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November 11 02:36 AM

Classroom Experience - March 2019

Week of March 4, 2019

Chris Dunbar – Microsoft Windows PowerShell Programming for System Administration – Days – STL

“I enjoyed this week the best so far even though Powershell is its own tricky language. Chris made it make sense and I was able to navigate alongside with him as I learned.”

“Once again, Chris did a great job answering any questions also did his best to keep the content interesting.”


“The Powershell content was nicely balanced from day to day. We were able upon our knowledge each day.”

“I am starting to feel empowered, creating POWER SCRIPTS in PowerShell. Even though some days can really beat you down, I am grateful to get included in such a trusted and proven program. Only halfway through the track and I have the tools to begin the rest of my life! I am eagerly anticipating the second half and acquiring Net+ Cert next week.”

“I enjoy the information provided for the content. The active learning of demonstration and then labwork is seamless. This is a great way to learn.”

Matt Neilsen – Cybersecurity Essentials with CompTIA Security + – Days – STL

“Great labs that helped give me real-life applications and extra knowledge”

Jason Presley – Distributed Computing – Dependency Injection, AngularJS, & Web Services – Days

“Jason was an amazing instructor. He was very helpful. He made it a point to fix my contact form on my personal website. He was in touch with me through the whole process.”

“Jason is by far the most approachable and helpful instructor here. He will be missed greatly.”

“Jason is very responsive to questions and requests for help without making you feel stupid or inconvenient for asking. His patience and demeanor are exemplary. This has been the least stressful week in a long time.”

“This course was exceptionally helpful for prep of finals. Thank you.”

Derek Duderstadt – MVC and Data Integration- Connected SQL, Entity Framework, & n-Tier Architecture – Days

“Derek is the best instructor I’ve ever had. His ability to make sure everyone is learning and understanding the knowledge is bar none.”

“Excellent at listening to students and addressing the issues. Makes sure no one falls behind without holding up the whole class. Seems to customize class content based on what the whole class seems to be struggling with. Very compassionate and encouraging.”

“Derek again was a really great instructor. He made sure he taught so that everyone could understand what he was teaching. He didn’t leave any student behind.”

Chad Johnson – LX Linux Administration – Days

“Very knowledgeable and patient with my slow learning”

“Chad Johnson is an amazing instructor and relates with his student in a very modest and professional way. At no point through this course did I feel uncomfortable asking Chad about anything related or not related to Linux. His teaching style challenges students to answer their own questions which in return helps students retain information and implement solutions to issues they may face in future endeavors. It was a pleasure and honor to have Chad as a mentor.”

“Very exciting and I learned alot..probably one of the better classes I have been in.”

Chad Johnson – Microsoft Windows System Administration 1 – Evenings

“Chad is AWESOME!!! :D”

“Chad is one of my favorites so far here at Centriq, he has a way of relating to students that so far is unparalleled in my experience. He makes classes fun in such a way that even when frustration abounds, which can be often, Chad is able to bring things back down to Earth and continue on with the learning. I hope in the future to have more opportunities to learn from Chad.”

“Chad has been one of my favorite instructors so far. He does a great job of providing a comfortable classroom vibe, yet has a laid-back manner and show an extreme amount of patience. I struggle with asking for help and he stayed after class to help me with networking problems. He is great about being personal, yet acknowledging when an individual needs distance. Honestly, I am thankful to have had him as an instructor and believe that he has a passion for helping others/teaching.”

“Chad was phenomenal.”

“Chad is a great guy to learn from and really knows his stuff!”

“I enjoyed this class and it had a good amount of Labs to help with hands-on training experience.”

Frank Pflumm – A+ 901 – Evenings

“Wonderful instructor.”

“Mr. Pflum was patient with everyone in the class. He answered everything and made sure that every level of IT experience in the classroom could fully understand. I wish he was our instructor throughout the entire course.”

“hands down one of the best teachers I have ever had. he’s always there for his students that want to learn.”

“Pflumm is a great instructor, I enjoyed his class.”

“Everything works and it is clean. Perfect.”

“From someone who has limited knowledge of IT, I understood all content.”

Week of March 11, 2019

Steven Russell – Cybersecurity Essentials with CompTIA Security + – Days

“Great stuff”

“Steve was excellent at getting through the material and relaying the important topics while captivating his audience and keeping them involved. During the week, Steve met CompTIA’s objective but also shared personal experiences from the field which furthermore prepared those interested for the security field. I really enjoyed Security+”

“Mr. Russell kept the Class very engaging even when the subject matter became very dry and kept the class very real and showed us how these things had real-world impact.”

