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November 11 02:32 AM

Classroom Experience - May 2020

Week of May 4, 2020

Adam Jurotich – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Days (STL)

“Adam was super knowledgeable about any question he was asked and is a super friendly person.”

“He had many examples he could use to explain something so that we could understand how it would work for on the job work.”

“Mr. Jurotich was very polite, professional, and relatable. His Laidback and attentive attitude helped me to feel safe and comfortable. That allowed me to better maintain my chronic anxiety and pay closer attention to the material being presented. I would encourage this continued behavior and even recommend that it be a standard for Centriq Training Personnel.”

“I really enjoyed how he taught the material to use and made it a fun learning experience”

“the best teacher I ever had”

“The instructor was very willing to go back through the material and cover things we didn’t understand and slow down so we could catch up.”


“He made a very comfortable learning environment and had pieces he could show us if we are visual learners who were very helpful.”

“Everybody in the classroom was very relaxed and attentive. It made me comfortable.”

“Had a few glitches on the hardware side, but got through it with expert help from the instructor. He made sure we were all on the same page before moving on.”


“He would go through the activity once on his own to show us then did a step by step walkthrough then let us try it on our own and answer any questions we would have or help if we would get stuck.”

The structure was great. We would do the lectures in the mornings and labs after lunch.”

Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundations – Day (KC)

“FP was informative, empathetic to our understanding, and a true professional.”

“Is very relatable and explains things and makes sure that we all understand before he moves on to the next subjects. Stays after to help if and when we need it. That’s really appreciated it.”

“Overall I really enjoyed this week with Pflumm, it has been my first experience with a virtual environment but I had no problem transitioning in.”

“One of the best instructors I have had in a while made everything so much easy to understand”

“Amazing job with being able to give solid advice for all of us throughout the week and being able to give us a realistic view of how things work at Centriq and the IT field. I really enjoyed the first week of the program!”

Jeff DeMaranville – MVC1: Introduction to MVC – Days (KC)

“Fun and laid back keeps the content interesting and informative”

“Awesome instructor. Always checks the pace and offers help.”

Andrew Mackay – Windows System Administration 1 – Days (KC)

“Really enjoyed this week. Your voice and presentation style worked really well for virtual and made it pretty easy to stay engaged. The work-along labs worked really well. Also, really appreciated your attitude towards questions and making us feel encouraged to ask.”

“Andrew is obviously a knowledgeable guy, and moreover, his demeanor makes him approachable and downright likable.”

“Andrew is a great instructor. I felt that he brought a lot of realism and current experience from the field into the classroom. He kept me engaged and I was able to follow along with his syllabus. He was engaged the entire time. I really appreciated his thoroughness and his experience in the field and the way he brought it to the class and made the subject more relatable. I admire his patience when there were multiple questions from the group and the caring nature that he took to put minds at ease when frustrations were high during labs.”

“Does a really nice job of explaining concepts and making sure all students are on the same page”

“Andrew Really gave us the best chance for us to ask questions and be able to take notes during the labs. I give him a 10.”

“One of my favorite instructors so far.”

“I had a great experience. I would not change a thing.”

Matt Neilsen – IT Pro Project Week 2 – Days (STL)

“Excellent job at keeping our presentation as important as possible.”

“Really helped the class and made sure that our project was ready and we were prepared to present it.”

“This course was one of the best learning experiences I have had.”

“Nothing helped fortify what is we learned over the 4 months we were in class.”

Chris Dunbar – Windows System Administration 1 – Days (STL)

“Instructor was patient, connected with the class well, and helped to explain everything we went thru. I only wish there were more leaders like Chris, his knowledge of IT was strong and he inspired me to work harder.”

“Very informative and patient with any questions or problems that came up during class.”

“Chris was very hands-on and informative to ensure we all had a good grasp on the concepts before being thrown into more real-world situations. Thank you for all of your assistance.”

“He gave real-world examples and experience”

“instructor was extremely informative and I wish I had him for more classes”

“Really enjoyed the walkthrough process and lab at the end of class to test all the skills learned throughout the day.”

