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November 11 02:38 AM

Classroom Experience - November 2019

Week of November 4, 2019

Caleb George – Windows Systems Administration 2 – Days

“Caleb provided a great classroom environment this week. He made sure we all understood the material before moving on. He seemed to enjoy the material he was teaching.”

“You did really well-explaining everything. Thank you!”

“Very knowledgeable on the course material and leads us to an answer when we have a question rather than just giving an answer of how to fix something.”

“Caleb was a great instructor he really cares for us and will help guide people who are struggling”

“Very professional”

“Caleb was very thorough in his instruction on all class objectives and made sure all the students had a good understanding of them all.”

Jeff Overhaug – Security+ – Days

“Jeff keeps the classes attention and is willing to answer every question you have, even if it means taking time outside of class.”

“Jeff was able to give us all the information we may need without relying on the instructor resources.”

David Ray – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Days

“10/10 Starsky & Hutch reference”

“Good amount of labs to implement book learning”

Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundations – Days

“Instructor was very professional and knowledgeable about all subject matter. He taught in multiple different styles to cater to each individuals learning style and was clear on all topics presented.”

“I wish we could have Pflumm as an instructor for longer.”

“Very good at introducing people to IT.”

“He had excellent conversation and attention-grabbing skills that kept me focused on what he was saying. Kept things formal yet comfortable and always gave a proud view of Centriq.”

“Mr. Pflumm did an excellent job. Coming into this I really didn’t have any clue about what IT was. But Frank has already got us talking IT related stuff, he’s already had us studying. Which is only getting us prepared for next week.”

“Frank did a good job of getting everyone involved. Even the people that really don’t like to talk. Which helped our class start to open up and start getting used to each other.”

“Classroom was kept in excellent shape along with all equipment.”

“I wouldn’t change it. The training is set up in a way that helps everyone succeed”

“There is nothing I would change. The information provided by the instructor was outstanding and made it easy to grasp all concepts so far.”

“Right now I wouldn’t change a single thing.”

Eric Reid – MVC1: Introduction to MVC – Days

“Teacher did a great job of incorporating humor and productivity. I had a great time learning and the teacher was partially responsible for that.”

“good instruction!”

“Eric actually tries to help students with problems and issues that they have with coding or software issues”

“Eric is doing a really good job and knows what he is talking about”

“Teacher was great, Classroom students are great, the environment is great.”

Chris Nuckolls – C# Fundamentals 2 – Days

“Any time I was behind or stuck Chris was able to help me better understand something I wasn’t at first”

“It was really fun to start building our own game”

“The classroom was upbeat!”

“I like how you play some videos to break up all the technical learning”

Chuck Wieners – Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep – Days

“Chuck did great this week! I honestly don’t have all that much feedback this time because the whole week went smoothly.”

“I mean… I don’t really know… I guess I didn’t quite realize what this class would be, and it blew my expectations out of the water.”

“I loved the amount of time we got to work on our own. I enjoyed that we went from pure C# to the full MVC to help solidify everything we have learned over the course of the training. I liked how you gave us bonus challenges that will look good on our portfolio to do when we were done with lab.”

Matt Neilsen – Linux Administration – Days (STL)

“instructor is knowledgeable of the subject matter, he provided real-world examples and step are repeated”

“Matt is a very effective teacher. I don’t particularly enjoy using Linux, but the class was interesting and engaging.”

“The training content was great and gave a good introduction to Linux for it only being one week.”

Adam Jurotich – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days (STL)

“Sticks to the book well, and has good review sessions!”

“very good presentation skills and real-world experience with the topics at hand.”

“NetSim was super cool to work with”

“a lot of resources for labs and dual monitors.”

“very good at keeping a fast pace while keeping material clear.”

Jeff DeMaranville – PowerShell Programming for System Administration – Evenings (FIRST TEACH)

“The instructor was very knowledgeable about Powershell! Very nice!”

“Jeff made class fun, and made me excited to learn PowerShell.”