Caleb George – Windows System Administration 1 – Days

“Caleb’s knowledge of IT is staggering! His ability to relate his knowledge to students in a way that people with no prior IT experience can understand is awesome. He made things that seemed unattainable understandable. He is truly an asset to Centriq Training.”

“Mr. George is very knowledgeable of the subject matter.”

“Caleb is the man and knows his stuff!”

“Mr. George’s classroom environment is very informative and thorough in application explanation.”

“Technological depth, effectiveness, relevance, and clarity are all very good.”

Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundation – Days

“Super charismatic, easy to talk to, definitely knowledgeable and has the real-world experience he shares with us. Great teacher, answered every question asked”

“Coming into this training I had no idea what to expect of my future career in IT. I knew that I wanted to change careers and that I was inspired to go into IT but the way that Pflumm outlined everything for us really set my mind at ease and let me focus on the content we were unpacking in the first week. I now feel ready to move into the grind of the bookwork with a firm foundation.”

“Instructor was one of the best I have ever had at teaching a subject.”

“Frank Pflumm is an excellent instructor. I was very nervous and he quickly put me at ease.”

“it might be because its intro week but I really enjoy the energy and attentiveness of my current instructor.”

“Made the entire room active and involved, very accommodating and made me excited for what lies ahead.”

“Mr. Pflumn is a great instructor. very personable and enthusiastic about the content he teaches. Definitely sets the standard high for the instructors that proceed him.”

“Answered all questions asked and elaborated on topics, provided real-life examples of the importance of what we were being taught.”

“The instructor gave many examples from his life experiences to develop a sense of the importance of what we learn.”

“so far its been a really pleasant experience.”

“equipment and information where both relevant and exciting”

Jeff DeMaranville – Front-End Development 2 -JavaScript & jQuery – Days

“One of the best instructor. Very patient, helpful, explains very well and friendly. Would definitely love to have him in more classes.”

“Great instructor. Clear teaching.”

“Awesome guy”

“Jeff has been great as an instructor and the week couldn’t have been more informational. Jeff has an in-depth knowledge of front-end development and taught us exceptionally.”

“It has been a pleasure having Jeff as an instructor. He was very knowledgeable and helpful.”

“Excellent and entertaining!”

“Very patient and supporting”

Chuck Wieners – Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep – Evenings

“I think Chuck does a great job at slowing things down and repeating things enough for us to understand, and I appreciated all the real-world examples and quizzes contained in this course. I feel more confident preparing to get my job in development”

Week of March 18, 2019

Jeff Overhaug – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days

“Jeff is a very dynamic instructor. He is knowledgeable of the material and has the ability to break that information down to help less experienced students understand the material.”

“Jeff was very knowledgeable of the subject matter and was able to present all information in a manner that we all could understand. He was able to assess and answer any questions that we had about subject matter promptly and efficiently.”

“Jeff was very engaging and helpful in making sure everyone in the room was understand the lecture or the labs.”

“His classroom teaching was awesome, he knew what he was talking about and was able to explain it in a way that everyone understood.”

“Went above and beyond to make sure everyone understood the material. Amazing Instructor”

“Very patient and attentive. Passionate about his job. I admire that.”

“The instructor knows what he is teaching, and is very energetic.”

“Classroom environment was great, very relaxed and allowed for total retention of information being presented”

“Setting up and breaking down VM was great, its gets me used to the order of things”

“The labs were very useful in applying the book material and helped cement portions of the lecture material.”

Hai Hilvitz – Windows Administration 2 – Days

“Hai is really awesome. I wish he could teach all of our classes.”

“Hai is actually the best teacher I’ve had so far.”

“Hai is a cool guy, I’d like for him to be my uncle.”

Jeff DeMaranville – Project Week 1 – Days

“Jeff has been exceptionally helpful during final project week (round one).”

“Jeff is a wonderful instructor. Very approachable, knowledgeable and patient.”

“I love Jeff! He lets us try to figure stuff out on our own, but is very willing to help when we need it, with compassion.”

Chad Johnson – A+ 901 – Days

“Chad made a tremendous effort to make the class very informative and the tests that we are going to take seem not so daunting. extremely funny and caring makes for a productive and successful learning environment.”

