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November 11 02:29 AM

Classroom Experience - June 2021

Student Comments

  • “I really liked to see faster ways at styling up a website and getting responsiveness added in. The JavaScript game was a nice addition. I enjoyed exploring templates and themes. I had heard the term Bootstrap in the past but had no idea how much it can add to our projects before this class.”
  • “I enjoyed the teaching style. It didn’t feel like he was reading from a book. he was highlighting the areas that need focus and was very knowledgeable of real life applications for what we are learning. I also enjoyed the aspects of his personality that he used while teaching. He has a very welcoming approach, and was always trying to see what areas the class direction would go in.”
  • “I enjoyed the learning environment and the information was communicated effectively.”
  • “Using SQL syntax in the Visual Studio environment, and integrating C# into that process”

Jeff DeMaranville – DVPRO1 – Days

  • “Thanks for a helpful and fun week!”
  • “Jeff was very helpful to all of us when building our final projects”
  • “Jeff was very helpful when running into roadblocks, and explained things clearly so we could understand what was going wrong”
  • “This project was very fulfilling to work on, and I hope that I make it fun to use.”
  • “Building our project”
  • “Realizing how much I have learned and retained throughout the entire track”
  • “The ability to work on a project and have an instructor and classmates to help if we ran into a road block.”
  • “The support given by classmates and the instructor.”

Chris Nuckolls – FED2 – Days

  • “Probably the best teacher I’ve ever had”
  • “Getting things to work after a bunch of struggling is always satisfying.”
  • “Good mix of notes/concept lessons and learning through coding/technical lessons”
  • “I liked making the minigame in Javascript.”
  • “I really liked to see faster ways at styling up a website and getting responsiveness added in. The JavaScript game was a nice addition. I enjoyed exploring templates and themes. I had heard the term Bootstrap in the past but had no idea how much it can add to our projects before this class.”
  • “My favorite aspect was learning that I can use JavaScript to write code for games as that is what I would like to do in the future”
  • “Labs in class.”
  • “JavaScript is tough but I’m starting to get the hang of it I think”
  • German Portillo – ARTP – Evenings

    • “Going back over some C# concepts and diving a bit further into them. The Debugging was also very cool.”
    • “It prepared me well for an actual interview”

    Chris Dunbar – WS3 – Evenings

    • “Very patient and helpful. Creates a great learning environment”
    • “Thanks for helping with all the questions and concerns i had. Your are awesome!”
    • “Chris! I appreciate the extra effort you put into your teaching and making sure that we are all on the same page. I know I can sometimes be a bit much but you made it fun. I am glad that we got to have you two times. You helped all of the WSA classes come together for me.”
    • “repetition”
    • “All of the labs that we did.”
    • “labs”
    • “Chris helped whenever i had a question or had a problem pop up.”
    • “learning about AD”

    Jim MacAuley – WS1 – Days

    • “Super patient, and fun teacher to work with. Made that labs more interesting and more interactive”
    • “The instructor included lots of labs that were not just fun, but helped solidify that we knew how to preform the content we had been learning this week.”
    • “Very engaging and challenging course, pleased with the amount of labs and hands on solo work! Great explanations on everything. Thanks for making it fun!”
    • “Great instructor! I enjoyed Jim’s teaching style, he enables you to effectively learn the content.”
    • “Jim has made this class a great experience. He is a great instructor. I greatly enjoyed his class.”
    • “Jim is a wonderful instructor who does a great job of teaching at a good pace . He also does a great job of making things fun and keeping the mood happy!”
    • “Labs”
    • “all the hands on”
    • “The solo labs”
    • “The labs. I learn from hands on and repetition and Jim. I wish the schedule didn’t change and we had him all three weeks.”
    • “Jim’s instruction and doing all the labs together made this course stand out.”
    • “Hands-on”
    • “The labs and the amount of labs we did really helped me learn a ton this week.”
    • “All the hands on labs”
    • “I liked how Jim didn’t make you feel less if you were unable to complete the lab on your own. He was there if you needed him but still encouraged us all to try. I felt that was very beneficial for future confidence going into the field, but also allowed us to recognize when to ask our team for support. It wasn’t necessarily skills taught out of the curriculum but an essential skill we will need nonetheless.”

