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November 11 02:31 AM

Classroom Experience - October 2021

Student Comments

  • “Just having the opportunity to prepare for future interviews.”
  • “I truly enjoyed SQL. It was nice to work in a different development environment.”
  • “I very much enjoyed the teamwork aspect of this week and that we were able to work with physical servers which was good practice for when we go into the field.”
  • “Getting to meet and connect with amazing individuals while we forged a grand path towards a career.”

James Caldwell – FED2 – Days

  • “I really loved this class, it helped me with putting more of the function behind the things we are learning and how they can be applied to the work it and to how we really code. Thanks for creating and inspiring and relaxed environment that was easy to learn in.”
  • “It was great. I loved the energy and passion for the material.”
  • “I felt James was really well prepared and his experience was apparent immediately. He had real world examples and things he would reference to throughout the week that related to in-class work and implementation.”
  • “James has been great in relating his experiences in what we will see going forward. It’s been helpful”
  • “My favorite part of the course was the see what was effected in the code as we make changes.”
  • “James as a teacher, and the content was helpful in seeing how various pieces must come together for implementation of a site.”
  • “willingness to login and troubleshoot via zoom”
  • “The teachers they all make the class enjoyable and have good teaching styles.”
  • “Hands on implementation”
  • “The hands-on coding and labs.”
  • “the debugging and learning of the console log”
  • “The labs and repetition are really helpful for me.”

Jeff DeMaranville – ARTP – Days

  • “Jeff was on fire this week. So many things in C# and MVC made more sense.”
  • “Just having the opportunity to prepare for future interviews.”
  • “The mock interview and coding challenges were extremely helpful.”
  • “I liked the coding challenges, I also enjoyed the lab time a lot.”
  • “Linq and views were refreshing to review. I feel better about them.”
  • “I feel more confident in C# after this week. Toying with Method and Keyword Syntax in Linq was fun.”

Frank Pflumm – NET1 days

  • “I liked that Pflumm stuck to a fairly consistent break schedule.”
  • “He has been very helpful when needed and patient when I struggle.”
  • “Both instructors were fantastic! They were both prepared with the content and were able to answer our questions and provide exceptional guidance.”
  • “Both instructors were very helpful.”
  • “Labs are “interesting” on Zoom, but good prep for real remote work.”
  • “you guys did awesome”
  • “two intructors made it hard to get bored”
  • “The hands on labs are engaging. I prefer the on-prem classes vs. remote learning because it is difficult for me to remain engaged and focused.”
  • “I’m still loving the labs overall. It is interesting, and fun putting what we are learning in a virtual environment.”
  • “Practical labs are my favorite because I am more of a hands-on/visual learner.”
  • “Learning new stuff with dynamic instruction and committed peers.”
  • “that I got first place on the star wars kahoot”
  • “learning what i want to learn”

Jim MacAuley – WS3 (STL) Days

  • “Very helpful and energetic that made the curriculum interesting.”
  • “Jim is an absolutely fantastic instructor. He brings a level of energy to the classroom that is off the charts. He is an engaged, thoughtful, fast moving, happy, and incredibly caring instructor. I think he has a unique ability to break barriers down between the student and instructor, so that students have an easier time with asking their questions as they appear in their mind. He provides such a wealth of real world experience from the IT sector and life. He provides us with insight for interview techniques and how to “take” the job we want. He is always with the students to act as a resource and it was deeply appreciated.”
  • “Honestly all of it. I think Systems admin is the route for me at this point.”
  • “Content”
  • “Getting hands on with developing a full network for a company.”