“Chris kept the topic relevant and insightful”

“Excellent Job by this instructor, never stop teaching!”

Chris Nuckolls – C# Fundamentals Part 1 – Days (KC)

“Chris does well at helping understand anything after class and making sure that we are all on the same page. He also keeps it entertaining with dad jokes and nerdy humor. He also gives us tips on how things would be in an actual job dealing with what we are learning.”

“Chris is an excellent instructor. He’s both challenging and supportive, and his teaching style is very effective.”

“The labs and quizzes are both very helpful.”

Chuck Wieners – Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep – Days (KC)

“Chuck provides in-depth explanations of the code along with real-world examples. I appreciate the amount of documented information he shared as well as the code along.”

Jeff Overhaug – Linux Administration – Days (KC)

“Keep doing what your doing Jeff, need more teachers like you there at Centriq. great knowledge of material and patient with the people that have messed up or is slow.”

“Your patience is admirable!”

“Jeff has been great…very good at teaching the subject.”

Jim MacAuley – PowerShell Programming for System Administration – Evenings (KC)

“I very much appreciated Jim’s positive and enthusiastic attitude while teaching this class. He gave me that extra push to get through this part of my training and made the subject matter enjoyable to learn.”

“Learning with Jim has been a great experience, he is very engaging and personable.”

“I appreciate the real-world knowledge and truly making a course that could be dry very fun.”

“Jim was an outstanding and highly engaging Instructor. Very passionate about teaching. 15/10 would love to sit in more of his classes.”

“Probably nothing – I was actually surprised, after hearing how other students before me have not liked PowerShell, I liked it a lot more than I expected to. I think the instructor’s approach and attitude make all the difference.”

“Not sure how much can be improved. Very enjoyable very knowledgeable.”

Week of May 11, 2020

Caleb George – Windows System Administration 2 – Days (KC)

“Caleb George is very, very bright! He obviously knows his stuff.”

“You’ve been excellent! I really enjoyed being able to see your face and the fun, open classroom environment. I also enjoyed the format of lecture, demo, lecture, lab.”

“Enjoyed seeing a teacher in the virtual classroom. The last several weeks were just a screen and a voice so it felt more personable. Thanks, Caleb!”

“Caleb’s insistence that we talk and use video has gone a long way in providing a sense of… well of anything OTHER than sitting alone in front of a computer.”

James Caldwell – Project Management for the Developer – Days (KC)

“Very thorough in explanations. Great time management with checking on breakout rooms, good at guiding students toward the right path instead of giving a solution whenever possible.”

“This week was the highlight of the whole track. Being able to do work that took months in just 3 days, getting a taste as to how the dev world can feel.”

“To see myself and my class go from barely keeping up with notes in C# to creating a functional 2-tier application in 3 days is incredible. This week was a fantastic eye-opener of strengths and weaknesses to improve.”

Steven Russell – Security+ – Days (KC)

“Did a great job man, Really appreciate it……You have a great method of handling this virtually”

“Centriq’s best instructor.”

“This was one of the best instructors I have had since going virtual. I enjoyed how he recorded so we could go back if needed and how he was able to keep control of the classroom and conversation. He was very professional but kept things interesting at the same time. I enjoyed having him as an instructor. Thank you”

“Instructor knew what he was talking about and whenever we would go over redundant material, he made a point of acknowledging it’s redundancy but also it’s importance.”

“You are extremely good at providing tips and tools to make sure we can maximize the amount of info that we learn in a short week. Providing the answers to the assessment questions, the recordings, and insights about particular things as we went through the book are all extremely appreciated.”

“Very good at using real-world experiences and analogies.”

“Steven was an awesome instructor. He went above and beyond to ensure we have all the tools needed to take the sec+ exam and how to be successful in our jobs.”

“the best teacher at Centriq give the man a raise.”

“Information was clear and valid. Presented perfectly.”

“Very fluid and can relieve stress with jokes. Also, Humble yet serious enough to tell you how it is.”