“Chad has a really good way of explaining things in a simple matter. He breaks it down into the basic parts and pieces and takes away the “I don’t get it, it must be rocket science” that my brain tries to go to when I find a difficult problem.”

“Answers all questions and breaks down knowledge we need to have.”

“Very knowledgeable had some good real-world experience”

“Instructor did an excellent job in relating real world experiences and his life experiences to the material we cover in this class.”

“Instructor does a great job at doing hands on labs. Also does a great job teaching and simplifying things.”

“Chad is an awesome instructor, very funny and great at providing real-world experiences.”

“love the energy”

“Makes things easily comprehensible for people like me who know nothing yet. Real world examples are excellent and he does a great job portraying them.”

“great class, chad is an outstanding instructor. covers the material well and keeps it simple. makes the overwhelming amount of information being force fed to us tolerable.”

“Great environment, everyone helps each other out whenever they can.”

“Everything worked great Chad was good”

“Environment of the class was great. Teacher was a great instructor.”

“Chad is an great instructor. He explains things in a simple way so everyone can understand.”

“During the hands on labs, the instructor made sure we each had enough time with the parts and pieces of the computers and processes if we wanted to get involved.”

“All labs provided great hands on learning to put the pieces together from what we have been covering.”

Jenna Beckett – TEAM Development – Days

“She does an amazing job of explaining things in terms of present AND future context. She gives great technical/professional advice, and provides helpful resources.”

“Excellent at explaining how everything relates to her real-world experience. Does not simply teach the material, but explains how it applies in the IT world.”

Caleb George – IT Pro Project Week 1 – Comprehensive Systems Project – Days

“As I mentioned before Caleb George is a great instructor. I appreciate his guidance and instruction.”

Matt Neilsen – IT Pro Project Week 2 – Days (STL)

“great instructor”

Steven Russell – Systems & Security Career Foundation – Days (STL)

“Steven was an amazing teacher. I have never been excited about learning in all of my years as a student at a traditional school. Steven has made me excited to learn and he made the subject matter interesting.”

“Amazing Instructor! Can bring highly advanced technological terms down to a real world level. Willing to teach an individual separately if needed and for any given amount of time. Gives great examples! Responds to every question”

“Thank You Steve”

“Steven created a positive environment and encouraged us to not be discouraged. He informed us about useful study tools and other knowledge that will help us learn and retain the information. He mentioned in class that soft skills are a big part of the whole hiring process which put me at ease for when it came to the hiring process because I posses the soft skills.”

“Steven was incredible! He is able to take all of his knowledge and experiences and share them in a way that is easily understood and memorable. I hope to have him in the future as an instructor and mentor.”

“Awesome instructor, hope to have him again.”

“Outstanding Classroom environment. Full of driven individuals willing to put forth the effort in learning and discovering new things. Very Engaging.”

“Steven helped to create cohesion in the classroom among our group off the bat. He made sure no one felt left behind.”

“Classroom was comfortable, well lit, and arranged to maximize the learning experience.”

“The environment the instructor created was awesome.”

“I wouldn’t change a thing. The first week of this program has been a great experience.”

“Wouldn’t change a thing. This course was taught perfectly”

“I am excited to learn more following this week. I learned new tools this week that will help me in current position but will help me immensely when I transfer to my IT career.”

Chris Dunbar – Windows Administration 1 – Days (STL)


“Chris was a great instructor for these first 8 weeks. I appreciated his engaging and hands-on approach to teaching. He was also able to go above and beyond the classroom to help us achieve.”

“Very much Hands On”

Jon Lindley – MVC and Data Integration – Days (STL)

“Classic Jon, always reliable”

Hai Hilvitz – Windows Administration 2 – Evenings

“Really great instructor teaches very well”

Chad Johnson – A+ 902 – Evenings

“Instructor was enthusiastic and professional. Highly recommend for other classes.”

“Chad provided hands on tools for us that was very beneficial.”

Week of March 25, 2019

Jeff Overhaug – Windows Administration 3 – Days

“Jeff was awesome and I wish he could train us on more subjects. He is super personable, funny and very very knowledgeable Keep kicking butt, Jeff!”

“Jeff is awesome!! Jeff is Great!”

“Jeff is a great instructor. He has an exceptional grasp of the subject matter and how it relates to IT as a whole. His use of humor makes class fun, and he is able to break things down to make the hardest concepts easy to understand. Especially when the class’s frustration level with the task at hand is high. It was a pleasure being in his class this week.”

