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November 11 02:29 AM

Classroom Experience - May 2021

Student Comments

  • “I always enjoy the very human feeling the classroom provides in that you learn well and still feel you can have good times and laughs with the course and instructor while tackling difficult areas at ease.”
  • “New to the subject matter, but there were plenty of tools/resources provided to facilitate effective learning. There was a strong logical progression of the material that easily integrated with the lessons prior.”
  • “I would say my favorite aspect was being able to work hands on with equipment then putting what I’ve learned in to action plus the team work and exchanging of ideas to solve some problems with my classmates”
  • “My favorite aspect of all my classes are Mini-Labs and Stand-Ups. Mini-Labs help me to better understand my code and Stand-Ups help me to practice talking about my code as if I was speaking to an employer.”

Evan Whittaker – MVC3 – Evenings

  • “Fantastic Instructor. I felt comfortable, he always had anecdotal information to add and was extremely knowledgeable.”
  • “Great instructor, really appreciate all advice and skills he brought to class. I felt stronger in the fields he explained and taught.”
  • “It was a wonderful experience and you crushed it as far as teaching goes. I hope you get to teach more classes. Thanks again!”
  • “The projects for sure.”
  • “I always enjoy the very human feeling the classroom provides in that you learn well and still feel you can have good times and laughs with the course and instructor while tackling difficult areas at ease.”
  • “AJAX”
  • “it was difficult which made me want to try hard at it.”
  • “I feel great with the progress of the course and the mental grasp of things now and to come.”
  • “This class especially had me stretching beyond what I thought I was capable of!”
  • “I learned a lot, still have more to learn on the way but I feel better knowledgeable in the current area I’m in.”
  • “I am still absolutely loving the track. It has been a blast and each class brings new awesome things and bits of functionality that I really enjoy.”
  • “Great as always.”
  • “Really enjoyed the class environment, I still hold respect for the instructors while still being able to learn in a comfortable manner and really feel on level with the instructor and classmates.”
  • “Tough stuff! But I feel like I have a good handle on the material.”
  • “The pacing of the classes is quick but powerful, I am learning things at a fast pace and able to pick up things up in a timely manner.”
  • “I really enjoyed learning about AJAX, even though the module seemed huge. It was still awesome to see that functionality come to life.”

James Caldwell – MVC3 – Days

  • “Awesome job! I appreciate your eye to detail!”
  • “James is very good at presenting the topics in an efficient and informative manner. He ensures that everyone in the class is on the same page before moving on in the content.”
  • “MVC in general, seeing the bigger picture of how all the pieces come together is awesome. I love that this is the realest world example of what working on web apps might look like, if using ASP.NET MVC”
  • “Ajax”
  • “Learning AJAX to make our web applications seem cleaner and look nicer”
  • “implementing cart functionality even though it was long it was still very interesting to see all the moving parts that go into the process”
  • “My favorite aspect of this course was learning the information that helped make my site look like an actual professional site. Seeing how the shopping cart was put together etc.”

Chris Dunbar – IT PRO 1 – Evenings

  • “The instructor was very knowledgeable of the material and engaged us in the learning process.”
  • “Setting up the network to see how what we learned is shown in a real world example.”
  • “Matt Schwarzenberger – WS1 – Days (KC)”
  • “very knowledgeable and always willing to help even when the same problem surfaces more than once”
  • “Matt was great, one of the best instructors I believe that we have had.”
  • “well organized and well resourced”
  • “Matt did a really good job of helping each us out when we were going over labs. He took time to ensure each of us figured out and got unstuck from any issue we had.”
  • “Best week so far”
  • “as always hands on is much better than dictation”
  • “i went into this class knowing nothing and not sure if i would enjoy doing server stuff since i was struggling with net + but after doing server stuff its giving me motivation to study more”
  • “alot of hands on material”
  • “the interaction with the teacher and being able to show the teacher what we are doing has helped me”
  • “easy to understand, fun to play with”
  • “The fact that i was able to physically make changes”
  • “the hands on an repetition”

Andrew Mackay – WS1 – Days (STL)

  • “was very helpful knowledgeable and nice”
  • “Really appreciated the enormous amount of help I received from Andrew.”
  • “Andrew was honestly one of the most helpful and in my opinion one of the easiest instructors for me to talk to when i had any questions. He knew what he was talking about and was very knowledgeable on how to fix and teach everything. Almost everything has clicked after being taught once from him and I don’t need to go back over almost anything, which is very nice.”
  • “Andrew was an awesome instructor! He definitely knew the material inside and out, and really helped me get a good foundation in dealing with servers and SysAdmin work. I never had a problem with asking questions, and he had plenty of great anecdotes/personal experiences to go along with his answers, which really helped solidify the material.”
  • “The challenge of learning the information presented.”
  • “Just overall learning on how to add anything from users, to routers.”

