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November 11 02:33 AM

Classroom Experience - June 2020

Student Comments

  • “Haven’t had a true in-class experience since we started online, but it’s still been a wonderful experience regardless.”
  • “I’m impressed with the number of resources we have to help us.”
  • “The classroom environment is a good one, and the virtual classroom is highly effective.”
  • “Did a great job with putting us in a work-like environment”
  • “I had a great experience at Centriq and would not change my experience. I thought you all adapted to the current world situation and I felt like I was in the “know” each time new development at the school had an impact on me.”

Jared Long – Front-End Development 1 – Days (STL) FIRST TEACH!!!

  • “Jared is doing an amazing job. He’s very patient and he is great at explaining the how and why of everything.”
  • “Jared Long is a great teacher. Extremely patient and helpful.”
  • “Jared’s patience, understanding, and ability to help his students goes beyond reproach. He makes learning fun and easier to comprehend.”
  • “Jared is an excellent and very knowledgeable instructor. He is very patient and walks us through each step before asking to take over if we find ourselves unable to understand where we are. His primary focus is very clearly to build our own skills and not to show off his own. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had.”
  • “Very good at teaching the syllabus, definitely has the knowledge”
  • “Haven’t had a true in-class experience since we started online, but it’s still been a wonderful experience regardless.”
  • “At this time, we are working remotely through the material. This is especially helpful for me as I currently live 90/120 minutes away from campus.”
  • “The remote environment is perfect. I honestly am hopeful this remote classroom stays as it is due to the convenience of not having to drive for almost one hour just to commute to class. I am much more mentally prepared thanks to getting that extra hour of rest and having the comfort of my own home as my classroom. I am more than satisfied with the current set up.”
  • “I’m impressed with the number of resources we have to help us.”
  • “would not change the content at this time. Everything is in a well-thought-out order.”

Adam Jurotich – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days (STL)

  • “He made the class easy to understand and follow helped clear up any questions we had”
  • “Adam has made himself one of my favorite trainers of all time. His dedication to teaching, The time he spent per student and his patience leave a lot to be remembered. I believe him to be a shining example for Centriq Training.”
  • “the best so far”

Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundations – Days (KC)

  • “He takes into account that most of the students don’t have a lick of IT knowledge, and explains everything from the ground up.”
  • “Very clear and precise with the material presented. Great Instructor!”
  • “Frank Pflumm answers every question and explains every concept fully”
  • “Make’s Everyone feel comfortable. Especially students with no experience.”
  • “Frank Pflumm has been outstanding in this first week. No question, concern, or even fun comment has been discouraged or left out. The virtual classroom environment presents a challenge to us all that our instructor has met with real skill.”
  • “Pflumm provided good insight into career paths and job roles which helped to clarify the job market we’re heading into. He relates well to students through experiences and content.”
  • “Pflumm really knows how to reach his students. Using plenty of real-world experiences and going at a pace that’s easy to follow has really made this course easy to track.”
  • “The instructor and his demeanor and approach provide a sense of fellowship with the students and with himself. Pflumm seems to genuinely care about our improvement and success.”
  • “I have no complaints, Pflumm is a great instructor, I’d rate 10/10 if I could.”
  • “Even from a virtual location, the programs and resources provided have all felt top-notch to me.”
  • “The class and school were clean and well organized. It seemed that almost everyone at the school was focused on learning and professionalism.”
  • “So far I have had more experience at my house than the classroom due to social distant really improves pace overall”

Chris Nuckolls – Front-End Development 1 – Days (KC)

  • “would say that I have been through “school” and knew that this would be different. Being slightly concerned that it may take more for me to pick up the necessary skills, but Chris Nuckolls was able to cover the content extensively, teach in a manner that was easy to comprehend, be patient when needing to be about certain portions of the material, challenge our knowledge of the material we just learned, and be a great expert and resource throughout the entire course. My favorite instructor and I hope to get more course knowledge from Chris Nuckolls.”
  • “The instructor was super attentive and very helpful with all problems we encountered. He was also very thorough.”
  • “Chris was great. He presents at a good speed in a clear manner and took the time to address the concerns of all of the students in the class. I genuinely enjoyed learning from him and would like to do so again.”
  • “Chris is awesome and did a great job making things relatable for me. It was a lot of information, but I feel like I learned a lot. He also made it comfortable and not high stress as I was already nervous I appreciated that!”
  • “The online environment was a little bit of a curveball but it was evident that Centriq, the Instructor, and the supporting staff were prepared to take on the challenge.”
  • “I really love the virtual classroom environment”
  • “The virtual environment through Adobe Connect was very helpful for attending class remotely.”
  • “I was very pleasantly surprised by working on-line. I almost postponed enrollment but this week was wonderful and left me 4 hours a day of extra study time not on the road.”
  • “I wouldn’t change it all the pace was perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
  • “I don’t believe any changes are necessary at this time. The content was in-depth and relevant to the desired learning objectives.”
  • “the pacing has been wonderful, and our teacher does a great job of keeping us engaged”

