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November 11 02:31 AM

Classroom Experience - January 2020

Week of January 6, 2020

Jeff DeMaranville – FSWD Project Week 1 – Days

“So amazing. For real. Jeff is a whiz.”


Steven Russell – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Days

“Steven has been awesome. It is not always easy to keep attention during lecture but he really tries to keep the vibe in the room up and interactive. He will not move on from the topic until he knows we have an understanding. He is quick to help and give up his time to help. He keeps us on track without getting too far down a rabbit hole. His personality keeps the vibe super positive.”

“keep the theatrics and energy! Outstanding stories and wonderful insight into the field.”

“Awesome instructor takes the time to answer any questions. It is objective and does a very good job of maintaining focus. Best instructor so far.”

“Did the best job yet of not letting the class get distracted by questions or students storytelling.”

“good energy and great speaking skills”

“very passionate about IT”

“well structured, fun and enjoyable.”

“We need more cowbell”

Chris Dunbar – Windows Server Administration 1 – Days

“I appreciate the no one left behind mentality the instructor has demonstrated during the entire class”

“This is the fourth week we’ve had Chris and every single week, he’s helped us out. He’s gone out of his way to be able to help anyone who needed it and it was a pleasure having him as much as we did.”

“As always, great to have him as an instructor. Still enjoy the music playing during labs and the labs themselves are a lot of fun and a good learning tool.”

“The instructor was very knowledgeable in all the material and answered every question we had.”

“Very good”

“The Instructor created a fun environment and made learning easy”

“Instructor goes above and beyond to help students understand the track concepts”

“The classroom was lively, it was nice to be able to get away from a book for a while.”

“It was upbeat and fun. Made the learning experience better.”

“I believe I am the least knowledgeable student in the class, but every time I ask for help the instructor is always available and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure I better understand the course content”

“Honestly I wouldn’t change anything we did in this class. It was nice to be able to see things come full circle, just like all the instructors have been telling us it would.”

“There is nothing I would change.”

Chuck Wieners – MVC3: Advanced MVC – Days

“really did learn how to Determine the state of a Boolean efficiently (joke)”

“I loved the set up of learning something then getting lab time to do that same thing. It helps me better grasp what we are learning”

“Had a great week in class. Thank you for all the help”

“I like how we went over quizzes”

Chad Johnson – Linux Administration – Days

“Chad was one of the best instructors out of the bunch. He was very informative and helpful”

“Chad Johnson is a great teacher!”

“was very knowledgeable and very helpful with the learning aspect and was a great teacher”

“Chad did really well as an instructor. He waited for everyone to be on the same page and made sure we all understood the content.”

“Everyone in this building seems to love this man.”

“Instructor was very friendly and knowledgeable about the topic he was teaching. When asked questions, he provided a detailed explanation and related it to an enterprise environment. We were also provided plenty of lab opportunities to gain repetition and experience. Great instructor”

“This class was a great introduction to Linux”

“The classroom setting was very much geared around learning and helped me learn a lot”

“Chad has a great ability to get the whole class involved”

“Great classroom environment.”

“Great class. 10/10”

Jon Lindley – FSWD Project Week 1 – Days (STL)

“He helped a lot with fixing problems and explaining things that we could use that we haven’t covered”

Matt Neilsen – Security+ – Days (STL)

“Matt is a great teacher. He really understands the subject so well and his explanations help boil things down very very well”

“Matt is a great instructor”

“Good mix of fun and work. Felt like I got a lot out of the course in the short week we had”

Adam Jurotich – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days (STL)

“Adam deserves a 10 without a doubt.”

“Instructor did a great job alternating between labs and books to keep the class involved and coherent.”

“The instructor made the course material interesting and digestible.”

“thank you for keeping it stress-free today, I fell like I’m grasping these concepts and labs well but please continue to be patient with me”

“Always clean and professional”

“best teacher”

“Great camaraderie between students”

Caleb George – Windows Server Administration 3 – Evenings

“Great instructor”

Week of January 13, 2020

Chuck Wieners – DATA: Intro. To Data – Days

“Chuck did a great job of making sure everyone understood the material and adding extra notes where students needed them. He is a great instructor!!”