Chris Dunbar– WS2 Days

  • “I loved all of the dad jokes while we were waiting for people to catch up or what have you.”
  • “good pace, good info”
  • “Mr. Dunbar was fantastic at delivering the information in an organized manner and making sure each lesson we went through was very well thought out.”
  • “The pacing was perfect for notes and conducting the demonstrations”
  • “He knew what he was talking about and could answer any of the questions we had. and some funny jokes”
  • “had a really good pace for the note taking and explained everything thoroughly”
  • “Chris has a great ability to articulate abstract concepts and simplify them to new users while maintaining the utmost patience”
  • “The dad jokes and the extra time to take notes”
  • “labs”
  • “The hands on experience of learning group policy and permissions”
  • “I like feeling like I’m working in a business when we do the labs”
  • “Learning about what we would do in the future of our jobs if that’s the way we wanted to go”
  • “i appreciate the learning that occurs during labs and the opportunity to bring it all together after each week.”

Adam Jurotich – HDF2 Days

  • “As always Adam is a wealth of knowledge and knows how to present the information to be retained.”
  • “Implores students to ask questions and say what is on their mind”
  • “Adam made the course material easy to understand and was able to answer any question about the course.”
  • “Teaching style is different from what I’m used to, but I have found it works for me a lot better.”
  • “Adam is again a very dynamic and engaging instructor. There has been a large amount of information given to us in these last three weeks and Adam as an instructor has kept everyone on the same level and pushed us to build our confidence daily as we learn more.”
  • “One thing I have really come to appreciate is the balance of confidence Adam instills in his class….I have a long history of nothing but negativity & the positive vibes he teaches us no matter what happens is great!”
  • “Adam is amazing and an absolute fountain of knowledge, I wouldn’t want anyone else guiding me on this journey”
  • “Another great teaching week for Adam!”
  • “Had a rough go at the practical/ hands on part of my final today in HDF2. Adam was patient and understanding with me. After giving me the pep talk that I needed, and quite frankly, just talking to me as a person, not just in the framework of the Instructor/ student hierarchy, I walked away from it refocused and not so down on myself anymore. A++ for Adam!!! We scheduled a date in the upcoming self- paced study week so I could take it again and thanks to my instructor, I WILL SUCCEED.”
  • “The labs”
  • “Being able to change my future for the better”
  • “learning hexadecimal really boosted my moral because I have failed to comprehend it in the past.”
  • “Expanding on info I already knew and learning some new things.”
  • “Labs, ADAM :)”
  • “Learning IT. The virtual machines are particularly a highlight I think.”
  • “Adams teaching methods along with students coming in to give motivation”
  • “I really enjoyed setting up my very own computer network for the first time as well as our help desk simulation”
  • “This Course was very fun in every aspect i dont think id be able to just pick one!”

Dakota Oney (Contractor) – Net3 Evenings

  • “I enjoyed all the knowledge that was given I would like to see more hands on I’m a virtual learner so doing labs helps me learn the content easier. But all in all was a good class and learned a lot. nick_brooks57@yahoo.com Being your second time teaching, I feel with time you’ll only get better. Thank you for the very helpful education and insight into Network. As an aspiring Network professional it gave me great things to aspire to.”
  • “Real world connections/experiences Brooks_C19@aol.com Learning PowerShell scripting, it was cool seeing how a script can make a PC do many different functions and writing the script itself was a lot of fun. nick_brooks57@yahoo.com Just the affirmation about this being the path I would like to follow as I embark on my IT career path. Every instructor share knowledge I felt is second to none.”

Matt Neilsen – CYSF Days

  • “I very much enjoyed the labs we did through the week. They were very challenging and educational. kairywalton@outlook.com Learning about Kali Linux bguthrieITPRO@outlook.com Learning about security and what this environment has to offer t.mcduffy@outlook.com Looking back and looking at everything I’ve learned. I look forward to moving forward in my knowledge and career.”

