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November 11 02:28 AM

Classroom Experience - January 2021

Student Comments

  • “The instructor made all the topics easy to understand and had the information build onto its self (CMDLETS -> Variables -> Conditional Logic) So there was rarely a point where we used something that wasn’t taught to us. The labs were also very helpful since it gave us time to do research to find the correct CMDLETs and Syntax letting us.”
  • “Every bit as nice as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, etc. Centriq should be proud to show off their facility. However, the aspect that was the nicest was how welcoming the staff were.”
  • “I have approximately 2 years (8 hour days) of technical training from the military, approximately 140+ college credits (CCU, KU, Washburn), and I couldn’t begin to imagine how many days of “corporate” training. I share this to give context to I can honestly say Centriq exceeded my expectations this week. If this is any indication of the entire program it is going to be time and money well invested on my part.”
  • “Great Job! I genuinely feel like I’ve learned more this week than ever before in my life. Even though the class is really fast paced and I’m having a lot of information crammed into my brain every day, I still find it extremely easy to catch on to things the way you explain things and answer my questions.”
  • “The ability of all instructors to pause, and take time to re-explain in more detail any aspects or issues that students have. I really appreciate the cool, calm, and collective attitudes of all the staff at CENTRIQ.”
  • “Instructor was able to help struggling students as well as keep the class moving at a good pace to complete all of our material. Very friendly and helpful.”

Matt Neilsen – Security+ – Days

  • “This was a lot of information and Matt presented it in the best possible way. He made sure to highlight all the important details.”
  • “Learning all the different security issues that there are.”
  • “The labs to break up the reading”
  • “the material covered was very informative”

Adam Jurotich – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days

  • “Adam did a great job of making sure to keep us engaged and attentive.”
  • “Really enjoyed the labs and the way the instructor presented the material.”
  • “The labs that Adam created. The LOD labs were a good change of pace from lecture.”

Jared Long – Front-End Fundamentals – Days

  • “I appreciate when you make sure everyone is caught up on code-along before moving on”
  • “once again, Jared is by far one of the best instructors that I have had during my time at CENTRIQ. Cool, Calm, and Knowledgeable, with an eagerness to help his students. Thank you Jared for all that you do for us.”
  • “The interaction with the instructors and the delivery method for in the information that was presented.”

Jeff DeMaranville – PowerShell Programming for System Administration – Days

  • “Very personable and made it easy for anyone in our class to speak up with either questions or comments. Also showed control of allowing sidebars with students to give them a mental break, while also being able to get back to the topics as to continue our lesson.”
  • “I appreciated the positive energy that was brought to class each day! Sometimes it can take a little time to get going and want to learn so early in the morning but your positive demeanor made it a great learning environment. Thank you!”
  • “Did great at explaining things we had questions on.”
  • “He was great! Engaging, personable, we were able to joke around some and not be serious all the time. He also gave really clear instructions as to what he was doing or was about to do, and explained why we were doing certain things.”
  • “Great teacher with lots of experience and a clear passion for what he does. nothing negative comes to mind.”
  • “He did a great job. He made the topics interesting and explained them well. He had a good sense of humor which helped lighten up some of the more stressful days.”
  • “I really enjoyed how Jeff broke things down and we were able to put notes right into our code for reference later.”
  • “I really enjoyed working with Powershell. I’m excited to keep going, even though we only use it a bit going forward.”
  • “I loved that you can program the pc to perform tasks & simplify the job.”
  • “The personality and attitude of our instructor was my favorite aspect. Very personable as well as knowledgeable. A wonderful class.”
  • “Learning all of the deeper functions on the command line versus the GUI that I know now, I’ve taken for granted”
  • “Very hands-on throughout.”
  • “I enjoyed learning the code progressively, step by step, and the instructor was really good at laying it out in a structured format.”
  • “The instructor made all the topics easy to understand and had the information build onto its self (CMDLETS -> Variables -> Conditional Logic) So there was rarely a point where we used something that wasn’t taught to us. The labs were also very helpful since it gave us time to do research to find the correct CMDLETs and Syntax letting us.”

