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November 11 02:41 AM

Classroom Experience - October 2018

Week of October 1, 2018

Chad Johnson – CT-17-A+SRV: A+ Essentials – Server Configuration and Help Desk Training

“Chad made it fun.”

Chris Dunbar – CT-17-PSP: PowerShell Programming for Network Administration

“Chris’s enthusiasm for PowerShell and the usefulness of the application were very evident in his teaching. I couldn’t help but become excited about learning more about this vital tool.”

“Chris is very knowledgeable about all aspects of PowerShell. There wasn’t a question that he couldn’t answer.”

“Chris is very passionate about PowerShell. As always, I enjoy learning from Chris. He makes our time fun and very informative. A+ to Chris!!!”

“Loved the labs and making the game and fake virus”

“Explained subject very well. Made the class easier to understand.”

“Excellent classroom environment.”

“I am not sure how I would change the training to improve it.”

Jason Presley – CT-17-MVC1: Introduction to MVC – Model, View, Controller Fundamentals

“Jason is not only informative but is helpful in every aspect of teaching. He explains things extremely well in every way needed, he is visual auditory and tactile all at the same time while having a great sense of humor and an excellent class flow. Loved him!”

Eric Reid – CT-17-ARTP: Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep

“I really appreciated the review of C# terminology to really enforce those ideas for interview practice. Eric was thorough but also tried to challenge us all in an interactive approach.”

Chris Nuckolls – CT-17-CSF2: C# Fundamentals 2 – Complex Datatypes & Collections

“Great instructor, makes class fun while still being able to teach you something.”

“I’m still having a hard time grasping somethings but I think Chris did a great job at trying to work through and explain things in which I would comprehend.”

“Chris ALWAYS makes the room fun and inviting”

Steven Russell – CT-17-A+SRV: A+ Essentials – Server Configuration and Help Desk Training (Evening)

“Steven created an environment that kept us thinking and on our toes for a real-world situation. Which I personally loved. Was challenging at times but absolutely necessary.”

“I really like the way you taught us to do subnetting. The process is much faster and much more simple. Thank you.”

“Steve is very knowledgeable for the A+ content, well done!”

“Doing all the hands-on labs really helped bring everything together especially stepping back and helping others to understand it.”

“I liked the hands-on approach. Going over the info once and then actually seeing it in play really helps understanding it”

“You are an amazing instructor and I truly mean if you care for your students and went at a pace that was best for the class as a whole and really went into depth and aided all of us to a better understanding of the said topic.”

“Steven kept it light and fun. Created a good environment”

“fun and a lot of hands one which helps out with learning what we study in the book”

“All the labs that we did this week were wonderful and really helped me improve with my technical knowledge”

“Appreciated the fact that Steve will do anything and everything in his power to help you succeed.”

Week of October 8, 2018

Chris Nuckolls – CT-17-CSF1: C# Fundamentals 1 – Introduction to C# Language & .NET Framework

“Chris has been very patient with explaining things in various ways when we don’t understand, helping apply material with plenty of examples, and is good at making us reiterate what we’ve previously learned.”

“Chris has a true teacher’s heart. He’s patient and kind, energetic and engaging, and he is genuinely excited about the material he’s presenting. He makes complex topics comprehensible. I’m so grateful he was my first coding teacher.”

“Chris has a great sense of humor and kept the class moving along well. The pace was great for me and the examples were entertaining.”

Caleb George – CT-17-LX: Linux Administration

“Despite some challenges with the coursework Caleb was phenomenal at getting the correct information to us in a prompt manner.”

“First time having Caleb and me loved his teaching style – honestly can’t think of anything I would have changed.”

“For his first time teaching Linux, Caleb did a great job. He knew how to adjust for unforeseen obstacles, and he knew how to speak on our level.”

“I could tell that Caleb knew Linux very well.”

“I was super impressed with the knowledge Caleb had. and if he didn’t know something, he looked it up while we were working and got back to us.”

“Great instructor!”

“In the world of ladybugs, Caleb is a tiger, Like a dog that ate a wasp thinking it was fly and got the stinger. I have never felt like I was given more tools for knowledge in this subject.”

“Great class for as short of a time frame to cover what we did – the guides are great!”

“the classroom was always in tidy fashion and clean.”

