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November 11 02:30 AM

Classroom Experience - July 2021

Student Comments

  • “I enjoyed the class I appreciate, the Teachers time and patience he provided for me as being one of the older students in the class.”
  • “Awesome instructor — the pace of the lectures and labs were well balanced — which enabled students to take notes, complete the assignments and still have the opportunity to learn — all at the same time.”
  • First step into moving into a new IDE and Framework, cool to see how our skills transfer between different environments
  • “Christina is a lifesaver! I appreciate the support she gave me throughout this week. Edward Perry tried to help as well. I’m grateful. I am also thankful to Matt (STL) for attempting to recover my data from my hard drive, Jenna for her willingness to work with me, and Jeff for walking through some of the things I needed to do to recover some of my work. Also, a certain student (Jacob) gave me a ton of moral support. Without these things I would not be here.”

Jeff DeMaranville – DVPRO1 – Evening

  • “All instructors we had for this two week session were amazing. They helped me go from stuck, to cruising in a matter of minutes most of the time!”
  • “React was my favorite topic in the entire track. Final project is fun as well.”
  • “My favorite part of this course was trying my best to simulate a working development environment.”
  • “Final project continued to solidify my knowledge of the entire stack.”

Jeff Westerhaus – Net+2 Evening

  • “Awesome job Jeff! very happy I was able to have you as an instructor”
  • “Next to Pflumm, Jeff was the kindest, most organized and articulate instructor I have ever had. I specifically would like to be taught by him again in the future if possible.”
  • “Jeff did a great job instructing our class in NF2. He was prepared, engaging, enthusiastic in delivering the material, and had plenty of time for questions/understanding throughout the entire class. I really enjoyed having him as an instructor.”
  • “Jeff is knowledgeable, professional and what I thought was his best characteristic is how humble he is. He has the mind set that, even he (an instructor) doesn’t know everything and can always learn. with this said, he never make anyone feel less than capable, and that is very encouraging. The world needs more instructors like this.”
  • “Jeff’s teaching methods, labs and games”
  • “Jeff. Without a doubt. Absolutely amazing instructor.”
  • “Jeff’s instruction technique.”
  • “Frank Pflumm and Jeff Westerhaus have been what make Centriq, When hiring instructors, base the interview off of whether or not they are as excited about teaching the course that they’ll be teaching as these to instructors are.”
  • “Frank Pflumm and Jeff Westerhaus have been what make Centriq”

Andrew Mackay – WS1 Day

  • “I enjoyed the class I appreciate, the Teachers time and patience he provided for me as being one of the older students in the class.”
  • “Andrew was very engaging and a very fluid instructor, and very good at making sure we all have kept up through the processes/ that involved a lot of steps, especially because we had to make up for lost time with a may off for the 4th. He was more than open to stick around after class to make sure we had our assignments done, and we could email him with questions at any time”
  • “Our instructor was able to help anyone with any questions they had and made sure everyone was able to get through each of our labs. I was forced to miss some time during what was already a shortened week, and I was able to get caught up very quickly.”
  • “very positive and prepared instructor. Made the class easy to follow along and was willing to help with anything.”
  • “Andrew was great if a tiny bit fast at times. but he was good about slowing down if someone asked. probably best or second best instructor ive had here for how i like to learn”
  • “Very easy to work with and very patient.”
  • “All of the hands on”
  • “The hands on”
  • “The very genuine concern of our progress and growth from the staff.”
  • “Using a Win10 machine to manage a group of servers. Lots of labs where we got to use the skills we were learning in real time.”
  • “The fact that I actually feel like I learned more in this class about net+ than the actual net+ class is very intriguing to me. The teacher was phenomenal and helped everyone every step of the way. He made sure everyone was together the whole way and if someone got behind he made sure to go back to and help them out. Overall a really great class and great teacher.”
  • “Learning server management more in depth, helping to retain information from previous courses.”
  • “All the lab work.”
  • “Enjoyed the demonstrations and then the labs mirrored the lecture.”
  • “The hands on labs made all the difference in cementing the theory and concepts into practical uses.”
  • “everything we did felt like it will be super applicable to the real world and Andrew did great at making that apparent and explaining things inn general”
  • “Enjoyable subject matter and practical work.”

