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November 11 02:42 AM

Classroom Experience - June 2017

Week of June 5, 2017

Caleb George – A+SRV – Days

“Instructor was awesome, as all have been. I missed Monday, do to a doctors appt. Missing the first day of sub-netting, left me very confused. Caleb answered my questions, from home, quickly, as well as helping me get caught up, before class.”

“Caleb was very knowledgeable and related the information well.”

“Caleb made all the material very clear, and he also challenged students to use troubleshooting processes throughout the week.”

“Caleb does a nice job of presenting material.”

“I love all of the quick guides and labs he added, in addition to being extremely helpful and patient when anyone needed clarification on a topic.”

“I’m really enjoying my classmates. Everyone is ready and willing to help each other whenever needed.”

Jason Presley – DVPRO2 – Days

“Thank you to all the instructors and staff. Everyone is nice and professional and has a good teaching styles and is willing to adapt to fit the needs of the students.”

Jerrod Wilson – ITPRO2 – Days

“JWilson was a tremendous help. Great teacher.”

Jeff Overhaug – WS3 – Evenings

“Jeff was great and patient. Very knowledgeable on setting up infrastructure”

Chuck Wieners – MVC3 – Days

“Chuck gave great examples when anyone asked for further ones. I really felt that this class was executed professionally and efficiently with no issues.”

“Love his notes!! Thorough!”

“Made sure that I was doing okay in class.”

“The notes were awesome. Chuck breaks everything down very well! Lots of things started to make more sense.”

“Chuck is amazing!! I really like the way he is able to break down problems and give you different examples”

“Thanks for slowing down and keeping it a fun environment and taking time to help me though the problems i have had you have been an outstanding instructor love bob”

“Loved the diagrams”

Chris Nuckolls – MVC2 – Days

“Instuctor has a thourough understanding of the material”

Jeff Overhaug – LX – Days

“Jeff was great! Wonderful attitude, knowledge base was solid, and willingness to help was above and beyond. Enjoyed having him for two courses!”

“Jeff was extremely helpful, being able to guide us through the material with a bold and determined capability. He really made me understand -why- we were doing each step, and what each step in the process meant.”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – WS1 – Days

“Very Well instructed in my opinion. Instructor is knowledgeable”

“Instructor had an engaging and humorous style. He also challenged the class by reviewing the content in a few different ways that spoke to more than one learning style.”

“It was really fun having him as a teacher.”

“Kasama is absolutely amazing!!! His knowledge of the material is second to none!!! Amazingly personable!!!”

“Kasama was a great instructor. He was very knowledable, funny and made class a pleasure to be in. I really enjoyed this class.”

“Great atmosphere!!!”

Craig Gerdes – O365 – Days

“Very Helpful”

“Great guy”

“Answered my in depth questions well”

“Good at slowing the class down to help people that fall behind.”

“Very Helpful”

“Enjoyed the enthusiasm”

Week of June 12, 2017

Chuck Wieners – ARTP – Days

“Chuck is a rock star!!!”

“Chuck is awesome! I like that his notes are detailed, and he goes over the information multiple times to make sure it’s clear. Finally helped me understand C# more because the Payroll application was much easier for me to follow than the dungeon. Feeling much more comfortable with C# syntax!”

“Chuck is awesome. He’s great at breaking things down, the pace is great, he provides a great atmosphere.”

“Thank you ! Love, Bob<3”

Jerrod Wilson – WS2 – Days

“Jerrod was a great instructor. I really appreciated his patience with the class and the students when answering questions and explaining the material to us either as a whole or on an individual basis.”

“Jerrod is very knowledgeable of the material and never leaves any student behind!”

“I appreciate the focus to ensuring everyone understood the subject the best they could. You taking the extra time to do this helped myself and I think others as well.”

Tad Ellis – ICND1 – Days

“I learned a lot. instructor was very knowledgable”

“Tad was extremely knowledgeable and provided an enormous amount of quality information in a short time period.”

“Great hands-on training!”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – Sec+ – Days

“Best presentation skills I have seen thus far.”

“Great teacher”

“Kasama made everyone be involved in the classroom”

Jeff DeMaranville – DATA – Days

“Jeff is great about explaining complex subject matter in different terms or using examples if anyone in the class doesn’t get it. He provides great real world knowledge and keeps everyone in a positive mood.”

“Instructor was very knowlegeable, and provided alot of real world examples. Great Job!!”


“First name ‘greatest’ last name? ‘instructor'”

Chad Johnson – A+ 901 – Days

“His teaching methods are fun and I really enjoy him teaching. I have honestly learned a lot from him.”

“One of the best teachers I’ve had. Made learning fun.”

“Enjoyed that the classroom setting was causal and informative”


“Chad was very knowledgeable, and made the course fun to learn.”

“Instructor gave relatable information about the IT experiences”

“Chad is a great instructor. He goes out of his way to make the information as relatable and understandable as possible, and he connects to us on a person to person basis. I appreciate that he treats us like intellectual people rather than kids.”

