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November 11 02:34 AM

Classroom Experience - November 2020

Student Comments

  • “I really appreciated the build from a foundational experience toward us actively participating and creating our own scripts as a practice. The methodical nature was awesome. Making a potential mundane topic exciting was very much appreciated. I also appreciated the ability to ask questions at any time and there was no rush on time. Time was built into the class for interaction.”
  • “I liked the “crawl, walk, run” type of atmosphere. The repetition allowed for better retention of the information.”
  • “Small group and the hybrid environment. I think you get so much out of being in person for some classes and activities so it’s an awesome combination of online and in-seat thus far.”
  • “How it’s broken down and builds up to the next thing. I also like those things that were taught in the first week are being reviewed and were taught in an attempt to lessen the load this week. Worked great!”

Adam Jurotich – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days (STL)

  • “Adam really helped me through the second week of Net+”
  • “Adam is an amazing instructor and as with every week before, he has gone above and beyond.”
  • “As always Adam has provided a fantastic learning environment.”

Chris Dunbar – PowerShell Programming for System Administration – Days (KC)

  • “I’m not very good at giving constructive criticism anyways, but Chris was amazing. He keeps a good pace and stops to help when needed. I loved how he would pause after getting finished with something so anyone who had issues or questions could ask without feeling like they are interrupting.”
  • “Does an amazing job of relating skills and knowledge used to real-world situations.”
  • “Fantastic on answering all questions that were given, and thoroughly explained the subject.”
  • “Great job, you taught us some good stuff and showed what was practical. Thanks for all the help and answering questions”
  • “good at keeping everyone engaged even virtually”
  • “I really appreciated the build from a foundational experience toward us actively participating and creating our own scripts as a practice. The methodical nature was awesome. Making a potential mundane topic exciting was very much appreciated. I also appreciated the ability to ask questions at any time and there was no rush on time. Time was built into the class for interaction.”
  • “Chris Dunbar is awesome! He definitely knows the material and just as important I think he truly enjoys the material. That really translates into the learning of the material. I had fun learning and it was very interactive.”
  • “Being virtual is always a challenge. But the ability to share screen was advantageous.”
  • “PowerShell is FUN! Truly enjoyed learning about this. Hope to learn more soon.”
  • “No change. Going through PowerShell was both fun and informative.”
  • “It took something I knew nothing about and increased my knowledge far more than I could have expected. Chris is that dude!”
  • “Chris did a great job!”
  • “I would not. And Chris taught himself this material. Thank you for introducing this to us. The guys at TGS ALL SAID you MUST learn scripting, specifically PowerShell to do well in the field.”
  • “The fact we built from one day to the next worked very well and made it easier to grasp the concepts.”

James Caldwell – C# Fundamentals 2 – Days (KC/STL)

  • “I really appreciate the light-hearted and positive atmosphere. Learning all this new code is super stressful and it’s nice that you understand that.”
  • “great attitude every single day. always willing to help.. would go out of his way to make sure every student understood the material no matter the level being taught. Keep up the good work James!”
  • “From the first ten minutes on Monday, I was actually blown away with his ability to engage us all on a personal level and find things in common in a no-pressure discussion as the first activity for the week. It really set the tone and it actually changed the standard I have for instructors going forward. James was patient, friendly, positive, and high energy. He had a great sense of humor, and he also made clear that he was not infallible and could make mistakes just like any of us junior programmers can. After one week of learning from James, I am feeling so much more confident in my abilities and I am really going to miss not having him for the weeks ahead.”
  • “James was a great instructor and very very nice.”
  • “This week I feel I am really starting to hit my stride in the virtual classroom environment.”
  • “Both students and instructor were welcoming and friendly”
  • “It is tough to think of a way to improve the content of this particular course without wider coding knowledge. I had zero prior programming experience before Centriq aside from some basic HTML I learned in around 2001. I am actually blown away how much I have learned after just 3 weeks of training so far.”
  • “I really appreciate labs that are *fun* like the dungeon app and the Magic 8 ball. These pieces of code are things that would interest me outside of class, so I feel they were a great way to hold my attention as well as teaching me practical concepts in C#.”
  • “It was very clear and easy to understand”

Steven Russell – Security+ – Days (KC)