James Caldwell – MVC3 – Days

  • “Thanks again for taking the time to make sure everyone has working class code and being available for questions we have on the material or in our projects”
  • “James is cool”
  • “Really solid at conveying ideas. Not only in relation to coding, but also as we work towards this new career. Balances setting expectations for what we should be capable of at this point in the track, while also encouraging us to push forward and learn more. Overall a really great instructor.”
  • “Thank you for instructing us!”
  • “Data integration with MVC”
  • “Despite how difficult it was, I think the stuff was learned was really valuable as it’s stuff you’ll see on most every website.”
  • “We got a lot done this week, and then found ways to take what we’d already done and make it even more efficient/powerful.”
  • “I actually liked the quizzes. They helped me to learn.”
  • “Thank you all for providing support!”

Chris Nuckolls – FED1 – Days

  • “Felt inclusive”
  • “Very good work and thank you for the patience with us so far!”
  • “Great course and great instructor! Very thorough in explaining the material.”
  • “Chris was helpful to all, and he was efficient in teaching by example. As we progressed, we learned.”
  • “My favorite part about the course was meeting nice people who I can work with on projects and ask for help if I get stuck.”
  • “The challenge”
  • “The pace and quick reinforcement of new content.”
  • “Learning CSS, and learning how to apply different styles and formats.”
  • “The course moved at a quick pace and covered a lot of material.”
  • “Learning how to styling HTML content with CSS was fun but overall bootstrap was the best.”
  • “Edward and Alina were very kind and welcoming!”
  • “The instructors seem to be available, and if not, then the classmates were also of great help. Great teamwork.”

(Contractor) Shane Gibbs – Security+ Evening

  • “Shane really seems to know this material forwards and backwards. I really enjoyed hearing his insight on some of the topics”
  • “The instructors depth of knowledge”
  • “Labs”
  • “The lighthearted jokes here and there during the lectures.”

Matt Schwarzenberger – Security+ Days

  • “Very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions the class had!”
  • “I really enjoy classes with Matt, he is very knowledgeable and helpful.”
  • “Matt is great! He always tries to keep things interesting even in Security+”
  • “The quizes we did in class really helped solidify the content”
  • “Relating what we have learned in Net+ to Sec+”
  • “learning about all the different parts of security”

Jim MacAuley – WS2 Days

  • “I appreciate the patience and help Jim gave me after class to help sound done the concepts.”
  • “Thank you for bringing me back from being behind a few ways, especially in the very positive manner in which you did. I felt pretty secure getting right back on track.”
  • “Great class. I really enjoyed the mix of lecture and hands on. it really helps to do something right after you talk about it.”
  • “Even though we had technical difficulties due to weather Jim was always trying to make sure everyone was caught up and ready to go.”
  • “Awesome instructor — the pace of the lectures and labs were well balanced — which enabled students to take notes, complete the assignments and still have the opportunity to learn — all at the same time.”
  • “Its been how great and positive all of our instructors have been towards everyone.”
  • “Love the hands on. Labs Labs and more Labs!!!!”
  • “How Jim was a very focused teacher. Always made sure everyone was on the same page. And if they weren’t he made sure to go back to them and have us troubleshoot the situation, which really helped us get some hands on experience.”
  • “Hands on labs”
  • “Entire course was outstanding…..”

Adam Jurotich – Net+ 1 Days

  • “Adam always has a plan for the day and is always willing and able to help when its needed.”
  • “Adam ensures everyone understands each topic and section that is being taught, and goes the extra step to provide examples and visual representations.”
  • “Very open and helpful with questions, and giving more than one way to demonstrate or describe how something works really helps with the understanding.”
  • “Adam does an absolutely amazing job at engaging his students. I can barely sleep and when i do im thinking about net+ in my sleep and while i may yawn through my day he keeps it interesting and involved to where i never feel like im having to really push myself to stay focused. which is a blessing on so many levels.”
  • “all of it”
  • “Developing windows servers”
  • “this first week of net+ has put to use a lot of the information I studied in HDF 1+2 and having a face for the name so to speak really helps me with my learning.”