Chris Dunbar – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Days (KC)

  • “He made sure to take the time to help us when we needed it. Never making us feel stupid. He was patient and kind. And very funny.”
  • “All week Chris did a fantastic job introducing us to all these new materials and even went over the material that we knew in previous weeks just to re-iterate the info to us. Fantastic job relaying the information from what the textbook said and even giving real-world experiences and why it is important to not only know what a word is but also fully understand it.”
  • “He always made sure we understood, When we went over the chapter if not several of us answered the question, he would then go over the topic again just to make sure we understood it. I really appreciated it.
  • “Great! Friendly environment”
  • “The classroom environment was really good. It was easy to be comfortable and be productive throughout the week because of such a laid back environment and teacher. Super great!”

Jeff DeMaranville – Introduction to DATA – Days (KC) TJ Boone Co-Teach

  • “It was good having both TJ and Jeff and being able to get two different styles of teaching. Both were good at making the class more enjoyable. EX. joking around (when appropriate).”

James Caldwell – Front-End Frameworks – Days (KC) Shawn Nelson Co-Teach

  • “Loved the mix between James and Shawn. Both worked together well. I thought Shawn did VERY very well for his first-week teaching.”
  • “I really enjoyed this course. Having Shawn teach was really really good. I think he’s super valuable and I’m looking forward to having him in future courses.”

Matt Neilsen – Linux Administration – Days (STL)

  • “The instructor is a wizard in Linux CLI and GUI”
  • “One of the most challenging classes I have taken so far at Centriq but I feel far more comfortable working in CLI and with LINUX. I believe this will definitely help me in the years to come.”

Chris Nuckolls – C# Fundamentals 1 – Evenings (KC)

  • “I have really appreciated how Chris has built our understanding from the ground up. He’s not afraid to go slower to make sure we are understanding what we are learning, and that really improves pace overall”

Steven Russell – Security+ – Days (KC)

  • “Steven Russell! You are amazing. Learned so much during my Bootcamp Sec+ session with Steven. I appreciate his knowledge, his patience, and his guidance. Such a pleasure to learn from him again.”
  • “I really enjoyed this class and instructor, in spite of how much content was covered haha! Breaking up the day with review and assessment questions really helped with long lecture days.”
  • “Very impressed by how Steven can teach so much information on a lecture-based course and have people stay engaged for such a long period of time. NOt sure how he does it but it was really amazing.”

Chris Dunbar – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days (KC)

  • “Everything was pretty solid. The knowledge was really good.”

Frank Pflumm – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Days (KC)

  • “Frank Pflumm has been a pleasure to learn under. He has led each class in a way that has left me both well informed and confident in using the new knowledge in a professional atmosphere.”
  • “Did fantastically. I’m one to ask a lot of questions because I don’t feel comfortable moving forward without being caught up. Pflumm has no problem repeating himself and does it in a way to focus the information in a way that I can receive it. I truly appreciate his patience for me and my classmates.”
  • “appears to have a real sincerity in teaching and helping students understand the concepts.”
  • “Professional, and relevant. Thanks for keeping us locked in with stories to help give context to the subjects as well as relieve the possible brain-numbing from all the information.”
  • “His stories and examples provide a good extra way to remember things”
  • “The lab environment has been instructive, interesting, and enjoyable to learn in.”
  • “I really enjoyed the structure of the Lab. It made it very easy for me to understand the inner workings of a computer.”
  • “Pflumm is casual and approachable”

Jared Long – C# Fundamentals Part 1 – Days (KC/STL Combined)

  • “Jared has been a great, patient teacher.”
  • “Very thorough, and will help understand any problem.”
  • “Does great with understanding our struggles and helping me to not feel so lost in all this information I’m getting”
  • “Jared was an excellent instructor. He was knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. I enjoyed learning with him.”
  • “I was very happy with the way Jared taught the class. It was fun, engaging, and interactive. I was very pleased with the content, the way it was presented, and the ability to resolve a lot of the questions before needing them to be asked.”
  • “Jared is a very patient, knowledgeable, kind, userfriendly instructor. Very calm, cool, and collected when stopping to help students figure out errors in their code no matter where it happened during class time. Aways has a good attitude and is always willing to stop and help students when needed.”
  • “Jared was great and kept it interesting and was great when people needed extra help.”
  • “I’m enjoying learning in this course.”
  • “The great learning environment, everyone makes me feel equal and helps me to learn”
  • “at this time, I would not change the quality of the content of the course material.”
  • “I am satisfied with the current set-up.”
  • “I actually like online. You can see the screen better.”