Chuck Wieners – FSWD Project Week 1 – Days

  • “Great Job!”
  • “Chuck is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor. He helped me with every question I had with no hesitation and explained it thoroughly enough that I can understand it. He is very organized and good at keeping us on track.”
  • “Great week!”
  • “chuck is so awesome. great instructor”
  • “Chuck just being a good dude”
  • “I have the ability to work at my own pace but in a competitive and helpful environment! I get to ask my peers, who are working on the same project and/or other projects, questions about how their code might differ from mine or what might be easier.”
  • “the free schedule to take breaks and lunch whenever you feel”
  • “The extended lab time as it gave me some experience in setting goals and a schedule for myself”
  • “we love chuck”
  • “Did a great job explaining things and has been a super nice guy while doing it”
  • “Even though I had a lot of questions and ran into a lot of problems, Chuck was extremely patient and knowledgeable when explaining concepts I didn’t understand the first time I learned it. His positive, but realistic attitude makes the class feel more productive and efficient. For feedback over the course as a whole, add more time for a collaborative workspace.”
  • “He did great guiding us through it”
  • “chucks the man”

Chris Nuckolls – C# Fundamentals 2 – Days

  • “He was well prepared for each class”
  • “Enjoyed the class. extremely well versed on the subject. Quickly added aided any student needing help. The examples of explaining how items worked were great.”
  • “Content was presented very well. Chris is so intelligent and humorous, and patient.”
  • “The Magic 8 Ball”
  • “The structure was well laid out”
  • “My favorite aspect was growing in my understanding of C#”
  • “The Dungeon application”
  • “I really liked expanding my knowledge of C#”
  • “teachers sense of humor added into the tough content”
  • “I continue to enjoy the company of my classmates and instructors. Everyone is mindful of each other and supportive as well.”
  • “Learning how to build the Dungeon project.”
  • “Instructor was very professional and stuck to his lesson plan.”
  • “Chris did an amazing job with the class! very pleased with his teaching style and how he managed to content to meet our understanding level as we progressed through the week.”
  • “Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Jajuan Elias – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days

  • “The hands-on labs are my favorite so far.”
  • “My favorite aspect of this part of the course was the reviews at the start of class. It helped me to retain the information.”
  • “hands-on labs creating a network”
  • “As always just that it’s all-new information. I love learning the new stuff especially when it’s interesting.”
  • “I still don’t know what Mr. Elias’s favorite song is.”

Jeff Overhaug – IT PRO Project Week 1 – Days

  • “Both Chris and Jeff were extremely helpful and more than willing to walk through and answer questions we had.”
  • “The hands-on experience with the physical servers and being able to cover multiple fields while troubleshooting with the team.”
  • “hands-on building”

James Caldwell – Front-End Fundamentals – Days

  • “James is always a pleasure to take instruction from. He is very aware of pacing and has a knack for meeting students where we are at and helping us get difficult concepts. He knows how to say the same things in different ways until it clicks, and his sense of humor makes it easy to approach him with difficult questions.”
  • “I walked into this class despising JavaScript, this guy did such a good job I can’t wait to learn more.”
  • “I like that Centriq has these nice templates and code along that make us look super slick to potential employers.”
  • “I was amazed at how much I like react given that a despise JS”
  • “Building in React was a lot of fun.”
  • “Thanks for the great classroom experience!”
  • “I love classes at Centriq. Such a beautiful and clean facility.”

Jim MacAuley – Windows Server Administration 3 – Days

  • “Jim was a fantastic instructor and made learning the class material fun”
  • “instructor made environment fun and laid back”
  • “being in class”
  • “My favorite aspect of the course was the labs”
  • “the “in-person” days”
  • “I really enjoyed doing the final lab in class, it was really fun to work as a group and design a network from the ground up”

Matt Schwarzenberger – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Evenings

  • “Being able to engage in larger topic questions with the Teacher”
  • “The labs we did”

Adam Jurotich – PowerShell for System Administration – Days

  • ”Thanks you for your Patience Adam”
  • ”Hands down one of the top instructors I’ve ever had! He challenges us when he knows we can handle it.”
  • ”Adam made learning Powershell a lot of fun. He did a really good job of having fun writing the scripts that still showed the fundamentals of Powershell.”
  • ”labs.”
  • ”The fluidity and the virtual format. I loved at it followed a tough 2 weeks of Net+ and served as a good break before heading into Windows Server.”
  • ”Learning the syntax of scripting.”
  • ”Loved this class! I also loved that it was virtual so we can see the scripts and problems that other classmates were experiencing. Definitely recommend keeping PS virtual when returning to in-seat course.”

Johnny Vitale – Linux Administration – Evenings

  • ”Johnny was very knowledgeable when it came to the Linux information and get a great job being sure that everyone understood what was being said even if it meant changing the wording a little to make sure someone understood. hands on with the labs.”
  • ”The new knowledge that we learned was great and exciting and then Johnny as an instructor made it even better. He was laid back and easy going but was able to be sure that we understood the content. He stated that he was a contract instructor, but I believe that bringing Johnny onto the Centriq team would be great for future students.”
  • ”The classroom and my fellow classmates mesh well together and it always makes it easier to learn and grow together.”