Week of November 11, 2019

Jeff Overhaug – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days

“Very engaging and provided plenty of real-world examples to apply the material to. Very friendly”

“Jeff was helpful.”

“Every instructor have been professional, respectful, and patient to say the least. more or less, the course has exceeded my expectations.”

“It appears that for the tracks I’ve attended so far, every effort has been made by the training facility to ensure success.”

Steven Russell – IT PRO Project Week 1 – Days (FIRST TEACH)

“Steven did an outstanding job.”

“Steven is a fantastic, organized, and involved instructor. His help and challenges made this project phase a truly great learning experience.”

“Steve was able to guide us through the week with mostly hands-off abilities. He gave us many opportunities to test our own skills and develop further knowledge.”

“Excellent classroom environment! Steven Russell does a great job of supporting our class’s effort without being overly helpful. He challenges us every day to be better technicians, yet keeps the class light and fun.”

“I would have no changes be made to the way Steve led the week.”

Chris Dunbar – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Days

“Instructor’s overall knowledge of the course is well above average. He is very knowledgeable and explains material in a way that all students can understand.”

“dI really enjoy hearing about Chris’s experiences he had in the field. Helped me understand how the IT workplace is like.”

“Liked all of the real-world tie-ins to the information we are learning.”

“Did great in every aspect.”

“Instructor shared many experiences working in IT including mistakes which he then shared how he learned from them. This was entertaining and made the lessons memorable.”

“Chris went about this class, to me the right way. He went into details when we needed it and even if we didn’t ask questions.”

“Classroom environment was outstanding. We were provided with all the materials we needed.”

“Chris is a cool guy.”

“Liked having access to physical parts of a computer and able to see an actual server. Liked being shown/ pointed out the CPU, PSU, etc.”

“I would not change anything.”

“Labs helped me understand faster.”

“The Labs were well constructed with good repetition.”

“Liked having a review every morning over the previous days’ information.”

Eric Reid – MVC2: MVC & Data Integration – Days

“Amazing teacher. Thank You!”

“Eric covers all the bases. A true pro.”

“Eric is great and always did everything he could to answer questions and always provided answers”

“No changes, I thought the training content was sufficient.”

Jenna Beckett – Project Management for the Developer – Days

“I cannot stress enough about how great a job you did this week! The parking lot was a great tool. Though I never had big enough issues to force me to write my name up there, I’m sure it helped everyone who did need it.”

“Thank you for all your help and support this week!”

“Jenna did well this week. I very much liked learning about project management from someone who seems to know what they are talking about.”

“The area to work with our partner is comfortable in size and the second monitor allowed for increased collaboration.”

“No changes. Everything was spectacular!”

“This was a great exercise that helped me confront one of my fears of becoming a developer, I’m so grateful I had a partner that was fun to work with and that we got to build a real project. Pretty neat!”

“I’ve heard a bit about project management terms before, but my knowledge was limited within agile, scrum, and kanban. I feel good about working in one of these environments now and am confident that I can adapt to different versions.”

David Ray – Windows Server Administration 3 – Days

“Dave did a great job this week going over new material and guiding us through our labs.”

“Dave was an awesome instructor and led the class very well with his knowledge of the taught curriculum. I also appreciated that he stepped back when we encountered problems and allowed time for us to figure out any issues we had and if we did need him he was there to help.”

“David is a great teacher he takes his time to help everyone as they need”

“You did awesome! Thank you for your help with everything during the week!”

“The environment is awesome!”

“I wouldn’t change anything!”

Jon Lindley – MVC2: MVC & Data Integration – Days (STL)

“I love the class”

Matt Neilsen – Security+ – Days (STL)

“I really enjoyed this class. I liked the in-class examples to help remember the material. It was a nice reward for working hard throughout the class.”

“Matt is a really good instructor and I see why he was hyped up. He probably knows too much about the course content and thoroughly explains everything as well as he can give the strict time constraints on this course.”

