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November 11 02:36 AM

Classroom Experience - May 2019

Week of May 6, 2019

Chuck Wieners – Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep – Days

“Chuck deserves 10+s across the board!”

“Was very good at making sure we were all caught up.”

“Chuck is a great guy and I’m really glad that we got him for this class, his passion for the subject was apparent.”

“Chuck is an excellent instructor! I wish I can give him a 10 on all!!!”

Eric Reid – Introduction to Data – Days

“I am very satisfied with his clear pronunciation as well as kind explanations.”

Jenna Beckett – C# Fundamentals 2 – Days

“Jenna has been incredibly helpful through this course. She goes out of her way to make sure everyone understands the material, and the order she teaches in is very organized. She has been very helpful.”

“I wouldn’t change anything about the training.”

“No changing the environment, the entire learning experience is fantastic. I was never lost at any point in the week and enjoyed learning.”

Chad Johnson – Linux Administration – Days

“Chad seemed very knowledgeable of subject matter.”

“Chad was very accommodating when it came to helping anyone with understanding what was going on without making them feel inferior to the others.”

“Very knowledgeable of Linux would like to take more classes with him”

“Chad has a teaching style that isn’t typical of other instructors but it is very effective. The classroom is stress-free and everyone worked together very well.”

“Awesome instructor, very fun. Learned material in a very productive environment while having fun. He always made sure everyone was on the same page.”

“Chad was a very good instructor and made the class a lot of fun.”

“Chad is a great instructor. I learned that Linux was not as bad as I had envisioned. Chad made the classroom environment fun and we learned a lot.”

“We all learned in the best way possible. Chad is easily one of the greatest instructors Centriq has to offer. There easily isn’t anything negative to say about the class and only positive things to mention. We all learned everything. Everyone in the class was able to accomplish all the things required from us by Friday and we all did it as a team. Everyone laughed and had fun; most importantly we all learned exactly what we should have learned every day and could redo it the next day without problem. Chad is hands down a great instructor. He is the most handsome of all intructors.”

“Instructor had a relaxed classroom. It seemed to work work, and everyone was interacting with the classwork.”

Caleb George – Windows Administration 1 – Days

“Caleb made the material easy to understand and allowed plenty of time for all of us to get to the same place.”

“Best instructor I have had yet. He goes into more detail about topics and how it relates to the real work environment.”

“Caleb is a good instructor.”

“Caleb is one of my favorite instructors here at Centriq. He conducts his class in a neat/clean and orderly manner. He makes sure that everyone is through the same parts of the process before continuing and he explains things in a clear-cut kind of way.”

“Caleb shows his depth of knowledge answering our questions and troubleshooting.”

“Extremely willing to help and great ways of talking us through things”

“This has been the most understandable yet, so nothing. Make Caleb teach this course forever!”

“I liked the material that we covered, it seems like a good foundation to build and expand on.”

Jeff Overhaug – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Days

“Jeff was very good about individually helping and explaining things people didn’t quite grasp.”

“Jeff made sure that every question was answered by every student. He provided great one on one time or if needed involved the class due to the nature of the question. Great Instructor!!!”

Steven Russell – Systems & Security Career Foundation – Days (STL)

”Steve always had the answers for every question and was always able to relate everything to the real world.”

“I would not change the training.”

“I wouldn’t change a thing about this week. Seemed like a breakthrough week.”

“Good job Steve.”

Chris Dunbar – Windows Administration 1 – Days (STL)

“Great Instructor! Always gives good examples”

“Instructor is awesome, would to continue having Chris as an Instructor.”

“Chris did a great job at only helping us when we truly needed it. I felt that it helped us memorize the steps we have to take to get tasks done. Also, it seemed to make myself at initial setups way quicker.”

“Great Class”

“I have learned a lot through the weeks I have spent in Chris’ class. I was able to finish my lab today very quickly and had everything correct. I am very happy about that.”