Evan Whittaker – DATA – EVE

  • “Evan is a fantastic instructor.”
  • “As always, you did a great job with pacing and covering each topic thoroughly but not spending too much time on it.”
  • “Evan is very generous with his time. He is always prepared and provides us an environment that is conducive to our learning. He is jovial and pushes us to continually work and improve our knowledge base with positive reinforcements and encouragement. No matter how many times we ask the same or new questions, Evan never loses his patience . Evan is an amazing instructor. and a real MENSCH! Please raise Evan’s salary and let him know how much his encouragement and optimistic outlook has helped me in class.”
  • “I truly enjoyed SQL. It was nice to work in a different development environment.”
  • “SQL uses a lot of plain languages so it makes it easier overall.”
  • “I enjoyed seeing exactly how each table works together and the different methods to work with specific data.”
  • “This was such a difficult class and Evan made is seem easy. Even as we all struggled to understand and grasp the material, Evan was fantastic and made the complex issues easier to understand.”
  • “Please give Evan a pay raise for his extraordinary patience, empathy, and encouragement!!”
  • “Missed a few classes this week and was generally stressed about that but after taking some 1-on-1 time, I’m feeling a lot better about what I missed and can catch up.”
  • “Evan is the only reason why I have been able to remain in the program. He has been available before class for each of us and given us so much of his time that he deserves a pay raise. His encouragement and positivity and believe in each of us and in our abilities makes his classrooms great to be in. Evan is fantastic!!”
  • “Evan makes the classroom environment a relaxed atmosphere while pushing us to excel. He does so in a positive, compassionate, and judgement-free classroom that makes us want to learn and to develop further as developers, as creators of technology content. Evan makes us believe in our abilities even we we doubt ourselves. Evan is both a technical and human-relations sound person who deserves a huge pay raise for his extraordinary patience with each of his students.”
  • “I really loved having lots of labs and practice assignments!”
  • “I thought the curriculum layout made a lot of sense and was fairly intuitive to follow.”
  • “Evan does the impossible and complex material seem easy and manageable. He does not criticize and continues to push us to look at the difficult parts and break them down one at a time to then combine them in a cohesive process. Evan is the best instructor. He is competent, patience, compassionate, empathic, and is dedicated to the learning of all of his students. He makes us thrive and allows us to learn all of this material in productive and positive ways, always providing each of us positive feedback that focuses on our achievements. This makes his classes something I look forward to because Evan makes us want to learn the material and to practice on our own to improve and become competent in the material covered.”
  • “Evan is just an incredible human being. His teaching style makes his classroom environment one where each student is asked for feedback and given feedback that does not diminish our accomplishments, even as we may not understand the material discussed and learnt. Evan is competent technically and does a fantastic job of explaining every step of the process we must undertake to achieve the results even as we struggle getting there. Evan is awesome and the best instructor I have ever had.”

Jeff Krakenberg (Contractor) – Security+ Evenings

  • “Jeff did a great job getting us an insane amount of info in short amount of time. Made sure to address any questions, and did his best to keep us engaged.”
  • “Jeff was an incredible instructor. He was beyond knowledgeable about any and all subjects pertaining to security+. Plenty of real world experience and examples as well as interesting bits of information.”

Jim MacAuley – WS3 Days

  • “made things easy to understand. Great energy. I liked that you shared real world lessons and career advice”
  • “Jim effectively taught us the material and every lesson was prepared and ready.”
  • “the instructor is very sharp and exceptionally knowledgeable. sometimes concepts and the pace are challenging to keep up to take notes or grasp concepts. by the same token, he is ALWAYS willing to help when needed, inside and outside class time”
  • “He knew his stuff, very up beat and made it a good time in class.”
  • “cared about the students, 10/10”
  • “I loved getting to work in small groups.”
  • “bringing all aspects of each server week together and realizing what we have learned”
  • “labs”
  • “Everything about servers, Jim is a fantastic teacher and made learning fun and engaging.”
  • “The final lab”
  • “Learning about how to work together as a team.”
  • “very knowledgeable istructors and labs”
  • “The labs, hands on learning is the best for me”

