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November 11 02:34 AM

Classroom Experience - October 2020

Student Comments

  • “Good separation between the lecture and actual lab times while giving break in between with interesting conversations when we come back. I think it was very well split up so that one of them didn’t just take over and bore the class”
  • “Instructor ability to quickly diagnose abstract problems and lead student to solutions was outstanding”
  • “The instruction was fantastic with good real-world examples to drive home the importance of lecture. I also appreciate the focus on fostering comradery in the class and the focus on working together in labs to solve problems.”
  • “Starting from day one. We did hands-on learning in PowerShell to show us visually what it will be like in the field.”

James Caldwell – C# Fundamentals Part 2 – Days (KC)

  • “Very helpful when a question is asked. Takes time to help you understand the problem-solving process.”
  • “You are great at tailoring your style to the class as a whole and even to an individual level.”
  • “I thought the instructor did really well with slowing down the class if someone got stuck and then helped all of us as a class see why something wasn’t working and then how to fix it.”
  • “James the man, he knows his C#. more than I do lol”
  • “Very helpful classroom environment. Very productive. I felt really comfortable with this course.”
  • “Awesome, some heavy concepts covered but James has been a real homie and really tried his best to make sure we know all the info we need.”
  • “Just keep doing more of the same.”
  • “James did a great job. His explanations were easy to understand and follow.”

Adam Jurotich – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Days (STL)

  • “Adam is very knowledgeable about the subject and excels in teaching the information while also keeping it interesting”
  • “Repeatedly asked if I had questions and addressed any misunderstandings or concerns immediately.”
  • “As an instructor, Adam continues to make sure all of us feel comfortable with the information being taught. He is very involved with our learning and makes me feel comfortable with asking questions on what I do not understand.”
  • “I was given all the necessary tools and information in order to succeed.”
  • “Adam has again provided the best possible environment for learning.”
  • “In-depth description of lecture and important info to retain”
  • “I would not change anything.”
  • “This week has been a lot of hands-on work, which I have really enjoyed. It has been a good way to get experience while still in the classroom.”

Caleb George – Windows Server Administration 2 – Days (KC)

  • “Overall, George is an amazing teacher. Not only does he connect with his students, but he also helps and makes sure everyone understood the content before moving on. Didn’t move too fast but didn’t move too slow. Grasped the content greatly to my knowledge. He also provided extra work and made sure he was available for any questions I may have had. Superb instructor.”
  • “Caleb was a good teacher this week. learned a lot.”
  • “I’m pretty sure he’s an alien, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a great instructor.”
  • “Very knowledgeable and helpful. Took his time to make sure everyone was where they needed and help them get there. Very patient. Had a very soothing voice.”
  • “Great instructor, allowed moments for the whole class to have fun and joke around.”
  • “The instructor worked at a past job where he used these skills often and provided good examples and answered any unknown questions the classroom had.”
  • “did a great job presenting the material in an informative and entertaining way”
  • “Great class this week, we had a lot of fun.”
  • “Any time anyone was behind, he never hesitated to stop for a moment and let us all get back on board, while still providing instruction for those who hadn’t fallen behind. It’s a tough balance to strike, and Caleb did excellent.”
  • “Nothing. The following was great and built upon itself from one day to the next. And the labs continued to re-enforce what we learned the previous day.”
  • “I would not change a thing”
  • “Good separation between the lecture and actual lab times while giving break in between with interesting conversations when we come back. I think it was very well split up so that one of them didn’t just take over and bore the class”

Shawn Nelson – MVC 2: MVC & Data Integration – Days (KC)

  • “Shawn is an incredibly positive and upbeat teacher and I really enjoy having him as a teacher.
  • “I appreciate the review and group discussion questions.”
  • “Shawn gives great visual representations which I really appreciate.”

Jeff Overhaug – Linux Administration – Days (KC)

  • “Very good job of going over the material.”
  • “Great patience. Great troubleshooting.”
  • “I enjoyed the hands-on experience.”

Chris Nuckolls – Project Management for the Developer – Days (KC)

  • “Such a great week very happy with what we accomplished.”
  • “I believe that Lord Nuckolls did an amazing job this week. He was able to get the class in a mindset in which we could control our own production.”

