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November 11 02:40 AM

Classroom Experience - May 2018

Week of May 7, 2018

Chris Nuckolls – C# .NET Fundamentals 1 – Introduction to C# Language & .NET Framework – Days

“Chris encouraged our curiosity regarding new concepts and how we can apply those concepts to real-world problems. He provided constant feedback and used mistakes as teaching opportunities.”

“Very Professional and knowledgeable.”

“I like how he has never been condescending towards anyone who struggles or didn’t quite get their code correct on their homework.”


“The balance of work-at-your-own-pace assignments and in-class assignments is good.”

Matt Neilsen – Comprehensive Systems Project – Advanced Implementation and Employer Presentation – Days (STL)

“I’m gonna miss Matt.”

“Matt is well rounded, very experienced instructor. I think his experience in the real world has made the classroom better.”

“Matt is an awesome instructor. I enjoyed my learning experience over the past 4 months.”

“Thanks for everything Matt! The past four months have been a whirlwind.”

“This week gave us a great springboard to jump into our new careers.”

Jeff Overhaug – Linux Administration – Days

“Thank you for providing hand outs for Linux commands”

“Jeff is still my favorite instructor he has the best flow of any of the other instructors. Right amount of keeping us engaged and lecturing.”

“I really liked the prepared handouts. I felt it helped me a lot with the material.”

“I liked having some printed handouts of Linux commands.”

Chuck Wieners – Introduction to MVC – Model, View, Controller Fundamentals – Days

“I really appreciated the methodical approach to complicated concepts, as it really helped me to grasp the big picture of MVC over the course of the week. Likewise, I appreciated the daily check-ins at the end of each day to try and get a grasp of my experience in the course. Finally, I feel very supported by Chuck, as he would take all the time necessary to ensure everyone was up to date on their work prior to moving forward.”

“I appreciated all the time we had in between going over topics to trial and error things ourselves, it made grasping and implementing the concepts easier.”

“Gave extra labs as homework. I really thought those helped solidify the operations of MVC”

Derek Duderstadt – Advanced MVC – Design Patterns, Unit Testing, & Advanced User Interactions – Days

“Very involved with students, Apparent his heart is in his teaching”

Karla Sharp – Systems & Security Office 365 – Days

“Awesome Energy.”

“Actually showed me how to use excel”

“Instructor is amazing and full of energy and has made learning excel, PPT and word fun to learn and shown me a ton of new tricks. this is an amazing class.”

“Incredibly knowledgeable with the content she teaches. Very friendly and moves at a great pace for all the students. Personable, kind, and able to connect to students almost immediately.”

“Karla was very friendly and enthusiastic about the subject matter. She made the lesson fun and educational.”

“Great instructor! Entertaining, helpful, knowledgeable, and very nice!”

“The information given was extremely helpful and useful for me as being someone who has used most of these programs before.”

“There is nothing I would change about this crash course, in microsoft office it was a great experience.”

Caleb George – Windows Server Administration 1 – Days

“The knowledge level of this guy is amazing.”

“I thought Caleb’s class was very organized. I take a lot of notes and Caleb’s teaching style makes that very easy. I appreciate all the additional material he includes on Canvas and the hands on practice we get with the labs.”

Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundation – Days

“Pflumm actively participates with his students, offers his past experiences that relate to real-world situations. He is kind, actively listens and responds to his students.”

“Great knowledge on public speaking, something I wish I had more of.”

“I enjoy his real world ways of instructing us. He is very personable and friendly.”

“Right from the start he was extremely likable. This made the feel of the room more comfortable and inclusive. He is easy to relate with.”

“The instructor does a great job of creating a cohesive enviroment for the students to be able to learn and feel comfortable with their level of knowledge whether just starting out or having years of experience in the IT field. Overall the classroom is great for learning and preparing to dive into material.”

“Great instructor! Down to earth, very helpful, and willing to try and answer any question.”

Week of May 14, 2018

Frank Pflumm – A+ Essentials 901 – Hardware, Devices, and Networks – Days

“Frank Pflumm presents the material in an approachable manner, engages with his students, and actively looks/listens for problems to solve.”

“Pflumm is great!!”

“Very engaging! Great at answering any student questions. Great instructor.”

“You can tell he cares and puts the work in to help his students learn”

Chuck Wieners – Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep – Days

“If Chuck would have been our instructor from day 1, I would be perfectly okay with that. By far, the best instructor i’ve had.”

Jon Lindley – C# .NET Fundamentals 1 – Introduction to C# Language & .NET Framework – Days (STL)

“Everything is great for my learning style.”

Chris Nuckolls – C# Fundamentals 2 – Complex Datatypes & Collections – Days

“I appreciated the way Chris would go over the information with me and to re-enforce the concepts.”