Jeremy Rutherford – DATA – Days

  • “Overall I feel like Jeremy did very well. As before in previous classes, he was well prepared and organized. He always asked for questions and feedback and was very knowledgeable on the topics covered. The course was always moving and was facilitated well. He was very open to feedback and was always available to help.”
  • “The instructor of our course is very patient.”
  • “I enjoyed building the different functions to filter and change the data.”
  • “Dad Jokes”
  • “online demonstration of working code after labs”
  • “The real-life examples that Jeremy shared in class”
  • “Creating database tables”
  • “Alina gave an excellent program on Resume writing and it was very helpful as I updated my existing resume.”
  • “I wasn’t able to put as much time this week into after class work but feel pretty good about it overall.”
  • “The virtual environment was good.”

Frank Pflumm – NET2 Days

  • “Doing a great job and explaining the material and helpful when we are confused.”
  • “Our instructors are 10/10. They were both exceptional at preparing and delivering the content for this course. I feel significantly more prepared and affirmed in what I am learning. They are both approachable when I had questions and they challenged to display that I was comprehending the content presented. The material is engaging. The combination of lecture, real world examples, and labs, I am having a fantastic experience and my expectations have been significantly surpassed thus far.”
  • “No issues with class instructors.”
  • “Both Pflumm and Matt were patient and fun to learn from. Engaging even though the material is as basic as can be. Hats off to both of them.”
  • “Still enjoy the labs. I prefer hands on learning so it fun for me.”
  • “The instructors are my favorite aspect. Having Cert Master alone wouldn’t provide me the confidence I have and passion to continue learning the course content. The instructors take the material and bring it to life. I’m extremely excited to continue forward.”
  • “I learn best when seeing and doing a task, so the labs have been helpful. The reviews in the morning have also been very helpful.”
  • “Hands on experience”
  • “the instructors are patient with my slow learning”
  • “that my brain is fried at the end of the day, means I’m using it”

Chris Dunbar – Project 1 Days

  • “Chris is an outstanding instructor with a ton of knowledge.”
  • “I very much enjoyed the teamwork aspect of this week and that we were able to work with physical servers which was good practice for when we go into the field.”

Jajuan Elias – HDF1 Days

  • “The instructor was very knowledgeable. It was a great class”
  • “Great Instructor”
  • “LABS and Team exercises”
  • “just absorbing all of the knowledge”
  • “I liked the labs they were fun.”
  • “The malware and other security breaches. Made sense”
  • “the LABS”
  • “wasn’t a dry moment in class”
  • “the technical information and security info”
  • “The ethernet making.”

Steven Russell – NET1 (STL) Days

  • “Steve was very knowledgeable and presented the information in multiple ways to be understood.”
  • “Steve did a great job at moving us forward in the course work despite not preparing us in the previous courses and having his own teaching style. I think this displays both Steve and Adam’s excellent comprehension of the material and the ability to make me and my classmate retain that material.”
  • “Was a different style then Adam but still very knowledgeable and moved at the same pace so it was easy to adapt to his style. Having the pin on the last 2 day helped with the virtual learning a lot. I can also see how it would have helped in classroom but wasn’t missed to much.”
  • “Steve is awesome. At the end of this week it seems like he’s been with us longer. He has been available before and after class each day to answer any questions. The slideshow and color coding system he used has changed the way I write my notes for the better as well.”
  • “I enjoyed his style of transparency & directness appreciate him explaining & breaking things down to simplest form was very helpful for someone not familiar with IT. He is very animated which is good for capturing attention & notes were great!”
  • “Steven has a great methodology in his approach to interacting with his students. He moves around and doesn’t remain static. This helps me stay focused as I like to stay locked in on him visually as he walks around the class while he is presenting. Its a large classroom so I feel this helps people in the back of the room feel more included. Secondly, I LOVE the verbal ques that he provides such as “prime your note taking environment for the next section which is Lesson 2 topic C.” This lets my brain know that we are shifting gears so get ready! Brilliant! He also does things like speak slightly louder and pauses when its critical material to know. Love this as well. He holds a commanding presence without intimidating. His passion shines through from start to finish. He can get to be a bit of a fast talker but is aware of this and encouraged us to let him know if he was going to fast and when we did so was super cool about it. Definitely in my top 5 favorite instructors to date and I have attended about 4 different universities, was in the Army and had many courses on leadership in the corporate environment so I have seen a lot of individuals teach in the past. A++”
  • “The hands on labs”
  • “My favorite aspect of this course was the connections from concepts we learned in HDF to NET +. NET+ seems like an overwhelming task but once you realize that Centriq already taught you the basics than you feel a sense of relief like you can become an IT professional”
  • “Definitely the labs. I’ve struggled a bit with this week but seeing that I can apply what we’ve been taught is a huge confidence boost. And the labs help break up the lectures into more manageable chunks.”
  • “The teacher guidance”
  • “To date, the labs with the VMs”