Jeff DeMaranville – Advanced C# and Technical Interview Prep – Days

  • ”Jeff was a great instructor. Engaging and a great sense of humor, he was clearly knowledgeable when it came to C# and MVC and was able to answer all questions quickly and succinctly.”
  • ”I like C# problem solving.”
  • ”Any time I get to use Method Syntax is a good time!”
  • ”I like the review weeks because I feel that’s when things really start to click that I’ve learned before.”
  • ”Excellent sessions this week. Thank you very much for your time and service.”

Matt Neilsen – IT PRO Project Week 1 – Days

  • ”Matt left us to work this out as a team, while still answering the questions we could not find solutions to so we could continue forward with the project. This created a great learning environment.”
  • ”The last two days putting it together.”
  • ”working on the servers.”
  • ”Hands on learning.”
  • ”I enjoyed this week very much.”
  • ”It was a great environment as always.”

Andrew Mackay – Windows Server Administration 1 – Days

  • ”Great job!”
  • ”Andrew was positive through the entire course, making for a positive learning environment and prepared lots of labs for the class. Everyone in class felt comfortable enough to ask questions at any point as well as feel comfortable to just chat about daily life! You also made sure to bring the attention back to the lesson if the side bar lasted to long.”
  • ”He was very patient & helped everyone figure out all the labs.”
  • ”Awesome instruction. Thank you for bringing a good attitude to class everyday. It was greatly appreciated and needed at 8:30 in the morning!”
  • ”I loved how lab heavy it was. Much more hands on.”
  • ”The cumulative lab we had at the end of the week. I appreciated being able to use most of the topics covered in class over the week.”
  • ”seeing the every day work of systems admins and help desk really helps to put everything learned thus far into perspective.”
  • ”the labs.”
  • ”I really liked the real world application of Microsoft.”
  • ”Labs and hands on learning.”
  • ”That it was very lab heavy.”
  • ”This one was great. Thank you!”
  • ”Everything in class went well! Learned alot from the class as well as have it all stick relatively well. Also got to spend most of my free time studying for my next Cert which was nice!”
  • ”Andrew was great, he was very relatable and personable. This created a very comfortable work environment and really helped the whole class flourish. I appreciate the fact that he was willing to go above and beyond if someone did not understand something.”
  • ”it was as great class the instructor did a great job.”
  • ”Everything was good. No complaints.”
  • ”At no point did we have connectivity issues or voice issues learning. Sharing screens with the class also helped with learning from other students problems.”

Jeff Westerhaus – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Days

  • ”Jeff is nice, I like him.”
  • ”The instructor was well versed in the knowledge of the material.”
  • ”I asked a lot of questions and he was on point helping with pretty much every one of them.”
  • ”CertMaster helps immensely.”
  • ”My favorite aspect of this course was going through the instructor-led labs.”
  • ”Labs.”
  • ”The labs worked really well with the way I was learning and that part of the course I felt like I was really on top of.”
  • ”The instructor was hugely engaging. Made for an awesome week. You shouldn’t have any qualms about his teaching he is on point for sure.”
  • ”CompTIA Learn is a great resource that I have been using a lot.”
  • ”I am learning more every day. Just need to keep going over what was taught.”

Jim MacAuley – Linux Administration – Days

  • ”Hands-on learning environment.”

Jeff Overhaug IT PRO Project Week 2 – Days

  • ”Jeff did a really good job of getting us ready. The preparations and practice were what we needed to solidify all previous preparation.”
  • ”everything.”
  • ”The flexibility of the options for us to speak about.”
  • ”Jeff was the best instructor that I got to learn from here it Centriq. There wasn’t anything he didn’t have the answer to, and always took the time to explain anything to anyone.”
  • ”When on-prem happens again, this needs to remain an on-prem course. This is the final get together, and the glue which brings us together is an awesome thing to celebrate.”

Jenna Beckett – Front End Development 2 – Days

  • ”Jenna is awesome. Glad we had her for javascript and I hope we have her for more courses. She explained things (and re-explained things, if needed).”
  • ”She was wonderful! Very punctual and patient.”
  • ”I loved getting to see the finished projects first and then beginning the code-along so I could have a mental picture of what we were coding.”
  • ”Jenna was great at explaining things and she was very understanding if we needed extra help.”
  • ”Learning basic JavaScript and how it interacts with everything else.”
  • ”Jenna was great.”
  • ”seeing what changes I’m making on a webpage in front of my eyes, unlike C#.”
  • ”javascript was fun to learn and implement into my projects.”
  • ”The pace is good and plenty of material to learn from. The instructor was very patient with everybody.”
  • ”I believe I’m on the right path.”
  • ”A nice change of pace after C#.”
  • ”Glad to be back in the front-end.”

Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundation – Days

  • ”You were awesome! You kept class entertaining as well as getting us prepared for the upcoming weeks!”
  • ”You’re awesome!”
  • ”Really enjoyed the intros to the technology side at the beginning of the day.”
  • ”I have never had an instructor that was able to give out the information we needed to know, and then be able to go even more in-depth on the topic and still have it make sense to people that have never seen the information before.”
  • ”Great combo of professionalism as well as active class engagement to interest the students.”
  • ”I thought the class was great. It is always nice to have a teacher who enjoys the subject matter so much that you get to see them nerd out over it.”
  • ”Frank did an outstanding job of not only explaining both technical topics, as well as professional development topics. He then supported them with real-world examples that made it easy to apply the concepts and the significance of doing so. Frank also made sure we were all engaged and had the opportunity to ask clarifying questions to ensure we were actually grasping the material being covered.”
  • ”Frank has been phenomenal at explaining the content and engaging with each student. He is a large part as of why I would already recommend Centriq to anyone interested in starting an IT career.”
  • ”I really enjoyed speaking with the Centriq graduate. I really appreciated that Frank would answer most of our questions even if it was getting ahead a bit. He only held off when he knew it would be covered more extensively later.”
  • ”My favorite aspect of this course was the presentations. I didn’t realize that I would struggle with speaking in front of new people, as I never have before, but it really helped me identify some things that I can work on to avoid having these issues in the future.”
  • ”How detailed the course was.”
  • ”I like how we were able to dive into the technology side, even if it was just minimal knowledge.”
  • ”Learning how to set up professional social media.”
  • ”The ability of the instructor to give the information and then elaborating on that information so everyone is able to understand the information.”
  • ”Meeting my teammates as well as learning a small amount of information relevant to the subject.”
  • ”The class size is great, even if everyone has a question there are so few of us that it always plenty of time to answer everyone.”
  • ”The opportunity to expand my knowledge and begin the process of furthering the developing of my skillset.”
  • ”The engagement and team environment.”
  • ”The focus on the importance of soft skills.”
  • ”Learning About IP addresses.”
  • ”I enjoy the way the class is presented.”
  • ”Pflumm did a great job of keeping students engaged and allowing them to ask questions. He helped all of us stay together as a team and helped out the people that were struggling in certain avenues.”
  • ”Frank is a great teacher and I am sad that I only had him for one week. He is very engaging with all topics. He tries his best to teach students with their way of learning even if that does not match his own. In my experience when the teacher comes across a learning style different from their own they become hands-off since they do not know how to contribute.”
  • ”Looking forward to working with them.”
  • ”Keep Frank at all costs.”
  • ”A great introduction to the things to come.”
  • ”This class was a lot of recap for me, so I feel very confident in my abilities for next week.”
  • ”I have approximately 2 years (8 hour days) of technical training from the military, approximately 140+ college credits (CCU, KU, Washburn), and I couldn’t begin to imagine how many days of “corporate” training. I share this to give context to I can honestly say Centriq exceeded my expectations this week. If this is any indication of the entire program it is going to be time and money well invested on my part.”
  • ”I feel that Frank moves at a pace that is accommodating, yet flowing.”
  • ”This course was well taught and easy to understand.”
  • ”It was great to get a refresher.”
  • ”The course objectives were defined.”
  • ”Great way to ease a new student into the subject without overloading the student with new information.”
  • ”In addition to the lecture, I also found it helpful for me to have the content from Canvas upon an additional monitor and follow along with that way while taking notes. This was helpful because often a drawing may be needed to further illustrate a topic. By having the content up it allowed me to see my notes, the drawing, and the original slide as a further explanation was provided.”
  • ”Everything about the course curriculum seems on point.”
  • ”Friendly.”
  • ”The classroom was set up well. It made it easier to stay involved and keep up with the lecture.”
  • ”The two days I was at Centriq I was comfortable in class and I didn’t have any distractions.”
  • ”Every bit as nice as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, etc. Centriq should be proud to show off their facility. However, the aspect that was the nicest was how welcoming the staff were.”
  • ”I felt very comfortable in that environment.”