Matt Neilsen – WS3 Days

  • “loved how the information is laid out and how we get to do reps and learn how we want to do it”
  • “Thanks Matt. This week was a BLAST! Looking forward to Linux next week.”
  • “The challenge of learning what is being taught.”
  • “Learning with the labs”
  • “labs and hands on training”
  • “Labs”

(Contractor) Lisa Oyler – Net+2 Day

  • “exceptional communications very good instructor”
  • “I really like CertMaster”
  • “The malware portion was interesting”

Jajuan Elias – HDF1 Days

  • He was well prepared and gave thoughtful comments and interactions
  • Instructor was good at making sure everyone could keep up and follow along.
  • did a great job covering the material
  • Super funny and engaging person
  • Instructor was always encouraging and ready to answer any questions
  • The teacher
  • My favorite aspect was at the very end when we briefly touched on security and saw a little bit of the basics.
  • The hands-on application of the labs.
  • The teaching and labs!!!
  • Working in labs works really well for me.
  • I enjoyed the hands-on labs during the course which gave me a better understanding on how the inside of computer work and how to install Windows on a device.
  • Labs
  • The challenge of learning something new.
  • The Computer Lab to learn the parts
  • LABS
  • Working on the machines: hands-on such as making the desktops function.
  • doing the labs and being to work hands on as well as learning about RAID
  • Learning about the very basic fundamentals of security in IT.

Jeff Overhaug – Project1 Days

  • Very knowledgeable on various topics, Extremely helpful
  • Jeff did a great job walking us through how to set up the companies networks infrastructure, and would ask if anything else was needed for a category and if we did not come up with one he would give us a what if kind of question to have us think was else was needed.
  • Jeff was once again an excellent instructor for our team as we moved into our Final Project week. His ability to explain instructions and also put his own input into how things work and why really helped to put everything into perspective. Despite some struggles with my own confidence in understanding the whole process, Jeff allowed me to feel comfortable enough to ask my questions without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. He also took the time to ensure that I truly understood the examples he gave in explaining what I was having trouble with understanding. I think that Jeff really shines well in his ability to be welcoming to helping others and his adaptability to quickly analyze troubleshooting solutions is impressive. I truly learned a lot this week that I didn’t expect to still learn.
  • Working as a class together
  • Being on site so when issues arose I had my classmates to assist me as well.
  • I enjoyed the chance that everyone had a delegated role in the project. We all had a chance to work on a role that we felt comfortable with but we also worked with others who understood different aspects of the network we were building and I got to learn from my classmates. I think this can be summarized as enjoying the fact that I was still learning more even as we near the end of the program.

Adam Jurotich – Net+ 2 Days

  • Adam became a HUGE inspiration that made a major impact in my life and I could not thank him enough to appreciate everything he has done to motivate me into being a better person.
  • You are hands down one of the best instructors I have had and im not just saying that. You are always willing to help and never complain and dont let your students give up or think they are not good enough. Thank you again on all of the tech knowledge and even bigger thanks on the life knowledge.
  • Throughout the courses starting from Week1 all the way through Network+, I’ve enjoyed each and every day in class learning new things about technology and computers. I looked forward to seeing my classmates and the new material, which I can’t really say I’ve ever felt in any other sort of education environment. Adam has been more than I could ever ask for from an educator, he teaches the lessons well and in a way to keep everyone engaged. You can tell that he truly loves his job, and that goes a long way from the receiving end of each lesson.
  • Adam did amazing job again at giving real life examples to help explain some of the topics.
  • Never been upset to be done learning from an instructor. Adam is the perfect instructor to start with. He excels at teaching the material but more importantly I feel he excels at getting students into positive mindsets which is pertinent to achieving our goals here and beyond. I could not have asked for a better experience especially considering the fact that every other learning experience I’ve ever had has ended with me dropping out for various reasons relating to either the material, how its being taught, or the energy of the instructor. I will forever be grateful for having the opportunity to learn under him.
  • Honestly, the motivation and the inspiration Adam was giving is the best part of the course. Sure, I can tell what part of the course I liked the most, but it would not feel right if I was to just name the course and not give the motivational reasoning behind it.
  • creating and working with vms
  • honestly Adam. he made dry material interesting and explained it in ways we all understood.