“I hope more instructors are like this.”

“Chadd was a straight up, fun and smart dude to learn from. Not only presented material needed to know overall, but real life situations. He definitely made it fun.”


“This class had tons of information, but Chad walked us through the course every step of the way.”

“The classroom is very comfortable and well set up”

“Very fun way of learning. The brain remembers enjoyable memories more then stressful ones, therefore if you make all classes fun in some way it will improve test scores and learning abilities.”


Derek Duderstadt – CSF1 – Days

“Very detailed and informative in the presentation of the subject matter”

“Very thoughtful of the students and took extra time to ensure that no one was left behind.”

“Willingness to discuss or entertain ideas outside of the direct lesson was great and helped keep me engaged even though a lot of this portion was review.”

“The Dude is an amazing instructor. Hard to believe he’s only been teaching for a year!”

“Derek Duderstadt is a fantastic teacher and he is infectiously enthusiastic about coding.”

“Has mastered this subject to the point that he can easily break it down into digestible parts and meet people where they are”

Week of June 19, 2017

Chad Johnson – A+ 902 – Days

“Fun, always had an experience to go along with training that related the training to real world problems.”

“Chad is a good dude, and his teaching style meshed well with how I learn.”

“He is very knowledgeable about the subjects at hand.”

“Chad really knows his stuff, he answered all our questions. If he didn’t know he would look it up and get back to us the next day.”

“Chad has the ability to teach new subjects in a clear and fun manner, then relates it to a real world scenario. He definitely encourages class participation which makes it a comfortable classroom. It was a blast learning from him.”


“Best Teacher at Centriq!! Chad rules!!!!”

“Great instructor”

“Chad made a great environment for us to learn the course information.”


“Great experience getting hands on training at the end.”

Derek Duderstadt – CSF2 – Days

“One on the most important qualities Duderstadt has is that when a question is asked that he does not know the answer to, he is honest and says he does not know but will find out, and he has an answer to the question in most cases by the end of the next break period.”

Hai Hilvitz – ITPRO1 – Days

“Hai is an outstanding instructor with vast knowledge that ties into the real world. I appreciate his input and experience.”

“Fun environment, knowledgeable instructor. I really enjoy Hai’s classes!”

“Very good at answering questions with real world knowledge. Great guy!”

“Hai really found a way to not just give us the knowledge, but help us discover that we had the knowledge. He just pushed us enough so that we found it on our own, thus giving us an edge for when we enter the workforce.”

Chris Nuckolls – MVC2 – Days

“He done good”

Eric Reid – MVC4 – Days

“Glad I finally got Eric as an instructor! Can’t wait to dive into Angular more.”

Caleb George – PSP – Days

“I think Caleb did a great job at updating Canvas and the learning modules. They are extremely helpful, along with Caleb himself, is ready to pause and help anyone falling behind.”

“Knows how to get everybody involved in what we’re doing.”

“Caleb is a great instructor and is always able to relay the information inquisitively to make sure we understand the concepts given.”

“Caleb has been an excellent instructor.”

“Better engagement and interaction. I felt like I had a better opportunity to understand the curriculum due to the real world experiences that Caleb brought to discussions.”

“The class is very inclusive and ready to help any student at any time.”

“Way more engaging….”


Jeff Overhaug – WS3 – Days

“I appreciated the style of presentation and the low pressure approach when answering questions.”

“Friendly, very helpful, lots of patience with us, funny, learned a lot.”

“Jeff is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and helpful with all of us!”

“Jeff was a very knowledgable instructer and took his time to answer any questions that needed to be address. I really appreciated his help and had a great time in his class and look forward to going through Linux.”

“Great atmosphere for learning.”

Week of June 26, 2017

Chris Swatzell – A+SRV – Days

“Chris rules!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Chris did an awesome job instructing RAID and talking us through VMs. Always had fun in class”


“Really cool, very knowledgeable, and very relatable.”

Jon Lindley – FED1 – Days

“The instructor had a very engaging presentation in class.”

“Very knowledgeable on course material. Good luck in STL!”

Jason Presley – DVPRO1 – Days

“Jason is awesome! Great instructor and great class room enviroment”

Derek Duderstadt – TEAM – Days

“Derek does a great job at explaining the material.”

“Dereck, is a great teacher; he will point you in the right direction first and if its still not clicking he will step in and take you through the solution.”

“I really enjoyed the Super Hero Lab. Turning the project brief into requirements and actually developing the app while managing our time was extremely educational.”

Hai Hilvitz – ITPRO2 – Days

“Hai is like the tech wizard, he can find problems really easy then takes you step by step and allows you to think before he gives you the real answer”

“Good instructor, GREAT FOOD!!!”

“Thank you for all you help and patience”

“What more can I say about the great Hai! One of Centriq’s finest. Will miss food.”

“Hai is the best instructor really, he is the most down to earth instructor and it seems he genuinely cares about what we are trying to do or want to accomplish”