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November 11 02:43 AM

Classroom Experience - October 2017

Week of October 2, 2017

Tad Ellis – CT ICND1

“Tad did a great job”


Caleb George – CT-17-WS1

“10/10 Would learn from again”

“Caleb was fantastic! He related to the class very well, and made the material easy to learn. WS1 has arguably been the most enjoyable class I’ve had at Centriq.”

“Caleb was very knowledgeable on the subject. He was very patient with students who fell behind and kept the momentum moving at a decent pace for those of us who were able to keep up.”

“He is a good instructor.”

“Caleb is an awesome teacher and makes his material really easy to learn but his hair still isn’t as great as mine”

“It was a fun class, Caleb has a good teaching style and knows how to flow from one objective to the next.”

“Answered my questions… like all of them…”

“Once again Caleb proved to be an invaluable instructor. Answered all questions, presented material in a clear and concise manner, and kept it entertaining.”

“The roasting was real good, and we learned some stuff… I guess”

“Caleb kept the classroom atmosphere very light and welcoming, but wasn’t afraid to have a little verbal fun with the class too.”

“The way he balanced Lecture and labs was great.”

“Handled situations in class professionally. Good Job. Was patient with my amount of questions.”

“This class was great!”

Chuck Wieners – CT-17- ARTP

“Adapts course content to student concerns”

“I liked how Chuck put notes in the coding that we were working on.”

Chad Johnson – A+ Server

“Chad is a great instructor. He’s very laid back and explains the material well.”

“I like how Chad relates items in the course for easy memorizations. Like Port 20/21 FTP File Transfer Protocol (Find the Police)”

“Chad is a wonderful instructor for A+. He filled in well for Chris while he was absent and knows how to approach with a no-nonsense style of learning.”

“Does a great job of making the material approachable and obviously enjoys teaching. I had a great time and learned a lot in this class.”

“Great guy giving great training. You couldn’t find a more knowledgeable, energetic, and personable instructor.”

“Its definitely very fast paced, but every instructor, and HR person I’ve encountered is making life much, much easier.”

Jason Presley – CT-17-MVC1

“Jason has made this an easy class to learn. He did a great job to keep us all engaged. Loved class with him!”

“Jason does a great job with presenting the material. He does some analogies that help to store the material that we are learning into memory. He draws things out on the boards and gives ample time to learn the things we need to know.”

“Great content. It seemed relevant for what I will be doing.”

Jon Lindley – CT FED2

“I thoroughly enjoy his teaching style.”

Week of October 9, 2017

Eric Reid – DATA – Days (Derek Duderstadt Co-Teach)

“Great notes!”

“I really liked the review at the start of every day. It helped reinforce the previous days content. Also, it was great having 2 instructors to get a different perspective on content.”

“Both did a great job on explaining a material that was not always easy.”

Jeff Overhaug – LX – Days

“I liked Jeff’s way of teaching Linux. Not only did he provide print outs and examples on the board. I also liked how he was constantly moving around the room checking on everyone. Even though he was mobile around the room he gave everyone the opportunity to work through issues before offering assistance.”

“I liked having papers with commands to reference. Jeff has a great teaching style in my opinion. Very easy to communicate with.”

“Effective. Informative. Uses various teach resources.”

“I enjoy your teaching style”

“I don’t think I would change anything. I love the different ways that he teaches the information and makes himself available at any time for individual guidance.”

Chuck Wieners – MVC4 – Days

“Thanks Chuck for putting comments in the code.”

Karla Sharp – O365 – Days

“Great Job with keeping everyone on track and on target”

“Very easy to understand!”

“The Instructor was awsome”

“Excellent job with great energy and the ability to show valuable tools to someone already familiar with Word, Excel and PowerPoint”

“Classroom was very fun and very informative”

“Fantastic job couldnt ask for anything more”

Hai Hilvitz – WS2 – Days

“Best Instructor we’ve had. Very knowledgeable and has sound teaching skills.”