“Caleb was legit the best teacher and had me interested in learning more about a command line interface style curriculum. the guy was literally a Jedi master of my mind. lol. but for real, like my mind is blown and I would sit this class over again or even a more advanced Linux program if and only IF he was the teacher. VERY IMPRESSED WITH C GEORGE!!”

Jenna Beckett – CT-17-FED2: Front-End Development 2 – JavaScript & jQuery

“Doing Mini-Labs and breaking down the code helped a lot”

Chris Dunbar – CT-19-SSCF: Systems & Security Career Foundation

“You kept the class fun and interesting, lots of real-world examples. I also ask a lot of dumb questions and you don’t make me feel like an idiot.”

“Really enjoyed to breaks between career talk about technology and learning some terms and binary. Learning binary was mind-blowing”

“Loved seeing more technical stuff easier for me to learn with more hands-on”

Matt Neilsen – CT-17-SEC+: Cybersecurity Essentials with CompTIA Security+

“Fast paced with interesting labs to see what can be done.”


“Matt has a deep understanding of security+ material and is able to explain confusingly worded material from the quizzes or book, in very simple, easy to understand terms. Incredibly helpful teacher”

“That massive TV in front is pretty helpful I can make out what was being typed from the back row reasonably well”

Chad Johnson – CT-17-WS1: Windows Server Administration 1

“Chad did a great job with us!”

“Great environment and the technology was great as always.”

Eric Reid – CT-17-DATA: Introduction to Data – SQL, XML, & JSON

“I genuinely enjoyed Eric and his fantastic teaching style. He is very quick but also thorough in his teachings and gets through all of the content quite well. I appreciated his constant jokes and, some friends just want good happy options.”

“Outstanding instructor. Extremely knowledgeable and informative. Well developed teaching style and engages students.”

“Been GREAT at explaining things and answers ALL questions thoroughly! Thank you so much!”

“SQL… NUTS! Tons of info… Eric, you really move through all of it smoothly and concisely. My senior dev pal said SQL is an art form… And I’d say teaching this class is as well… Very cool man!!!!”

Jason Presley – CT-17-MVC4: Distributed Computing – Dependency Injection, AngularJS, & Web Services

“Jason is a very nice guy, and clearly has a great knowledge base.”

Frank Pflumm – CT-19-SSCF: Systems & Security Career Foundation

“Frank Fplumm deserves a 10.”

“my Instructor was extremely helpful when I had a question, he was able to get me up to speed without slowing down the overall advancement of the rest of the class”

“Pflumm has been one of my favorite instructors across my whole life of pursuing knowledge and any aspiring instructor can use him as a shining example. I was instantly comfortable asking questions and even though we only covered soft skills this week I picked up and followed the information easily.”

“Great Instructor”

“Keep the enthusiasm, optimism, encouragement, presence and all around great attitude that you bring to the classroom. You make learning fun and enjoyable.”

“Fantastic instructor, clearly knows what he is talking about and is very effective at explaining things in different ways to help everyone understand fully.”

“Think this class runs very well and I feel like the speed is perfect and Frank is a great instructor”

“I’m happy with the speed and content of the course this week offered.”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – CT-17-SEC+: Cybersecurity Essentials with CompTIA Security+

“Kasama has been a tremendous help in understanding the world of cybersecurity. His knowledge and experience with the subject matter are more than just insightful, also easy to understand and just as easy to follow. It has been an absolute joy to be a part of his course.”

Caleb George – CT-17-WS2: Windows Server Administration 2

“I can only describe Caleb in one way; fine wine ages like him. As the course grows so does your love for Active Directory, but most importantly, as does your love for him. Who better to show you the ways of server administration than a guitar-toting, hog riding, young stud that can maneuver through group policy like a hungry student dashing through crowds on popcorn Wednesday.”

“Caleb makes sure to clarify & repeat information and walk through the labs to make sure we are all catching on the material.”

“Caleb has a great way of teaching. I like the fact that he does lecture followed by a lab so that you can actually do what he just showed you in a lecture. its been a great help for me and I am extremely happy with what I have been able to learn this week.”