  • “Steve is amazing per usual. Superb teacher.”
  • “Having you explain it makes it so clear and easy to follow”
  • “Steven does a great job at making class lively”

Jared Long – Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep – Days (KC)

  • “Jared always has very detailed explanations and knows how to fix any problems we encounter during the course. I appreciate his detail-oriented teaching style greatly and we moved through content quickly efficiently. I enjoyed having him as an instructor”

Jeff DeMaranville – Introduction to MVC – Days (KC)

  • “jeff a homie, always helpful and nice”

Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundation – Evenings (KC)

  • “Didn’t only just talked about what’s on the course but also explained how other parts work in technology! Also made excellent time for all questions we had!”
  • “Pflumm is the first teacher that makes me want to learn more, everytime the class ends I have to stop myself from asking more questions”
  • “I enjoyed the real-world applications you supplied as examples.”
  • “Truly a knowledgeable instructor makes it easy to ask questions, and want to learn.”
  • “Pflumm is an outstanding instructor, with engaging content and a great teaching attitude”
  • “Amazing energy for the class and showed examples of technology in the classroom”

Caleb George – IT PRO Project Week 1 – Evenings (KC)


Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundations – Days (KC)

  • “Came in looking at how to do IT, ended up learning invaluable life lessons and experience.”
  • “Frank has a strong presence in the room. He has a way of commanding your attention & letting you know what he expects from you.”
  • “Frank has been wonderful. Were there any doubts that I have made the wrong decision in enrolling in Centriq they have been washed away completely?”
  • “Great Instruction and applying the course material to real-world scenarios. Very knowledgeable of the material being taught.”
  • “On the first day of classes, I was worried by the silence from Prof Pflumm before class opened up at 8:30. The class was completely quiet and nervous about the new environment. However once class started I then learned that he wanted to wait to introduce himself to everyone at the same time, making sure nobody was left out. Although I was nervous at first, I respected and appreciated that decision.”
  • “Great job!!!”
  • “I truly have no complaints”
  • “Pflumm creates a comfortable environment by engaging with everyone in the class in a professional and friendly manner. I appreciate that he sets clear expectations and holds each individual responsible for their actions.”
  • “I’ve felt that the environment has been welcoming and positive since my arrival. It’s been noticeably good.”
  • “Through there is a lot that we are learning at a fast pace, never once have I felt I’m being left behind. The course for me personally is the perfect speed for me to not only learn the knowledge but also plan out ways for me to memorize it on my own time.”

Shawn Nelson – Front-End Development 2 – Days (KC/STL)

  • “instructor’s knowledge about the material was on point! His ability to facilitate the course-ware and demonstrate the topics are extremely helpful to those of us with a little slower learning curve. Thank you again Shawn for all that you do for CENTRIQ and their stacudents!”
  • “I very much appreciated Shawn’s ability to read the needs of students and adapt his style to our needs. A great example is his decision to hard code with us during the code-along rather than to rely on copy-and-paste to teach new functions. Once one student said they preferred to type the new functions out, Shawn made sure we were typing out the code while saving time by copy-and-pasting the comments for notes.”

Jim MacAuley – Windows Server Administration 1 – Days (KC)

  • “Jim is very patient as it is like he has 15 kids that are asking him questions at the same time! He takes his time to make sure you understand the answer to your question before he moves on. and makes sure everyone’s questions have been answered. Jim is very interested in every student’s success and it shows in his attitude towards his students which is a very positive one”
  • “Jim was great. He had patience with the class. I really liked his energy which gave me the motivation to learn the material. I’d say if anything, after asking if anyone has a question, wait a little longer because I know a lot of people are reluctant to ask right away”
  • “Fantastic teacher. Always takes the time to answer every question and apply it to real-world situations and always has an awesome attitude which really keeps me engaged the whole time.”
  • “Great instructor! Very knowledgeable!”
  • “Very enthusiastic about the topic. I appreciated the relaxed nature of the class. I also enjoyed the fact we had built-in time for questions, troubleshooting, and discussion about real-world issues.”
  • “One of the best instructors at Centriq, great energy, and passionate about teaching. Thanks for the help this week, I’m.”
  • “I love your enthusiasm and willingness to help everyone. You’re very approachable and you don’t leave anyone behind.”
  • “I like Jim and view him as a phenomenal and interactive and VERY PATIENT teacher. And he’s hilarious…keeps things light.”
  • “Lighthearted plenty of knowledge”
  • “Knowledge and troubleshooting skill were great, keep your energy going”
  • “Jim makes the class fun and is a great instructor.”
  • “The class is fun! My classmates are exceptional!”
  • “Respectful teacher who showed that he cared about each individual person”
  • “I would not change anything about this course. It was fun and very informative.”
  • “I wouldn’t I thought Jim and Matt both did great. This material was fun to learn and they made it even better”
  • “I would not change anything in this course model, I thought this was a well-balanced course for learning this new concept”
  • “I liked the “crawl, walk, run” type of atmosphere. The repetition allowed for better retention of the information.”
  • “Thank you, Jim!”

