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November 11 02:43 AM

Classroom Experience - July 2017

Week of July 10, 2017

Jason Presley – DVPRO2 – Days

“Jason is amazing and does such a wonderful job with everyone and everything”

“I’m convinced Jason can solve any problem. He was very helpful the last few weeks.”

Jeff DeMaranville – FED2 – Days

“Very knowledgeable on course material”

Jeff Overhaug – LX – Days

“This is the second time I’ve had Jeff and he is once again a really great instructor. He always takes time out if someone is struggling or behind to answer any questions and explain things further. He ensures no one is left behind and takes time out of his own breaks or after class to help out even if you need help with personal issues. He’s a really great guy and teacher.”

“Very good teacher”

“I appreciate the extra time taken to answer questions and the reviews. The teaching style works well for me, and I felt comfortable to ask the questions needed to get my head wrapped around the subject.”

“Jeff has been amazing! Extremely knowledgeable and helpful! He never let any student fall behind!”

“One of my favorite teachers so far.”

Jon Lindley – SSCF – Days

“Great teacher, its not very often that i actually get into a class, and he keeps us involved and attentive.”

“Mr. Lindley made the material relate-able and fun to learn. He class was not only informative, but a joy to take.”

“Good lectures”

Karla Sharp – O365 – Days

“Karla did a fabulous job! She made it relatable and fun to learn. I am leaving feeling like a wizard with a program I have been using for 3 years. Awesome Job!”

“It was incredibly informative and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I learned a lot about EXCEL that I had no idea about even though I had been using it for 3 years. Karla made it easy to understand and fun to learn!”

“Really great”

Tad Ellis – ICND1 – Days

“Was very knowledgeable in Cisco.”

“Tad was able to teach a, what could be, difficult subject in a way that was clear to understand and was fun to learn. Definitely useful information for future use.”


“Tad really knows his stuff in cisco!”

“Great to actually get to configure physical switches and routers.”


Jerrod Wilson – WS1 – Days

“Jerrod is very knowledgeable on the subject matter.”

“I really enjoyed this instructor. He was very personable, and highly knowledgeable in his field and others.”

“REALLY enjoyed having Jerrod as an instructor, glad we have him for our project instructor!!”

Eric Reid – MVC3 – Days

“Best instructor at Centriq. He always brings a good attitude and is super approachable and easy to follow.”

Caleb George – PSP – Evenings

“Always made sure we worked as a team, I loved that”

“Very knowledgeable on powershell and breaks down pretty easily”

“Everyone helped each other”

Week of July 17, 2017

Chris Swatzell – A+ 901 – Days (Matt Neilsen sitting)

“Matt was very informative as well”

“Chris makes learning the material attainable and approachable. He has the best way of teaching binary I have ever seen. He is professional and friendly. He encourages everyone to learn. He is great teacher and mentor. I feel really blessed to have been placed in his class. Thank you, Chris.”

“Instructor truly did well with translating theory’s into understandable context.”

“Chris did a fabulous job of not only explaining content in a way that everyone was able to get it; if someone did not get it he was able to switch gears and find another way to explain it to make sure that everyone caught on. Really really did an amazing job.Between his know how, the way he supported the class and worked to meet the needs of each student, and the occasional need for comic relief in the midst of intense lecture. Someone needs to at the very least buy Chris lunch or maybe a small trophy.Matt was also a wonderful addition to the class he was awesome at applying real world situations for the content and even actual examples that he used in the workforce. Matt needs free lunch too he dove in and helped and was a refreshing addition. No one can fail with these two as their instructors!”

“The environment is friendly and great for teamwork. I loved it!”

“Enjoyed learning the virtual computer assignment.”

“Enjoyed the string batch file story to introduce it use in a real world situation from Matt.”

“Chris’ instructing abilities were awesome;as was Matt’s.”

Jeff DeMaranville – ARTP – Days

“I like seeing the Instructors way of Template conversion, it was easier to grasp.”

Chris Nuckolls – CSF1 – Days

“My instructor is down to earth and has a good sense of humor which makes my classroom experience nicer.”

“Very aware of his class room and knows how to get his students to engage.”

“I really expected to be overwhelmed this week, but thanks to Chris and Jon, it’s been easy for me to understand things as quickly as we need to in order to get through all this content in four months. I at no point feel like I’m being left behind or that I’m being taught more than I could reasonable digest and comprehend.”

Caleb George – PSP – Days



“Caleb did an awesome job. I have a great grasp on Powershell!”