Eric Reid – Introduction to DATA – SQL, XML, & JSON – Days

“Eric is super helpful and makes sure every student grasps the concepts”

“Eric is a great instructor! His organization and teaching style has been by far the most helpful for me thus far. Data week has been my favorite.”

“Eric did a great job helping me learn complex concepts and took the time necessary to help, as well as pointing to extra resources that can continue to learn.”

“I would not change anything”

“Not sure I would change anything. Eric is a great teacher.”

David Ray – Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices 1 v3 – Days

“Great job keeping the class moving forward while insuring everyone was able to keep pace.”

“I enjoyed being able to use Boson NetSim to be able to practice what we covered in class while at home in the evenings. Nice touch.”

Chris Dunbar – Systems & Security Office 365 – Days (STL)

“Chris is always finding ways to help us retain the information which is so important is the fast pace environment.”

“Speaks very clearly and is always helpful.”

“Amazing instructor! Very fun, caring and reasonable! Also, has a great taste in music! He has an amazing open-mind about things and complex understand and use of examples.”

“Chris is able to make the material not only memorable but fun.”

“I love Chris’ teaching dynamic. Since he has been a student himself it really helps me trust all of his real world experience and feel that he really does care about my success”

“Chris does an excellent job of presenting the material in a way that makes it easy to understand and follow while also being entertaining”

“Chris has a genuine knowledge base that he freely shares, his personality and sense of humor are alot like ours in class which makes for a good mesh group atmosphere.”

“Chris always makes the class fun and entertaining.”

“Great classmates and instructor.”

“Really fun classroom and easy to get a long classmates.”

“Very modern feel to the classroom and the building.”

“Classroom has a very comfortable atmosphere and makes me feel at home.”

“Everything has exceeded my expectations thus far.”

“Comfy Chairs.”

Chad Johnson – Cybersecurity Essentials with CompTIA Security+ – Days

“Chad is an excellent instructor. super knowledgeable and makes class a fun environment.”

Jory McRaven – Windows Server Administration 1 – Days (STL)

“Jory is Awsome”

Jeff Overhaug – Windows Server Administration 2 – Days

“Mr Overhaug is a phenomenal teacher, I’m very excited that we will have him for future classes. He’s extremely knowledgeable about the material and can always answer our questions. I appreciate that when he answers questions he doesn’t just give us the answer, he will try to help us discover the answer for ourselves. I also really appreciate his laid back classroom management style. I think it makes his teaching style very conversational which I appreciate.”

“Great job, Knowledgeable.”

Hai Hilvitz – Comprehensive Systems Project – Design, Build, and Deploy – Eves

“Hai gave some great real world application that made the subject matter make more sense.”

“Very helpful and informative.”

“He helped us out a lot when we had questions or when something wasn’t working and we didn’t know what had happened.”

“Fun and friendly atmosphere.”

Chuck Wieners – Introduction to MVC – Model, View, Controller Fundamentals – Eves

“Chuck was great!”

Craig Gerdes – Systems & Security Office 365 – Eves

“Craig was awesome!! kept the atmosphere upbeat and made sure to keep us engaged and moving at a speed where everyone was able to keep up.”

“Helped with new items I did not know. Also some fun tricks. Thanks”

“Craig definitely made Excel and Word a better experience for me that I can already apply in my current job.”

“Instructor knew his stuff and made sure we were with him every step of the way”

“Thank you and looking forward to go through your training in the near future!”

“Very knowledgeable and understanding.”

“kept us engaged the entire time. was nice to see an instructor who could turn what i originally thought would be a boring class into a class where i honestly wanted to learn more.”

“Our class is very upbeat and positive and the instructor fit right in.”


“more of it. i wish i could learn more.”

“I wouldn’t change a thing! Stopped and asked if there were any questions multiple times and I loved that.”

“I wouldn’t. As I said above the instructor was very knowledgeable and included the class in the materials very well.”

“great class.”

Chad Johnson – Systems & Security Career Foundation – Eves

“thank you so much for bringing humor and entertainment to learning. i can’t do traditional learning. that’s why i don’t have a degree. if you were to teach the entire thing i wouldn’t be mad at that.”

“Cannot wait to have him again.”

“Chad was very friendly and got the team talking with one another on topics including IT and not including IT.”

“Chad is an amazing instructor. I genuinely enjoyed all of the knowledge that he has shared with us.”

“very knowledgeable and makes things easy to understand”

“I absolutely loved how you related to us as humans and not just a paycheck to get the job done. your teaching methods were easy to follow and made me look forward to coming to school even after a bad day at work.”

“Very helpful and supporting.”

“Chad knew his stuff and provided tips and tricks to make our Centriq life slightly easier”

“I enjoy the way he ran the classroom. He made it a very comfortable environment for everyone to get to know each other and succeed.”

“The social environment in the classroom is very welcoming.”

