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November 11 02:41 AM

Classroom Experience - September 2018

Week of September 3, 2018

Steven Russell – CT-17-A+901: A+ Essentials 1 – Hardware, Devices, and Networks

“One of the best instructors I’ve ever had”

“Instructor gave real-life knowledge to explain how theories and process are grouped or displayed.”

“Great, energetic, keeps you focused. I tend to tap out mentally after so long but I was very interested due to his passion and knowledge.”

“Steve, you’re brilliant.”

“Great job relating content to a real-world environment”

“Outstanding way of learning material — Appealed to students signifcantly with teaching style”

“Steve is a terrific instructor.”

“Kept us engaged”

“It was a great mixture of hands on, visual, and audio.”

“great job”

“It was easy to digest because we had a clear line of communication. We were forced to learn because he got our gears turning.”


Kasama Kasemvudhi – CT-17-WS2: Windows Server Administration 2

“Instructor knows this system inside and out! Very helpfull”

“Kasama is an amazing instructor.”

Jason Presley – CT-17-MVC2: MVC and Data Integration – Connected SQL, Entity Framework, & n-Tier Architecture

“Explains everything very well. I appreciate that Jason breaks the information down for easy understanding.”

Week of September 10, 2018

Chris Dunbar – A+ Essentials 902 – Operating Systems and Security – Days (STL)

“Just like the previous teachers, I have here your details on explanations are very informative and makes the process of understanding the material much better. Thank you”

“Chris is very good at being able to teach difficult, technical concepts. He was able to teach them in a way that made them very relatable and easy to understand.”

“I thought Chris was very informative and was able to introduce us to the new material well. I felt as though we learned a lot this week.”

“He was a great instructor”

“Overall a really good instructor. Had a great time learning from Chris. Knows the material well, and willing to answer any question.”

“Took the time to answer all questions. Ensured every one understood a particular subject before moving on to the next. Very passionate about teaching.”

“I feel your course and class is very engaging.”

Jeff DeMaranville – Full Stack Development Project – Build Week – Days

“Jeff deserves a raise… he ROCKS”

Jeff Overhaug – Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices 1 v3 – Days

“Overhaug has a wide knowledge base. I mean like 8 cities with 23 citizens each wide AND he keeps his happiness positive the whole time. It’s really impressive.”

“Jeff’s handling of the forward arrow of time is quite commendable. I have yet to observe him going the wrong way. I doubt he is a Time Lord.”

“Jeff was a great instructor who really took time to make sure everyone was on track. really enjoyed his class”

“Jeff went through a lot of information in a way that was easy to follow.”

“Boson is a phenomenal tool to help understand the concept of how Cisco works and I very much enjoy it”

“This class is the stuff, boson is kinda weird, but it’s also the stuff.”

Karla Sharp – Systems & Security Office 365 – Days

“Karla is very sharp and knows her stuff. These kinds of classes can be hard to sit through, but she did a very good job of keeping everyone engaged.”

“Wonderful job”

“Karla was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I wish I would have known this information years ago. Great instructors like her are what I wanted out of a school and I am glad Centriq is able to provide it for me.”

“Karla knew her stuff!”

“I really enjoyed her great attitude!”

“Karla is the best! I thought I knew office, I did not. She taught me things that will save hours in a day! Thank you!”

“Wonderful speaker and a great presenter, very professional, and actually care to help find what the root of any problem we had was.”

“I did learn a couple of new methods to use Word and Excel.”

“In my opinion, there isn’t anything you could change to better this she was very patient and eager to help.”

Derek Duderstadt – Team Development – SDLC, UML,& Pair Programming – Days

“Powered through a day where he was very sick, got treated and didn’t miss any class time. The previous week (MVC2) was only 4 days, so Derek also covered anything we might be lacking in content coverage. He is absolutely the best instructor we have had. He doesn’t go easy on us, yet makes sure we understand concepts. Great work! Great rapport with students!!”

“Our fourth time having Derek as an instructor, and I couldn’t be happier. He Is very knowledgeable about everything he has taught us so far, as well as very professional.”

“Derek is truly the most helpful and caring instructor I’ve come across in my overall education. He is always trying to better our class’s learning experience, consistently checking for our individual needs as students and as a whole, often tailoring his teaching to aid us. I am super appreciative for the time we’ve had with team week, just to better acclimate us for working within deadlines, presenting, and communicating. Awesome job, Derek!”

“Derek has been very resourceful for this week, he explained the concepts very well. As usual, he does his best in assisting students that need help”

Caleb George – Windows Server Administration 2 – Days

“I actually really enjoyed this week with Caleb. I really enjoyed my previous weeks too, but Caleb has a unique approach to teaching. Unlike my other instructors, Caleb does not sugar coat his explanations and when asked questions he would rather see you, the student, work through each issue yourself. At this point in the track, I would much rather work through a problem than have an instructor walk me through my problem. I feel that way I actually have a better understanding of the material at hand.”