Chris Nuckolls – Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep – Days (KC)

  • “The instructor’s knowledge was very extensive and detailed, liked the real-world examples, the number of labs, and the opportunity for us to do a stand up for our code. Also, Q&A is very helpful for diving into concepts extensively.”

James Caldwell – MVC1: Introduction to MVC – Days (KC)

  • “The instructor was very willing to go the extra mile for students. “
  • “Did a great job helping students especially whenever there was a problem in code”
  • “James was really good at making sure we were all on the same track and if we didn’t understand something he would help even if it wasn’t MVC related.”

John Hardin – Security+ – Days (STL)

  • “Did an excellent job teaching our class and was very helpful with the day to day presentations and answering questions.”
  • “Our instructor, John Hardin, had a lot of knowledge on the subject matter covered. Covered as much as he was able to within the 1-week time frame.”
  • “Great voice easy to understand”
  • “He is by far one of my favorite instructors. He is very sociable and understanding. He gives great feedback. Please promote before peers. He is the gold standard for an instructor. He should teach the other instructors”
  • “Instructor did a good job introducing the material thru a virtual class setting”

Caleb George – Windows System Administration 2 – Evenings (KC)

  • “Caleb is very knowledgeable about the subject matter. His responses to questions were thorough and complete. “
  • “Nice examples and a nice flow of the class not of fast or slow”
  • “Very well put together teaching. Very helpful on all questions “

Andrew Mackay – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Evenings (KC)

  • “Really enjoyed Andrew.. great instructor “

Caleb George – IT Project Week 1 – Days (KC)

  • “We had lots of questions and sometimes things were seemed chaotic with all of us trying to complete everything all at once. Caleb did a fantastic job redirecting us, answering all of our questions, and putting us back on the right path. He did a great job re-focusing our attention and steered the class to complete. He is a great instructor and I have learned many things from his class. “
  • “Great week! Caleb provided excellent guidance in laying out what the project process looks like. I really enjoyed the building aspect to be able to ask questions as they came up. “
  • “Caleb did a good job of letting us learn from each other and only really stepped in when we had exhausted all of our resources. “
  • “The flow of the week was good, intro and refresher, followed by planning, then building worked really well. It really reinforced what we’ve learned throughout the track. “

Chris Nuckolls & Jared Long – C# Fundamentals 2 – Days (KC/STL Combined)

  • “Very knowledgeable and helpful. There isn’t anything they can’t solve! “
  • “Chris and Jared are both excellent instructors. Chris’ mastery of the material is readily apparent, and his experience shows in his ability to explain concepts. Jared’s knowledge and abilities are also great, and I am sure that additional experience will help improve his already excellent instruction of the course.”
  • “I really enjoyed the C# language. Both instructors were well-versed and ready to explain it in a matter that I was able to comprehend and understand.”
  • “The classroom environment is a good one, and the virtual classroom is highly effective.”
  • “Again, I really appreciate the patience Jared has with everyone including myself.”
  • “Jared is a great teacher “
  • “As a 20 year Veteran with PTSD, it is VERY helpful that Jared has been patient with the class and especially me. He has always been calm and accommodating when answering questions related to the course material. He always has a great attitude with a very approachable personality. He works very economically through the material while still maintaining communication with his audience. Thank you, Jared.”

Andrew Mackay – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days (KC)

  • “Andrew has been clear, informative, and a pleasure to learn from.”
  • “Andrew did a fantastic job preparing us for our HDF exam. He made learning VMs very easy and quick to complete. I appreciated his patience with us learning new concepts and teaching us new skills”

Adam Jurotich – Systems & Security Career Foundations – Days (STL)

  • “Adam keeps everything extremely professional and I truly believe he cares about my success in the program as long as I am putting in the effort as well. His presentation skills far exceed many professors I had at a 4-year college.”
  • “Adam did an amazing job teaching us here in the first week. Any questions we had, he answered unless they didn’t apply at our current stage and we’d be learning it at a future date (“I’ll get to that later”). I feel like coming out of this first week I’m very excited for the rest of the program and Adam will be the best instructor to teach me everything I need to know for my future in IT.”
  • “Adam has plenty of knowledge to shed on professionalism and the workplace environment. He has been able to thoroughly answer any question presented to him”
  • “Classroom was more than great for helping understand the things we have gone over so far. With the strange COVID situation, doing Virtual training is actually pretty fantastic. I don’t feel there is anything Adam went over virtually that would have been better in class.”
  • “I am grasping everything taught pretty clearly and quickly. Overall I think the way the material is presented and the amount I learned is Perfect. Enough to make me work hard but not out of my understanding in any way.”
  • “I absolutely loved this first week at Centriq. It was an amazing opportunity already and we’ve barely scratched the surface of what we will be learning here.”