Chris Nuckolls – Project Management for the Developer – Days (KC)

  • “I always particularly enjoy Chris’ sense of humor and the real-life analogies while explaining new concepts”
  • “I really liked the pair programming experience. I love working as a part of a team and it was awesome to see how much faster things go when you work together”

Chris Dunbar – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Days (KC)

  • “Chris and Jeff were both fantastic and made learning the material interesting and relevant”
  • “Chris is awesome about sharing real-world applications of the content we are learning and is great about welcoming and answering any questions the students may have.”
  • “Chris did a great job answering our questions and related course material to real-world situations.”
  • “Chris is a good instructor who adapted well to the new cert master training. Chris is well at answering any questions and also good at explaining.”
  • “CertMaster is a fantastic tool.”

Adam Jurotich – PowerShell Programming for System Administration – Days (STL)

  • “Adam is a fantastic instructor and I have learned a ton in these last few weeks. His ability to teach so much information in such a short time on such a dry topic while also keeping the lessons fun and interactive is top-notch. I wish I had him for the rest of my time at Centriq”
  • “Explained in-depth CMDLETs and individual commands. I was able to learn a lot!”
  • “I loved the different scripts we wrote out. It made things easier to understand and fun”
  • “I would not be where I am now without Adam taking the time to help me with things that were not directly class-related. His advice and guidance on both life and the IT world have prepared me for that next big step. I will greatly miss having him as an instructor and highly recommend anyone who s a course with him.”
  • “I really enjoyed having Adam as an instructor. He helps make things easier to understand as well as fun to learn.”
  • “For the last 6 weeks, Adam has consistently created a learning environment that has given me the confidence and skills to start a new journey into the world of IT.”
  • “The training was exceptional. I have learned a lot about PowerShell in such a short time and look forward to learning everything that I can about it”
  • “Keep bringing in scripts that are enjoyable and fun”

Chuck Wieners – MVC2: MVC & Data Integration – Days (KC)

  • “thanks, chuck “
  • “shout out chuck, good instructor, just like all the others as well”

Steven Russell – IT PRO Project Week 1 – Days (KC)

  • “Steven was very helpful when needed and let us figure it out when he thought we could. great job”
  • “Feeling extremely motivated even as the last week approaches. Thanks, man.”
  • “Extremely helpful and great to have for class”
  • “Steven is amazing.”
  • “fantastic, fun environment. steven is very interactive and lively.”
  • “he was hands-off due to the fact that we are supposed to solve issues on our own, but if they seemed to be struggling he would offer to help us.”
  • “spread out and had a good environment all week. no issues”
  • “Steven does it again. He implemented great ways to dismantle our network equipment and test our mettle and teamwork ability. Had a lot of fun.”
  • “Was great being able to be hands-on with the equipment.”
  • “It was great to finally get to see what we learned. I was a get on hands part of the school.”
  • “Great classroom”
  • “The project was a great experience for me to both grow closer with my classmates and better build my knowledge on hands-on troubleshooting and setting up a network “

Jim MacAuley – Windows System Administration 1 – Evenings (KC)

  • “He was a solid instructor. Really energetic. Can tell he loves his job.”
  • “Great intensity to keep everyone”