    Matt Schwarzenberger – Net1 – Days

    • “I really enjoyed this course.”
    • “Matt was a fantastic instructor. There was a lot of information that we learned during the week and Matt took the time to help us learn all the information. He was very patient with us when we had questions and helped us through everything.”
    • “Matt was very prepared and very willing to help anyone with anything.”
    • “Instructor did a great job and was very supportive of the students that lagged behind…. Did an excellent job at trying to provide real-world examples….”
    • “Thank you for all your help!!”
    • “Matt was a fantastic instructor. he genuinely wanted all of us to succeed, and encouraged us constantly to ask questions. was willing to slow down and help ANYONE in need. Thank you so much, I really hope we get you again!”
    • “So far this was my favorite instructor. He was very knowledgeable about the content, gave us multiple examples on the lessons. I hope we have him again. He also made sure each break and at the end of class, if you where stuck or wanted to learn more, he would help no problem. I wish we had Instructors longer period of time, so instead every week a new instructor , we have 1 for a month or so. I’m not a fan of virtual learning , but this instructor made it so much better over virtual , then I expected.”
    • “HyperV”
    • “I always enjoy more of the hands on approach.”
    • “The labs”
    • “The labs”
    • “Labs”
    • “the labs”
    • “The hands on portion was great.”
    • “doing the labs is fun, but the lecture is so much better when you have someone who goes over the material carefully, and invites and encourages you to ask questions.”
    • “Learning how to create DNS servers”

    John Harding – Sec+ – Days

    • “John is always an awesome instructor”
    • “John does an amazing job teaching and making the lectures engaging.”
    • “tries harder than other instructors to insure we understand the material, for this class in particular I think he needs more time to really cover everything because it felt like we had to rush through things”
    • “instructor provided extra info”
    • “strong instructor, great feed back from students and instructor”
    • “instructor”
    • “John is a great instructor”
    • “The pace”

    Matt Neilsen – Sec+ – Days

    • “Getting to do all the labs throughout the course would have to be one of my favorite aspects. It’s nice to get a break from reading and listening to a lot of terms and such and to do it hands on.”

    James Caldwell – DATA – Days

    • “James did great”
    • “I learned so much this week and James’s style really lends to my style of learning. I feel like there’s more class participation as well overall when it comes to asking questions and answering them. James always takes the time to answer questions as best as he can and I feel supported each day going through the course and info. Yet again his empathy and knack for putting himself in our shoes shines through and really creates a conducive learning environment.”
    • “I think that this class was taught well and handled”
    • “since data drives apps This is a tool to help with freelance work and my own personal projects”
    • “All of it. I’ve found that I love data!”
    • “SQL is honestly pretty enjoyable for me since I’ve always been into data and statistics and stuff so I think that I will really enjoy doing more backend stuff.”
    • “I like data, it is something that I have a background in and I have always been interested in it.”
    • “Learning to create databases came fairly easy to me and I picked up on it very quickly”
    • “Mini-Labs. These help me learn very well.”
    • “SQL has the same components I enjoy most in C#, very logical, very puzzling.”
    • “I liked manipulating the existing sample databases. I also like that W3Schools use the same example databases in their explanations and examples.”
    • “James did a great job, as usual. I have no complaints or advice. Thank you for your teaching James.”

    Frank Pflumm – HDF1 – Days

    • “Always helped with every question and was very through in each topic.”
    • “Pflumm was very knowledgeable and very helpful when answering questions. Provided a comfortable atmosphere.”
    • “Great instructor.”
    • “Pflumm was very knowledge and did a very good job at explaining each subject in an easy way to understand.”
    • “I enjoyed the teaching environment and the class was taught in a easily digestible manner and the pacing was good. The instructor was engaged with the students and always made time to answer questions we had.”
    • “Very organized, great with help and answering questions no matter how deep we as a class took it. Very smart!”
    • “Pflumm is knowledgeable about creating a quality learning environment.”
    • “Pflumm was a confident Instructor who knows the material he is covering. He was always able to explain and answer any questions and anything that he was not able to answer he took the time to research and come back with an answer.”
    • “Great at encouraging conversation while keeping the class focused on what we actually need to know”
    • “Well done. I felt like I learned a lot for only 7 days”
    • “The in person labs”
    • “Working with the Desktops, fixing them and delving into laptops. I really like hands on learning.”
    • “Labs were interesting”
    • “Getting the hands on experience. Being able to set up the virtual enviroments.”
    • “Getting introduced to command prompt is something I looked forward to and I’m excited to become more proficient”
    • “The hands on portions were interesting. Learning more about the inner workings of a computer as a whole and what different components and systems do at a basic level.”
    • “Hardware and hands on”
    • “Breaking down each section and repetition. Going through each part of the computer hardware and what each thing does had to be my favorite.”
    • “I liked the opportunity to refresh on things that I let myself forget, such as the different RAID specifications and ports.”
    • “My favorite aspect of this course was finally having concrete foundation for the materials that we have been taught. Pflumm makes taking labs and review quizzes amazingly easy.”
    • “The focus on what we really need to know, the stories from personal experience”
    • “I really enjoy the hands on labs.”
    • “Working hands on with the computers and trying to fix them”