Matt Neilsen – IT PRO 2 – Days

  • “Thanks for everything! It’s been one hell of a ride!”
  • “Matt is the one of the best instructors I have ever had. Not just within the Centriq training program! One of the best ever!”
  • “There’s nothing to complain about, everything was great. It was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life, maybe second only to marrying my wife.”
  • “The final lab assignment”

Jeff Overhaug – Linux – Days

  • “All week long I felt like I wasn’t rushed or unprepared. You did a great job pacing and explaining everything we were doing which is great as it helps me understand the concepts and perform them on my own. Absolutely nothing bad at all to say! I also appreciated the sense of humor, was able to make learning Linux a great experience, thank you.”
  • “I really enjoyed the energy and knowledge you brought this week.”
  • “Finally getting to learn Linux!”

Adam Jurotich – HDF1 – Days

  • “Instructor was great. Very prepared and answered every question until we understood it.”
  • “Week 2 of being in Centriq and it became another successful week. Adam has definitely helped me in parts I was confused or lost at and I appreciate the time and effort he puts in to make sure I become successful.”
  • “Fun Week”
  • “Adam was great. He is really effective at presenting the material in a way that I can understand and remember.”
  • “Starting to learn the fundamentals.”
  • “how easy it is to get help if needed”
  • “Being able to have hands on activity of building a pc and building ethernet cables.”
  • “Every day is a pleasure in being here at Centriq. The low stress environment has made it easy for me to keep up with everything so far.”

Jenna Beckett – Frontend Frameworks – Day

  • “I really appreciate the time spent on APIs. It was quality.”
  • “Jenna is very helpful and easy to work with. She presents the content effectively and makes sure that everyone is understanding the concepts.”
  • “APIs”
  • “Learning React”
  • “Learning how to make and consume an API as well as learning React as a new technology.”
  • “seeing how responsive react is”
  • “React definitely has a mild learning curve, but I feel confident in what I have learned thus far.”

Chris Nuckolls – FED1 – Day

  • “Chris is a really cool and helpful guy, and I always felt like I could ask anything I needed answered.”
  • “Best instructor I’ve had among any course I’ve taken. Explained everything well, kept a good pace, answered questions and made everything as understandable as possible.”
  • “Chris does a great job of using comedic relief during class. Class can feel overwhelming and stressful and Chris is able to help everyone to relax a bit through comedy which is a great skill.”
  • “Thank you for your patience, humor, energy, and encouragement!”
  • “the problem solving”
  • “The labs and the project”
  • “Learning about coding in general because I love technology and computers so I love expanding my knowledge on it.”
  • “Instructor Chris Nuckolls. Amazing teacher.”
  • “the hands on learning experience”
  • “Working on the Portfolio as you go”
  • “I greatly enjoy learning what can be done when writing code for a website and am excited to see what else I can do”
  • “Chris’s comedic relief.”
  • “I like seeing the project visually come together.”
  • “great job”
  • “Thank you for inviting me to the lunch and learn today.”
  • “Thank you for the Lunch and Greet Mr. Perry!”
  • “Having the labs was super helpful”
  • “New to the subject matter, but there were plenty of tools/resources provided to facilitate effective learning. There was a strong logical progression of the material that easily integrated with the lessons prior.”
  • “I appreciate how you integrated the resources within the actual project we’re working on and how the knowledge feeds into each other so it is reinforced.”
  • “It feels very easy to discuss our work with both the teacher and fellow students.”
  • “The classroom environment is very friendly and open to opinions, comments, and questions.”