Jared Long – MVC3: Advanced MVC – KC/STL

  • “You did great”
  • “good instructor knew the content well”
  • “What was your favorite aspect of this course?”
  • “The fact that coding was more simplified “
  • “The AJAX”
  • “Ajax Modals”
  • “New content”
  • “Learning new techniques”
  • “I enjoyed getting to connect more and more concepts that we have been learning together, it’s really starting to frame what a development job might be like.”
  • “I thought the stuff we did make sense for the most part and I think this was one of the things we do that I really could see the implementation in a job”

Adam Jurotich – Systems & Security Career Foundations – STL

  • “Adam is awesome, does not leave anyone behind”
  • “One week in, Adam has made a lot of my worries about coming to Centriq go away. He has a very good way of making you feel comfortable with the information that he is presenting.”
  • “Thank you Adam for not leaving me behind”
  • “As stated before Adam has been awesome so far. I can really tell he cares about his students and getting the right information to us. He makes the entire length of the class enjoyable and interesting. I feel lucky to have him as my instructor.”
  • “Adam is great! From day 1 I felt welcome and ready to learn in his classroom. He is easy to understand and super personable. Great balance of instruction and relationship building.”
  • “Everything was always ready before the start of class”
  • “Though it was the perfect introduction to the course. The content covered this week should be taught in high school so everyone gets it. I’m curious if there will be a refresher on this halfway through the course just to ensure we don’t lose it.”
  • “The mentoring part”
  • “Starting to get an understanding of what my career is going to look like and learning some skills to help me attain that.”
  • “Small group and the hybrid environment. I think you get so much out of being in person for some classes and activities so it’s an awesome combination of online and in-seat thus far.”

Jeff Overhaug – Windows Server Administration 2- KC

  • “Jeff has a great attitude and keeps me focused and interactive with the class, and does a fantastic job of getting the information across in a way we can understand. Always makes time to answer questions.”
  • “Great job, great adaptability”
  • “Instructor was amazing. Seemed like he knew everything he was talking about and provided great answers to questions! One thing I would say is to provide more real-world examples. When he did do that they were always helpful.”
  • “Jeff Overhaug is a very good teacher. The speed at which he delivered the information was at a better pace for me. Jeff explains things easily and was patient. I think we all had fun during this class. Matt is obviously very knowledgeable and a big help as well. Thank you both.”
  • “The labs were crucial for understanding. Especially with the difficulty of dealing with the initial pace of instruction, having a lab leveled the playing field for understanding, catching up, and asking questions.”
  • “big picture knowledge”
  • “I was not very good at mapping but I think I liked that part the best”
  • “The labs.”
  • “putting everything together”
  • “Seeing how all of these steps come together and work with each other.”
  • “I really like the interactivity and the plethora of labs. It helps retain the info so much more than just reading and lecture!”

Chris Dunbar – Networking Fundamentals 2 – KC

  • “Chris was outstanding and was able to keep me interested in each topic.”
  • “Chris did a good job making the material relatable and keeping class interesting.”
  • “Chris is an excellent instructor!!”
  • “Overall was great, CertMaster is phenomenal. The only thing that would be suggested is to add a section to create your own flashcards so that studying can be tailored to areas needing improvement.”
  • “Instructor and CertMaster”
  • “using the games and things built into cert master “
  • “My favorite aspect of this course was the labs, they really showed what is possible with the technology we will be using in the workplace.”
  • “Learning of the different networking aspects and preparation for the certification exam”

Jeff DeMaranville – FSWD Project Week 1 – KC

  • “I really enjoyed this class”
  • “Jeff is fantastic!”
  • “The ability to work by ourselves and meet our own requirements was great, and the ability to ask fellow students and the teacher if we were at a roadblock was even better.”
  • “being able to ask for help”
  • “zoom worked well”

Matt Neilsen – Windows System Administration 1 – STL

  • “Matt is clearly very knowledgeable in the subject and does a good job of teaching lots of information in a short period of time”
  • “VERY knowledgeable and understanding. I didn’t feel rushed or as if I was slowing the class down when I wasn’t understanding something or was taking longer to get something done.”
  • “Matt is extremely knowledgeable and makes the information he is teaching easy to understand.”
  • “Understood that I was brand new to this subject with little to no previous experience.”
  • “It is an excellent learning environment where I am encouraged to try everything I can to solve my problems and comfortable enough to ask for help when needed.”
  • “Matt has provided an excellent learning environment where I feel comfortable to ask questions.”
  • “Hands-on training in different systems and servers”
  • “Hands-on building of VMs as well as installing and configuring server roles and features.”
  • “The hands-on labs”
  • “I wouldn’t change a thing! I feel as though I am really learning a lot.”
  • “It was a very relaxed and fun learning environment.”
  • “At first it was overwhelming since I knew next to nothing but after the first week I feel very confident in my abilities.”
  • “This material was very interesting and I had a lot of fun with the hands-on labs this week.”