“Instructor would show us how to work the server with the GUI and after we would have everything set up he would also show us how to do the same using power shell and when we would attempt our labs we would have more than one option of how we could solve the problems we were given by using the GUI or by trying to script it out in Powershell”

Week of October 22, 2018

Frank Pflumm – A+ Essentials 902 – Operating Systems and Security – Days

“Great presentation”

“Pflumm is an outstanding instructor. He is very knowledgeable in all of the course material and clearly has knowledge above and outside the course scope. Will admit when he does not know and help find the correct answer. Does a very good job of teaching using different methods to make sure all students understand the subject matter.”

“I would say he is A+ at…..A+”

Jeff DeMaranville – Full Stack Development Project – Deployment & Employer Presentation – Days

“Jeff was very supportive during this last stretch of the program. He definitely wanted us to achieve what we could, directing us in the right direction to complete the project requirements. I’m sure it was somewhat frustrating to work with our class’s emotions at times, but he did a great job trying to encourage positivism and productivity with our group. Thanks, Jeff, for being so awesome these past couple weeks!”

Matt Neilsen – Comprehensive Systems Project – Advanced Implementation and Employer Presentation – Days (STL)

“Good constructive criticism to reach the goal of a professional presentation.”

“wicked knowledgeable”

“Matt is a super helpful teacher.”

Caleb George – Linux Administration – Days

“Caleb while having the coolest name of any instructor also did a fantastic job teaching Linux as to not just give us the answers to the questions and make us truly work for them thus helping us learn through repetition”

David Ray – PowerShell Programming for Network Administration – Days

“Very helpful, fun environment”

“Fun class really enjoyed the material”

Chuck Wieners – Team Development – SDLC, UML,& Pair Programming – Days

“I loved Chuck and his teaching style. He is quick-paced but also very clear in his points, along with never leaving people behind in class. He asks what he can do better throughout the week, checks if we have questions, and overall involves the class as much as possible. VERY GOOD INSTRUCTOR!”

“You’re the man, Chuck! Really productive week.”

“Having lab time to work on projects and reinforce older material was invaluable and was incredibly helpful. This week really boosted my confidence in the material.”

“Thank you.”

Chris Dunbar – Windows Server Administration 2 – Days (STL)

“I very much enjoy that Chris is able to push us in learning not just the basics, but expanding into more complex subjects.”

“Made class very entertaining while ensuring the material is being understood”

“It was a great course. I learned a lot!”

Jeff Overhaug – Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices 1 v3 – Evenings


“Jeff is a great instructor and very knowledgeable. His review of the things we learned the previous day at the beginning of the class helps a lot.”

“Very good at answering any questions we had, as well as, ensuring we understood the material.”

“Did amazing job explaining the steps with each task taught.”

“he helped step by step”

“Very informative and humorous environment. I had fun while learning a lot.”

“These instructors are just amazing.”

Derek Duderstadt – C# Fundamentals 2 – Complex Datatypes & Collections – Evenings

“Derek is a master teacher with wonderful rapport and has the ability to read a classroom, connect with students, figure out where they’re at, and adjust content, timing, delivery, etc. accordingly. I very much appreciated his humor and his ability to reassure us when we were confused or exhausted.”

“I thought Derek did a great job reinforcing the subject matter throughout the class time to make sure everyone understood the concepts. I enjoyed keeping up with his typing speed as it encouraged me to use Intellisense in Visual Studio more to become more efficient.”

“Derek was very very good at having empathy for us as someone who not long ago did this track and said he struggled with this part of the content. He was great at responding to our needs.”

“great about paying attention to students and having one on one”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – Cybersecurity Essentials with CompTIA Security+ – Evenings

“Kasama is a very knowledgeable Security+ instructor with a wealth of real-world applicable stories.”

“it is ridiculous how much Kasama knows and how well he can relay that information to the class. not only are you covering a ton of info, but actually retain a good amount of it. I hope for future classes sake, the instructor, always going to be Kasama,”

“Best instructor in the track.”

“Kasama makes learning interesting, Keeps things light where you want to learn, Thank you Much”

Week of October 29, 2018

Derek Duderstadt – C# .NET Fundamentals 1 – Introduction to C# Language & .NET Framework – Days

The instructor goes back to sections that weren’t clear enough to students but was still explained very well, to begin with.

Caleb George – PowerShell Programming for Network Administration – Days

Caleb knows his stuff and was able to walk people through that were struggling

Chris Nuckolls – Introduction to MVC – Model, View, Controller Fundamentals – Days

I’d give Chris a 10 if I could!

It’s been fun hope we get to have Chris back as our instructor again.