Johnny Vitale (Contractor) – WS1 – Evenings

  • “provided excellent extra help”
  • “Johnny helped to make Windows Server and Active Directory much less complicated than I thought it would be. He really knows this material well.”
  • “I had a lot of issues but he was able to calmly and effectively guide me through all of them”
  • “Very cool and supportive instructor. Always felt comfortable asking questions”
  • “Loved the instructor, solid instructor, takes time out to help trouble shoot.”
  • “It started shaky since it was your first class but once you got more comfortable the content was easier to understand! I appreciate all the help. After these couple of weeks I think Sys Admin is the way I want to go!”
  • “Being that this was his first time teaching Windows Server Administration, the first day or two was a bit scattered, but after that it seemed like he definitely found his stride and was super informative and helpful. I’m really glad our instructor was someone who is a server admin and could show us examples of the way he has everything set up in AD DS.”
  • “Getting hands on.”
  • “I like all the hands on labs”
  • “I made a lot of mistakes but I enjoy the problem of solving them”
  • “I was curious about Active Directory and found out that I enjoy it”
  • “Labs. Active directory, RSAT, were neat.”
  • “Learning hands-on with the labs and troubleshooting with the instructor as well as classmates.”

Matt Neilsen – WS2 – Days

  • “Appreciate all your help!”
  • “Matt has an insane amount of knowledge on this subject, and I had no trouble following along with the lessons and topics everyday. Anytime I came across an issue, or just plain curiosity, I was plenty comfortable asking him anything, and always got an informative and concise answer in return.”
  • “Keeping me outside of my comfort zone.”
  • “Getting to work on a bunch of labs, it was very nice.”

John Hardin – NET1 – Days

  • “Mr. Hardin has been very nice, approachable and knowledgeable about the topics we covered.”
  • “The labs”
  • “Mr. Hardin was a nice guy, great personality. Very knowledgeable.”
  • “repetition.”
  • “Boson Netsim labs really help me tie all these different networking terms and concepts we’ve been learning about in lecture. It also gives us experience with cisco devices.”
  • “labs”
  • “I’m excited with the principles of Networking and the material. I’ll focus more on independent study to increase knowledge and understanding.”
  • “Mr. Hardin has a profound ability to keep me engaged with the curriculum as well as break down the fundamentals in a way i can understand.”
  • “The labs”

Adam Jurotich – HDF2 – Days

  • “Instructor was extremely helpful in learning the material and answering any questions we had.”
  • “Adam loves questions and always answers with what you want to know and a way to remember it.”
  • “Adam made sure that we were all prepared and understood everything he taught us. He would always make sure we were not lost and made sure that we started doing these projects with him so we have a better understanding of what we will be doing in the field.”
  • “Thank you for taking the time. It’s about more then just teaching.”
  • “Who knew when I signed up for an IT class, id be learning life lessons. Adam is truly inspirational.”
  • “The knowledge we are gaining from the instructor and the hands on labs.”
  • “How easy it is to get help when you need it.”
  • “It’s the hands on experience. Being able to create VMs and even doing a simulation of Help Desk is awesome and I am glad to have some hands on experience.”
  • “every part has it’s value. I am able to view computer issues as a riddle or a puzzle I know I can solve. Everything I learn is just another tool that I can use to that end.”
  • “Hands-on Labs and Adam’s great sense of humor.”

Jim MacAuley – WS2 – Days

  • “Wonderful Job by Jim. He never dissappoints.”
  • “Always ready for the students to get involved with troubleshooting other students questions. fantastic learning environment”
  • “100%”
  • “Jim is a solid teacher and i can tell he really cares about teaching and helping us.”
  • “great teacher and friendly working environment, very understanding with no pressure if you forget something or have to ask a question”
  • “The constant Hands on working with the systems really helps strengthen the foundation and understanding the concepts”
  • “Lots of hands on material in this module”
  • “Hands on working in the VM’s”
  • “Great help from the instructor and fellow students”
  • “ADUC”
  • “hands on experience with troubleshooting domain level issues”