James Caldwell – Introduction to DATA – KC/STL

  • “I really appreciate your willingness to slow down and let us catch up when things get a little tricky.”
  • “I came into this week knowing nothing about what was going to be taught, and I feel like I left the week in a very good position.”
  • “James took the time any questions anyone had and made it easy to ask questions”
  • “James should be the standard that instructors are measured against. He understands how to connect to the students on an individual level, which can’t be an easy task in our digital classroom environment. He does more than just stop and ask if anyone has questions; he makes an environment that encourages asking these questions, and he offers deep dives on concepts that seem to be giving students trouble without taking too much time up with any given topic. I have learned more from James than I thought was going to be possible via a Zoom call.”
  • “Many thanks to James for making this week an enjoyable one. His teaching methods and commitment to each student in the class were by far were instrumental in the progression of learning. He not only took the time to explain things in a way that all could understand, he also had a clear, easy to follow teaching style that far surpasses many. Thank you James for all that you do for us!!”
  • “I like new tricks on the data sorting.”
  • “So far my favorite aspect has been the access we have to various mentors/instructors with coding knowledge that we can get in touch with if we ever have questions.”
  • “Being sick this week did not help, but James made sure to go out of his way to make sure I felt comfortable where I was”

Caleb George – IT PRO Project Week 2 – KC

  • “The instructor was very helpful and always had tips and ideas on how we could better our presentation, was always there for any questions asked”
  • “Gave great feedback and helpful pointers.”
  • “Caleb is great at mixing in getting serious work done and having time to be humorous and laid back. great at getting stuff done and great at keeping classes engaged”
  • “Caleb was super patient with all of us as always. It was stressful for all of us to record the presentation vs delivering it from a podium/dais, and he was a big source of comic relief throughout. One student had a mishap during his section of the recording, and Caleb was ready with a solution in a moment’s notice.”
  • “extremely personable. very easy to learn from and talk to”
  • “Great classroom as always.”
  • “Networking”
  • “The hands-on builds and labs helped me the most “
  • “Just putting it all together finally presenting that knowledge”
  • “I very much enjoyed building things from the ground up. starting with our domain controllers and getting an entire network built around that was great. I also really enjoy the hands-on PC troubleshooting”
  • “The people and teamwork. The instructor’s willingness to help out and get us to the places we need to be. And the final project was probably my favorite part of the learning course.”
  • “HDF and Security, but WSA was a blast thanks to back-to-back-to-back outgoing and knowledgeable instructors.”
  • “I’m not sure probably the instructor we had I enjoyed having him”
  • “extremely helpful and would go very far to assure the student feels comfortable and knows what they will be going into after this course”
  • “none, yall are great! keep it up!”
  • “You guys are doing your job and it shows. I have so many plates spinning with so many potential employers to the point where it’s almost difficult to keep them all straight.”

Frank Pflumm – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – KC

  • “Thanks for always engaging with the class and giving quieter students a chance to speak up.”
  • “We did have a lot of lecture time, but I honestly appreciate it. always have been given plenty of time to take notes and follow along. Labs at the end of the class also work well for applying all the new knowledge.”
  • “Frank is absolutely the best part of this course a close second is learning about something that is totally different than what I am used to and being challenged by the quick pace of the course.”
  • “Learning about RAID was very fun”
  • “RAID 5”
  • “Hands-on labs were the most helpful, lectures were presented in a way that was easy to follow and review again later for study purposes.”
  • “The large verity of all the knowledge we learned. Getting a top-down view of it all allows me to try to dig a bit deeper on my own about specific topics that interest me as well as figuring out what I might have to study more of.”
  • “labs”
  • “Mr. Pflumm is a very effective teacher, is personable and we have fun, can joke around and it’s not just sterile. He uses good real-life scenarios to illustrate or further explain.”
  • “The interactiveness”
  • “functional job/ interview process training”
  • “It’s a lot of learning so far, but it’s honestly amazing, I’m really excited to dig deeper into all the different topics we’re discussing in HDF1 and hoping HDF2 brings in more of the same. “
  • “Honestly have not had enough interaction yet to comment. I can say it is very helpful to have all the assignments, career fairs, interview prep sessions, etc listed on Canvas and on the calendar :)”
  • “No issues so far! Ran 3 VMs one with a RAID 5 with 5 Hard drives and everything ran smooth.”