Adam Jurotich – PowerShell for System Administration – Days (STL)

“Adam is a very good instructor. He knows when to joke around and knows when stuff needs to get done. Knows how to connect with students on a personal level without being invasive, whether it comes to school questions or you need a sanity check.”

“Very good at keeping everyone up to the pace of the course, without making it too slow for those who have a better understanding of the topic being discussed.”

“great use of tech, between our programs, individual Ethernet connections, and secondary monitors it is the perfect place to build hands-on knowledge while being able to take adequate notes on the topic being discussed.”

“great structure”

“very good visual example and choice of the learning process. doing the basics and getting more in-depth quicker and quicker based on the fact that everything taught to us will be used in a deeper aspect later on in the course.”

“Loved PowerShell, wish that we got more of it.”

James Caldwell – Front-End Development 1 – Evenings

“Continue doing what you are doing because it is what you are doing.”

“Had a great time learning all the stuff that is FED1. James has all the knowledge and prep for anything we can throw at him.”

“I like the way you teach and that the whole class can joke with you.”

“James was able to answer all my questions and help me understand certain things I was struggling to grasp.”

“I personally enjoy the smaller class size. Less distraction and more personal.”

“I really like the analogies to connect the content with more well known (not techy) things.”

“It was made fun which helped me stay focus and enjoy learning”

Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundation – Evenings

“Mr. Pflumm was very professional and passionate about laying a solid foundation for our class.”

“I have been going to school for the past 3 years, and let me tell you, this instructor is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from.”

“Mr. Pflumm has amazing personal communication skills that are able to connect with anyone regardless of background or knowledge. Due to this and his passion for what he is teaching, it is very easy to stay engaged in the class. I couldn’t be happier so far for my decision to attend Centriq!”

“The instructor answered questions to the best of his ability and gave detailed examples to provide more clarity to help us understand areas in question.”

“He takes full control of the class without overbearing attitude I am more committed because of his style.”

“Everyone currently has good chemistry and will be successful with the equipment given.”

“The environment was great, the instructor was knowledgeable and utilized time well throughout the week.”

“No change needed. He was great!”

“The content was perfect! All of the information learned was very important and conveyed in such a manner.”


“The teacher was very motivated and did a good job laying out what was ahead for us.”

Caleb George – IT PRO Project Week 1 – Evenings

“Helped a lot with my questions. I was very appreciative of the inherited knowledge.”

“I appreciate your patience”


Week of November 18, 2019

Chris Dunbar – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days

“The man knows his stuff, he tries to joke around but he has cheesy jokes. which is alright. But he was able to get us to see things from different perspectives, which I noticed in the IT field is kind of hard to do because everyone believes their way is the best”

“Class was great. He made me feel confident in asking questions and slowing down lectures to help with understanding.”

“Needs a raise, great teacher.”

“I liked that he joked around with the class. He really helped to get us more acquainted with each other since we were a new group.”

“The instructor is very lively and upbeat tries to keep the class morale up all day every day and is doing a fantastic job, also well versed all around in its field with many many great real-life scenarios.”

“The instructor is very knowledgeable and professional. He prepares each and every student for success and ensures they know all subject matter.”

“Keeps the atmosphere in the classroom positive and comfortable. He explains in plenty of detail which makes asking a question into getting many questions answered.”

“Great use of humor to keep things light”

“Chris, keep the atmosphere in the classroom lively which made studying and class time easier. I would recommend him to anyone in this course, for the people who need help and/or have any questions. He went above and beyond for everyone in the classroom and even took the time during his lunchtime to help other professors and students from other classes”

“like the use of the whiteboard for drawing out diagrams and breaking information down into groups. I helped me to remember when contrasting and comparing different components.”

“The classroom environment was outstanding and all students are well prepared to learn.”

“The training content needs no changes and seems to be perfectly up to date with real-world skills.”

“I honestly wouldn’t change a single thing.”