    Andrew Mackay – WS2 – Days

    • “Did great when the lecturing part of the course because it didnt feel like lecturing and gave me enough time to take the notes I needed”
    • “The instructor was very knowledgeable and incredible personable which made learning much better.”
    • “Great class. Material was well presented and explained, and troubleshooting went well during the week!”
    • “Mackay was a great instructor. He provided a good learning environment with lots of new challenges.”
    • “Andrew did great teaching this material to us. Very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable.”
    • “Very good teacher. Provided help when needed and allowed students to help with the troubleshoot process. Fun class.”
    • “Andrew is a great instructor, he is friendly, fun, and he is a great instructor.”
    • “Mr. Mackay was very well versed in the information and conveyed it very well.”
    • “This week was quite enjoyable with Mr. Mackay. His teaching had a great blend of enthusiastic delivery whether it was lecture material or going over the lab instructions. He was very knowledgeable and even gave his own input regarding the answering of questions. Overall, he did a tremendous job!”
    • “The hands on portions have been extremely useful and fun.”
    • “The hands on and the big labs where I feel I would actually be doing the Users and Administrative side of the work force”
    • “like i think everyone in the classes will say that hands on was the best part. Also the teacher explained everything really well, and really made the class enjoyable.”
    • “The hands on labs.”
    • “Having a good instructor is the most important aspect of these courses in my opinion. The material is there but the instruction is what makes a difference.”
    • “learning active directory”
    • “Hands on and doing these best part.”
    • “I struggled a lot with sharing/security permissions this week, so being able to go back over those multiple times and finally figure them out was a good feeling.”
    • “i liked the hands on aspect of the course, Andrew was great at explaining the material and as well as very helpful when answering questions about lesson and labs.”
    • “The labs and Mr. Mackays’ positive attitude.”
    • “I personally like Mr. Mackay’s personal input and advice in how to study, what to study, and what his own experiences have been like in preparing for the MTA exam as well as what our future careers may be like. When presenting our labs to us and having us complete them, he strongly encouraged us to attempt it on our own but never shied away from assisting us should we require or ask for it. He always strongly encouraged our fellow classmates to support the answering of questions, thus simulating the real world environment of being in IT. Overall, this was beyond my expectations of the class and MR. Mackay excelled at every aspect of teaching it.”
    • “How hands on the course is, Mr Mackay went above and beyond in order to make sure we were engaged, and to adjust the challenges if they were too easy for us.”

    John Hardin – Net2 – Days

    • “John has been an amazing instructor. His teaching style has been the best so far for me. I really enjoy how he takes the highlight all the important things that we need to know rather than just going straight through the book.”
    • “Very responsive. Let us know that we can ask for help when needed often.”
    • “- Instructor’s teaching style has far exceeded all of the other Centriq instructors. He is so knowledgeable and prepared, he is able to brief the slides and add valuable information (to the slides as he spoke) without referencing other sources; no wasted time – great use of”
    • “Hardin was great and i kinda wish i had him for both weeks”
    • “I enjoyed the teaching style. It didn’t feel like he was reading from a book. he was highlighting the areas that need focus and was very knowledgeable of real life applications for what we are learning. I also enjoyed the aspects of his personality that he used while teaching. He has a very welcoming approach, and was always trying to see what areas the class direction would go in.”
    • “He was a great instructor, tons of information he gave us. He brought a chill vibe to the class room.”
    • “Bosen NetSim walk through”
    • “The style of teaching.”
    • “Command line stuff”
    • “The instructor’s teaching style and utilization of real-world examples.”
    • “the labs”
    • “Building on knowledge I already knew”

    Matt Neilsen – Pro1 – Days

    • “Very helpful and understanding when it came to this weeks lab.”
    • “We had plenty of questions this week, and had no problem getting help along the way.”
    • “Getting to do a hands on lab and learning more as I go”

    Caleb George – PSP – Days

    • “Very knowledgeable & likeable. Great job!”
    • “Instructor was very prepared and kept the class interesting.”
    • “Caleb was super fun to work with. He explained the course material in a way that was understandable to a beginner and kept to a pace that was easy to keep up. Thanks Caleb! It was a really fun week.”
    • “Course curriculum was easy to understand and learn.”
    • “A nice change of pace after Net+”
    • “Taking the course a 2nd time with a different teacher & that teacher having a different teaching method.”
    • “Learning how PowerShell can work.”
    • “how simple the script makes things after its fully wrote”
    • “The potential for the creative aspect in finding ways to do things more easily”
    • “Caleb’s chill approach to PowerShell.”
    • “I appreciate all the help you give.”