“Great training, instructor was very knowledgeable.”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – Sec+ – Days

“Kasama was very insightful in security +. He gave a lot of personal experience that helped and made sure to explain everything in detail and answer all questions that were asked.”

“Amazing instructor! Very knowledgeable and would never move on until everyone understood the material! Couldn’t have been better!”

“Fun and interesting style of teaching.”

“Best Instructor I have had.”

“Great class environment!”

“Awesome instructor”

Hai Hilvitz – WS2 – Days

“Hye explains things in a way that just click with me, I thoroughly enjoyed his classroom environment and all of the hands-on experience.”

“Hai is extremely knowledgeable and able to relate the information well. I also like the fact that he doesn’t give you the solution right away, but gives suggestions for you to figure it out yourself.”

“Highly engaging, quick to focus and easy to relate to.”

“Very impressed with my instructor, he really knows what he’s doing, and how to get everyone involved.”

“Great class and instructor.”

“I wouldn’t change anything, Hai is a great instructor. Patient and extremely helpful and informative. He also makes learning fun and interesting.”

Week of July 24, 2017

Chris Swatzell – A+ 902 – Days (Matt Neilsen Sitting)

“Chris was great”

“Chris and Matt were amazing. They both were able to quickly change how they were explaining things to suit any student that was struggling to understand. They were also very awesome at being able to take every lesson and relate it to real world. Matt was pretty invaluable when it came to real world knowledge and application. He could cover anything from help desk to corporate setting both large and small scale. Both are fabulous instructors.”

“Was truly and adventure. Between lecture and hands on I feel like every base was covered well and learning was maximized.”

“I think Chris did a pretty amazing job considering the amount of information he had to teach. His style is very effective in helping you to retain the information and is eager to spend extra time to make sure everyone was on the same page.”

Jerrod Wilson – ITPRO1 – Days

“Jerrod was really patient with everyone this week. I really apprecitate his help.”

“Jerrod has been absolutely amazing in helping with our builds in any way/shape/form he possibly could! Major props!”

Chuck Wieners – MVC1 – Days

“The instructor was very knowledgeable on course material. Easily able to elaborate, in understandable detail, when asked questions.”

Eric Reid – MVC4 – Days

“Great Teacher!”

Hai Hilvitz – WS3 – Days

“Hai is an amazing teacher. He’s always ready to challenge you and help you at the same time. He genuinely seems to like and care about his students and makes class interesting and fun. Hai will take his time to help anyone struggling and will make sure you understand what you’re doing at the time.”

“Very impressed with my instructor, would love to have him again in the future.”

“The class gets along well and everyone is extremely supportive of each other.”

Chuck Wieners – MVC4 – Evenings

“I really like the amount of notes that Chuck gives in class. It really helps out when he goes through the code with us and has us put notes in about why we are putting specific code in specific areas.”

Jeff Overhaug – WS1 – Evenings

“Very knowledgeable and breaks down content well”

“Great Teaching”

“I thought it was great”

Week of July 31, 2017

Chad Johnson – A+SRV – Days

“Great way of explaining things that i did not understand, great attitude, thanks for the class!!”

“Amazing amount of knowledge and has a great skill to help you get into a problem solving state of mind to help absorb information.”

“Great instructor, made the class endlessly enjoyable”

“Truly enjoyed the class. He made it a point to not only create a fun learning environment, but also make it a point to make sure everyone was on the same page and learning. At all times he was making sure that everyone was able to understand the material regardless of how many times he had to go over it and would even try different methods to help some of us learn it. Overall fantastic job.”

“Enjoyed the practical applications and instruction to remember ports.”

Jeff DeMaranville – DATA – Days

“Instructor was very knowledgeable on course material”

Jon Lindley – FED1 – Days

“Instructor made time to make sure I understood even when i was behind”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – WS1 – Days

“Lot’s of knowledge and the instructor knows his material.”


“Kasama has been a great instructor, he has presented the course material in a way that would be useful for us to use in a real world environment.”

“Very funny, very nice. Enjoyable to be around.”

“Kasama was fun and engaging. I had fun in his class learning”

“Very nice environment”

Jerrod Wilson – ITPRO2 – Days

“Jerrod always had good input to make sure that we didn’t put wrong information in our presentation.”

“He has been very helpful. Great personality.”

Jon Lindley – SSCF – Evenings

“He presented the infomation clearly. I understand every word he gave, and learn alot.”

“Very clear voice, and understand him.”

Craig Gerdes – O365 – Evenings

“Made me feel very comfortable with Word/Excel”