Matt Neilsen – Windows Server Administration 2 – Days (STL)

“Getting more reps of doing is helping with the material sticking. Doing it once then figuring out how to do it a second time with the resources I have in front of me is more Real World experience.”

“Very knowledgeable”

“Matt has a very deep understanding of the Microsoft Windows Operating system and Active Directory, his lectures and walkthroughs are very helpful to build a solid foundation of the way these systems work.”

“Good Background Music Selections”

Chuck Wieners – Full Stack Development Project – Deployment & Employer Presentation – Evenings

“I really appreciated the feedback Chuck gave me on my project so I had time to incorporate it before the final presentation. Additionally, I had one really tough problem that Chuck helped me with that would have been detrimental to the project. It was all greatly appreciated it!”

Jenna Beckett – Front-End Development 1 – HTML5, CSS3, and Frameworks – Days

“Jenna is AWESOME”

Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundation – Days

“This is a great instructor with a great attitude. He has real-world experience that he can relate to the students with. I feel like he really cares about the students and wants to see them succeed.”

“Pflumm is an amazing instructor so far, he is very knowledgeable and really spends the time to help out his students.”

“Pflumm was fun, easygoing and presented IT from his personal experience and knowledge. Great instructor!

“I’m still in the first week so my view is limited at this point. We have yet to get into anything that has to do with the computer. I do believe that this week is well used in that the course tries to prepare you for having a career, not just a job.”

Week of September 17, 2018

Frank Pflumm – A+ Essentials 901 – Hardware, Devices, and Networks – Days

“By far one of the best instructors I have experienced. I enjoy the balance between technical and real-life experiences.”

“Pflumm is an excellent instructor and his teaching style is amazing!”

“Keep up the positive attitude!”

“Pflumm is a wonderful instructor, he is always providing with great real-world experiences. He also uses great videos to visually explain what is going on throughout the course. I really enjoy being a part of his class.”

“makes class fun and make you interact with the class”

“I appreciate his persistence when someone has difficulty with a subject.”

“Very personable and motivational! Awesome instructor!”

“Fantastic environment. The class leadership and my teammates are exceptional.”

“Very great classroom, love how much he engages with us.”

“good fun environment”

“really useful information super glad”

Chris Dunbar -A+ Essentials – Server Configuration and Help Desk Training– Days (STL)

“I really enjoy that Chris is able to tailor the content to the class. He was able to push our knowledge beyond the course concepts to more advanced understanding when he was able to recognize that we had already grasped the basics.”

“Chris is an amazing instructor with a wide knowledge base of the material. He will answer any and all questions that are asked. Really enjoy learning from Chris.”

“I think Chris is an excellent instructor. I have learned so much the past two weeks thanks to him.”

“very engaging took time to go over problem areas also introduced more information in strong areas.”

“Chris is a great instructor and really brings in his real-life experiences to compare to the situations that are presented from the book.”

“Very engaging”

“Everything worked fine”

“The environment was excellent this entire week. Wouldn’t change a thing.”

“the labs that where presented were great experience and fun as well”

“We did tier 1 help desk ticketing today. Great material and experience. Would like to experience tier 2 and tier 3.”

“The labs and ticket simulation at the end of the week really helped make sense of everything I learned up until now. The labs turned this cluster of information we’ve been taught into applicable skills.”

“Really enjoyed the hands-on ticketing lab, would like to attempt more challenging tickets later in the course.”

“I really enjoyed the labs especially the one we did Thursday and I loved learning diskpart through PowerShell”

Jon Lindley – C# .NET Fundamentals 1 – Introduction to C# Language & .NET Framework – Days (STL)

“Jon is very patient with students who may be struggling to understand training concepts.”

Steven Russell – PowerShell Programming for Network Administration – Days

“Steve listened to my concerns & took the time to implement changes quickly”

“Steve Russell was great about his knowledge and up front, if he didn’t know something but then came back later with those answers”

“Steve, you go get yours. Become that PS guru that every person wants to converse with. Get some stuff out on GitHub and ascend from the level that is google for answers. Thanks for all of the help. One day I hope to be copying”

“GO STEVE!!!!!!!!”

“During our class, David Ray had to leave us to take care of his new child and we were incredibly lucky to have Steve Russel with us to explain PowerShell to us. While he is still unsure of his abilities and needs to research higher level problems that some students ask about, he is incredibly capable as a PowerShell instructor.”