Chuck Weiners – FSWD Project Week 2 – Days

  • ”I thought the week went really great, I really enjoyed how chuck treated it like he was our project manager and instead of just showing us how to fix stuff, he gave us the steps to do it ourselves”
  • ”I enjoyed getting to present my code, i felt that this helped me better understand the code as well as gave me some great experience in presenting”

Adam Jurotich – Systems & Security Career Foundation – Days

  • “Very informative and helpful. Gives great advice to help students.”
  • “Tuesday’s “orientation day” really made me do some hard self evaluation, I’ve started critically thinking about my life and how I need to not let meaningless things ruin my self worth, and that the things in the past are truly in the past. I’ve dealt with depression for a long time but I’ve never had anybody present it in this way. It was a wake up call. Thank you, sincerely.”
  • “he is amazing instructor, took time to help every student that was having trouble and didn’t try to rush”
  • “Adam has been the most understanding/knowledgeable instructor I have had in quite a while. He cares for our class and genuinely wants us to succeed. I feel honored to have such an insightful instructor.”
  • “Instructor is very knowledgeable on all topics. I feel comfortable in approaching him with any questions comments or concerns that I have.”
  • “I have never had an instructor that engage the class room with such a dynamic yet comfortable atmosphere while still relaying important and needed information. Pulp Fiction”
  • “Adam Jurotich is a great person for teaching. He has a nish for this, great at explaining the lessons and information provided.”
  • “Makes learning a new skill very comfortable”
  • “Very open and moves at a pace comfortable for me.”
  • “Adams’ Teaching style”
  • “The satisfaction of knowing that my time isn’t being wasted, that this is really going to help me land a career. That my time matters here.”
  • “getting conformable about being unconformable”
  • “Learning things I am passionate about.”
  • “So far the way the material is presented is very informative.”
  • “Favorite part of the course this far would have to be the way its taught and presented.”
  • “The ease it was to ask questions”
  • “everything is going as good as it possibly can be for the first week of new training.”
  • “Freaking awesome. I love learning this way its really interactive and hands on. Very easy to follow and learn.”
  • “Summed up pretty much in my course content.”
  • “I feel that the material is a lot but fortunately Adam is such a strong instructor, he makes it to where anyone could learn.”
  • “I really like the pace that this course has. Its fast but yet not to fast.”
  • “It was a very new experience. Learning was very easy the way information was provided.”
  • “The course is very interesting and full of information. I love learning more than just about anything and keeping myself constantly chasing that high is refreshing from my daily warehouse job.”
  • “The curriculum has been great. It makes learning a difficult subject simple.”
  • “Instructor explained everything he wanted us to do thoroughly.”
  • “Great presentation of the lessons and information that he had provided the class.”
  • “I love my group of classmates, and I look forward to growing more with them.”
  • “Adam has created a completely safe and fun environment for all of us to learn and grow to reach our potential.”
  • “the class room was very well set up, even while abiding by Covid regulations.”
  • “The classroom environment was very open and free feeling.”

Chris Dunbar – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days

  • “Once again the instructor was on point for the nation.”
  • “He is extremely knowledgeable over the content and really tries to give different perspectives of the material. His use of drawings were extremely helpful. I like the way he explains real life scenarios and how it will be actually used in careers. Its hard to know how the things you are learning will relate in a job aspect but he helps bridge that gap. I liked his method of laying out the day and preparing us for what we were going to learn and do. Overall, his teaching methods I think will help me retain the information. I would like to thank him for a great week!”
  • “very informative with a laid back delivery. Very encouraging as well.”
  • “Killed it brother. Really enjoyed having you as an instructor.”
  • “Chris was an AWESOME instructor. Keep doing what you do!”
  • “I thought the flow of this week was great. The extra time to go back through things after lab was also helpful.”
  • “Tying in real world experiences to textbook lessons helped me learn.”
  • “I really enjoyed talking about the security portions of this course and can’t wait for Security+ week!”
  • “the amount of practice available for the information provided”
  • “Keep on keeping on :)”
  • “The resume building tips from Wednesday have been extremely helpful!”
  • “easily to get in touch with when needed.”
  • “I really like going through and doing the CompTIA practice questions and PBQs. The LOD’s”
  • “The way you explained the curriculum from the book and how it has real world affects really help me get a better understanding”

Matt Schwarzenberger – Security+ – Days

  • “Instructor has great delivery”

Andrew Mackay/Jeff Overhaug – Windows System Administration 1 – Days

  • “I thought Andrew was fantastic and was a great choice for the first week of WSA as it is the introduction for the next 3 weeks. Jeff was also super knowledgeable and a great instructor.”
  • “as per usual, the labs. I especially like the culminating labs at the end to see how we do pulling all information together thus far”

Jared Long – Project Management for the Developer – Days

  • “Overall fantastic job this week!”
  • “the ability of all instructors to pause, and take time to re-explain in more detail any aspects or issues that students have. I really appreciate the cool, calm, and collective attitudes of all the staff at CENTRIQ.”