James Caldwell – MVC1 – EVE

  • “James has the PERFECT temperament for instructing. I really appreciated him taking the time to give me a reality check on my progress (in a great way). He gave me the confidence boost I really, really needed.”
  • “James makes learning fun and makes us better developers with each class. James is an awesome instructor and an even better person who is inclusive and welcoming and makes us learn the complex material in order to become great developers. James is an excellent instructor!!”
  • “It was great seeing everything we’ve learned over the last 4 months come together.”
  • “James is a superb instructor and competent. He cares about our learning and encourages us to remain positive even as we struggle with MVC. James is really a fantastic instructor.”
  • “James deserves a raise!!”
  • “Today, I felt really like I was learning and actually enjoyed the process. This was so difficult of a class but James took time to explain it to us all in a way that made the parts smaller and manageable!!”
  • “James did an amazing job with tutoring me and made me understand how the MVC site gets put together and how each part fits in to the bigger picture. This was one of the most challenging classes and thanks to James, I made it through and l enjoyed the process of getting the result of my MVC site.”
  • “MVC was difficult to get into and James made every effort to get us ready and learning in a fun and relaxed environment that is conducive to a great group of people wanting to learn and to push each other to learn and improve.”
  • “Fantastic!! James and my classmates make this complex stuff more manageable while remaining kind and decent and compassionate with one another as we struggle to balance life, family, jobs, and the difficult developing courses we need to become capable developers. Please give thanks to James for being an amazing instructor!!”

Evan Whittaker – MVC1 – Day

  • “Evan did an excellent job.When questions or explanation was needed, his breakdowns and pace were fantastic. We were able to speed up and get through content when necessary as well. Multiple times I had a few questions after class and it was always positive and productive. Great things all around.”
  • “Evan was a great instructor. I felt like the speed of the material and the reinforcement of ideas was helpful and I was able to keep up (for the most part) without many errors.”
  • “Great at explaining everything just enough.”
  • “Evan is the best.”
  • “Connecting what we learned in previous weeks all together”
  • “I like seeing what changes the code is doing step by step.”
  • “Seeing how everything comes together.”
  • “Trial and Error of the implementation of my personal MVC website, and the contact form randomly not working and then working for no reason at all.”
  • “Putting all the pieces together”
  • “Learning everything.”
  • “Thank you both. Alina, was great this week and our last work shop on resumes as well. We are lucky to have you!”
  • “Alina did another great presentation and I was able to share with her that the advice she gave from her previous presentation was very useful and helped me connect with a former Centriq graduate (who happens to hire Centriq students), and I have been invited to a “scrum” upon my graduation from the program.”
  • “I am very much enjoying all of the content of these courses. I feel challenged by the material and the speed of the program.”