Steven Russell – Sec+ – Days

  • “Steven created a very relaxed enviroment that was easy to follow and assisted in my ability to learn. He was very knowledgeable and even shared stories that helped us understand concepts better.”
  • “You were amazing class was informative and fun you have helped with my decision in my future career aspects and I thank you truly”
  • “Great job at keeping us engaged and used examples we could all relate to.”
  • “Thank you so much! I have had such a great week here at Security+. You kept me engaged for every single lesson and made me excited to learn, thank you!!! There is nothing I can think of as far as giving you any negative comments. I truly appreciate how far you go to make sure everyone is engaged and having a good time, that is a rare characteristic.”
  • “Throughout this whole track, I continue to be impressed by the intellect, teaching style and patience of the instructors here. The offers of outside help through email or whatever has been truly awesome! It would be hard for me to pick which one I thought I got the most from or who’s style I liked the most, but if I had to, I’d say Steve Russell KILLED it for me! For a course I wasn’t so thrilled about taking, I don’t think I felt more engaged or had as much fun as I did in Security +. PLENTY of laughs, great analogies, the material was broken down to a level that we could digest it and just overall learned a lot of really cool things I didn’t expect. Steve is a bad dude! I don’t know what else I could ask for out of this course. I got all I needed, it’s completely up to me now and I logged off our last class fully knowing and understanding that and was completely comfortable with it. 5 stars!”
  • “The breakdown of the CompTIA lessons is hands down one of the most help things we have had(in my opinion) through this course. Really showed more or less a hierarchy of information.”
  • “Steven’s ability to keep the class engaged”
  • “personal experience and was very engaging”
  • “The instructor and layout of the curriculum made it easy on what to focus on and were not to waste my time relearning things even so it has also shown what I could and also want to be more informed on with info we have gone over in pass classes”
  • “Everything really interested me. So much that goes on behind the scenes in security that no one knows about.”
  • “My favorite aspect was having such a great instructor that made learning the material that much easier.”
  • “Learning about all of the tools used in a security setting. It was really pretty alarming, also. I’d also say, our instructor. Bob was easily one of the best parts of this course! He simply just made it fun and kept us in it. I mean Steve. Not sure why he made us watch a video we’ve seen like 6 times in this track already, but it’s a good video so we just went with it. LOL 😉 I kid.”

James Caldwell – FEF – Evening

  • “Great instruction as always! Fun to work with.”
  • “James is great, really enjoy his positive attitude and knowledge about coding!”
  • “I really enjoyed learning React. I wish I could use it on my MVC projects instead of a UI layer. It is very cool to see all that we can do with components and just how fast everything loads.”
  • “Coding along, some extra time working in CSS was nice to have.”
  • “The instructor and environment are always enjoyable”
  • “My favorite aspect of this course was learning about Hooks. It was very cool to see how we can use them to keep track of things without making calls to and from the Data Base over and over.”
  • “Great bunch of people I am taking this course with.”
  • “I personally love the virtual environment, really like my own person time to focus rather than huge classroom setting”
  • “Very informative course, enjoyed it”

Chris Nuckolls – CSF1 – Day

  • “Centriq is lucky to have Chris Nuckolls as an instructor.”
  • “Chris is engaging and entertaining, yet clear in his instruction.”
  • “Chris is really cool and easy-going to talk to. He goes at a pace that gets through stuff fast but efficiently, and makes sure to take the time to help people if they are stuck on something.”
  • “learning about looping”
  • “All of the labs”
  • “Everything about C# I loved.Chris Nuckolls taught it very well.”
  • “making a mini game in class”
  • “future is looking bright.”
  • “I enjoy the logical side of web development because I am a very logical thinker rather than having artsy talent.”
  • “Learning how to properly talk through and explain your code.”
  • “I like actively creating code and watching the results as it works.”
  • “The progressive building of our toolkit and constantly using each aspect to building increasingly complex programs.”
  • “Learning how to code in general has just been fun, and I’m excited to keep on learning about it.”
  • “none now, thanks”
  • “All three (Edward Perry, Alina Roth, and Christina Johnston) have helped me in some capacity at this point. I truly appreciate their dedication and hard work!”
  • “I love the curriculum! Chris presents the material in a way I can understand.”

Jeff DeMaranville – ARTP – Day

  • “Great job man, as always – I really appreciate your energy and encouragement. It fuels me to push on.”
  • “Jeff is very friendly and very knowledgeable about the content we covered.”
  • “I love the debugging project, and I love learning the advanced C# review about LINQ and Syntax.”
  • “Reinforcing concepts that were gone over but not in depth. I feel much more confident in my abilities after this week in C# and LINQ.”
  • “Learning about different collection types that I had never been exposed to before.”
  • “Before this week, LINQ was very tough for me and after going over it again and doing labs I can implement it into my own projects without looking anything up. Helped a ton”