Jajuan Elias – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – KC

  • “Labs by far, I learn better by hands-on training”
  • “Learning about viruses and malware, and handling CAT cabling and taking apart the laptops”
  • “Getting hands-on experiences”
  • “All the hands-on learning”

Shawn Nelson – Front End Frameworks

  • “Very informative, presented materials well, quite personable.”
  • “I felt like his ability to not only teach but find ways to add new information when answering questions really improved my understanding of React”
  • “awesome teacher,”
  • “Great instructor, Great Material. One of the best weeks thus far.”
  • “Sean was awesome truly a great guy and instructor he went above and beyond got us more content even after we finished everything and really cared about us learning the subject not just finishing the work”
  • “very helpful and wants us to learn and have fun”
  • “The To-Do list”
  • “I loved the winged instruction surrounding new content to keep adding new functionalities.”
  • “I enjoyed the debugging labs, it something we haven’t done before in the track and it was very helpful when it came to better understanding each component in our application”
  • “I love to react and want to have it as one of my main languages in the workforce”
  • “The extra stuff we did after we finished the curriculum”
  • “The fact that Shawn took the time to help debug all of our big errors and explained how each piece of code fit with the other.”
  • “Loved your willingness to add to the curriculum and keep us moving forward! Thank you.”
  • “I really enjoyed the debug labs, that really helped me understand what the variables in our applications where and overall I think they really help me better understand the application”

Adam Jurotich – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – STL

  • “Adam is a great teacher. He is born to teach”
  • “Adam was very knowledgeable and really explained the material very well. It’s been a blast being in the class.”
  • “Adams method of teaching works really well for me. He has a very good way of explaining the course material and is always happy to answer questions and review areas where my classmates and I need help.”
  • “labs”
  • “How it’s broken down and builds up to the next thing. I also like those things that were taught in the first week are being reviewed and were taught in an attempt to lessen the load this week. Worked great!”
  • “Virtual Machines.”
  • “I have enjoyed each day and look forward to continuing to learn more.”

Frank Pflumm – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – KC

  • “Thank you for a great start to the program!”
  • “Even though the labs were all pushed into one day, it was not only organized but time-efficient. The ability to be flexible even though things have been strange is greatly appreciated!”
  • “I really enjoyed building and destroying a network”
  • “Getting to get a stronger view of the job scenarios of various positions ie help desk, net tech, etc”
  • “The Labs”
  • “When we worked together to solve problems, group activities and practice”
  • “the teamwork and crucial conversations”
  • “I enjoy the labs”
  • “going home & finding that I can understand a thing on my home computer that I didn’t know before. Plus the RAID and VR experience, plus the PC labs.”
  • “Just as always, I love feedback so the more the better!”
  • “So far so good!”
  • “Some of us even did a group study sesh during the week”
  • “Zoom rooms worked great!”
  • “This week all the materials seemed to connect very well, and I felt like most topics stuck with little effort.”
  • “It was great”
  • “Breaking computers was fun”

Chris Nuckolls – MVC1: Introduction to MVC – KC

  • “I felt this week went great.”
  • “Chris always delivers class content at a comfortable pace and demonstrates a good base of knowledge. His way of allowing the class to help him lead gives students the chance to apply what we’re learning as we learn it.”
  • “Learning razor”
  • “The ability to learn a whole new set of skills that reinforce each other and are very marketable in the current tech market”

Jared Long – MVC1: Introduction to MVC – STL

  • “The speed and proficiency of the instructor without compromising the integrity of the material”