Shawn Nelson – Front-End Frameworks – Evenings (KC)

  • “Shawn found a good balance between keeping a good pace while frequently checking in with us.”
  • “I like how you copy the notes in then explain them step by step, that way instead of focus on just data input we focus on the concepts.”
  • “Awesome really enjoyed this class”
  • “Fantastic! I thought Shawn did an amazing job teaching the class.”
  • “Excellent pace, good feedback of information.”
  • “Very nice, helpful, and encouraging.”
  • “Awesome pacing and LOVED the way he went through and talked his thoughts out loud to really drive home the overall thoughts and logic of all of the processes!”
  • “I like digital classes”
  • “I liked how you gave options on some stuff on how we would like to go, thanks for doing the fetch.”
  • “Reach was awesome wish we had more time to focus on that”
  • “Loved it! I thought the pace was excellent”

Jim MacAuley – Windows Server Administration 3 – Days (KC)

  • “really liked Jim’s enthusiasm and ability to relate to us, students. showed us we didn’t HAVE to know everything, just know that you can try to work through it even if you don’t know.”
  • “Amazing instructor, always helpful but let you figure out the problem. Very friendly and positive”
  • “There are a lot of words I could use to describe Jim, but one word sticks out above all others: Inspiring. He brought a level of joy and excitement to the class that made me want to listen to him more than any other instructor I’ve had so far. I’m not knocking the others for their abilities, strengths, or ability to keep my attention. They’ve all been amazing so far, but Jim is just on a different level.”
  • “He was very positive the whole week which I enjoyed”
  • “Was great. Keep the class interesting and keep me involved.”
  • “AMAZING PERSON, Had a great time having him as an instructor.”
  • “Overall great job”
  • “very enjoyable”
  • “Had a great time in class, virtual and on-prem. Jim answered questions well and made us think when it was something we were close to.”
  • “Great classroom energy as always.”
  • “Great class time, I had a great time this week.”
  • “Fun and very energetic!”
  • “awesome and informative”
  • “Very inviting environment felt like a comfortable place to learn”
  • “I wouldn’t change a thing, we had lots of fun and laughs while working through problems we ran into to troubleshoot”
  • “Enjoyed the labs and help reinforced what was taught.”

Chuck Wieners – Full Stack Web Developer Project Week 1 – Days (KC)

  • “Chuck was amazing this week! He was always there for when I may have an issue that was stumping me (there were quite a few) and I never felt like I needed to be hesitant to ask. He is an amazing instructor”
  • “9 is not high enough. I wish I had something constructive to help you get even better. Make the shelves on your bar are properly built and installed?”
  • “Instructor ability to quickly diagnose abstract problems and lead student to solutions was outstanding”
  • “Chuck may be the single most helpful instructor I had. He was not at all hesitant to help me figure out a lot of things that I wasn’t necessarily clear on. I wouldn’t have made it through this week or this track if it wasn’t for him. Would rate higher than 9 if I could.”

Matt Schwarzenberger – Security+ – Days (KC)

  • “Awesome!!”

Jeff DeMaranville – Front-End Development 2 – Days (KC)

  • “He did great”

Jenna Beckett – MVC3: Advanced MVC – Days (KC)

  • “Jenna is a wonderful instructor”
  • “Jenna is phenomenal.”
  • “Jenna is very easy to follow and I appreciate her notes. Jenna is awesome and I really love having her as an instructor”

Jeff Westerhaus – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Days (KC) (Co-Teach w/ Chris Dunbar)

  • “Our instructors did very well giving us the information and using the resources we have. The diagrams helped a lot.”
  • “Does a good job at presenting the material and apply real-world examples to pair with topics”
  • “Very knowledgeable on the subject matter, quick to answer questions, relates the material to real-world scenarios, presents the material well. Overall does a great job.”
  • “Software was pretty easy to use.”
  • “Friendly environment and great communication through zoom”
  • “being in a virtual classroom was a different experience but being able to share screen made it possible for instructors to help. That was a great deal.”
  • “Great discussion with examples of personal experiences. Did very well with the adjustment of asking questions over Zoom. He was very helpful and always made sure the student verified the question was answered. Also, being able to ask for help from a more experienced instructor was positive as well.”
  • “Grateful for the help.”
  • “The labs are great at putting things into perspective and reinforce learning.”

Adam Jurotich – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days (STL)

  • “does a great job of keeping the content interesting which helps to keep me engaged”
  • “Adam is amazing. He makes things easily understandable and always answers questions in a way that I can understand.”
  • “Any questions I have had, Adam has made sure to explain in a way that I understand and make sure that I am satisfied with the answers he provides.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoy the half virtual half in-classroom experience.”
  • “Once again Adam has gone above and beyond to make sure that myself and my teammates have understood and feel comfortable with the information presented in class. I would highly recommend anyone to take a class with him.”
  • “LOVED the Jeopardy game that we played. It was a fun and interactive study tool.”