    Adam Jurotich – SSCF – Days

    • “Always prepared and organized. Has a lot of life experience in the subject matter and is not afraid to share good and bad.”
    • “Adam does a great job at ensuring everyone voices their opinion and asks any questions about what is being discussed.”
    • “This has been without a shadow of a doubt my best learning experience. This is exactly what i was looking for and so much more. Adam isan amazing individual with the rare ability to pull the vulnerable side out of other people. Doing this really allows him to help us on suchdeep levels and i could have never asked for such a solid instructor. I very much appreciate his approach and am loving how much morethought i am putting into the questions i ask amongst so many other things. Truly a blessing to have him here teaching.”
    • “Instructor was very personable, and easy to speak with”
    • “I like it all so far”
    • “Helping me learn to express my feelings properly and being able to talk about things I usually don’t talk about.”
    • “so far my favorite thing has been getting grilled for our mock meet and greet scenario.”

    Chris Nuckolls – PMD – Evenings

    • “Fantastic instructor. Insightful, better than in previous classes, and looks to be developing himself in his own career.”
    • “Great instructor, down to earth and very knowledgeable. I really enjoy him!”
    • “Working with unexpected circumstances.”
    • “Peer Programming is enjoyable and taking time in it is great.”
    • “I really liked learning about things like trello, and requirement gathering. Just learning how to ask the right questions”
    • “Good curriculum, lent itself to a lot of personal insights.”
    • “Very helpful in terms of really thinking ahead and understanding peer programming and other important concepts.”

    Shawn Nelson – MVC1 – Days

    • “the instructor knows what he is doing.”
    • “Shawn was always willing to stay over breaks and lunches to make sure everyone was on the same page, and took time to answer our questions. I did appreciate his willingness to invite us to share screens when we’re having troubles to have everyone look together and try to solve the issue, and we received a LOT of training and experience with debugging this week, which was awesome.”
    • “I feel that your willingness to help and patience really were showcased this week. Thank you for that.”
    • “getting the books DB to load felt amazing”
    • “Lots of code-along”
    • “Adding new knowledge to my Personal Site”

    Shane Gibbs – NET+1 Evening

    • “Shane was very attentive to us.”
    • “Overall, I thought Shane did a great job.”
    • “Working the labs that tied in with the lecture.”
    • “Labs”
    • “I actually enjoyed Net SIM”

    Jim MacAuley – WSA3 Days

    • “Honestly the best teacher I’ve had since I started Centriq. From making things lighthearted and still got through subjects in a way that made it easy to learn.”
    • “Great instructor”
    • “Thanks a lot Jim! Everything we have been learning came together this week.”
    • “Jim is my favorite instructor. He’s very knowledgeable and very good at teaching his classes. He is also very good at keeping class entertaining and fun. Amazing teacher.”
    • “Mr. MacAuley was a great instructor whose teaching method was informative, enthusiastic and he provided us with great resources to assist us in preparing for our MTA exam.”
    • “Had a wonderful time!”
    • “Jim was fantastic at teaching”
    • “Last two days was in person”
    • “Jim is an amazing teacher. I have enjoyed every aspect of this class.”
    • “Group project was very fun and helped team building”
    • “labs”
    • “Working with Jim and our teams to build our it companies and implement our networks!”
    • “Classroom time”
    • “the hands on lab aspect”
    • “The enthusiasm that Jim shares with the class is great!”
    • “The group project/presentation at the end of the week was my favorite part of the course.”
    • “Being able to do this project as a team”

    Chris Dunbar – WSA1 Days

    • “The pace was perfect for me. Mr. Dunbar did not know I had already taking this class & taught the class as if it was my first time taking it. That helped me understand much better than the first time but I’m sure both classes helped me understand better.”
    • “Instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. He made sure to explain why everything happened instead of just telling us how to do things. Made the class more interesting.”
    • “I like that for most of everything we learned he had some way to make a diagram of it being a visual learner it helps a lot.”
    • “I had a great week Chris. Messing around with ADDS is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Really enjoyed this class.”
    • “Review information & getting a better understanding.”
    • “Labs were definitely the best part of this class.”

