, guys.”
  • “labs were on point, fun, and really reinforced the material covered 10/10”
  • “The labs were great and extremely helpful in re-enforcing what we had learned throughout the day.”

James Caldwell – C# Fundamentals 1 – Days (KC)

  • “The instructor is doing a good job of presenting”
  • “Nothing I could do differently James has been awesome”

Frank Pflumm – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days (KC)

  • “Frank presented all information very well. Great instructor.”
  • “He was a good instructor”
  • “Frank is the man and I think our whole class agrees with me when i say we wish we could have him teach us throughout the entire course”
  • “I am 50 years old and have had many instructors in college and the military and professionally. I would rank Frank Pflumm as one of the best I have ever had the honor to learn from. He is clearly born to teach. There is a reason he was up for the Instructor of the Year. I imagine he will be up for that many times and will win. Thank you, Frank!”
  • “Exceptional group in my class, great questions.”
  • “This has also been FUN! I consider this to be very important to a learning environment”

Jeff Overhaug – Windows System Administration 1 – Days (STL)

  • “Jeff was outstanding! Very informative and knowledgeable of the course content and how it relates to actual experiences in the field. Would have to say all my instructors have been great but he was the best instructor yet.”

Adam Jurotich – System & Security Career Foundation – Days (STL)

  • “Adam has always answered every question I’ve had in a way that I can understand and helps me grasp what is being taught. He maintains a very enjoyable environment where I feel I have the best opportunity to learn.”
  • “Genuine instructor who cares about his students and wants to give them EVERY opportunity to succeed.”
  • “Clean environment. Not overwhelming.”

Andrew Mackay – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days (KC)

  • “Labs were the bridge between the learning and the attaining the information.”

Matt Neilsen – IT Project Week 2 – Days (STL)

  • “Matt was a very good instructor. He was able to provide us with all sorts of knowledge related to the IT field. He answered any questions that came up and were able to stay patient when things might not have been clicking.”

Jeff DeMaranville – MVC1: Introduction to MVC – Days (KC)

  • “Jeff was great, so kind. Very patient and gave great real-world examples”

Matt Schwarzenberger – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Evenings (KC)

  • “Instructor is knowledgeable, I like his style”
  • “Instructor catered to students’ needs and even took his own personal time to stay well after the completion of the class to answer questions and ensure understanding.”
  • “He took extra time to teach issues we were having trouble understanding”
  • “Always try to make sure not to stray too far from content for too long, I appreciated the dedication you made to us and really enjoyed that you took the time to stop by our after-hours study session”
  • “Matt was very knowledgeable and very helpful. Willing to go above and beyond just the normal role of a teacher. I scheduled an offline study session without class and created out own zoom class and Matt made time out of his own day off to spend a few minutes answering some questions.”
  • “The labs reinforced academic knowledge from the text.”
  • “Matt kept us engaged and answered questions well and even help our note-taking with his own method for us visual learners.”

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