“This class was taught in a creative and very responsive way.”

“Very informative”

“Good Class, Good Instructor.”

Jeff DeMaranville – FED1 – Days (Jenna Beckett Co-Teach)

“Patient, open to question, caring (both Jenna and Jeff were great”

“Both Jenna and Jeff were extremely patient.”

“Jenna and Jeff are wonderful! They will help you in the things your are struggling in!”

Week of October 16, 2017

Chris Dunbar – A+ 901 – Days

“Great memory tools and making things very understandable at any level of knowledge.”

“Great job in keeping us locked in with such a dry subject. We had fun with Chris to keep everything light.”

“Chris was an awesome teacher.”

“Did a great job with the dry subject matter.”

“Environment was great, Learning was made easier with on topic tangents that would reinforce the knowledge being discussed.”

“Chris did a great job at keeping the class engaged and brought humor into a otherwise dry subject matter.”

“Had a wonderful time”

Jeff DeMaranville – FED2 – Days (Jenna Beckett)

“Jeff and Jenna are so supportive and patient in helping me through my learning & problems. They both are both great instructors and I really enjoy their teaching style. Bravo!”

“Jeff is an awesome instructor and takes his time to answer any and all questions. Can’t wait to have him again.”

“Jeff is so knowledgeable and patient with us. He keeps the pace going and offers different explanations.”

“Instructors are very knowledgeable as well as patient and willing to answer questions. Also there were more Mini-labs this week.”

“Really like Jeff’s teaching style. He will go back over material without seeming annoyed, etc.”

Tad Ellis – ICND – Days

“I liked Tad. He gives real world experiences.”

“Tad is very knowledgeable and seems to have a lot of experience.”

“Tad is a solid teacher and knows his stuff. He’s great at explaining what commands to input and writing them on the board, at the same time explaining WHY you are doing that command and how it all wraps together.”

“It was a great class.”

Chuck Wieners – MVC2 – Days

“Chuck is a fantastic teacher with an excellent way of explaining things. Cannot wait for the next class with him.”

“Great notes provided! wish other teachers were so involved. great since of humor.”

“Chuck is great at explaining stuff. He is amazing at his timing, planning, explaining, and teaching. Chuck is a top tier teacher and should be recognized as one!!!”

“Loved the fact you stop and walk in the class. Love you keep talking going if you know the slower ones are still typing. Handouts and walkthroughs were through. Very helpful wish all did that.”

Chad Johnson – Sec+ – Days

“I really enjoy Chad’s teaching style. Chad is a great instructor and can relate to the students. I am glad to have met him.”

“The instructor did very well with making it easier to translate definitions to an easier understanding than what is in the book.”

“Great instructor, was able to keep the class from being death by lecture.”

“Efficient and uses different strategies and tools to make material more interesting.”

“Chad did a great job explaining and applying the information to real world application. He also did what he could to make sure that our questions got answered even if it took some research and exploring.”

“Great job with discussions actually examining our questions and examples.”

Matt Neilsen – WS2 – Days (STL)

“I like how it is, I think there is a good amount of all different types of learning styles put together.”

Jerrod Wilson – WS3 – Days

“The content was very informative and easy to understand.”

Chris Nuckolls – MVC1 – Evenings

“Very helpful, especially walking/talking through how to get a problem solved/question answered.”

Caleb George – PSP – Evenings

“Very clear instruction.”

“Caleb did a great job. No complaints.”

“Caleb vocalized very well. Caleb also responded to questions quickly and clearly. He also kept the subject moving along; he didn’t allow any one student to sidetrack the subject. Thank you!”

“Thanks for breaking down the material and even going over some of the 901 902 stuff”

“Very knowledge about powershell. Came into the class knowing nothing on powershell, came out of class knowing a lot.”

“Great job keeps class fun and has a great projection in his voice to be able to hear clearly.”