Chris Dunbar – PowerShell Programming for System Administration – KC

  • “He seemed really excited about what he was teaching.”
  • “Very approachable instructor”
  • “This was the most interactive and easy to learn class thanks to Chris.”
  • “Chris was fantastic at helping us troubleshoot code and breaking down complex topics in an easy to understand way. He made coding much more approachable than it has felt in my previous experiences.”
  • “Amazing instructor and helped with ALL questions that were asked and elaborated for a better grasp of the material.”
  • “the instructors”
  • “Grasping the information given to me.”
  • “Running and troubleshooting scripts”
  • “Learning how to script”
  • “My favorite aspect of this course was seeing code I wrote myself run correctly, I really felt a sense of accomplishment when a piece of code ran correctly the first time and accomplished a complex task.”
  • “I was skeptical of the coding portion of this course being done over zoom, but it worked very well, especially with the screen sharing to help correct coding and syntax errors.”
  • “The classroom environment was awesome, there was a good mix of humor to keep us engaged in the scripting and shared experiences to drive home the importance of what we were doing.”
  • “I came into this course knowing absolutely nothing about PowerShell and after only a week with Chris, I feel like I can work through complex commands as long as I go slowly, think about what I’m doing, and use the help system.”

Chris Dunbar – Windows System Administration 1 – KC

  • “great job interacting and answering questions.”
  • “As always Mr. Dunbar was always ready to go for class with high energy and excitement. Along with his knowledge base and demeanor, it always made it easy to stay engaged in class and have fun doing so.”
  • “Everything has always been crystal clear with Chris. The more I learn from him, the more I wish he were in all of my classes”
  • “Chris should be the primary instructor for every class. His method of teaching is a lot easier to learn than others. He is able to relate real-world experience into training.”
  • “Instructor Dunbar used his experience from the workforce to reinforce the concepts that we would need in our new job. He gave examples of what it would be like in the real world and not just pages in a book.”
  • “labs”
  • “Learning the behind the scenes of how to set policies and being able to share and transfer those policies over the network. Along with pretty much the whole class in clouding the instructor. I truly enjoyed it all”
  • “Labs”
  • “Actually working in the programs for server administration to see how it works myself with hands-on labs”
  • “great labs, I’m not exactly sure how the MTA certification will go but don’t know exactly how much theory will be needed to pass the exam”
  • “Curriculum for this course was great, as it reflects AD items that are typically seen in the field.”
  • “it was cool”

Matt Neilsen – Windows System Administration 2 – STL

  • “Matt provides an excellent learning environment and answers each question in a way that is easy to understand.”
  • “This course was very enjoyable and Matt teaches it very well!”
  • “The hands-on with Windows Server”
  • “The end of the week lab”
  • “I really enjoy the labs.”
  • “This was a very enjoyable and challenging course.”
  • “I felt as though the learning environment was very relaxed where I could ask any questions easily.”

Andrew Mackay – Windows System Administration 3 – KC

  • “Labs being able to put together what we were taught virtually”
  • “Student Advisor and Career Coach rock! They do an excellent job and are much appreciated.”
  • “Instructors stayed engaged and taught well virtually.”

Jeff Overhaug – Windows System Administration 3 – KC

  • “Jeff was an amazing instructor! Very helpful and willing to help.”
  • “Shouldn’t change a thing. Awesome course and instructor.”
  • “Jeff was extremely helpful and has a TON of patience. In addition to teaching Win Sys, he offered help for my NET+ prep and was spot on. Without his advice, I do not think I would have done as well.”
  • “Kept good energy, answered all questions with great answers”
  • “you do a great job.”
  • “I thought you were great! I had a blast in your class. you made it fun to learn what we had to. Thank you!”
  • “The project at the end of the course helped very much to get hands-on experience, which is the best way I find myself able to learn.”
  • “The interactive nature of the class”
  • “Being in person and being able to physically connect the networks.”
  • “The number of labs”
  • “The fact we could come together and see everyone in person. That made the mini-project bearable.”
  • “Well, honestly it is the people. But the material is fun and interesting.”
  • “the hands-on”
  • “the project”
  • “The way we had fun learning throughout everything”
  • “This class was very involved and hands-on”

Jeff DeMaranville – FSWD Project Week 2 – KC

  • “Jeff is fun and laid back while also knowledgeable”
  • “The amount of content that was covered and the rapid-fire pace of it.”
  • “getting code to work and working with my classmates”

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