Jajuan Elias – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Days

  • “Even though I had some issues this week with my internet you did what you could to help me. I really appreciate it. Also you gave me great advice on how to get more comfortable with the components on a motherboard that I was not confident in at all.”
  • “Helpful and easy to understand.”
  • “Was able to answer questions and was helpful when someone in the class fell behind.”
  • “My favorite aspect this week was terminating Cat5 cables”
  • “Fun .”
  • “I liked learning about all of the security aspects, as well as learning to setup VM’s.”
  • “Learning how to make VM’s”
  • “Hands on Labs”
  • “The labs were fun and since i’m more a hands on learner it instilled more confidence than just studying.”
  • “Course breakdown”
  • “I really liked the hands on with the machines in labs and the quizlet games.”
  • “Learning to build Virtual Machines”
  • “Well put together.”

Matt Neilsen – IT PRO Project Week 2 – Days

  • “Matt was very helpful in getting us ready and helping us convey what we were trying to present in a effective way”
  • “matt is a great instructor and it has been a joy to learn from him”
  • “Matt is an amazing instructor. I highly recommend him.”
  • “Doing the presentation at the end.”
  • “The hands on team work”
  • “Hands on learning.”
  • “I am very happy with the curriculum.”
  • “It was a fantastic environment to learn is as always”

Jim MacAuley – Windows Systems Administration 2 – Days

  • “Jim is everything I could have wanted in an instructor. Knowledgable, patient, and just an overall pleasure to learn from.”
  • “Really great class. I like how you review what we did before and after.”
  • “Awesome instruction! Thank you for bringing your positive energy and knowledge to class everyday. One of my favorite topics so far!”
  • “Jim effectively explained what we were doing and gave clear instructions. I really liked that he recognized on Monday that it had been awhile since we subnetted and he went back through it with us. Also appreciated that he shared things we will learn/do in future classes so we are better prepared.”
  • “Very lab heavy. I like that a lot.”
  • “the hands on parts of this course help draw things together and it makes sense”
  • “the labs”
  • “The ability to use this in the real world”
  • “Hands on activities / labs.”
  • “The labs are stressful but of course necessary and I feel so much better about the material after doing them – I need that hands on/visual reinforcement! I feel so fortunate to have the class that we have, and Jim encouraged us to help each other and gave praise when we did so.”
  • “I could hear him & everything was fine.”

Chuck Wieners – Project Management for the Developer – Days

  • “I love the visuals!”
  • “Chuck was very helpful at providing the guide to clean up views with styling suggestions and also was able to easily answer questions without totally giving the answer away…I felt like he was able to guide us to the right path in order for us to answer our questions on our own, which I feel makes us stronger devs than just solving the problem for you at the beginning.”
  • “Finally getting details on documentation!”
  • “I liked the experience of power programming”
  • “The group coding activit”
  • “This week was a great deal of fun working with a partner and I feel a lot more confident with MVC now that we’ve had a full second rep of all these steps.”
  • “Love classes on campus”

James Caldwell/Jenna Beckett – Front End Development 1 – Days

  • “James did an excellent job at making sure that all of our questions were answered completely, and he was very knowledgeable on all of the topics that we covered.”
  • “It was obvious they were prepared. Overall, the content was handled well.”
  • “Great Job! I genuinely feel like I’ve learned more this week than ever before in my life. Even though the class is really fast paced and I’m having a lot of information crammed into my brain every day, I still find it extremely easy to catch on to things the way you explain things and answer my questions.”
  • “Everything was great”
  • “So far the coding languages.”
  • “When I look back on the beginning of the week, I actually know far more than I did before I started.”
  • “The patience’s within my teachers.”
  • “I love the content, canvas, Jenna, James, and the support system of centriq. This course was a great introduction to coding and I’m excited to move forward!”
  • “I really liked the communal aspect of everything. Slack, to be specific.”
  • “I like coding because I’m making something real”
  • “James is doing great, super kind and encouraging. I love that he preaches against impostor syndrome, which we all get, especially when we feel stuck on something. All in all, it’s been a lot, but great. I rest confident knowing that I can go to any of the instructors for help in something and they will do all that they can to assist me.”
  • “Overall I’m very happy!”
  • “I love the atmosphere of the class, and I can’t wait until we get to Java and C#”
  • “I’m not giving up baby!”
  • “I’m trusting the process.”
  • “I would like to stay in contact if that is fine with you.”
  • “James was always checking in after every concept.”
  • “This perfectly fits my learning style”
  • “Everything went very smoothly for me.”
  • “Love the content, love the structure, love the order stuff is presented in.”
  • “Good amount of content for a week’s time.”
  • “Everything was fun and engaging”
  • “Great classroom environment. James did a stellar job working with people who “just weren’t getting it” and bringing them up to speed.”
  • “I’m on the comfort of my own bed, so it’s all good”