“Jeff is an awesome patient teacher. He explains things very well and has a very positive classroom environment.”

“Stayed calm and helped me accomplish and solve all my problems with ease”

“I liked that the bulk of the class was lab based. Even though I am an auditory learner, doing repetitive tasks helps speed things along.”

Chris Nuckolls – C# Fundamentals 1 – Days

“The instructor knew the material and addressed questions appropriately. There wasn’t a question asked that he could not and did not answer.”

“Chris is a great instructor who knows how to explain complex technical information in a concise manner.”

“Very explanatory instructor that provides very relate-able and good examples in a quick and easy to follow along with fashion. Stresses the importance of professionalism and approaching this course with a good and constructive attitude. No coddling, which is objectively good for the class in the long run. Encourages students to come in and ask for help both inside and outside of the classroom if they feel uncomfortable at any point with anything we’ve been learning. Also opens themselves up to criticism, glad to have them as an instructor.”

“I know the class is supposed to be fast paced, at times, I was a little frustrated with how some of the tasks were so fast”

“While Chris answered our questions, he made you think about it first to see if we could discover it first. If not he then took it to step by step to help us understand how we came to the error.”

“Everything went smoothly this week.”

Eric Reid – Introduction to Model, View, Controller – Days

“Outstanding! Eric not only answered ALL questions but explained so we could apply it to real-world scenarios.”

“Eric is one of the BEST!!! He’s very patient and keeps going over the material until we understand it. He will check on all of us and make sure we are good. He will slow down and answer any and all questions.”

“Eric has been very helpful with helping us understand certain concepts.”

Jason Presley – Advanced MVC – Days

“Did a great job of coming in towards the end of the week on short notice. Jumped right in and explained everything very well.”

Hai Hilvitz – Windows Administration 2 – Days (STL)

“Hai is very knowledgeable, skilled, and patient. With so many years in the field and giving us insight that google helps a lot has decreased my stress level drastically. Yes, Chris, Chad, and Hai are awesome but what if I have trouble retaining even half of what they know? It helped to ease frustrations by knowing that a good foundation goes a long way. Google is there to help but you must know what to search for.”

“Hai is just awesome. very relaxed and ready to assist students”

“I liked being able to troubleshoot problems on my own before asking for help. It will help me to push myself to do so in the future in my work.”

“Hai is a great teacher. He really takes the time to explain the material and make it understandable.”

“Centriq is a GREAT foundation! Thank you!”

Chad Johnson – A+ 902 – Days

“Chad is awesome and a really helping guy with a great sense of humor I wish I had him for the whole track.”

“Chad is a great instructor.”

“Chad provides examples to help better understand and simplify subjects which is a great help when it comes to retaining the information. He answers all questions and makes sure the answer is understood.”

“Chad was able to explain some of the more difficult material in a way that I understood. I really liked how hands on the course were.”

“Very engaging – made the learning process much easier.”

“Chad is one of the best teachers I have ever had.”

“Extremely relate-able and makes it fun.”

“Everything was good and fine”

“Everyone shares study techniques, some students stay late to study together, overall it’s a great environment.”

“Classroom was ready for us to learn and there weren’t any major distractions.”

“Classroom was a great environment”

Chris Dunbar – A+ 901 – Days (STL)

“Great instructor, able to relate any situation to real-world instances”

“Thank Chris for the knowledge in the fundamentals of A+.”

“Chris utilizes both the tv and the whiteboard effectively to get his point across.”

“One word “Awesome”

“Friendly and jokes around. It’s very easy to get lost learning this much information at once and he helps make it less stressful.”

“Great classroom environment.”

“I enjoyed the hands-on environment, which helps me open up and see things in a whole new light.”

“Chris is very engaging with his approach to the topics. He uses real-world situations and personal experiences to make it easier to remember and understand.”

“The classroom environment is great and Chris the instructor is awesome at keeping the energy going.”

“Chris walks us through things we don’t understand and shows us.”

Jason Presley – MVC4 – Distributed Computing – Evenings

“Jason is a very thorough teacher and is great at explaining things in a comprehensible and straightforward way. The walkthrough of building a two-tier application to prepare for our final projects was the clearest instruction so far, and I appreciated getting to use the identity package he built–much better than the identity samples.”