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November 11 02:44 AM

Classroom Experience - November 2017

Week of November 6, 2017

Chris Nuckolls – CSF2 – Days

“Nice guy.”

“Thank you for giving real life examples.”

“Very knowledgeable, loved the real world examples he was able to give us.”

“Thank you for telling us how you got your first job.”

Jeff DeMaranville – DATA – Days

“Jeff and Jenna are awesome instructors.”

“Jenna and Jeff both EXCELLENT with Patience and made it fun.”

“Still think Jeff is the best instructor I’ve encountered so far.”

Matt Neilsen – LX – Days (STL)

“Matt does a pretty excellent job.”

“I am having fun with Linux, it has pushed me to make my new system a Linux system and I feel confident that I will have the skills to use it properly. So I wouldn’t change anything.”

Eric Reid – MVC3 – Days

“Starting the day with a re-cap of the previous day really helps.”

“Eric did a great job at explaining the material. He allowed people to work at their own pace while keeping everyone engaged.. He is very good at what he does and can’t wait to have him for our project manager in projects.”

Craig Gerdes – O365 -Days

“I liked how he left problems in the template. Helps really drill in the information and how to fix it.”

“Craig was great. Learned many new things in Word and Excell.”

“Instructor did a great job giving excellent tips and examples on how to use Word and Excel.”

“Very well spoken and professional. I look forward to taking more Excel classes with Craig in the future.”

“Knows the product well. Showed how to use it very well. Easy to follow. Was quick to answer questions and help out if someone fell behind.”

“Quick with information. Very informative with products.”

“Great class, great people.”

Craig Gerdes – O365 -Eves

“Great knowledge of Microsoft products and ability to teach it.”

“Craig was very easy to follow and I learned a lot in a short time.”

“Craig did an excellent job showing some creative ways to make a resume stand out. I also never thought of using a job tracker while in a job search.”

“Very comfortable classroom environment.”

“I thought it was laid out effectively.”

“Thought it was a good beginner class for using a few microsoft office programs.”

Jeff Overhaug – Sec+ – Days

“Jeff is good at teaching.”

“Excellent job presenting the materials and keeping the attention of the class.”

“Jeff was definitely one of my favorite teachers so far honestly. We connected really well and his Wolverine costume was dope.”

Derek Duderstadt – TEAM – Days (STL)

“Was helpful when asked questions, let students try to find answers on their own.”

Hai Hilvitz – WS1 – Days

“We is an excellent teacher. I like how laid back and understanding he is.”

“Hi is very knowledgeable and has a lot of real world experience.”

“Very interesting and enjoyable class. I learned a lot!”

“Hai knows his stuff.”

“Learned so much. Not only is Hai professional, but hes approachable and knowledgeable. Hands down best instructor so far.”

“Hai is a good instructor.”

“Great Classroom. The extra monitors are super helpful for all of the virtual machines running simultaneously.”

“Everything went smooth.”

“I really like the hands on part. I enjoyed the instructor going through AD DS and we followed along. Going through the different windows and options.”

“Hai relates everything to real world jobs.”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – WS1 – Eves

“Kasama kept the class involved and the pace was terrific.”

“Learned a lot this class.”

“Very will taught. The instructor present the class in a well manner, and very knowledgeable.”

“I wouldn’t really change a thing. The labs were good. The labs is just like real world situation.”

Chad Johnson – SSCF – Days

“Enjoyed your teaching style very much. good humor when needed, great examples, willing to help. seems to know what all is going on.”

“Answered all questions asked, and if he didn’t know the answer he didn’t make one up. I feel like he will get back to me when he find out the actual answer. Got the class to interact well and that matters a lot considering we will be together for the next 4 months.”

“Chad did a great job with interactions and engaging all of the students in discussion. He really seems like a teacher that cares about the students and this program. One thing I really liked was him pushing students in ways to make them feel more confident outside of their comfort zones.”

“Flexibility to help with all personalities.”

“He made the boring portions of class fun (i.e. everything related to soft skills) and has a very clear and understandable way of presenting material.”

“Entertaining and able to relate course material in a real world sense.”

“Chad did a great job using his real life experience. I think moving forward anyone that may be struggling, he made it clear he had some struggles. He also made it very clear that he was always available to help in the future.”