Steven Russell – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days

“Steven did a great job keeping the class on target of our daily tasks. While still opening broad discussions on certain topics for the class to have questions answered. Pushing through his own ailments was a huge sacrifice by himself to complete the two weeks of the course as well. I am incredibly pleased with the course.”

“Makes it very clear what matters in the real world and on the test, good knowledge of the material, would love to have him for Sec+ of any other classes.”

“Steven was awesome to have as an instructor. He is full of knowledge. His energy and attitude keep the class upbeat and attention kept. His passion for learning is absolutely present. He is respectful of note-taking – he always stops to allows the time to prepare yourself for note-taking and will always take a pause for everyone to complete their notes. He understands that some of the information can be intimidating and is quick to break it down to a level of understanding to where you able to take it in. It would be nice to be able to continue the rest of the track with him as the instructor. While I understand why we end up with different instructors, and I have had great experiences with all so far, you develop a level of comfort and understanding between the instructor and students and then the next course beings and you have to start all over with someone new. I think it would make the track better if the instructors didn’t change so much between courses as our time at Centriq is short.”

“As I stated, Steven is full of knowledge and shared as much of it as he could. I never felt rushed or unprepared for labs.”

Jeff Overhaug – Security + – Days

“Jeff is a fast talker and has literally memorized the security + book. He knows the information front and back. He will stop everything to answer any question that anybody has, even if it is from prior to the book. He will backtrack and make sure everyone in the class is caught up to where he is in his lecture before he continues.”

“Jeff was great!”

“Jeff was a great instructor and he helped when anyone had a question and he also made a class that was very bland material and made it interesting and informative”

“Instructor was excellent overall and did an excellent job relating the topics to the field. When asked questions, he did an excellent job giving a detailed response while also relating it to the field in order to give us a better understanding. Great experience overall”

Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundation – Days

“Great job”

“You can tell the instructor has lots of experience in group settings and with presenting information and training people within a program.”

“great job of giving an overview of career experiences you are likely to have, and what to do about/with them.”

“Mr. Pflumm does an amazing job teaching and instructing.”

“The first week was great, Pflumm is a very likable guy and his stories are engaging and have a purpose.”

“So far I’m very satisfied with the course and believe it is set up very well”

“I felt the training content was effective.”

Chris Nuckolls – C# Fundamentals Part 1 – Days

“Arguably the best teacher I’ve ever had. Great sense of humor. Don’t be discouraged by all us being awkward, you’re funny.”

“Chris is an outstanding teacher. I really enjoy having him as my instructor. He uses real-world examples to make understanding the content much easier, and his jokes make the class lighten up too.”

“I wouldn’t change anything”

“I LOVED all of the mini-labs in class. I felt like they gave me the opportunity to stretch and figure some stuff out then have it explained by the teacher. If anything could improve the content I would just ask for more of those.”

Jeff DeMaranville – FSWD Project Week 2 – Days


Jenna Beckett – Front-End Frameworks – Days

“Jenna helped all of us so much with our questions. Also, appreciate the feedback on personal site to get my gears turning again”

Chris Dunbar – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Evenings

“Chris was very good and was able to break things down to simple learning.”

“This guy really knows his stuff. I’m happy he is our instructor”

“The training was above what I expected”

“Nothing… it’s perfect.”

James Caldwell – Front-End Development 1 – Evenings

“Instructor knows his stuff and is able to effectively communicate his knowledge to the students. I also enjoyed seeing his real-world projects to see how what he’s showing us is used in deployed websites.”

“The experience of working in a real-world application makes a lot more knowledgeable”

“Enjoyed the class. Look forward to exploring this content in my free time!”

“No change. The curriculum is laid out in a logical manner.”

Week of January 20, 2020

Caleb George – IT Project Week 1 – Days

“I enjoyed the instructor”

“Caleb helps us get to the answers we need. He points us in the direction but does not give us the answer. He makes us work for it like we should be doing and he’s not being overly helpful.”

“The instructor was very friendly while providing explanations about the topic at hand when asked questions. Great instructor overall and no complaints.”

“This class provided a great practical work experience”

“Relaxed atmosphere, but we still have the urgency to complete our project.”

“Great classroom environment”

“Great environment and class overall”

Chris Nuckolls – C# Fundamentals Part 2 – Days

“Killed it. Thank you.”

