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November 11 02:42 AM

Classroom Experience - May 2017

Week of May 1, 2017

Chad Johnson – A+SRV – Days

“Great instructor. Enjoyed the humor. Kept the class engaged.”

“Chad’s teaching style compliments the material being reviewed. He also took the time to ask personally for feedback for the class content, and style.”

“Chad is an amazing instructor! Very knowledgeable and interactive.”

“Classroom atmosphere was fun and conductive to learning.”

“Atmosphere was amazing!”

Derek Duderstadt – CSF1 – Days

“You crushed it bro! Thanks for being a great teacher!”

“He did a great job.”

“Best instructor ever!!!”

“Instructor provided real world experiences with class.”

“Derek did a phenomenal job at teaching and explaining the curriculum.”

“Classroom was set great!!”

“I think Derek does a great job at explaining what he is teaching and gives great examples of real life experiences. He can relate to how his students are feeling and seems to truly care about our individual success!”

Chris Nuckolls – MVC1 – Days

“Chris is a great instructor. He provides multiple examples and slows down if the class needs some time to catch up. Excited to have him as an instructor later in the course!”

“Thank you for all the help i had an amazing time in class love bob”

“Chris is an amazing instructor and does a great job of making sure you understand content”

Chuck Wieners – MVC3 – Days

“Great Instructor! Love just about everything about him!”

“As usual Chuck does an awesome job explaining the content and make it clear”

Chad Johnson – A+ 901 – Evenings

“Funny, knew what he was talking about and could explain it in ways that everyone could understand…”

“Easy to understand and follow.”

“The class was fun and styled to the way I learn”

“Great class.. Great instructor…”

“I wouldn’t change anything”

Hai Hilvitz – ITPRO2 – Days

“Instructor allowed us to solve and figure out the problems we ran into with our project, but was also there to help with any problems that we asked him to help with.”

“Classroom environment was laid back and we were allowed to work on our project at our pace.”

Week of May 8, 2017

Jerrod Wilson – WS1 – Days

“Presentation and delivery is all there, he always checked to ensure if people got the information as he moved along. I like Jarrod’s direct approach, handling of the class, and overall handling of the whole course given the time and resources provided.”

“Solid. Enjoyed his teaching style. Professional.”

“I don’t have anything I would really change, he made AD Users and Computers really simple for the class and gave them clear step by step instructions.”

Jeff DeMaranville – DATA – Days

“Jeff is amazing. Love how makes sure every student understands before we move on with content”

“Jeff does a great job at making sure everyone is on the same page. I appreciate the extra help he gave me outside of class time working on my personal site.”

“Jeff is awesome”

Jeff Overhaug – LX – Days

“Jeff has cemented my love for Linux. So many of the difficult concepts involved in successful operations are now clear.”

Derek Duderstadt – CSF2 – Days

“He addressed real world scenerios.”

“Mr. Duderstadt brings a strong assortment of popular culture references backed by excellent comprehension of the covered concepts to provide the learning experience of a lifetime. Would learn from again.”

Chad Johnson – SSA Career Day – Thursday

“Chad, made it fun and easy to learn. Sharing embarrassing stories for team building was entertaining and helped to learn who my classmates are.”

“Chad Johnson kept the class engaged, and gave plenty of time for feedback.”

“Chad was a great presenter and had a good day with team building skills.”

“Extremely knowledgeable and able to answer all of our questions. Chad had us share embarrassing stories as a team building exercise which put many of us at ease.”

“Chad Johnson is very engaging and makes the learning process less intimidating.”

“Chad was a great instructor and helped us engage in building teamwork skills by having us do things like sharing our experiences.”

“Enjoyed the relaxed environment provided by Chad”

“Humorous, engaging, and somewhat terrifying at the same time!”

“Chad was very clear with all instructions and did not let anyone fall behind while also making the class entertaining.”

“Great learning environment!”

“Great tech. Chad used the tech to his advantage.”

“Loved the team building of most embarrassing moment and favorite food/drink.”