“Class was really good to get an understanding of Powershell”

“I would like every course and training content would come directly from Steve. Steve does good things. Keep Steve. Use Steve. Steve is great.”

Caleb George – Windows Server Administration 3 – Days

“personally wouldn’t change a thing.”

Matt Neilsen – Windows Server Administration 3 – Days (STL)

“Knowledgeable and informative”

Chad Johnson – A+ Essentials 902 – Operating Systems and Security – Evenings

“Enjoyed the good sense of humor while maintaining professionalism”

“Very engaging, and he didn’t drone on.”

Jeff Overhaug – Windows Server Administration 3 – Evenings

“Jeff was like a very informative instructor who knew stuff.”

“Jeff has the patience of a really patient man who is also named Jeff.”

“Great teaching style!!!!!”

Week of September 24, 2018

Jeff DeMaranville – Advanced MVC – Design Patterns, Unit Testing, & Advanced User Interactions – Days

“Jeff is an awesome instructor, very resourceful and helpful.”

“Jeff is very professional and very knowledgeable when it comes to teaching a class.”

“Jeff has been flexible, helping our class do whatever requirements we needed.”

Derek Duderstadt – C# Fundamentals 2 – Complex Datatypes & Collections – Days (STL)

“I really appreciate the verbal concept questions and repetition exercises. I have prior knowledge of OOP concepts but verbally answering questions and doing rep exercises helped my understanding and made me feel much more comfortable.”

Chris Dunbar – Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices 1 v3 – Days (STL)

“Your manner of delivering information was great in detail. Meaning that I feel you elaborated on all the material to not only make the basic understanding easy to follow how to lead us up the chain. Repetition is what helped me start to get a grasp of things.”

“I like that Chris is able to push our knowledge past the course material when he recognizes that we have a grasp of the basics.”

“Chris keeps the class entertained while still teaching the topics at hand.”

“Very engaging loved the labs”

“I thought Chris was very knowledgeable and straightforward about all the content that we went over.”

“Chris is really passionate about what he teaches. He will bend over backward to explain the topics so that we understand them. Really enjoy learning from Chris.”

“Enjoyed doing a lab walk through first then going through the book.”

“I enjoyed using the net sim. actually seeing the connection how to setup up and then going back into the book made it easier for me to see the whole picture.”

Chad Johnson – Linux Administration – Days

“Chad made Linux interesting and fun to learn.”

“Chad Johnson’s ability to teach Linux was not only easy to understand and follow, but also very reassuring. I went into the Linux course nervous, as it is a software that I have never done anything with, Chad took his time to make sure everyone in the class was able to follow along and went out of his way to make sure we understood the course material. All in all, I very much enjoyed my time with Chad, and I wouldn’t mind having him teach us again!”

“loved the instructor”

“Chad was an AMAZING instructor”

“Mr. Johnson has earned a degree of respect from myself. He has a vast amount of life experience to accompany his technical expertise. I observed him take as much time as was needed to explain the process/steps and he accomplished this by exercising an extraordinary level of patience. He has a personal connection with all of his students and he has the ability to tailor his teaching style to meet each students needs.”

“Mr. Nuckolls was awesome! He brought both a fun and receptive learning environment. I was never once intimidated by the instructor. He always answered questions to the best of his knowledge and ALWAYS gave another analogy. Meanwhile, he was always giving us positive reinforcement which is key in learning this much information so quickly.”

“Overall a very fun and engaging learning experience while in the class. The instructor answered any questions.”

“Keep using your comparison to the real world and nerd culture in your solutions, it has helped me a lot.”

“Chris did a very good job of making sure we were all keeping up while covering a great deal of information in a short time frame.”

Frank Pflumm – A+ Essentials 902 – Operating Systems and Security – Days

“Cannot say enough positive things about Pflumm. He has a fluid and comprehensive teaching style and makes the material fun to learn.”

“Pflumm did a wonderful job instructing, he applied many different real-life examples and really seems to care for his students.”

“You’re doing a wonderful job and really help all of us with all the engagement and help make the material less dry”

“Great instructor. Fun and engaging.”

“Fantastic atmosphere and teammates”

“Plumm is an extraordinary teacher.”

“Hands-on instruction difficult and challenging but will lead me to greater success.”

Matt Neilsen – Linux Administration – Days (STL)

“Good balance between content and real-world application. How to use a free program for nonprofits.”

“Matt has a lot of experience in the field, it is good to get a chance to ask questions and get info about the field from him.”

“knowledgeable and informative”

Hai Hilvitz – Windows Server Administration 1 – Days

“Did a great job of educating, really enjoyed the experience.”

“Instructor has a vast knowledge of the subject and can answer any questions students have about the material until they understand the concept”

“Hai is a great instructor, really understands how to get information to stick.”