“Steven always maintained a positive professional classroom environment”

“class was amazing learned so much”

Chris Nuckolls – C# Fundamentals Part 2 – Days (KC)

“Chris is a good teacher. He makes sure we understand how this will work in the real world as well as he makes sure we understand it and figure things out to help build our troubleshooting skills which I’m super thankful for.”

“He answers question in a way that leads you to solve the problem and doesn’t just give you the answer.”

Jeff DeMaranville – MVC2: MVC & Data Integration – Days (KC)

“Great teaching quick to help with issues, laid back and enjoyable to learn from”

“Great instructor”

Andrew Mackay – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Days (KC)

“I think you did a wonderful job presenting all the information in a professional manner and anytime we had a question and you didn’t know the answer you would help us find the answer through Google or your personal notes. Enjoyed the class!”

“All the labs and quiz-lets we did help significantly and I really enjoyed the course content.”

Matt Neilsen – Windows System Administration 2 – Days (STL)

“Matt is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and willing to assist when asked.”

“Matt obviously knows the material we are learning”

Adam Jurotich – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days (STL)

“Super informative and very easy going, Adam was amazing a creating a safe learning environment”

“He was very informative and would answer the questions during the class when you asked.”

“Adam was very knowledgeable about what he was teaching. He was also very good at making sure that information translated in a way that, people who had no prior knowledge, we’re able to keep up.”

“extremely motivating”

“It was a good classroom experience cause it easy to fit and ask questions.”

“Despite the class being held online, I was still able to retain the information and felt like our instructor’s attention was evenly distributed among everyone in the class.”

“Great class”

“More labs I love the hands-on stuff”

“If we had a question that went a little deeper than the subject we talking about he would take the time to explain it to us so we could understand it in the conversation.”

“nothing it’s Great!”

“outstanding support”

Jenna Beckett – Angular (Custom Class) – Days (VU)

“Jenna does a great job of getting the most out of the virtual learning environment”

James Caldwell – Project Management for the Developer – Evenings (KC)

“Great Instructor”

“Wouldnt change anything, love the fact that they converted it into personal projects”

Jeff Overhaug – IT PRO Project Week 1 – Evenings (KC)

“Jeff was very helpful, guiding us in the right direction when we had a question pertaining as to what exactly we should and shouldn’t include in the build.”

Du’An Lightfoot – Systems & Security Career Foundations – Evenings (KC)

“Very understanding and made the subject material easily digestible”

“Great instructor, I hope I have him again in the future”

“Du’An was an amazing instructor”

“I wouldn’t this instructor is great.”

Week of May 18, 2020

Frank Pflumm – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days (KC)

“I wish he was going to be my teacher for the entire 4 months. I think I would pass everything and fully understand and grasp all concepts. He seems to think and learn as I do.”

“Wonderful Job once again on training us. Really easy to follow everything that you are talking about and your real-life experience really shows and helps understand some of the things that we need to prepare for.”

“He is a very good and understanding teacher, I really catch on to his teaching style. I like that he uses his drawings to help us understand what he’s talking about and not just talks at us constantly. He is always willing to talk stuff out and make sure that we understand.”

“I really like this teacher. I think he is an amazing human. He talked me out of a panic attack today and not many people are trained for that. It was very embarrassing but he just rolled with it and my class didn’t make me feel out of place. I’m thankful for such a great class.”

“The Help desk lab really showed me a lot about what I do know and what I don’t know and made my team and I really think about some of the solutions. I really enjoyed it and I know the other students did as well.”

Jeff Overhaug – IT PRO Project Week 1 – Days (KC)

“When examples were given or real-world applications they were great. Super knowledgeable and helpful in all scenarios.”

“Very clear direction of what is expected of us for the final project”

Chuck Wieners – MVC3: Advanced MVC – Days (KC)

“The explanation to everything that was being coded was good not just what was new but gave an explanation on reviewed material so we got a different insight was nice.”