“At first nobody would speak to each other in this class. Our instructor successfully got us talking not only with him, but our classmates as well. He told many hilarious stories and taught us a lot in the short time we were with him.”

“Great. I felt like I really understood the course when we were finished.”

“Knew what he was talking about. Funny and had good class subject to real life information.”

“I liked his delivery of the content. Easy going, funny and made the class enjoyable by me.”

“Fun environment and easy to learn.”

“Computers ran well. Hard copies of all books should be supplied. if you are going to offer digital then offer both.”

“Fun environment and easy to learn.”

“I enjoyed the hands on, wish there couldve been a bit more. Building a Ethernet cord and finding out how to power on an open air pc were good starts to a promising start at Centriq.”

“Chad was very interactive. Kept the classroom interactive. Also there was feed back that was very helpful. He also moved forward with information quickly, not too quickly. He did a nice job taking time to make sure everyone was caught up to him.”

Chad Johnson – SSCF – Eves

“You did a very nice job relating subjects to real life and talked to us like normal people.”

“Explained everything very well and with detail.”

“Chad was very well spoken and it was easy to follow along and learn what he was showing us.”

“Instructor was very enthusiastic and helpful achieving the team building spirit and camaraderie essential to succeed in all classes.”

“Chad was respectful of people’s feelings in his instructing while being direct. I am absolutely terrible at meeting people especially in a classroom setting. Chad has an uncanny skill at making a comfortable class environment that promotes teamwork.”

“Super fun and Chad was willing to answer questions and he did give great real world situations.”

“Fun and welcoming atmosphere.”

“Audiovisual training aids were used and helpful.”

“Chad created a fun, and interesting environment to learn in. I was happy to learn that he will be teaching a future section of my course.”

“I don’t know of a way I would approach that. This was the most outside the box learning ive participated in. I feel its effective.”

“Felt like the content so far has been good and wouldn’t change anything at this point in time.”

Chris Nuckolls – TEAM – Days (Week of 10/23)

“Chris is awesome. He always does a great job of making sure people are keeping up. He explains things in different ways if someone is not getting it one way. He also is able to make things relevant to the workforce.”

Week of November 13, 2017

Chris Dunbar – A+ 901 – Days

“Chris was great!”

“Gave honest answers and if he didnt’ know it he didn’t try and make one up. Got through the material in a timely manner and I feel prepared(after a little studying out of class) to pass my 901 test.”

“Great structure, good knowledge of material, very helpful with any topic. easy to get along with.”

“I love this guy. The first day of class, I didn’t think I’d have a good rapport with the instructor, but he has an ability to teach while being equal parts informative and entertaining. A perfect combination.”

“Environment was great and lessons were fun. Chris gave practical examples of the concepts and explained things well while not making the info too dry.”

“Chris made really dry material fun and interesting for the most part.”

“Chris always took time to answer any questions. He always had time for extra questions whether in class or after.”

“I like his teaching method, as he makes it fun to learn the material.”

“Chris kept things moving and taught content well.”

Chuck Wieners – ARTP – Days

“Love working with chuck. he takes extra time and effort. Not that the rest dont too. But Chuck takes it a step further.”

“Chuck’s extra Linq homework was stinking amazing! He did an awesome job of giving us the freedom to do what we needed to, but also the structure to make sure we weren’t lost.”

“Chuck is awesome.”

“He was very good about helping students figure out problems and help you find new resources to help further knowledge about a wide range of topics outside of class that were extremely helpful.”

Tad Ellis – ICND1 – Days

“Instructor is knowledgeable.”

“Great job instructing.”

Jenna Beckett – FED1 – Days

“Nice lady.”

“It was great.”

Hai Hilvitz – ITPro1 – Days

“It’s so beautiful to have a gigantic classroom.”

“This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge that we have learned.”

Chris Nuckolls – MVC2 – Days

“Great instructor, always explains things in a simple yet informative manner and does his best to help and keep everyone on track so that we can get out on time. Another great thing is that he challenges us to try and figure out the answers on our own and if we can’t do that then he will help us.”

“I enjoyed having Chris as our instructor again. He seems very knowledgeable, and challenges/teaches us to troubleshoot our issues.”

“We like Chris. He’s fun!”