Chris Dunbar – PowerShell Programming for System Administration – Days (KC)

  • “He was very knowledgeable and made understanding PowerShell enjoyable to learn”
  • “I had a great experience, can’t think of anything to improve on”
  • “Chris did great! I have no complaints.”
  • “Not only did the instructor know the subject matter, but he was able to explain it to me in a way I could understand. I stayed with the course every step of the way.”
  • “I really enjoy the virtual learning environment”
  • “I would not change anything on how this course was presented by Chris. He was prepared and the labs we did were easy to follow as well as written out.”
  • “Also wanted to add that I learned a lot and feel the skills Chris taught me will last forever and take me far.”

Matt Neilsen – IT Project Week 1 – Days (STL)

  • “Matt is very knowledgeable on the subject matter we are covering and willing to assist us when we as a group have been unable to come up with a solution. Appreciate it, Matt.”
  • “Matt has been very helpful and knowledgeable.”
  • “He would give us just enough of an answer to point us in the right direction to get an answer “
  • “Working with the server was informative and hands-on”

Jeff DeMaranville – MVC2: MVC & Data Integration – Days (KC)

  • “Very knowledgeable. Always willing to help with a problem. Woot Woot!”
  • “Jeff made sure we understood all the information as well as making sure the class was fun and enjoyable.”

James Caldwell – Project Management for the Developer – Days (KC)

  • “Did a great job with putting us in a work-like environment”
  • “Really enjoyed this class, getting to troubleshoot and build projects in groups”

Jenna Beckett – C# Fundamentals 2 – Evenings (KC)

  • “awesome”
  • “Made learning difficult things super fun and easy!”

Jim MacAuley – Windows Server 3 (KC Eve)

  • “love his energy and pure love of teaching and real-world knowledge”
  • “15/10 would take more classes with Jim”
  • “Jim has been the most engaging instructor thus far. It was always a pleasure to learn from him.”
  • “Jim is outstanding. Very motivated and very knowledgeable. He really gives me the impression that he wants us to succeed.”
  • “It was really nice being back in the classroom”

Adam Jurotich – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 (STL Day)

  • “I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor than Adam. He has really motivated me to be successful in this training”
  • “Considering the COVID pandemic the quality of classroom training is top-notch and the virtual training allowed us to learn all the proper info and I was able to get a great score on my midterm and quizzes”
  • “Adam is amazing at his job. He is an amazing teacher and has really helped me so far in this program. I’m absolutely loving this program so far, and I’ve never wished the weekend could go by faster. Adam plays a huge role in this because he’s just so passionate about IT and teaching and creates an outstanding environment in the classroom and virtually that really draws me into what we’re learning about.”
  • “Adam presents info effectively and in an understandable format. He is able to provide answers to any question presented to him.”
  • “Adam was very informative and communicated the information very well.”
  • “Everything was top notch”

TJ Boone – Front End Development 2 (KC Day)

  • “TJ is awesome and makes everyone feel comfortable. Shawn was a great addition as well, we’re lucky to have had them both!”
  • “TJ was really good at meshing with the classroom, adapting to who he was instructing while also maintaining control of the classroom. I enjoyed his personality, energy, and experience on the subject matter.”
  • “TJ is very personable and fun to learn with. I’m very pleased with the progress we made this week.”

Jared Long – Front End Development 2 (STL Day)

  • “Jared is an excellent, patient teacher”
  • “The amount of patience that Jared has is amazing, he doesn’t just help but makes sure we understand that we know what’s going on before moving on.”
  • “Jared was very very patient and willing to help every single one of us. He always made sure everyone was where they needed to be.”

Caleb George – SSA Project & Presentation (KC Day)

  • “I cannot say enough good things about Caleb. He is a terrific instructor and guided us through our final project perfectly. I really enjoyed his direction and appreciated the professionalism he consistently showed to us. His expectations were clear and he gave great feedback to each of us. Thank you, Centriq for finding Caleb.”
  • “Excellent work! I can’t imagine a better person to lead us through project. Appreciated your sense of humor and encouragement and also the helpful critiques as well.”
  • “Zoom actually worked much better than I expected it too and it was really helpful to see my classmates’ faces as we worked through our presentation design and practices. “
  • “I had a great experience at Centriq and would not change my experience. I thought you all adapted to the current world situation and I felt like I was in the “know” each time new development at the school had an impact on me.”