“We have plenty of opportunities to ask for extra examples and practice in class. Thank you for hearing our suggestions and doing awesome with answering our questions!”

“Chris is great. Coming from a more traditional 2-year school he is much more approachable and explains things in much more plain English than any of my professors did.”

“Very skillful with providing engaging presentations of course materials/exercises and provides accurate real-world examples to represent coding concepts”

Jeff Overhaug – Windows System Administration 3 – Days

“Enjoyed the group mini-project and incorporating new elements into our build as we became more comfortable with the whole process. Email server added to our domain.”

“Jeff kept the class engaged the whole time, the labs we did we as a team or in groups.”

“Honestly I wouldn’t change anything the class.”

Chuck Wieners – Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep – Days

“Even when I break things we talk through how to fix them and talking through has helped me fix these issues when at home. You’ve pushed me to make sure my personal site is the best it can be. Favorite instructor!!”

“Chuck helped me understand the concepts we reviewed this week at a high level. I feel way more prepared after this week. Glad to have him for the next week as well. Thank you!!”

“Always fun and happy classroom environment.”

“Room 205 good as always!”

“I like that you provide real-world examples. It helps to know that what we are learning we could possibly see in our jobs”

“I really just enjoy lab time. I think this class has a good amount of lab time and time to work on projects built into it but I think that having that time to reaffirm some things in your own head is awesome.”

Chris Dunbar – PowerShell Programming for System Administration – Days

“Wonderful at power-shell, and teaching it”

“Chris did a good job to answer all questions or curiosities about Powershell. There is a huge field of what is actually in PowerShell, and we learned a lot of extremely helpful tips. This class will definitely help students excel in the field.”

“A wonderful ability to include PowerShell in scenarios that matter, mixed with just enough fun to keep the interest of the class. Outstanding work in showing examples and walking through it.”

“Chris Dunbar is a really good instructor, I am very happy to have had him for Powershell week. His knowledge of the program is vast and he helped me get to understand the program and how it can be useful in a professional environment. Additionally, Chris does a great job of keeping the class on track and limits side-conversations. He is also very helpful when errors come up and take the time to get the syntax straight.”

“Powershell was a tall task to learn, however Chris did an outstanding job not only teaching but showing patience as well. His calming presence was vital to me being able to understand this program.”

“Thanks for adding a Hyper-V New VM script at the end.”

“Again, Chris is awesome. He is a knowledge bank for PowerShell. He was willing to push the class as far as we would allow. It was great and has spiked my interest in becoming more and more knowledgeable in PowerShell.”

“Classroom environment was good. Nice desks and chairs, decent monitors.”

“Chris is awesome! He kept the vibe in the classroom positive and engaging.”

Andrew Mackay – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Days (First Teach and on his 3rd week!!!)

“I think it was his first week but he did great after the first couple hours and the nerves settled. I really enjoy his personality and comments/jokes on the subject matter.”

“He did a great job:)”

“For a new instructor, I felt he did a very good job, and had a lot of practical experience to apply to teach”

“really good overall”

“His style and choice of clothing are great.”

“He did a great job :)”

Steven Russell – Windows System Administration 1 – Days (STL)

“Steve was awesome this week. Did a great job of relaying information and material while keeping it fun and interactive.”

“The instructor did a great job of coming up with things to challenge this class as we progressed past the scheduled material.”

“Clearly explained the subject and helped you understand the subject”

“Instructor was fantastic, he answered every question and was hilarious”

“I wouldn’t change anything”

Adam Jurotich – Systems & Security Career Foundations – Days (STL)

“Instructor is very knowledgeable about the subject. I feel comfortable learning.”

“I felt very confident asking ant question bcos I know that he will willing to help me what whatever I need help whit”

“I legitimately cannot find a fault to declare in this. I couldn’t be more excited about an instructor. I think Adam’s emotional intelligence and general sharpness make him apt to cater to every student’s particular learning style, which is a fast-paced course such as this is completely invaluable. Because of these initial impressions, I have no anxiety about falling behind in course material for this portion of the program.”

“Easy to understand and welcoming. Understands everyone’s different personalities and works with them in a way they understand. Has helped me slowly with my issues with speaking in front of others. Very knowledgeable about what he is teaching.”

“I think he outstanding and tries his best to make sure everyone understands the material.”