Week of October 23, 2017

Caleb George – PSP – Days

“Knowledgeable about Powershell, exceptionally professional.”

“I enjoyed Powershell.”

“Great job, very professional!”

“I really enjoyed learning about powershell!”

“Enjoyed it.”

Hai Hilvitz – IT PRO 1 – Days

“Hai was a great asset during project. He was helpful when we required the extra assistance, but for the most part he let us work through any issues we ran into. Just the right amount of help and letting us work it out together as a team.”

Chris Dunbar – A+ 902 – Days

“Same as last week Chris was great at reading the class and keeping things entertaining.”

“Chris was great at making sure we all understood the topic and were able to retain the knowledge.”

“Chris is an awesome teacher.”

“Chris did an amazing job in relating all subject matter to real world situations and explain things in a way that make it easy to understand.”

“Gives great real world work advice.”

“I’ve learned more in this class than I ever have in my life.”

“Knowledgeable about real world situations, and made learning 650 pages of A+ fun!”

Week of October 30, 2017

Caleb George – A+ SRV – Days

“This week was a rough week for me in my personal life because of that i missed some of the class work. The instructor was on it as soon as i came back to class making sure i was on par with the rest of the class.”

“Caleb had several different ways of helping understand the topic at hand, was good to get those different inputs.”

“Fantastic job explaining everything with realistic real world views.”

“Caleb was phenomenal at helping us discover answers to our problems by leaving a small trail to start on, but letting us troubleshoot issues for ourselves.”

“Caleb did a wonderful job at explaining labs and had outstanding patients with helping students understand the work.”

Derek Duderstadt – CSF1 – Days

“Derek is very easy to understand and follow.”

“Very Personable. Great communication skills. Great explanations. Definitely made the experience more exciting then my previous experiences.”

“Great job with real world examples.”

“Can I give him a 10?”

“Did a great job. For a first time learner of C# I didn’t know what to expect to be learning. The first couple days were rough cause its all new stuff but at the end of the week i was answering questions and was understanding the material.”

“I learned a lot and had fun as well.”

” really like how the training has been presented – easy to follow, and easy to go back to find examples.”

Jeff DeMaranville – MVC1 – Days

“Jeff is great. He’s knowledgeable and patient.”

“Jeff is so helpful!! He is very very patient with all the classes questions and struggles. He is always willing to stay and help after class. He is AWESOME!!”

“The best instructor I’ve met at Centriq.”

Jason Presley – MVC2 – Days (STL)

“Didn’t feel pressured, was very nice.”

Jeff Overhaug – LX – Days

“Really knowledgeable, knows a lot about what he teaches.”

“Jeff is a great instructor. He has the ability to teach (capture the attention of the class and help us understand the information being presented). Also, he has excellent knowledge of the materials. Jeff truly cares about us learning and understanding the content of this course. Jeff and Hai are the best instructors that we have had. We are excited that Jeff will be teaching us Security+.”

“Wolverine!!! Too bad i’m magneto though…”

“Jeff was awesome! He kept Linux fun, kept it entertaining, all while tying the past three months together, real world experience, and incorporating into the classroom.”

“Jeff was an awesome teacher I learned a lot!”

“Jeff is great!”

“Jeff’s knowledge of Linux was outstanding. Jeff also almost pulled off a wolverine costume on halloween. A for effort.”

“Jeff is a hilarious guy. He mixed in a nice mixture of humor and knowledge.”

“Yet again another good instructor. Helped me with my questions and thoroughly explained why or why not I was wrong and gave extensive examples as to how to remember it.”

Derek Duderstadt – DATA – Eves

“Derek is one of the best instructors we’ve had at Centriq so far. He’s always willing to take time out to answer questions and clarify content.”

“Very knowledgeable and thoughtful when answering questions.”

“Wouldn’t change a thing. Love the teaching style.”

“I already had a strong knowledge of some of the concepts but I definitely learned a lot more. As always, you did a fantastic job explaining even the tougher concepts.”