“The way that you get students comfortable with each other on the first day, even in the first 15 minutes, is exceptional.”

“i honestly cannot think of how i would change this course with the current instructor.”

“I have a no complaints.”

“I feel very prepared for the training program and for the job hunt that follows. The tools that we need to succeed were presented well. I wouldn’t change a single thing about this first week.”

“I want to provide constructive criticism, but I honestly was 100% happy with each day with Chad.”

Caleb George – Windows Server Administration 1 – Eves

“Instructor was able to answer my questions clearly”

“Caleb is a boss”

“Our instructor handled the course professionally and had the class focused on the task.”

“its great”

Week of May 21, 2018

Chris Dunbar – A+ Essentials 901 – Hardware, Devices, and Networks – Days (STL)

“Chris seems like a seasoned or tenured teacher, you usually find that after teaching for five or more years in education. To be as comfortable as he seems to be in one year of teaching is remarkable for him and especially for his students.”

“Chris does a great job using real-world examples and analogies to help cement the information presented.”

“Chris does a great job of making complicated subject matter easy to understand”

“Chris really brings all the information in the Comp TIA book down to our level so we can understand it better and attain the information quicker.”

“Uses board and tech well.”

“Chris works us through each subject step by step. He helps us to know what to focus on most to prepare us for the Comp TIA test”

“The class is always on time and structured well.”

“Great atmosphere, great group of guys to work with and top-level technology.”

“So far, so good.”

“Very good instructor!”

Frank Pflumm – A+ Essentials 902 – Operating Systems and Security – Days

“Helpful, knowledgeable, great instructor. keeps class interesting. every day moves by quickly!”

“Pflumm might as well be a saint. If he saw a starving child, he would feed him. If he came across an injured dog, he would nurse him back to health. Pflumm is singularly the best instructor I’ve ever had, and I thank the heavens every day that I get to attend his class.”

“Amazing instructor”

Jeff DeMaranville – MVC and Data Integration – Connected SQL, Entity Framework, & n-Tier Architecture – Days

“Jeff helps me understand concepts better than any other instructor has.”

“Jeff does a great job teaching the content and takes the time to make sense of things that we are still trying to grasp. I really appreciate his work ethic, as each night he would go home and work on solutions to our questions about our Ustore projects. Thanks for your work Jeff!”

Caleb George – PowerShell Programming for Network Administration – Days

“Really great instructor for those not acquainted with previous programming knowledge.”

“made class fun and showed great enthusiasm”

Jeff Overhaug – Windows Server Administration 3 – Days

“The teacher was honestly way too good.”

“Jeff is a great instructor. I’ve been incredibly pleased with his knowledge and presentation of the material. He does a good job of leading us to the correct answer without just telling us. He really emphasizes applying what we’ve already learned.”

“The instructor was patient and answered all questions. Also stayed after class to help me.”

Week of May 28, 2018

David Ray – A+ Essentials 901 – Hardware, Devices, and Networks – Eves

“great instructor, helpful, and full of knowledge. Thank you”

“Great instructor.”

“Did a good job of answering questions to make things easier to understand”

“David is an outstanding instructor. You can tell he cares about passing on the knowledge and skills to his students.”

“I like if he wasn’t 100% sure of a question, he would look it up and give us the answer in real time. I also liked how he used videos to provide a better learning tool.”

“awesome layout”

“All of the examples and videos are great and very helpful.”

“The class was enjoyable. Knowledge was learned at a reasonable pace and David did a great job of making sure we were with him the whole way.”

“Wouldn’t change anything. David did a great job and covered a TON of info in only 2 weeks.”

Derek Duderstadt – Introduction to DATA – SQL, XML, & JSON – Eves

“Derek is super great! I felt like I’ve learned so much.”

“Derek just makes learning code fun! The way he expertly explains the content in an easy to understand format makes my time spent here at Centriq something I actually look forward to after a long day of work. I wish I had Derek for more classes.”

“Derek was great. He’s been my favorite instructor so far.”

Jeff Overhaug – Comprehensive Systems Project – Advanced Implementation and Employer Presentation – Eves

“Jeff was excellent. No complaints”

“Jeff was great he would help us when we needed it and answer questions when we needed”

“Jeff was very informative and patient.”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – Windows Server Administration 2 – Eves

“Teacher relayed his knowledge very well and made it easier to retain.”

“Kasama was very thorough. He showed us some tips and tricks to help figure things such as subnetting.”

“Thanks to Kazuma things have started to click. very very very good I can’t say enough good things about him, from his pictures to related subjects to the real world… EXCELLENT!”

“awesome instructor and made it so everyone could understand”

“Great energy”

“The teacher has to work hard to cope with an all-veteran class and he did awesomely.”

“Best instructor yet!”

“I would change nothing. I actually wanted more time to go further in depth.”

“I would recommend Kazama to be the instructor of the year!”