“Definitely very informative with the advanced topics. Also posting code afterward is a big help”

“Very Knowledgeable”

Chris Dunbar – Windows System Administration 3 – Days (KC)

“What a great class! Chris is very knowledgeable and a great teacher.”

“Great week of class!”

“Chris was extremely helpful and presented the material in a way that was easy to understand and retain,”

“Chris is an excellent instructor and I really enjoyed how he took the time to make sure every student was on the same page”

“He was so accommodating to questions and really made you feel comfortable asking them.”

“Really enjoyed the lab structure of the course, pretty difficult to run the full number of VMs and Teams but we had a good workaround.”

“Chris and Jim did a great job of keeping everyone on the same page and helped explain any issues that arose.”

“I can’t so enough amazing things about Chris and Jim. Chris provided resources that were unbelievable. Every teacher preaches repetition and this allowed me to take screenshots and follow along. I went back every night and redid the labs based on his videos. There are no questions asked like in the videos from the classroom so you just get down too it. I think it is by the best thing any instructor has done here at Centriq.”

“Chris made his own Training videos. What a huge help to me!”

“Chris’ homemade Training/class videos were so helpful.”

“I really appreciated the videos to help with our labs, made it easy to cross-reference where a problem may have occurred.”

“I enjoyed it a lot”

Jenna Beckett – Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep – Days (VU)

“Jenna is a natural educator. She does a great job of breaking things down and recognizing where the class is and what they need”

Matt Neilsen – Windows System Administration 3 – Days (STL)

“He definitely knows what he is doing”

“Matt is very knowledgeable on the subject matter being covered, and has worked with us to ensure we have the resources available to complete the certification.”

Andrew Mackay – Windows System Administration 1 – Evenings (KC)

“Andrew made us work hard but I learned a lot – I actually have a real sense of accomplishment after completing this course.”

“Andrew is a great instructor, very engaging, and knowledgeable.”

“Very helpful and was great at walking us through any troubleshooting issues we encountered and explained why we would encounter them”

“Very knowledgeable. And very efficient at explaining and helping students troubleshoot issues.”

“Loved the labs.”

“Outstanding Instructor. 10 /10 would take his classes again ”

“I feel very positive about this experience.”

Week of May 25, 2020

Adam Jurotich – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Days (STL)

“Adams funny”

“He knew the subject very well and was good at helping us through the spots we couldn’t quite grasp right at first.”

“We had plenty of time to ask questions through all the information he was teaching us.”

Jeff Overhaug – IT PRO Project Week 2 – Days (KC)

“I’m happy with the career track program overall. I felt confident about my part of the presentation and I am satisfied with my delivery of the content.”

Frank Pflumm – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Evenings (KC)

“Great drawings, was very thorough, and went out of his way to make sure we understood the labs and information.”

“GREAT teacher”

“Very easy to speak with, very knowledgeable. you can tell Pflumm enjoys what he is doing and is in the right career path. Great teacher.”

“Helpful with questions and answers and great to interact with”

“Very through in explanations and always gave us a reason as to why this was applicable in the field”

“loved the picture explanations, made more sense when those where done. specially during RAID and the picture of the bear.”

“Great instructor!”

“frank was amazing!”

“Due to covid we were learning from our homes. not in class. but feel great from the chats over the internet”

“fun to work with and have real world experience”

“Was always willing to have other students share screens and troubleshoot as a classroom”

“Trainer was patient and willing to meet with students before class and stay after to make sure we had a grasp on what we were being taught,”

“a lot of material. feel like I learned a lot”

James Caldwell – Project Management for the Developer – Days (VU)

“James is a great instructor. He does a great job of being patient and guiding us through things in a way that helps us learn.”

“Overall was a great week, even with it being a bit more of a hands-off course we felt very supported when needed.”

Jeff DeMaranville – FSWD Project Week 2 – Days (KC)

“Extremely helpful and patient with students. Could not ask for better guidance and assistance putting together a full web app.”

Eric Reid – FSWD Project Week 1 – Evenings (KC)

“Awesome Job Keep Up The Good Work.”