    Frank Pflumm – HDF2 Days

    • “pflumm is a great teacheR. Engages well and keeps the atmosphere light.”
    • “Very thorough”
    • “I enjoyed the learning environment and the information was communicated effectively.”
    • “Drawings and how he learned helped me with my learning style”
    • “I enjoyed the labs and the review process”
    • “Learning all the new terminology and getting experience with my teammates”
    • “Building virtual machines”
    • “Labs”
    • “Getting the hand on experience during the labs.”
    • “Lot of good information and educational labs”
    • “The fact that this class didnt feel like school. It wasnt boring the entire time. I was still able to learn everything i needed to, but without feeling pressured and boring.”
    • “The hands on server building and diagnosing of issues for why devices wont function.”
    • “The hands-on portion of the class helps me retain the information we are learning.”
    • “The lab work we conducted.”
    • “The VM’s”

    Matt Neilsen – PRO2 Days

    • “Matt was great, as always, and helped out immensely throughout the week, and worked around our schedules to help us get things done on time.”
    • “Being able to branch out and work on speaking skills”
    • “Learning all the technical aspects of server administration, and setting things up from scratch.”

    Jeff Overhaug – PRO2 Days

    • “Really enjoyed the project. Jeff was a great help throughout the project with any questions we had.”
    • “Terrific and a great help. Class was always fun and productive”
    • “Jeff has been extremly prepared, he has been so helpful with our project.”
    • “all the instructors ive had up to this point were great, i am going to miss going here”
    • “Bringing everything we learned together.”
    • “Hands on Labs are by far and large my favorite”
    • “The practical part and the instructors”
    • “I feel like a competent and mostly prepared for the professional world”
    • “Reviewing the fact that I have grown through out the course.”
    • “Jeff was fantastic one of the best instructors Centriq has.”
    • “i got to pull everything i have learned up to now and use it in a project”

    Adam Jurotich – HDF1 Days

    • “awesome instructor strong teaching skills”
    • “Adam is a very dedicated teacher, and really takes the time to ensure everyone understands each topic and really goes the extra mile when extra help is needed.”
    • “Adam is doing a great job, while doing the lectures to keep us engaged but giving examples of real life experience.”
    • “Adam is really helping me become a better student.”
    • “As I’ve come to expect in my little time here Adam does a phenomenal job of putting everyone in the right headspace and facilitating a top notch learning environment.”
    • “learning all the new fun and interesting things about cmd prompt and hardware”
    • “Learning new things each and every day with my fellow classmates and expanding my knowledge on many technologies.”
    • “Working on the labs.”
    • “Learning how to create virtual machines and how to install them and the little things that go along with them.”
    • “Command Prompt”

    Jeff Overhaug – Linux Evening

    • “One of the best instructors of the track. Super helpful and knowledgable”
    • “Great Job man! Probably my favorite instructor”
    • “Jeff did a great job, was able to make Linux much easier to understand. Really glad he was my instructor”
    • “It certainly wasn’t easy but he managed to guide us all through it”
    • “Jeff I really appreciate how you were able to adapt to everyone’s learning style and pace. Sometimes we had to troubleshoot some crazy things and you managed to keep everyone engaged. Linux is not my most favorite topic out there but you kept it interesting and I at least remember what you taught us. See you in project!”
    • “working through the labs with instructor assistance”
    • “Being comfortable. He made it fun. Always answered questions. Taught at a good pace. Whenever i needed help, he always showed me how to fix the problem!”
    • “labs”
    • “The final lab, creating a small network with an AD server, Linux DHCP and email as well as GPOs, it was very cool”
    • “Vi’ing and typing out code”
    • “The labs.”

    Jim MacAuley – Linux Days

    • “Great Teacher! had a fun time,, and learned alot.”
    • “Great class, I learned a lot this week!”
    • “Great instructor”
    • “Jim did great with all the troubleshooting we did, was a tough class but everyone helped each other”
    • “Jim has been one of my favorite instructors so far. He is not afraid to say that he does not know something and he will find the answer one way or another. He teaches in a way that most if not all can understand. he covers the 3 ways of learning, which in my opinion is needed. He allow myself and my fellow classmates help in the troubleshooting process.”
    • “Jim is the best! As always.”
    • “It was mostly hands-on.”
    • “Learning through troubleshooting”
    • “Troubleshooting and command line interface”
    • “Working on troubleshooting skills”
    • “Jim as an instructor was amazing!”