“The labs were extremely fun while being challenging at the same time. I feel that I have learned a lot this week.”

“I would not change the training.”

“I wouldn’t change a thing about this week. Seemed like a breakthrough week.”

Matt Neilsen – IT Project Week 2 – Days (STL)

“Matt Neilsen – Informative. Knowledgeable. Caring.”


“Matt was very helpful and informal this week. He did a great job.”

“I really appreciated Matt’s feedback and insights on how to sharpen our presentation and it helped me to deliver my best performance.”

“Matt has managed to turn anybody into a public speaker. I’m speechless!”

“Even though I am more informed ready to enter the field, this experience made me fall in love with every part of Information Technology. As a result, my goal within the next 6-12 months my goal is to figure out exactly what career path to choose.”

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!”

Chad Johnson – CyberSecurity Essentials with CompTIA Security+ – Evenings

“Chad Johnson is Centriq’s best instructor!”

“Kasama clearly is one of the most knowledgeable instructors at Centriq. Chad, on the other hand, has become my favorite instructor here, as he is so personable and is able to relate the material to everyday life. I hope to keep in contact with Chad past the time in the track as he has inspired me in some ways to continue in my career path.”

“Chad was great.”

Week of May 13, 2019

David Ray – Windows Server Administration 2 – Days

“Great at helping with labs”

“David is an excellent instructor!”

“Dave is always great at helping and finding solutions.”

“Loved all the labs”

Jeff Overhaug – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days

“I enjoyed how he was individually attentive when we had issues.”

“I enjoyed classroom time.”

“The content itself is great. I found it super helpful to have visual aids during labs and lectures. Visual aids as in drawing out the very network we are building on our Virtual Machines. For the most part, I understood the content but to be able to visually see what I’m building really brought a lot of concepts together for me.”

Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundation – Days

“Very well spoken and can relate anything.”

“Pflumm has done a fantastic job this first week. His experience from I.T. and his time as a police officer has made his lecture flow smoothly. Easy to talk to and very willing to help.”

“Pflumm is an amazing instructor and his engagement with the class and class material is outstanding. It has lowered my worries of the class and kept the anxiety of the coming months at ease.”

“Instructor is knowledgeable and presents the information well. The course flowed well from topic to topic, with enough time to expand upon points of interest to the class. Questions were answered to the best of ability, or stated to be covered in a future course.”

“One of the better instructors I’ve ever had. He cares about his students and what he teaches.”

“He is always willing to answer any questions and help work with us on any additional help needed.”

“I think this class is great and Mr.Pflumm is very good at explaining IT material and he makes the class fun.”

“Never had a professor who was as fun and cared as much.”

“Pflumm is one of the best instructors I have ever had.”

“Class asks a lot of questions and the entire atmosphere is lighthearted and energetic.”

“We have a great class dynamic and the instructor includes everyone.”

“The classroom environment is great. Mr. Pflumm is very good at bringing people out of their shell.”

“Everything about the training content has improved my learning experience.”

“I wouldn’t change anything.”

“At the moment, I would not. I have found this 1st week to provide just the right amount of information to the group, as a whole.”

Jason Presley – MVC4: Distributed Computing – Days

“Jason did a great job showing us alternate ways to code. I appreciate the utilities as reuse is a big thing today.”

“Jason is an absolute beast, may he find success in the Java industry.”

“This is my second time having Jason, in my opinion, he’s the best! I wish I can give him 10s!”

Chris Nuckolls – MVC2: MVC & Data Integration – Days

“Hands down my favorite instructor out of all the ones here so far. Really appreciate having the opportunity to be taught by Chris.”

“Chris Nuckolls is hands down the best instructor I have encountered at this school. Keep him around.”

James Caldwell – Frond-End Development 1 – Days (First Teach)

“James did a very good job relating what we were learning back to how it will be practically used in the real world.”

“Absolutely a great instructor and keeps the classroom environment fun.”