Chuck Wieners – MVC 3 (KC Day)

  • “Chuck was patient and made sure we understood what we were going through.”

Chris Dunbar – PowerShell Programming (KC Day)

  • “He is a great instructor, he gets involved with the class and makes it interesting in a good way. I like to have fun and laugh and he banters back. Always fun.”
  • “Chris is a great instructor who has to push out a ton of content with very little time but he does a great job explaining something if you have questions.”
  • “Chris always makes sure we understand, he always stops and explains things when we don’t and breaks them down.”
  • ” Chris is great!”

Matt Neilsen – SSA Project & Presentation (STL Day)

  • “Matt was valuable in assisting us with feedback about how we could better our presentation. Thank you for your assistance.”
  • ” Very bright and engaging”

Andrew Mackay – Windows Server 1 (STL Day)

  • “He was very helpful and would answer our questions and then help walk us through the parts we didn’t understand which made understanding the issues easier to solve the next time we encountered them.”

Frank Pflumm – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Evenings (KC)

  • “able to teach with pictures and diagrams “
  • “Frank is extremely knowledgeable. Helps everyone learn and even has “amazing” drawings for us visual learners. There was a lot of material to go through but Frank was great through the entire class. I am new to I.T. and feel like due to Frank and his teaching abilities I have gained more knowledge than I would have if someone else taught.”
  • “Keep rocking Frank! “
  • “great involvement “
  • “Frank always takes extra time to help us understand. Even stays after class are over. “
  • “Frank was amazing at teaching and really made everything make sense”
  • “awesome instructor”
  • “Always positive even when not feeling great. The instructor always was willing to help any questions at any time”
  • “I really liked the way you tied what we were learning to real-world applications. That part helps me lock in what’s important and what’s not and also how they work into daily life at work.”

Adam Jurotich – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days (STL)

  • “Adam is extremely knowledgeable and was able to relate everything we were doing to real-world examples. I feel extremely prepared for the rest of my training because of the hard work Adam put in to make sure I understood everything.”
  • “Another amazing week. I feel like I’ve learned so much in the past couple weeks, it’s crazy. There’s nothing I can think of that would’ve made this week any better”
  • “Adam does a good job keeping everyone focused and on task. He presents the information we need in a manner that is interesting and relatable to real-life situations.”
  • “Nothing I can think of to change the training content. Everything was perfect.”

TJ Boone – Front End Development 1 – Evenings (KC)

  • “instructor seems very knowledgeable”
  • “Had a great attitude, seemed to understand the content very well”

Matt Schwarzenberger – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Days (KC)

  • “Matt did a fantastic job this week in Net1. Being in a virtual environment 100% of the time is a challenge and he overcame it. He did a great job giving examples of each subject that we went over and knew the right answers immediately. Presenting virtually is hard to do when everyone learns at a different capacity. As a group, we’ve learned a lot but sometimes the concepts were hard to grasp but eventually had been realized. He never gave up on anyone of us if we were lost on a subject. We all learned a lot this week because of it.”
  • “Great job, on the instruction. He relied on his experience of teaching and his own certifications to help highlight what content is vital. That is appreciated by the volume that we are going through.”
  • “Matt has been thorough in his instruction and is always willing to slow down and answer any questions. I regret having to lose a day of his instruction with the holiday, but he has been kind enough to offer some of his personal time for further instruction. I personally consider that invaluable.”
  • “Matt did a great Job leading discussion and keeping the class involved.”

Andrew Mackay – Windows Server Administration 1 – Days (KC)

  • “Andrew is a great instructor who will help you grasp what is going on and makes sure you understand it and makes sure that no one gets left behind in the training/content”
  • “Super great job this week! Helped everyone learn a lot and your patience with helping everyone fix the issues we all were having was wonderful!”
  • “Excellent week, every time we had an issue in lab Andrew performed wonderfully in troubleshooting us all through what needed to be done with patience and excellent advice. A wonderful week overall!”
  • “Honestly no change. The first week that I actually fully enjoyed everything that happened. Labs really help us actually learn what we are doing hands-on”

Matt Neilsen – Windows Server Administration 2 – Days (STL)

  • “He was hands-on if we had questions he would answer them and would also walk us through them step by step so we understand.”
  • “before moving on ask if there are any questions about what was just covered”

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