Karla Sharp – O365 – Days

“Fun, straightforward and Karla made it easy to learn.”

“Karla does know her stuff.”

“Karla Sharp was a very knowledgeable instructor.”

“Very Helpful!”

“Great teacher”

“Great tips and tricks on Excel and Word!”

Week of May 15, 2017

Chuck Wieners – MVC2 – Evenings

“It was great how he explained things and helped us by adding notes for everything in the site.”

Chris Swatzell – A+ 902 – Evenings

“Comfortable and informative.”

“I would not change anything”

Eric Reid – FED1 – Days

“He’s engaging and funny! very good instructor!”

Hai Hilvitz – WS2 – Days

“Hai is awesome! Facilitating style was on point and he stayed on point with relevant examples. Would enjoy other classes with him!”

“Enjoyed the class.”

“Very good guy, puts things into real life scenarios so students can understand.”

“Hai is awesome.”

“Awesome instructor!! Hard to find better. Professional. knowledgeable, patient. Fun class environment.”

“Hai was extremely talented with the material and is very fluent with explaining it well to the class.”

Jeff Overhaug – Sec+ – Days

“Jeff has a great personality. He is very supportive of his students. Many times he helped us with questions that we had from throughout the career track.”

Jason Presley – MVC4 – Days

“Provides excellent visual examples on the board. Explains out what will be doing and than shows us how to do it.”

Chris Nuckolls – MVC2 – Days

“Chris is a great instructor!”

Tad Ellis – ICND – Days

“Well spoken and inspiring lecture style. Really appreciated the real world examples and hands on experience given.”

“Very knowledgeable about the material and delivered extremely well!”

“Very knowledgeable.”

“Very knowledgeable. It was interesting to hear his stories”

Week of May 22, 2017

Chris Swatzell – A+ 902 – Days

“Chris is very knowledgeable and able to relate the course material to everyday terms.”

“Really enjoy having Chris as an instructor. He really knows his stuff, and he knows how to explain everything in a way that’s easy to pick up on. Hope to have Chris again as an instructor.”

“Very good at steering students in the right direction”

“Nice balance of fun and learning”

“Chris is a great instructor. He is always there to help if you need it and will offer suggestions when he can see you struggling. He’s also great at explaining things in multiple ways so that everyone gets “it”.”

“Chris is a very knowledgeable instructor.”

“Had all the needed tools to successfully learn”

“The class seemed to work well together. Good mix of personalities.”

“I laughed, I cried….I learned.”

Jason Presley – DVPRO1 – Days

“I have loved everything about Jason’s methods of teaching. He was really good with questions. If we couldn’t figure it out, Jason could.”

Caleb George – PSP – Days

“Caleb seemed very knowledgable when it came to Powershell. Any and all questions that I had were answered immediately and he took time to made sure I understood the content.”

“Very knowledgeable!”

“Very helpful. Answered questions thoroughly. He seemed to really passionate about the subject matter.”

Jeff DeMaranville – FED2 – Days

“Really enjoyed the teaching style, very real world orientated, I have actually built a fully functioning website.”

Jeff Overhaug – WS3 – Days

“Professional. Fun class environment.”

“Solid knowledge and class handling skills”

Derek Duderstadt – TEAM – Days

“Thank you for the amazing week and the awesome content love bob”

“You hit the jackpot with hiring Derek as an instructor. We had him for C# and team, and his teaching style is amazing. His biggest asset is that he’s thorough. We’ve covered source control a little the last few weeks, but Derek went thru it step by step, getting us those reps, and I feel much more comfortable with it.”

“Derek did an amazing job explaining all of the complex concepts that we learned this week.”

“By far my favorite week of the track. Definitely nice to get so much in-depth real world environment exposure.”

“Our class worked as a team without butting heads too much. Great team environment this week.”

“The team environment and real world practices was fantastic and well taught.”

“I would keep everything as is.”

Week of May 30, 2017

Chad Johnson – A+ SRV – Evenings

“Very knowledgeable and interactive.”

“It was very fun, I loved it.”

“I think it was structured perfectly”