Chris Nuckolls – Front End Development 1 – Evenings

  • “I really enjoyed Chris as our instructor. I sincerely hope we are able to have him again!”
  • “Chris was great, I really enjoyed his good learning environment.”
  • “I loved creating the “web sandbox” as time went on for practice, and as a reference for the future.”
  • “How small the classes were and the level of detail/ attention given to help me thrive.”
  • “I really enjoyed Chris, he made the classes fun and excited me with the content to learn more. I hope I will be able to see him again on my journey, great guy.”
  • “The material given to use allowed for efficient reusability of the work to really solidify my knowledge.”
  • “I felt comfortable in the Zoom meetings, it felt both professional and relaxing.”
  • “I learned a lot, the methods used helped me understand the material well!”

“Matt Neilsen – Windows System Administration 2 – Days”

  • “Matt is clearly qualified to teach this course. He has had no issues answering any questions I’ve had. When we do a lab, he always has us try to figure our problems out before he walks us through them. I appreciate that style a lot, it allows me to learn much more than if he was to just give the answer.”
  • “labs”
  • “As always, my favorite things are the labs. I like that they build upon themselves.”
  • “It’s tough to choose an individual aspect of this course as my favorite. Everything in this course culminates into one bigger picture.”
  • “Matt is good”
  • “I think the course curriculum is great as is. I like how it is structured one layer at a time in what seems to be a great order.”

“Chris Nuckolls – C# Fundamentals 1 – Days”

  • “Chris is absolutely amazing! I wouldn’t ever want to have anyone else teaching me C#!”
  • “They were fun and engaging with the info”
  • “Good pace, it was obvious there was planning and the instructor stuck to the plan.”
  • “The structure of the course broke very complex and abstract topics down into very manageable pieces. And Chris is absolutely amazing!”
  • “It was challenging but the challenges help me pull the concepts together.”
  • “The labs were very fun to work on! Even when they busted my brain, haha”
  • “I love middle tier development. I can’t wait to get more content on C#.”
  • “Applying old knowledge to new concepts.”
  • “Everything is going great!”
  • “Chris is EXCELLENT. Great job all the way around, between inclusivity, clear explanation, and I really appreciate that he makes us think through things before giving us the answer to make those gears turn inside our heads instead of spoon-feeding us the answers. Great job, 10/10 (or 9/9, I suppose)”
  • “Chris was a great instructor for CSF1. You need someone who can stick to a schedule for this much content, and he does, while still trying to cater to our learning styles.”
  • “I know that it gets really difficult at some points, but I feel supported and that I will not be left behind were I to get stuck on something.”
  • “Chris is a great guy.”
  • “I was able to focus well in this environment, no concerns here.”
  • “Tough subject matter but the great class structure did amazingly to mitigate that.”
  • “This was paced very well, in just 5 days I am ready to enter the next level of C# even though this is the most challenging thing I have ever done.”
  • “The mini-labs were EXCELLENT in helping to solidify new things in my mind. Also, it was incredibly helpful that Chris posts the nightly homework in a discussion topic located at the bottom of the modules page. I believe that should be common practice across all the courses, if it isn’t already.”

“James Caldwell – Introduction to Data – Days”

  • “He once again was really prepared and helpful”
  • “Great job of balancing getting throught Content and making sure everyone was keeping up and understanding the content”
  • “I really liked TSQL as a straight-forward language”
  • “Learning the concept of how data is organized”
  • “just solving some of the lab problems”
  • “I always enjoy learning a new technology or how do the same task in a different way than i already new how to do”
  • “Creating our own database.”
  • “It was nice to have a returning instructor, I look forward to seeing the previous instructors again as well”
  • “James is always great.”
  • “The word problems for the week regrading SQL were very helpful.”
  • “This was the easiest content to learn”
  • “I feel like i have a good understanding of most of the stuff we covered the few things i remain confused on i feel like i will understand better as i continue to get reps in on them”

“Chuck Wieners – FSWD Project Week 1 – Days”

  • “very helpful, cool, calm and easy to understand instructor. very knowledgeable and capable of delivering material in a way that a new coder can understand. Thank You Chuck for all that you do!!!!”
  • “Lifesaver during certain issues. Very good overall. Really cool guy.”
  • “Chuck was fantastic. Perfect balance between technical help and non-technical “coaching” us to deal with our personal mental hiccups.”
  • “Chuck is an absolute gem. He can answer questions so quickly, because it’s as if he’s seen all the common errors and knows just what is broken and why.”
  • “Very helpful environment.”
  • “I feel very prepared to go into the field after this project gets done and presented.”