Matt Neilsen – Linux Days

  • Instructor was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
  • Very helpful not matter the situation
  • Super fun week! Lots of info.
  • I am fascinated with what is being taught. Especially what Instructor Matt revealed this week like Pi Hole.
  • learning a new skill

Jim MacAuley – WS3 Days

  • Jim was a very entertaining, patient, and knowledgeable. No one was left behind, and he made sure we knew that wouldn’t happen. as fantastic of an instructor we could get.
  • One of the best instructors so far. made learning very fun.
  • One of the best instructors that our class has had during our time at Centriq. Did an excellent job at teaching and demo’ing.
  • Jim was probably the one of if nt the best instructor we’ve had so far in my opinion
  • The hands on experience
  • project on site
  • The on site, hands on learning
  • Getting used to operating in the server manager.
  • the whole aspect of the course. i thought i wanted to go into networking before this course but i think i want to do system administration instead now
  • Learning SQL was my favorite part. It seems like a useful tool that has an incredible amount of versatility once you parse its syntax.

Evan Whittaker – CSF1 – Days

  • Awesome stuff man! Appreciate the time you took with us! thank you!
  • I thought you did a great job. You set a good pace for the whole class, and tried your best to ensure no one was left behind.
  • Really obvious he knows the contentand I imagine it helps that he’s gone through this specific training himself. I love the practice, real-world examples. Helped nail down concepts that were initially hard for me to grasp. Felt comfortable asking questions. Never felt like it was a bother to him and genuinely made me feel like I could do the work even though it’s been hard for me to understand.
  • Evan definitely wanted us to learn, and was eager to learn himself. He has an undeniable passion for coding and teaching. A welcoming environment with a helpful instructor.
  • I like C# a lot so just using that language was fun
  • learning how to make user input be used in other places.
  • Learning the foundation for building the logic behind web applications, and having the ability to apply this knowledge on my own time.
  • The mini-labs that tested our knowledge along the way
  • Still the challenge. Hands down one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to invest in. It’s a constant battle for my mind and time! The reward from the hard work is worth it!
  • Learning new aspects on how to do things.
  • This class felt laid back, less tense and rapid-fire, which is saying a lot for a week-long class. I didn’t feel rushed, though we blazed through a lot of content.
  • I loved how our instructor tried to make it fun for everyone with puns and silly ways to remember certain terms, (conCATtenation, for example) He was patient and very kind. Definitely my favorite type of teacher, one that takes learning and makes it fun, makes it where you want to be there and engage. Wish we could’ve had more time with him!
  • Learning the actual defined meanings
  • Overall I thought you did a great job reiterating content to make it really stick.
  • This class provided me with more time to complete the content from the week prior. This made me feel comforted in catching up.
  • The labs helped me engage in the content. It’s sometimes hard for me to refer back to notes or concepts because it’s deep inside code.
  • I learned a different side of C# than I am used to, and I look forward to applying that in whatever way going forward.

James Caldwell – FEF – Days

  • Great mix of moving forward into new content while also making sure we understood and absorbed the new material
  • Learning React!
  • First step into moving into a new IDE and Framework, cool to see how our skills transfer between different environments
  • I like React, it makes things a lot simpler

Chris Nuckolls – CSF2 – Day

  • “It was a pleasure being taught by you. I hope someday we’ll be able to work together.”
  • “Feel extremely challenged by the way Chris teaches. I love it.”
  • “This week was somehow even better than the first with Chris Nuckolls.”
  • “The dungeon program was very fun and made it all click”
  • “creating classes”
  • “Learning a bunch of new concepts, and starting to see the application of those concepts.”
  • “Being able to code along during the day and learning enough during the day to make the homework each evening challenging.”
  • “Again the challenge. I feel like I grow more and more every day.”
  • “I liked learning more complex datatypes. It was also fun to learn how to make custom classes”
  • “Calling to methods and other classes within a harness program, and seeing how information I input elsewhere came up within the program I was making. It felt as though I was an author, several books into a series, making a callback to previous events within said series.”
  • “My favorite aspect was getting to know some awesome people!”
  • “I surprised myself on how much more I’ve been retaining in these classes. Sometimes I think I’ve forgotten things and then bam, it’s right there in my noggin, hiding in my subconscious, waiting to wake up.”