Frank Pflumm – HDF1 – Evenings

  • “The instructor was very attentive and informational. He was very excited to teach, which makes a huge difference.”
  • “I think that Help Desk Fundamentals should be longer because of the hands on training”
  • “Thus far, Pflumm has provided me with the most efficient, detailed and student friendly learning experience I’ve ever been apart of. If he is unable to sit in on or teach any further courses of mine during my time at Centriq, I will make it a point to reach out to him during my down time in the future if he makes himself available.”
  • “I thought Pflumm did a great job as our instructor for HD1. Really enjoyed how he would incorporate his field experience into discussions.”
  • “Very professional, very informative and highly recommended.”
  • “Hands-on portion”
  • “Being able to have hands-on experience with hardware and applicable situations.”
  • “The hands on training”
  • “Pflumm’s down to earth personality, attention to detail and his “no man left behind” mentality. We were able to learn as a whole and still received individual attention when necessary or if someone fell behind.”
  • “The examples to help the students remember different things.”
  • “Using the labs to put theory into practice.”
  • “Everything, there is not one part that I could say is a “favorite”.”

Jeff Overhaug – ITPRO2 – Evenings

  • “Instructor was very knowledgeable and notified us of what employers are looking for.”
  • “Very prepared and helpful with making sure we got comfortable presenting”
  • “Instructor was an amazing asset to making us comfortable presenting and displaying information in a professional manner”
  • “My favorite aspect was being able to collaborate with others at the same stage in learning to meet goals and finish projects”

Matt Schwarzenberger – NET2 – Days

  • “The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and a truly superb teacher. He teaches the content with an amazing professionalism and also includes personal examples from his previous work experiences that don’t detract from the lecture. I would want him teaching every one of my courses with Centriq.”
  • “Very strong explanations! I understood a lot of the content and was content in this week’s class”
  • “Matt is a wonderful instructor that is great at explaining new concepts, in a way that makes sense to me and other students.”
  • “loved the added information from videos and websites shared during the course”
  • “I really liked how he kept the course flowing smoothly but made sure everyone was following along. He didn’t get sidetracked and his additional information added to our learning process.”
  • “Best instructor we’ve had so far!”
  • “labs”
  • “Working the labs really helped me to grasp network fundamentals.”
  • “labs”
  • “Matt is a great teacher, he made class fun.”
  • “Virtual labs dealing with DHCP servers, DNS servers, RRAS servers.”
  • “the knowledge and attentiveness of our instructor”
  • “I especially liked how Matt took the extra time during some breaks and even after class to help answer questions and troubleshoot labs. Very helpful!”
  • “The labs”
  • “I enjoyed the visual and hands on aspects for Networking 2 and it helped me understand the topic easier by putting it into a realistic scenario.”

Chris Dunbar – PRO1 – Days

  • “Your an amazing teacher you make the subject matter easy to understand and don’t make me feel stupid when answering a question even a simplistic one I thank you”
  • “Once again Chris has been a great instructor. He always makes the learning environment as stress free and inclusive as possible. Always answering any questions and making sure that you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. It is always a privilege to have him as an instructor.”
  • “Awesome job as always!”
  • “I would say my favorite aspect was being able to work hands on with equipment then putting what I’ve learned in to action plus the team work and exchanging of ideas to solve some problems with my classmates”
  • “working with my teammates.”
  • “Just getting to work with REAL live servers.”

Jajuan Elias – HDF1 – Days

  • “Im not a entry level user, but even when i was hung up on a small thing or another I was helped with any question and reassured of my learning of it.”
  • “The blending of in person and virtual learning was much easier to learn than i thought outside of class”
  • “I like the hands on lab fixing a computer, and the virtual machine lab.”
  • “Learning new things in regards to what an IT professional deals with on a daily basis.”
  • “Hands on lab”
  • “I think my I liked the hands on part, even though i was a little unfamiliar with the inside of the computer at first. Learning every day”
  • “Continuing to expand my knowledge on the subjects and learning more about my favorite topic.”
  • “The labs”
  • “The labs”
  • “Virtual Machines”
  • “learning how hackers hack, another one was working with the virtual machines”
  • “the real-life examples”
  • “All the Labs. I learn best when I’m hands on.”

Matt Neilsen – WS3 – Days

  • “Very helpful in class, which was really nice. I enjoyed being able to have a good laugh while getting work done as well!”
  • “As always, great week learning from Matt. Never had a hesitation to ask questions, and always had a great explanation/answer.”
  • “Getting to do the in person lab was pretty nice! I really enjoyed it.”
  • “Learning hands-on how to setup networks and all the different server types, and directly seeing how they all work together.”

