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November 11 02:43 AM

Classroom Experience - September 2017

Week of September 5, 2017

Chuck Wieners – ARTP – Days

“Chuck is a terrific instructor. He is incredibly knowledgeable on not only the material pertinent to the course but also on advanced topics that one may want to delve into.”

“Instructor went above-and-beyond to ensure I grasped the material. Due to illness, I had to miss a day and a half of material. The instructor made sure I had all the class material, pictures of the notes on the white board, and also sent me his instructor code. With all the extra help I was able to catch up with everything I missed.”

Eric Reid – MVC2 – Days

“I like when Mr. Reid made the screen bigger to see information to make following him easier which was good being that I was in the second row. My teacher was helpful with fixing errors. Thanks.”

Matt Neilsen – A+ SRV – Days (STL)

“I typed out a whole thing here and hit reset instead of submit.. Im sorry but I can not bring myself to type it all out again.. Everything is great.”

Week of September 11, 2017

Chuck Wieners – MVC4 – Days

“The additional resources provided on subjects not covered by this course are very nice to have.”

“Good luck at the cook-off!”

“This course helped solidify many concepts that were started during past weeks and the time spent debugging individual issues even though they did not pertain to the class lesson was very appreciated.”

Chris Swatzell – SSCF – Days

“Chris Swatzell is very engaging and interactive.”

“Chris is an excellent teacher.”

“The training on soft skills on how to deal with people was effective, the trainers are knowledgeable and easy to relate with.”

Karla Sharp – O365 – Days

“Karla Sharp is a great instructor.”

“Karla is an excellent teacher and very energetic. It was a pleasure to learn from her.”

“Loved instructor’s enthusiasm”

“Mrs. Sharp was very informative and bubbly.”

“Great class.”

“Very personable, very helpful!”

“Very informitave”

“Really Informative”

“I learned a lot when I thought I knew everything about Word.”

Derek Duderstadt – TEAM – Days

“Really appreciated your own experience in getting your first Dev Job!”

“Instructor is good about answering questions”

“I like how on the last day we had to build out our own SuperHero two tier MVC application.”

“Making sure that we got a concept before moving on was great”

“Great demonstrating trello and Source control”

Hai Hilvitz – WS1 – Days

“Hai was an awesome instructor. He was always sure to make sure everyone was on the same page. You could tell that he is very good at what he does. I also enjoyed that when explaining things he would demonstrate, write it out, and lecture. I made it a point to give several examples so that everyone could understand the content.”

Chad Johnson – A+ SRV – Evenings

“Chad mnemonic devices really helped the info stick.”

“Chad was the instructor.”

“Chad Johnson made these two week highly enjoyable and beneficial.”

“Chad Johnson is awesome, these review weeks have been good for me”

“Chad Johnson did a great job with our review. He does a really good job with breaking down things that everyone can understand.”

“Chad is super smart. makes learning easy.”

“Chad makes the class fun and interesting. He also has his own funny ways to make you remember things that are important. Best instructor at centriq in my opinion.”

“Chad’s class environment was very professional.”

“Chad Does an excellent job at helping us understand the content.”

“Chad did a great job getting more to participate.”

“Chad thanks so very much for breaking down subnetting that helped a lot, I loved the cat math thanks”

“I wouldn’t conversation was a good way for me learn and it lead us down paths that allowed me to better understand concepts”

“Thanks for breaking down so much chad and going over printers I think I am more prepared for my 901”

“Have chad teach every class”

Jeff DeMaranville – FED1 – Days

“Very attentive to questions and needs.”

“Good instructor that enjoys a good potato.”

“Jeff did great. He took some content that could have been monotonous and made it fun. I would definitely recommend him to teach another class.”

“It was great”

“The class is great easy to understand and fun!”

Tad Ellis – INCD – Days

“Instructor is extremely knowledgeable about Cisco.”

“Tad was a great instructor, a true expert in his field.”

“Classroom and equipment was good.”

“Having the equipment available in class really made huge difference.”

Week of September 18, 2017

Chad Johnson – A+ 901 – Days

“Was able to communicate to all levels and break questions down so everyone understand great teaching style”

“I loved the class. It really shows chad loves what he is teaching!”