Chad Johnson – Security+ – Days

“Chad did a very good job of explaining the material with some of his real-world experiences.”

“Extremely knowledgeable and knows how to put the concepts in simple terms.”

“Chad has a very good teaching style that makes it easy to learn and easy to understand.”

“Communicated in a way that made the whole class comfortable and everybody got a chance to open up a little.”

“Chads expertise and knowledge was superb. But his bald head is what made the difference. It spoke meaningful and deep messages that the entire class witnessed. We all learned so efficiently and effectively. All thanks to his bald. Give him a raise.”

“Chad was a very knowledgeable instructor and did his best to keep the material from being dry.”

“Chad is an incredible and dynamic instructor. His knowledge of Sec+ is exceptional and he has the ability to make a rather dry subject and make it entertaining.”

“Classroom was very relaxed.”

“Great environment I enjoyed it”

Caleb George – Windows Administration 2 – Days (STL)

“Caleb was a great instructor. When I had a question, he would not give me the answer, he would ask me questions that would spark my memory and I would then be able to figure it out on my own, but he would still watch to make sure I was doing it correctly.”

“Caleb did a great job this week. We had Chris for so long that the first day was weird getting used to another instructor but Caleb definitely knows the material inside and out, and was extremely helpful this week.”

“Lots of hands-on labs. Very helpful for grasping new content”

“Great with teaching new material.”

Chris Dunbar – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Days (STL)

“Very knowledgeable. Amazing instructor.”

“Keep it up.”

“Chris keeps the classroom relaxed and cool and I feel this is a proper learning environment for the type of education I’m looking for.”

David Ray – PowerShell for System Administration – Evenings

“Instructor was great.”

“Great class I wish we had more time!”

Derek Duderstadt – C# Fundamentals Part 2 – Evenings

“Thank you, Derek!!!”

“Moved at the student’s pace – big PLUS”

“I always felt like when I asked a question, I was listened to. And Derek consistently researched the answers when he didn’t know.”


“Very informative instructor, took extra time in class to go over examples. Always happy and making sure everyone is having a good day and feels comfortable with the subject material.”

“Thank you for coming by when issues came up and provided tips or where to look and not give the answer! This really helps us look at the problem and use the hint to find the hangup and resolve it.”

“Awesome classroom atmosphere from the moment we step in. All set by our instructor.”

Week of May 20, 2019

Frank Pflumm – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Days

“The classroom environment is great. Everybody gets along well and works well with each other.”

“Perfect instructor will help with anything needed. Always will stay late or come in early too if needed.”

“Pflumm did a great job of teaching and has made the class fun.”

“Pflumm is a great instructor who cares about what he is teaching and he cares about his students.”

“He does a really good job keeping everyone interactive and making sure we all have a good grasp of what subject we are on. He is always willing to give additional help if needed and encourages us to use all our resources.”

Jeff DeMaranville – Front End Fundamentals 2 – Days

“Jeff is a great instructor and very engaging. The flow of the class was very well organized.”

Hai Hilvitz – Windows System Administration 3 – Days

“Hai is an excellent instructor!”

“Really enjoyed going through the labs.”

“Liked that he didn’t just give away the answers”

Jeff Overhaug – Comprehensive Systems Project 1– Design, Build and Deploy– Days

“Jeff was very helpful when it comes to getting us to see what we needed to do to troubleshoot issues with our builds.”

“Jeff is an awesome and very knowledgeable instructor. His mentorship during this project has been invaluable.”

“Jeff was very involved and always quick to help with any issues we had and explained the solution to ensure we understand it.”

“Everyone worked well together to get the builds completed.”

“I like the fact that we were not using virtual machines but actually working on real servers and communicating between networks thru mail transfer.”

Eric Reid – DVPRO 1 Full Stack Development Build Week – Days

“3rd time with Eric and as always…VERY happy and grateful to have him as an instructor. He’s very good at what he does and wants us to understand what we are doing. He’s very patient and easy to talk to. He’s a 10 to me.”