“Great labs equal parts fun and challenging and the instructor did a great job of explaining terms and the content.”

Eric Reid – MVC3 – Days (STL)

“Instructor used up all of the class time, open to questions and patient.”

Chad Johnson – Sec+ – Days (STL)

“Chad made this class relateable to the real world and very entertaining.”

Caleb George – WS2 – Days

“Caleb is a great instructor. He is very professional and very good at getting the information to stick.”

“Caleb did a great job relating the course to how we would use it the real world.”

“I enjoyed the teacher and content so I wouldn’t change anything.”

Week of November 27, 2017

Jason Presley – MVC4 – Days

“Jason does an awesome job with keeping everyone engaged. He also was able to curtail his teaching to allow going over something that we all wanted to learn.”

“I’ve loved having Jason’s wit humor and knowledge through the last 4 months. Always ready to stop and help.”


Caleb George – PSP – Days

“Once again Caleb did an awesome job no complaints.”

“Instructor was helpful and made sure everyone was on track with the topic and would give us hints but not answer it for us instead making us find things in the help system which was good.”

“Caleb’s extensive knowledge of the material and his witty humor made for a really cool class!”

“Awesome stuff. Made a difficult subject simple to understand.”

“Amazing PowerShell is the bee’s knees.”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – WS3 – Days

“Kasama was bubbly and very fun.”

“Kasama is very knowledgeable and shows a lot of enthusiasm when teaching. I really enjoyed his teaching style and I learned a lot from him.”

“I liked that he showed us some of the stuff that he has used to build a new server and the prices and labor cost. Helps to see how things can be applied.”

“Kasama is very knowledgeable about Windows server and has some impressive Excel skills. I enjoyed being in his class, and his whiteboard visual interpretations are very helpful for a visual/tactile learner.”

“Kasama was great, always helpful and put together an excellent lab.”

Chris Dunbar – A+ 902 – Days

“Chris was great!”

“Great job with making sure each person’s questions get answered.”

“Relaxed classroom environment but course material was delivered clearly and in a timely manner.”

“Chris did a great job presenting all the information.”

“Went fast through the info, but would stop for any questions or if a topic needed more explaining. Good for learning a lot of info in a short period of time.”

“You’re awesome.”

“Chris was very knowledgeable during the whole course. Answered questions with confidence and we got through the material we needed to.”

“Good learning environment and questions were always welcomed.”

Derek Duderstadt – TEAM – Days

“Derek was patient and was very open to questions”

“Derek shows incredible leadership skills with an ability to read the temperature of the class and address any issues head on. There were several times that the class was feeling uneasy or insecure about a particular skill or process. Without anyone saying anything, Derek recognized this and addressed it. This was the overriding theme of the class: encouragement and empowerment. From day one I felt a greater sense of hope in my ability to learn and acquire the knowledge necessary to succeed. But Derek’s encouragement of the class was not unbalanced. We were routinely challenged to think outside of the box, answer in-class questions, and solve our own problems. All that to say, I was very impressed with the guy.”

“Derek was a pretty good instructor. He made sure to address all questions in a timely manner and was very uplifting and encouraging to ALL of the students. I really liked him!”

“Very helpful, caring, and responsive.”

Matt Neilsen – IT PRO 1 – Days (STL)

“I will miss Matt”

Hai Hilvitz – IT PRO 2- Days

“Very knowledgeable.”

Hai Hilvitz – WS2 – Evenings


“Mr. Hai was a perfect instructor. He knew about Windows Admin, and answers any question we have.”

Chris Dunbar – A+ 901 – Evenings

“Mr. Dunbar was a very advanced expert, that related many subjects to work which is really helpful with real world experiences.”

“Chris did a great job tying in real world experiences with the lectures. He’s very knowledgeable in teaching 901.”

“Had tons of fun in this class! He gave tons of good study advice!”

“Chris did a great job. He made the class fun.”

“Explained things very clearly and was easy to understand.”


“Fun and interactive.”

“Mr. Dunbar set a very comfortable classroom environment to learn in. We had fun powering through some very tedious topics.”

Chuck Wieners – MVC2 – Evenings (Week of 11/13/2017)

“Great teaching style! Liked the copious amounts of comments/notes in coding exercises. Very helpful for when we go back to review later.”

“Good environment all around.”