“Adam Jurotich – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Days”

  • “He was extremely helpful and patience with us all.”
  • “Adam continues to be an amazing instructor. He Consistently shares his knowledge and experiences to help not only me but the entire class learn and feel comfortable with all the information.”
  • “Instructor had an efficient way to present rather challenging information”
  • “Great teaching strategy. Keeps people engaged.”
  • “as usual very comfortable learning environment”
  • “Adam assures us every day that we should approach our learning as if we are alone in a room (just the 2 of us). I appreciate that.”
  • “All the juicy information and working with Adam, he’s a great teacher. Very patient and willing to work with you no matter how long it takes.”
  • “Learning to make the VM’s.”
  • “Being able to understand concepts that before I would have had no way of knowing or performing”
  • “All of it”
  • “hands on labs.”
  • “Building the virtual machines.”
  • “Taking apart a P.C”
  • “Learning how to build/upgrade a desktop.”
  • “Adam makes learning the information fun and entertaining.”
  • “Anything hands-on.”
  • “I think I said this last week, but I’ve never felt happier with my schooling. I’m so glad that I took the jump and came to Centriq.”
  • “One of the best instructors I have ever had.”
  • “Adam is a great and patient teacher. He has answered everyones questions with great and informational answers.”
  • “My curiosity makes me want to know more in the moment, but I’m happy to wait until we reach the point where we talk more in-depth, great course material and presentation!”
  • “I’ve never had an instructor/teacher teach as fast as he does and as detailed as he does. It sticks and taking good notes helps me remember everything that he says.”
  • “its alot of information taught throughout the week.”
  • “I have learned a lot of information in a short time and surprised that I have retained as much knowledge as I have.”
  • “everything worked as expected.”
  • “information was presented very well. Answered questions very well.”
  • “There is a lot of information but wasn’t overwhelming.”
  • “While the course information is extensive, its formatted in a way for any common person to be able to understand.”
  • “despite having alot of material shown this week, retention was a lot better than expected. Teaching style helps alot with this.”
  • “Learned a lot in short time and retained a lot of information thanks to the way it was presented.”
  • “Kept the students safe.”
  • “very comfortable classroom even while abiding by COVID standards.”
  • “Always a great environment to walk into.”

“Jajuan Elias – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days”

  • “Jajuan was very open to questions. He was responsive and patient when explaining things”
  • “Kept class fun and interesting.”
  • “I really like his teaching methods.”
  • “Instructor was able to help struggling students as well as keep the class moving at a good pace to complete all of our material. Very friendly and helpful.”
  • “I really enjoyed the hands on portion. Playing with hardware was fun.”
  • “My favorite aspect of this course was doing the actual labs and getting the hands on experience.”
  • “easy to understand.”
  • “Group networking lab”
  • “The labs to help my knowledge and understanding of the material.”
  • “Learning all the information to use in the future.”
  • “Increasing my foundation of something I came in woefully ignorant about.”
  • “Easy to follow material and easy to piece everything together so far.”
  • “The Network Lab”
  • “I really enjoyed the labs and being able to learn with a hands on style.”
  • “Excited for the next course.”
  • “I pickup on stuff very quickly and am able to memorize stuff relatively easily. I am looking forward to advancing my learning and moving forward in the course.”
  • “Really enjoyed the labs.”
  • “The material was well organized and met a variety of different learning styles. Even with over half online we were still able to learn adequately.”
  • “I feel like the class became closer this week with more group activities and studying together”
  • “We weren’t in the classroom very often because of COVID, but when we were it was comfortable and was well setup for the for the current COVID situation.”

“Jeff Overhaug – IT PRO Project Week 1 – Days”

  • “Excellent Instructor”
  • “Physically connecting networks in classroom”

“Chris Dunbar – Windows System Administration 3 – Days”

  • “Learning imaging and of course the labs”

“Matt Schwarzengerger – Security+ – Evenings”

  • “Very well groomed clean shaven and him liking star wars was pretty cool”
  • “Instructor and classmates”
  • “The instructor”

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