Frank Pflumm – System & Security Career Foundations – Days (KC)

  • “Really have liked Frank so far overall he seems like a really nice guy”
  • “Frank does an exceptional job of relating the experience we are currently going through with Centriq with his own from his time as a student.”
  • “Frank did a fantastic job relating the material to the real world with examples/personal experiences and explained the purpose of each lesson very clearly. I was somewhat skeptical of the soft skills portion of the class, but Frank made a very compelling argument for why it was very important, which helped me take the instruction in that area seriously when I might otherwise have not.”
  • “I think Frank is a great instructor that has motivation built in his DNA, after the first day I was ready to jump into the second week to really get into the class. Also, the instructor asked answered any questions all my classmates had and took every question seriously, and even challenged me with practice questions.”
  • “Hands down one of the best instructors I’ve had.”
  • “engaging. informative”
  • “He has very positive feedback with a balance between real-life scenarios and the IT field. He makes me comfortable with my inexperience.”
  • “The classroom environment was fantastic and felt very welcoming and open with regards to instruction.”
  • “Overall good classroom setting and great learning environment.”
  • “Everyone in the building is excitedly helpful.”
  • “Still new but excited from all the equipment I did see.”
  • “I enjoy the many different ways we review the information before class that is tailored for different learning styles so that everyone is engaged and on the same page.”
  • “The team-building exercises were the best I’ve experienced in a long time.”

Du’An Lightfoot – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Evenings (KC)

  • “Was using real-world examples into academic knowledge”

Chris Nuckolls – Front End Development 1 – Days (KC/STL)

  • “I very much appreciated Chris’s knowledge and his quick answers to questions or troubleshooting issues. I also thought he was outstanding in his ability to read our knowledge level and his ability to compress sections of information that our class had prior experience with. Above all, I really loved his sense of humor, which is an underrated quality in an instructor and can make a huge difference between a boring class and an engaging one. Chris certainly was engaging!”

Jeff Overhaug – IT PRO Project Week 1 – Days (KC)

  • “Can’t say enough positive things about the instructor; knowledgeable, patient, and positive guidance just to name a few.”
  • “Loved the hands-on experience with real servers and switches.”

Jeff Westerhaus – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days (KC)

  • “Great guy! I can tell he wants to help us learn and grow”
  • “Very knowledgeable of the course material. Always answered questions and verified understanding of answers. Great pauses in between topics to intentionally ask for questions.”
  • “I like Jeff.”
  • “Great class with awesome fellow students and instructors.”
  • “I would not change anything to this point. They are well prepared and have a great understanding of the material and teach it well, in a way that is easy to understand.”

Frank Pflumm, Jajuan Elias, Andrew Mackay – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Days (KC)

  • “As I said above, the instruction was fantastic with good real-world examples to drive home the importance of lecture. I also appreciate the focus on fostering comradery in the class and the focus on working together in labs to solve problems.”
  • “Flow of the instruction was on point. Excellent job! Jajuan did a fantastic job. I was very impressed with his candor and subject knowledge.”
  • “This week was fantastic, Frank and Jujuan’s instruction was crystal clear and engaging. I feel like I gained an enormous amount of technical knowledge this week.”
  • “Facilities foster a great learning environment with the resources”
  • “Andrew was an awesome and informative instructor.”
  • “Great environment”
  • “Instructors answered all questions and explained to a point of understanding”

Chuck Wieners – FSWD Project Week 2 – Days (KC)

  • “Thank you, Chuck. You were certainly a peak of the rollercoaster that Centriq has been.”
  • “Chuck was amazing this week. Preparing us for the final presentation and making sure that we were not getting too overwhelmed by the process. I had an amazing time in the track and any course that Chuck was teaching was that much better.”
  • “Chuck went above and beyond to troubleshoot issues at any hour of the day.”
  • “10, 10, 10, 10, and 10. Chuck is seriously the best. I was having extreme doubts, but the way he was willing to go out of his way to help me is probably why I was able to graduate today.”

Steven Russell – Security+ – Evenings (KC)

  • “I liked the break down on certain topics. I will forever remember what a WAP is! “
  • “Attempted to make lecture interesting and interactive”
  • “steven really made learning fun and retained a lot”
  • “tons of knowledge. helped educate us and make learning online fun”
  • “The instructor was excellent!”
  • “Awesome instructor and great material, he was very knowledgeable and friendly.”
  • “Steven was amazing! definitely one of the best instructors learned a lot”

Joelle Fronazaglio – Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep – Evenings (KC)

  • “Time and time again Joelle proved herself to be extremely capable, patient, and knowledgeable. Her ability to explain something in several different ways and tie the lesson into her experiences in the industry, made the content much more informative.”
  • “Awesome teacher! Very encouraging and respectful. As well as helpful.”
  • “Pace was great!”