    Adam Jurotich – HDF2 Days

    • “Adam never fails to ensure everyone understands the subject at matter and if you don’t, he puts in the extra effort to explain differently and ask which part is misunderstood.”
    • “Adam takes the time to make sure we are understanding what he is teaching.”
    • “Really appreciate the positive pushing he does to bring us as students into the proper headspace to succeed in and out of the classroom as well as the opportunity to ask questions about things we are curious over. Another good week in the books with a teacher I will always be thankful for having.”
    • “troubleshooting”
    • “I really enjoyed the hands on labs and working with virtual machines. Doing things myself, especially multiple times helps me understand how things work and why something is done.”
    • “The learning enviroment”
    • “I really enjoyed the hep desk lab (even if it didn’t seem that way)”

    Matt Schwarzenberger – WS2 Days

    • “Well Done!!!”
    • “Instructor was helpful with the material and knowledgeable.”
    • “laid out the information really well and was really easy to understand the information”
    • “Thanks Matt, for going the extra mile. It was really nice staying after class to help me with net+ studies. I’ll keep in touch!”
    • “The fact that I did not stress any where near as much as the first time I took this class. Mainly because it was review & I understood more. This by week will help me spend more time review the learning material presented this week.”
    • “Seeing how detailed you can get in the server environment, Messing with the interactive logon”
    • “Matt’s humor. Learning disk management.”

    Jajuan Elias (Steven Russell Co-Teach) – Net+ 1 Days

    • “You both did great at teaching the content and working together to make sure we all had at least an understanding and we even able to take the extra time to do extra review in areas we struggled in. Steve needs to work on the dad jokes.”
    • “Good pace for the amount of information that was given!”
    • “I look forward to having Steve as a teacher again. His energy really kept me going in the lecture portion of the class. Jajuan also did well with Steve in relaying information and answering questions.”
    • “I really appreciate the few extra minutes after class to clarify some points of concern for me.”
    • “Both Steve and Jajuan were both competent instructors over this weeks material it was a lot to take in but I feel confident in being able to understand the material due to the fact that Steve and Jajuan will spend extra time working with students and answering additional questions.”
    • “The environment in general”
    • “The labs. They helped a lot and I really enjoyed them!”
    • “The Labs were the best part of the course.”
    • “digging into the networks”
    • “Doing the hands on labs.”
    • “I enjoyed expanding my knowledge with the more realistic aspects of networking”
    • “The people”
    • “Manipulating virtual Machines”
    • “Labs, hands on”
    • “Learning the ropes for creating servers”

    Jenna Beckett – MVC2 – Days

    • “Jenna is beyond excellent and deserves a raise. She just really goes above and beyond with all that she does. She is organized, knows curriculum inside and out, has a great pace when going over the material, gives lots of extra explanations and examples to make the concepts easier to grasp, is super engaging from start to finish each day, and is so smart at troubleshooting. I can’t say enough good things, this week has been amazing and I’m very thankful we were able to have her as an instructor. The way she handles her instructing, work, and tasks is admirable and is inspiring to me as a fellow woman techie coming into this field. She is a diamond for Centriq. ***Also want to give a shout out to Chris Nuckolls, we had him on Monday. He deserves recognition for that. Thank you, Chris!”
    • “Thank you Jenna for making sense of so many things this week!”
    • “Thank you so much for helping me to grasp and actually understand concepts! I enjoy being able to know what I’m doing.”
    • “Jenna did a great job, and I enjoyed her as a teacher.”
    • “I weirdly liked metadata. Really, anything that dealt with SQL since that’s been my favorite overall throughout the track.”
    • “The jokes.”
    • “Using SQL syntax in the Visual Studio environment, and integrating C# into that process”
    • “I enjoyed Jenna’s personality!”
    • “Thank you guys!”
    • “I heard that the MVC weeks would be “tough”. I feel like I have a semi-firm understanding of the material covered in week 2. Can’t believe the course is already halfway over!”
    • “MVC2 was made a lot clearer for me this week, So I feel a lot more confidant in myself now.”
    • “This week went by so smoothly. Even the material I don’t feel like I grasp 100% yet, Jenna covered it all so well that I know just a few more readings of my notes will get me there. Jenna really takes charge in the classroom, guiding us through all these topics. I think this curriculum is helpful for us as it shows us capabilities with EF.”
    • “The periodic prompts, checks for understanding, thorough explanations, and tools provided in Canvas are all extremely helpful”

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