“Liked the hands-on labs. They always seemed to help me connect the dots after lectures.”

Steven Russell – IT PRO Project Week 2 – Days (FIRST TEACH)

“Steven as always was fantastic, his attempts to “attack” our network added a fantastic element to our presentation. Thank you again.”

“Steven is the best instructor I have ever had. possibly the smartest guy in the building.”

“Excellent preparation from our instructor.”

Jenna Beckett – MVC3: Advanced MVC – Days

“Great teacher, lots of fun”

“Amazing instructor. Great personality, and is very knowledgeable about everything she teaches.”

“Jenna has been hands down the most knowledge and helpful instructor we have had here at Centriq”

“Jenna demonstrated a willingness to assist and seemed to know what she was talking about.”

“Great, funny, attentive instructor. A+”

“Great environment”

James Caldwell – Front-End Development 2 – Days

“When I started to feel like I was behind you were great with figuring out my struggles and how to re-word things for me to better understand the concept. You have been a great instructor!”

“All categories were great. I learned well and have a good understanding now on problem-solving and working through the front end.”

“Everything was great in the class. Between the class and James, we had the best environment for learning.”

“I really enjoyed learning front end”

“I would definitely put the Alien game in the learning content. It was fun and really helpful”

“I wouldn’t do anything different for our class. I loved building the material. I enjoyed the labs for JS. I really got a better understanding through them and to finish the week with the Ninja vs Alien game.”

Chad Johnson – Linux Administration – Days

“Chad does a great job creating a laid back classroom environment. He knows how to get the most out of everyone in the class. We all really enjoyed his Lionel Richie alarm as well!”

“Chad was great he keeps us engaged and helped us as much as he could”

“He made it fun to learn and I enjoyed coming to class.”

“Chad is a great instructor he really made this week really fun”

“Chad made sure that all students understood course content and taught in a way that anyone can understand.”

“You did an awesome job this week and I really did learn a lot while being able to be in a fun environment.”

“Very fun classroom. Great learning environment”

“This was an awesome class I was able to learn and wind down from all the studying. Thank you!”

“I wouldn’t change anything. Chad does a great job with the content.”

Jeff DeMaranville – PowerShell Programming for System Administration – Days

“He was great”

“Jeff was great.”

“Powershell is a powerful tool and it will make everything easier”

Matt Neilsen – Windows System Administration 1 – Days (STL)

“Matt is an awesome teacher”

“fun labs”

Adam Jurotich – Systems & Security Career Foundations – Days (STL)

“The instructor was very personable and able to impart the knowledge effectively while also integrating the various levels of experience within the class.”

“I have total confidence I will be able to learn these applications and concepts with Adam’s teaching. He is relatable, calm and knowledgeable.”

“Adam does a great job keeping everything positive and building up his students. Unlike any instructor I’ve had.”

“The instructor was extremely accommodating to all the students. All questions that I had were answered and expanded upon to help me better understand whatever concept I had the question on. Personally, the instructor pushed me out of my comfort zone in regards to public speaking and it allowed me to grow, it was greatly appreciated.”

“It’s satisfying to have an environment built by the instructor that every question gets an answer.”

“Keeps you involved and really helps you understand the material”

“Excellent command of the classroom, no one left behind and no one was too far ahead.”

“The overall environment was welcoming and productive. The instructor was welcoming to all questions regarding the subject material.”

“The pacing and rhythm of the instructor keep the information engaging and interesting while referencing his professional experiences to accentuate the importance of the material.”

Jon Lindley – MVC3: Advanced MVC – Days (STL)

“Jon has been extremely helpful. MVC has proven to be my weakness, his knowledge has helped me strengthen this weakness.”

Chad Johnson – Windows System Administration 1 – Evenings

“Answered all questions and went the extra mile to get technical issues corrected during labs.”

“Breaks down active directory into easily understandable terms and processes.”

“Great instructor! Love the way they teach, and relate to students!”