Chris Dunbar – Project 1 Evenings

  • “Chris was very hands on and eager to help.”
  • “Chris is a great instructor. He was a huge help in getting us prepared for our final project; patient and willing to point us in the right direction. He takes pride in his work, and cares for his students, and it shows.”
  • “I thought this was going to be a lot harder. But Chris made final project a breeze for us.”
  • “Hands on build”

Jim MacAuley – WS1 Evenings

  • “I loved the class. Instructor was very knowledgeable on everything that we went over. Especially loved dipping a little into PowerShell.”
  • “Was great being in class I loved the way you taught with the hands on mixed with the lecture differently had a blast learning everything you taught.”
  • “I was 1000% happy with all aspects of this course. Mr Macauley was an excellent instructor, It was quite obvious that he has a passion for what he does as well as passing along his extensive knowledge to his students. His personality and demeanor was very conducive to learning and if anyone had any issues there was no hesitation to include all of us in the learning and resolution of the problem. Not only did he provide the required material he went above and beyond to teach us practical applications, and material beyond what was required that is relevant to the task we were completing. When the class was ahead of schedule he went out of his way to show us valuable ways to streamline our processes and set us up for success in the future.”
  • “Favorite parts would be all the deep diving we did with AD DS and the little bit that we did with PowerShell.”
  • “Learning about how to write PowerShell scripts.”
  • “The fact that it was a very hands on interactive learning session. As well as all of the extra insight and trade experience and knowledge Mr. Macauley brought as an instructor.”

Chris Dunbar – Project 2 Days

  • “Chris is an amazing instructor, he was so good to our class”
  • “Our class has worked well together throughout the training and Chris helped us become even closer”
  • “Amazing Instrucutor!”
  • “Chris was very supportive and tried to be as hands-off as possible so that we could use our problem-solving skills to work together for a solution. He is a wonderful instructor.”
  • “Chris as great and so supportive to work with! Great Job!”
  • “i have had a pleasure of attending centriq and all the help you have gave me and the class, and making my program here great”
  • “Chris did amazing job keeping class interesting ( also thank him for the podium)”
  • “The teacher and my classmates”
  • “My favorite aspect was working through all of the problems together as a class and then making it through the presentation while still enjoying the process”
  • “Getting to meet and connect with amazing individuals while we forged a grand path towards a career.”
  • “My classmates were my favorite aspect! Getting along with them and growing with them”
  • “I enjoyed how we were all able to come together and put together a fantastic group presentation”
  • “Presentation and working with the teams!”
  • “working with my team”
  • “My class and the instructor”

Steven Russell – HDF2 Days

  • “Very informative”
  • “Outstanding really. the way he interacts with us and describes it”
  • “Great teaching style, makes sure you understand the content.”
  • “none had a good time”
  • “Mr. Russell was an amazing instructor he really broke down the martial.”
  • “Excellent job, would love to have you again.”
  • “Labs”
  • “How comfortable and hands on it was”
  • “Hands on Labs”
  • “The labs and learning new material”
  • “Just like always I really liked the labs.”
  • “I liked steves speed and teaching styles a whole lot.”
  • “The Teaching style was very interactive and conducive to learning”
  • “classroom environment and my peers, it helps me to take it seriously and stay focused outside of class”

Adam Jurotich – Net2 Days

  • “Adam always provides a challenging but productive learning environment. He pushes you to always strive for progress no matter how big or small.”
  • “I was not feeling great this week and couldn’t attend the on premise days but Adam was very accommodating and made sure that I was still up to date”
  • “The hands on labs bringing what we learned in lecture to life.”
  • “Learning Power Shell scripting.”
  • “Loving the hands on labs.”
  • “Learning to become an IT Professional. I thought I knew what that meant before coming here and I was completely wrong. I’m also starting to really enjoy the labs as we progress into more complex tasks.”
  • “Going virtual & doing labs”
  • “I really enjoyed learning how to set up server functions this week. I was beginning to think networking may not have been for me but the server configuration really turned me around on that thought”

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