Derek Duderstadt – TEAM Development – Days

“Derek is pretty awesome with delivering content in an easy to understand presentation.”

“Derek is awesome!”

Jon Lindley – C# Fundamentals Part 1 – Days (STL)

“Jon did amazing”

Matt Neilsen – Windows System Administration 3 – Days (STL)

“Great instructor easy to get along with and very helpful”

“Matt is great and pushes you to achieve your goals”

“Matt pushes us to try our hardest. If its something that we should know he doesn’t hold our hand, and it forces us to hone our troubleshooting skills. Which will help us immensely in the long run.”

“Great environment to learn and accomplish goals”

Chris Dunbar – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days (STL)

“We are lucky to have him as an instructor. Thank you Centriq”

“Again Chris was great! He is very engaging and overall an awesome teacher”

“Keep it up and thanks for the encouragement.”

“Chris provided lots of real-life experiences to relate to the material.”

“Amazing class/instructor.”

“Chris was once again great during this week.”

“Chris is very informative and helpful.”

“Instruction was great”

Frank Pflumm – Systems and Security Career Foundation – Evenings

“Great job at making sure everyone is truly understanding the information.”

“He does a great job with being able to use examples from his job experience to help people relate to what he is talking about in class.”

“Great instructor does an amazing job at giving examples and real-world examples of IT related situations.”

“I was really nervous to come back to school after 20+ years and being back in the classroom environment, not only has Mr. Pflumm been an excellent teacher, but he has made the classroom environment a very welcoming, relaxing, and easy to learn environment. From the moment I started here at Centriq Training, Mr. Pflumm has really made me feel like the sky is the limit and that if I put in the effort I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. He always takes the time to answer all our questions, never makes you feel stupid if you do not understand, he uses great real-world examples to explain things in class, and honestly, I think he is the best teacher I have ever had in any school experience I’ve ever had. I hope Centriq Training really knows what a great asset they have in him.”

“Down to earth all around great guy. Very approachable.”

“Very knowledgeable and able to provide real-world examples based on life experiences. Helped to understand the basics of what our future job outlook could be.”

“Instructor Pflumm is a great leading instructor! he made the initial classes enjoyable and comfortable to be in, I looked forward to showing up every day to see what we were going to learn in class every day.”

“very knowledgeable and honest with answers. genuinely care about how success. instructor very user-friendly.”

“He really took the time to answer all the questions we had”

“Really like that we will be doing hands-on work.”

“Very casual and relaxed environment to learn.”

“I really liked that the Class was a clean and bright learning environment, as an IT classroom and was using up to date tech to teach and learn from and about vice using old tech and learning of new tech was refreshing and encouraging.”

Hai Hilvitz – Comprehensive Systems Project 1– Design, Build and Deploy – Evenings

“Hai is a great instructor.”

“Hai is one of the more personable instructors I have had here at Centriq, he is excellent with relating the material to students and this is very helpful in my personal learning process.”

“I enjoyed the opportunity to work as a team.”

Week of May 27, 2019

David Ray – PowerShell Programming for System Administration – Days

“David was very knowledgeable about the subject and how to solve problems we came across”

“He’s very engaging and entertaining. It was difficult for me to lose focus while he was instructing.”

“Dave is a very knowledgeable instructor. Always willing to help when needed to.”

“Awesome course. I loved it!”

Jason Presley – Front End Development 1 – Evenings

“Very nice and straight to the point”

“Thank you for taking the time to go over questions and issues as they came up. I appreciate you taking the time to make sure we understood the what and why so we could easily understand it.”

“By far, in my opinion, the first instructor on the Dev side that I’ve been able to comprehend and has helped me. Sad to see him go, but wish nothing but the best!!”

Caleb George – Windows Server Administration 1 – Evenings

“Caleb is extremely knowledgeable in his course and has answered every question that he encountered.”