“adam has been great his class has really helped with my confidence”

“Adam has a unique teaching method that engages each student on their knowledge level.”

“I’m glad I have the opportunity to embrace the experience I need to resolve my problem in using computers systems”

“The classroom layout, I believe, utilizes concepts of interior design effectively to create an open space that’s conducive to learning. In addition to this, Adam himself displays an exceptional ability to make every student feel as though his sole attention is focused on them throughout the entirety of his lectures.”

“The content is good as it currently is. So far everything is going smooth and easy to follow and understand the importance of what is being taught.”

“Not at all.”

“I would not change anything.”

“Adam continually ties all training into real-world scenarios and also ties his training into what to expect when we are graduates.”

Chad Johnson – Linux Administration – Evenings

“wish I could give a 10”

“Great instructor! Always makes sure everyone is on the same page, never leaves anyone out!”

“Chad was very helpful and would point us in the right direction when we would stray. Very good instructor.”

“Chad is cool”

“The class was very stress-free. Chad was great.”

“Chad is a great instructor and is excellent in having us learn by encouraging us to try on our own after instruction. He then helps each of us individually to work through areas that challenged our success.”

Week of January 27, 2020

Chris Nuckolls – C# Fundamentals Part 1 – Days (STL)

“Chris has done a fantastic job of teaching this class. He responds to questions with precision and clarity; as well as helping us to think rather than only telling us the answer. He presents the information with repetition, analogies, and humor; and that has helped me to remain engaged in what is being taught.”

“I like when he gives us a base for next class presentation so that we have a better understanding and have heard a little of it before the more detailed information the next day.”

“The instructor has shared valuable information beyond the text. He has given examples of questions that might be asked in interviews as well as personal experiences that taught him something valuable.”

“Chris was personable, funny, kind, and patient with us. His repeated use of terminology helped work that in on a sub-conscience level. He was tops!”

“Chris is very good, keeps the class interesting and answers questions very well.”

“you are a great teacher”

“Overall the instructor was very good. I liked the way he presented to the class every day. Also, I like how he gave us real-time examples with every problem.”

“The environment is fun and congenial to what we are learning. I’ve been able to learn in an enjoyable atmosphere with optimally running equipment.”

“The atmosphere of the classroom is great!”

“love the teaching process”

“I love how he kept it moving and very engaging.”

“The training so far has given me more than just info but has helped me to think like a developer. When I work through labs, I’m equipped enough to apply my understanding rather than just copy down an answer from notes”

Adam Jurotich – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Days (STL)

“Really knows what he is teaching and wants everyone to succeed.”

“Adams great I learn new stuff every day”

“Adam will answer any question that is asked.”

“very well-spoken, knowledgeable, and patient with any and all questions asked by the class”

“Classroom aids are great. Very good hands-on material.”

“I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“The content was good, cannot think of anything I would change”

Jeff Overhaug – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Evenings

“Positive and motivating tone. Shows a willingness to help students.”

“Fun, energetic environment.”

“Teacher was very positive and knowledgeable.”

Chuck Wieners – Project Management for the Developer – Days

“Great at explaining the steps to fixing a problem or when I’m very much having a roadblock”

“Great instructor with excellent techniques to help us solve our issues.”

“Always light and happy!”

“This week was great. Content worked well and enjoyed the time to build the website.”

Steven Russell – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days

“awesome job and did great with keeping class engaged.”

“Instructor was awesome at keeping the class engaged and stressed important topics.”

“He did a great job :)”

“Definitely one of my favorite instructors to date, made learning more enjoyable and sitting through class a lot easier Did a good job Steve… for an Army vet”

Eric Reid – MVC2: MVC and Data Integration – Days

“Eric was great at keeping everyone on the same page and answering all of our questions.”

TJ Boone – Front End Development 1 – Days (Taught full class during first co-teach)

“Your example and description of Tables in HTML on Friday was very well put, you accurately described what each table tag represented and showed it in relation to the displayed table which was very clear and more of that style of explanation would go a long way.”

“Over the week of teaching your presentation style and board work have improved.”

“TJ, you’re gonna be a good teacher. You made the class really enjoyable and kept it super lighthearted.”

“The content is solid, I can definitely see why all the topics being covered are important to Front-End development.”

“Thank you for helping us get our sites made!”