“I love his personality. He made this class fun and easy to understand”

“Chad made the material fun and had lots of good learning tricks to help make the material stick.”

“Wonderful energetic instructor that makes learning entertaining and enjoyable. We burned through the easy need-to-know and focused on the things that will be important later on.”

“Able to take instruction from the book and make them relevant to real world environment.”

“Enthusiasm shows. Great instructor.”

“Great instruction, and great atmosphere. Chad does a great job of not only explaining material, but making it relevant, and fun.”

“Amazing presentation, making real world items matter in the class.”

“Genuinely enthused to teach and I had a lot of fun learning.”

“Chad really made this training understandable and a fun learning environment.”

Eric Reid – DVPRO1 – Days

“Eric is very helpful in lending solutions and alternate points of view whenever confronted with a new question.”

Jeff DeMaranville – FED2 – Days

“Second week in a row that this was great! Jeff is an exceptional teacher and should be awarded. Thanks Jeff.”

“Jeff frequently kept us captivated. Awesome answering questions and watching all of us for broken code.”

“The training was well laid out and it was easy to navigate.”

Tad Ellis – ICND – Days (STL)

“Very informative, and willing to explain things from a different angle to help you understand”

Jerrod Wilson – WS2 – Days

“Jerrod’s knowledge of WSA was very helpful. He was able to not only show us what to do and how to do it; he also provided some real world knowledge of things we would run into in the field. All very helpful. I did enjoy that he focused more on hands on direction as opposed to a lot of lecture. Great class!”

“The labs were very helpful to learn how to navigate Active Directory.”

Caleb George – PSP – Days

“Caleb was an awesome instructor!! He made the class very enjoyable, and something that was great for everyone in the class. Arguably the best experience I’ve had thus far at Centriq”

“All I see when Caleb said he rode a bike was him on a pedal bike :)”

“Caleb is really funny and a really good teacher”

“Hands down Caleb is the best instructor I’ve had yet. He really cares is we understand the material or not and does everything he can to ensure we do.”

“Awesome teacher with not as good of hair as me”

“Caleb is very good at breaking things down to people. I think he is a very good instructor.”

“Caleb was genuinely concerned about us understanding the information. He walked around the room to make sure everyone was following and assisted individuals with questions and provided help.”

“Caleb was an awesome Instructor. Explained powershell in an easy to understand way, kept it simple, broke it down in small enough portions to build up to the final script.”

“The only thing that could make this training better is more of it. I loved PowerShell”

“Overall, Caleb did an excellent job explaining the course material and breaking it down to make it easy to understand and follow along.”

Hai Hilvitz – ITPRO1 – Days

“Hai never disappoints when teaching us. Lets us explain what steps we took when we ask for help. It’s definitely beneficial making us go through the process and problem solving it outselves”

Week of September 25, 2017

Jason Presley – MVC3 – Days

“There was code that we wrote and I liked when Mr. Presley added comments.”

Chris Swatzell – A+ 902 – Days

“I had fun and learned alot”

“Chris is a good instructor that has great time management skills.”

“Great Instructor! He is very knowledgeable!”

“This was a good week.”

Chris Nuckolls – CSF1 – Days

“The instructor was very knowledgeable,funny, and patient”

“I am very happy with Chris’ overall performance.”

“The classroom environment was very relaxed and fun. Making it easier to learn.”

Matt Neilsen – PSP – Days (STL)

“Matt is a wonderful instructor, has a ton of knowledge to give us”

“New found love for powershell”


Jeff Overhaug – WS3 – Days

“Jeff was incredibly helpful. Through all of the labs he was always up and moving around the room making sure we were going to be successful. I got stuck trying to connect to our domain and Jeff and Chris worked with me to help me troubleshoot the issue until it was solved. Great guys!”

Jeff DeMaranville – FED2 – Evenings

“Great teacher! Very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions.”

“Great, again, with troubleshooting and showing real-world application.”

“Good group/environment, especially for troubleshooting in this track.”

Jeff Overhaug – Sec+ – Evenings

“Jeff is a solid instructor! I enjoy his classes. He has a good approach and knows how to relate material to students…”