Jim MacAuley – WS3 – Days

  • “Again Jim is a Wizard of a teacher.”
  • “everything was good, good experience doing the group project”
  • “Jim is very engaging and i enjoy his teaching”
  • “jim is a great teacher”
  • “Lots and Lots of Hands on work.”
  • “the group project”
  • “Jim”
  • “It feels less like I’m a student and more like I am a peer that is being taught”
  • “The In person creation of server”

Chris Nuckolls – PMD – Day

  • “Showed great understanding of team flow from real life workshops. I am very interested as a result! Super cool stuff.”
  • “The whole subject about team flow.”
  • “SAT project. It was fun getting to work with a partner and having a deadline was a good rush.”
  • “Learning pair programming”

James Caldwell – CSF1 – Day

  • “I learned SO MUCH this week. The entire set up for this week was amazing and catered to not only my own learning style but I feel like the learning styles of my classmates as well. It was fast paced but James kept everyone engaged. He would give extra tidbits of info as we were taking notes that helped solidify the concepts even further. He was always willing to pause if anyone needed to catch up, if anyone had questions, if anyone needed help debugging so we could all stay together. He was so welcoming on all fronts, very understanding of us as students and beginners and catered to all of that. He made it a point to really encourage us and lift us up, which I really needed.”
  • “James was super helpful and always made time to let us ask questions. He was also super laid back, and made class really chill.”
  • “I did appreciate having in class lab time because it gave us the opportunity to ask questions in a live environment”
  • “James Caldwell is great at stopping what he is doing an letting a student know that they have his full attention for when someone needs to ask a question.”
  • “James makes me feel as if he is vested in my success, which is inspirational and motivating.”
  • “The instructor, the ability to build on C# fundamentals, and making console beep music.”
  • “Learning about making the dungeon app is fun because I’m big into rpgs and this is basically like learning the that on a small scale”
  • “My favorite aspect of this course is the Dungeon Application. It’ll be fun to create a game myself”
  • “My favorite aspect of all my classes are Mini-Labs and Stand-Ups. Mini-Labs help me to better understand my code and Stand-Ups help me to practice talking about my code as if I was speaking to an employer.”
  • “Puzzle solving and using our toolkit to come together in a large program”
  • “I enjoyed seeing the dungeon app we built in class come together!”
  • “James is a huge asset to Centriq. I felt so unsure at the beginning of this week because I struggled pretty hard the weeks prior but I feel like I’m coming out of this week a refreshed student/developer.”
  • “This class was great, everyone gets along very well and James’s personality makes everything even better. He is a great instructor and does a great job.”
  • “always gives us time to catch up. Focuses notes more into coding comment lines than traditional note taking”
  • “My student advisor and both career coaches have been awesome. This online platform has enabled me to encounter both career coaches at one point or another. I am happy they are so efficient!”
  • “I spent less time on homework yet feel like covered more content than weeks prior. That combination has been pretty great. I also feel more confident after having James as an instructor and am hoping to take that with me in the weeks ahead. He really makes sure to give everyone personal attention to their learning and work.”
  • “I generally make a mental point to occasionally ask myself in my head what was stated. Sometimes I make additional notes to myself to either look into unfamiliar terms further or I make additional notes to understand a concept I have never encountered. I feel that I am making good progress.”
  • “He handled instructing virtually very well! Was quick to invite us to share our screen so we can debug as a group, and utilized breakout rooms when needed.”
  • “I did speak to Jenna Beckett about a minor support issue. She has answered all of my questions expediently.”
  • “Mini-Labs are a great tool that instructors use to help cement the knowledge into our heads as students. James did a good job of using them without over using them.”
  • “I am amazed with the amount of information that can be covered and absorbed in a one-week timeframe. It’s challenging, yet I feel as if I will grasp it.”

Jim MacAuley – WS2 – Evenings

  • “did a nice job explaining,. I liked the pace”
  • “Jim is one of my favorite instructors. he always seems to know how to find the answers we need and makes asking questions really easy.”
  • “Great two weeks again I learned a lot”
  • “VERY knowledgeable on topics. Very helpful.”
  • “Jim – I appreciate everything in this class. This class was where it all clicked for me. I really enjoy the system admin side of things. You are the best!”
  • “labs”
  • “I liked being able to ask questions and work hands on with the labs. Active Directory has been a really interesting course for me”
  • “All it was a lot of fun I can’t wait to do this for a living”
  • “The whole of server admin is fascinating.”
  • “Jim is very informative and thorough. I missed a class because of a long drive and within an hour he was able to catch me back up and Chris and I even finished the lab in time to continue with the rest of our peers.”
  • “I actually really enjoyed the final lab at the end of week 2. Cool to see how far along I’ve come from just getting to machines to be able to send data to each other, and now to creating entire domains with users, servers, etc.”