Jeff DeMaranville – ARTP – Day

  • “Jeff is upbeat, organized, and moves at the perfect pace. He explains things very well and is quick at answering questions and troubleshooting.”
  • “jeff is super chill and fun to learn from”
  • “Thank you for bearing with me through the difficult times I’ve experienced throughout the week. Thank you for helping me get back on track!”
  • “Coding challenges and technical interview related content. I do wish we were able to see solutions to the challenges maybe next week so we know what a correct answer looks like and can learn from that if we weren’t able to solve a problem on our own.”
  • “review”
  • “Review, reps, repeat”
  • “Solidified knowledge on some things we initially moved over quickly.”
  • “I liked the coding challenges, debugging module, and the C# review in general. Reviewing the concepts helped me understand certain things more clearly.”
  • “Christina is a lifesaver! I appreciate the support she gave me throughout this week. Edward Perry tried to help as well. I’m grateful. I am also thankful to Matt (STL) for attempting to recover my data from my hard drive, Jenna for her willingness to work with me, and Jeff for walking through some of the things I needed to do to recover some of my work. Also, a certain student (Jacob) gave me a ton of moral support. Without these things I would not be here.”
  • “I liked the time spent in coding vs lecture vs mini labs, etc. There was more hands on mini labs for us this time and a coding challenge each night.”
  • “i feel a lot more confidant in my abilities now”
  • “I am glad there was a debugging module. This week helped me understand how things come together as well. The whiteboard examples were extremely helpful for my conceptualization.”
  • “Circumstances caused me to come to campus throughout most of the week. I love the St. Louis campus! My dog and I were in a classroom and largely free of distractions.”

Jeff Overhaug – Project 1 Evenings

  • “Very helpful and positive. One of the best instructors of the track”
  • “Awesome Job man!”
  • “Knows his stuff. Very helpful throughout the course”
  • “Jeff – you are the man. I appreciate the extra mile that you go. Make everything so easy to handle. We were definitely lucky to have you as an instructor. thanks for all your help!”
  • “Made everything comfortable. Knew his stuff. Cared about the student. If we needed help he helped to the best of his ability. and taught us that along the way. Great teacher”
  • “the hands-on build”
  • “My favorite part of this course was setting up the two networks physically in class. I enjoyed working as a team to complete the project”
  • “Having a lot of time dedicated to working on my piece for the comprehensive project.”

Frank Pflumm – HDF2 Days

  • “He was very kind and understanding.”
  • “Pflumm made sure that everyone was comfortable asking questions and asking for more time.”
  • “Works very well with the students of the class. Ensures everyone is able to understand the knowledge, and reinforces the taught topic. Overall does a fantastic job.”
  • “He was very collective and gave valuable feedback and help.”
  • “Engaging class room setting, Effective communicator.”
  • “I feel that the instructor was very good at sharing information and helping answer questions.”
  • “Did a great job with the class and understood is students and where they needed to focus on.”
  • “Learning. Taking notes.”
  • “My favorite aspect was having some base knowledge that we learned on topics and then learning the application.”
  • “The labs tested what I thought I knew, reinforced my knowledge, and built a foundation for retention that will provide me comfort going forward.”
  • “The labs/hands on experience with building the computers and creating networks”
  • “The labs for sure, its harder to get down the information from slides and then trying to remember all the info we get, labs really help me understand.”
  • “I enjoyed the labs and helping my other teammates when they were struggling with certain concepts.”
  • “The instructor provided many practical applications to the material learned in class.”
  • “Labs”
  • “The challenge”
  • “The course and the instructor”
  • “Learning how to remote into computers and the hands on labs of building a network with a switch and several desktops.”
  • “labs”

Chris Dunbar – Project 2 Days

  • “Chris did an amazing job at guiding us while also giving us the freedoms we needed to really make this our own.”
  • “Great instruction and very helpful in feedback!”
  • “Chris is great”
  • “Really coming together as a team and becoming our own.”
  • “Working together with the team”
  • “Project presentation”

Matt Neilsen – Sec+ Days

  • “Instructor was very prepared and informational.”
  • “very well ran course and very well explained”
  • “Great job Matt! That’s a lot of info in hardly any time.”
  • “Learning more about computers.”
  • “Learning the new material.”

Matt Schwarzenberger – Linux Days

  • “I enjoyed this week. Linux was tough, but a lot of fun. Matt was great at answering questions and helping out when needed. I felt like the information was well prepared and Canvas also has resources for troubleshooting.”
  • “Matt did a great job helping us work through the difficulty of Linux.”
  • “Linux is a difficult subject to teach. Thought he did a good job with the one week we had to push on these projects.”
  • “This instructor awesome, takes time going over the material. he was well prepared, and taught us all a lot.”
  • “The hands on”
  • “I definitely enjoy hands on learning, and this was the whole week so it was great!”
  • “CLI”
  • “being able to do stuff in putty”

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