Adam Jurotich – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Days (STL)

  • “Adam is a fantastic teacher”
  • “If I was ever asked if someone should take a course with Adam, the answer would always be, absolutely! He is an amazing instructor and has made this difficult material easy to understand.”
  • “Adam made things very easy to understand even though I had little prior knowledge”
  • “The technology and software we used to run labs and emulations really helped to give context to the material we were learning”
  • “As with every week, Adam has created the best environment to learn. He takes time to make sure everyone understands and is able to follow along.”

Shawn Nelson – Front-End Frameworks – Days (KC)

  • “Shawn is a great instructor. I think it is safe to say his positive demeanor and attitude are felt by the whole class and it’s nice to go through each piece of code step by step to see what is happening.”
  • “Shawn has been a phenomenal instructor”

Jared Long – C# Fundamentals 1 – Days (KC/STL)

  • “Great pace, Jared made sure wasn’t going too slow and wasn’t going too fast. Students were all patient and friendly with everyone.”

James Caldwell – Introduction to Data – Days (KC)

  • “James does a great job of explaining things so it is easy to understand. He is a fantastic instructor!”
  • “shout out James”
  • “James a homie, a great instructor”
  • “Thanks, James”
  • “Keep up the good work!”

Jeff Overhaug – IT PRO Project Week 2 – Days (KC)

  • “This week the instructor is more of a project manager, but he is an experienced one who made the process easier.”
  • “Jeff has been an amazing instructor the last two weeks he is very knowledgeable and has shared many real-world scenarios in helping us when we get our new positions in the IT world. I wish there were more instructors like him. I have learned a lot of information both practically and contextually.”
  • “We were working on our own presentations this week and Jeff was just a resource for us in the process and he did a fantastic job doing it.”
  • “Jeff does awesome at keeping the class engaged. He answers any and all questions that are thrown his way and he is genuinely here to help students and it is very appreciated.”
  • “Our instructor Jeff is amazing and is an amazing instructor and very knowledgeable.”
  • “I got a better understanding of networks based on these past two weeks. He helped me better understand my specific topic.”
  • “I would not change anything in the last few weeks we have had Jeff Overhaug as an instructor. He was great, he also helped us in giving us confidence in what we were doing whether it was building our network or helping us with public speaking.”
  • “The best instructor I had experienced throughout the track at Centriq.”

Matt Neilsen – Linux Administration – Days (KC/STL)

  • “Personally, I enjoyed this instructor. He did really well with teaching us what we need to do. He is very professional with his teaching.”
  • “Great classroom environment”
  • “Everything was pretty easy to grasp thanks to this teacher.”

Chris Dunbar – PowerShell of System Administration – Evenings (KC)

  • “The other teachers need to learn from Chris. He is by far the best.”
  • “Awesome!! Can’t wait to learn from him again. Very relaxed.”
  • “Great time with labs and keeping class engaged.”
  • “Always appreciate a good sense of humor”
  • “I really enjoy Chris as an instructor. He made the class fun and answers questions with patience and will make sure that you understand before moving on”
  • “Chris is a great instructor. He also was very in-depth and always willing to help a student grasp concepts.”
  • “Keep up the good work on teaching how you do, you made the class enjoyable and fun.”
  • “Instructor gave examples from his past work experience of what PowerShell can be used in the field. He walked through step by step what was needed and took the time to assist students with problems.”
  • “The instructor was outstanding, very knowledgeable in the context of the class, which made it really easy to learn and understand because he was able to break it down to a simple form for us to understand. He also was able to push us to find answers on our own, in order to have PowerShell work correctly. Highly recommend any class with Chris Dunbar as the instructor.”
  • “Everything just made so much more sense with his dictation and examples”
  • “Everything was straight forward and easy to understand”
  • “Starting from day one. We did hands-on learning in PowerShell to show us visually what it will be like in the field.”
  • “Classroom environment was outstanding, was easy going but was able to achieve a large amount of work. And as a class, we were instructed well enough to either solve the problem on our own or together as a class.”
  • “Not much of anything that I would change about the content, a large amount of content was covered over two weeks while at the same time grasping an understanding of that content.”

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