Jajuan Elias – HDF2 – Days

  • “He would not let us fail. And he didn’t. He had patience for people that were behind in a lesson and was very clear about making sure we ask any question we had. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to learn well in virtual class, but I was taught well enough to grasp the more technical issues like subnet masking. So far I have infinite respect for my instructors.”
  • “I really enjoyed this class. I felt like the instructor did a great job going through the lessons and answering any questions we had.”
  • “Jajuan was always prepared as a teacher and made the classroom or virtual classroom fun to be apart of”
  • “Jajuan was helpful with giving answers when needed.”
  • “virtual machines and subnetting”
  • “Learning the deeper workings of things I knew surface level information about for a long time.”
  • “I really enjoyed subnetting. I grasped the concept fairly quickly and I am looking forward to expanding on it.”
  • “Jajuan was a really good teacher and made sure that everyone really knew what was going on and made sure that they understood the content”
  • “Learning everything that it takes to become a help desk specialist.”
  • “The labs”
  • “The labs”
  • “Hands on….. handling the equipments, making cables etc”
  • “The hands on labs are very fun.”
  • “The Virtual”
  • “The Labs. Being able to physically make the VMs and touch the equipment to problem solve is the most satisfying part, easily.”

Adam Jurotich – NET1 – Days

  • “Instructor was very prepared and helpful with the information.”
  • “I fell a little behind but adam is always will to help me if i don’t understand a certain topic and explain in was that i can understand.”
  • “This week is really challenging. Adam continues to keep me on track and is helping me work through this literal firehose of information.”
  • “Labs”
  • “Building the VM’s.”
  • “Labs in LOD and VM’s”

Jeff Overhaug – Linux – Evenings

  • “Jeff did a wonderful job instructing this course”
  • “direction was very good, took time to explain everything thoroughly”
  • “instructor”
  • “Hands on intruction”
  • “As always Hands on is the best”
  • “learning all the commands that go with linux”
  • “getting experience in Linux”
  • “the teacher found the problems almost instantly and knew how to fix them”

Adam Jurotich – Networking Fundamentals – Days

  • “The instructor was extremely helpful in learning the material and assisting in any questions we had.”
  • “Couldn’t of asked for a better teacher. if I was to recommend this program to anyone i would definitely tell them to get in adams class.”
  • “Adam, you are an inspiration to me. I am going through a lot in my life right now, the constant reminders not to beat myself up and celebrate my progress definitely has started me down the right path. I will miss you as a teacher and a mentor, but I will keep in touch. Sincerely, THANK YOU. Everyone who steps through the doorway of your classroom will leave as a better version of themself.”
  • “Labs”
  • “REVIEW”
  • “Being able to see how things work by building them in Hyper-V.”
  • “the environment here is very nice and welcoming.”
  • “labs”

Matt Neilsen – Linux – Days

  • “Very understanding of this weeks subject. I didn’t feel like I was falling behind any this week or anything.”
  • “Just learning and seeing how to interconnect computers and puTTy into one another was cool all in its own aspects.”

Matt Neilsen – Linux – Days

  • “I’m confident that I’m fully prepared to take the next step in my IT training”
  • “It was difficult to keep up with subnetting.”
  • “Juwan was a delight to work with. Very down to earth and informative.”
  • “Getting hands-on experience in HyperV and being able to actually touch componenets. The labs are my favorite, by far”
  • “Hands on labs”
  • “Applying lecture into labs.”
  • “Hands on”
  • “Hands-on portions”
  • “The hands-on aspect is my favorite, I learn more if I am able to do it.”

Jajuan Elias – HDF2 – Evenings

  • “Juwan was a delight to work with. Very down to earth and informative.”
  • “I’m confident that I’m fully prepared to take the next step in my IT training”
  • “Getting hands-on experience in HyperV and being able to actually touch componenets. The labs are my favorite, by far”
  • “Hands on labs”
  • “Applying lecture into labs.”
  • “Hands on”
  • “Hands-on portions”
  • “The hands-on aspect is my favorite, I learn more if I am able to do it.”

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