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November 11 02:35 AM

Classroom Experience - January 2019

Week of January 7, 2019

Jenna Beckett – Team Development – SDLC, UML,& Pair Programming – Days

“very helpful”

Chad Johnson – Linux Administration – Intro to Linux, DHCP, Email, Firewall – Days

“Chad is an excellent Instructor.”

“Chad is a fantastic instructor.”

Jeff Overhaug – Networking Fundamentals 1 – CompTIA Network+ and Intro to Cisco Devices – Days

“I really enjoyed class this week. I was able to ask a question when needed and answered immediately.”

“Princess Overhaug was a good instructor and did well explaining to his captive subjects the course content and keeping things engaging and interesting. Princess Overhaug graciously answered our questions and was overall a fun and engaging instructor who made the subject matter very interesting.”

“the instructor’s ability to answer questions and explain in layman’s terms really help understand the subject matter.”

“The class was fantastic and I enjoyed every minute of it.”

Steven Russell – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Windows Network Infrastructure with DHCP, DNS, and Routing – Days (STL)

“amazing instructor. always willing to help, and make sure that you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.”

“My favorite teacher so far and will probably stay that way. He knows his stuff and breaks everything down to the simplest explanations. He gives you help when you ask for it but also pushes you to do things on your own.”

“Mr. Fredricksen Squirrel!!!!”

“Instructor kept things light and humorous in a very overwhelming environment which helped me not be so stressed.”

Caleb George – Microsoft Windows System Administration 1 – Active Directory, Server Core, RDP, and RSAT – Days

“Caleb was very helpful all week, any question anyone had in the room he was quick to help and had a lot of knowledge on the subject.”

“talks great and really lets you think and try to solve it, which, I like”

“The new classrooms are very nice”

Jason Presley – Introduction to DATA – SQL, XML, & JSON – Evenings

“I so much appreciate Jason’s compassion for all of us as working adults who are trying to balance work, school, and families. He advocates for self-care along with learning, and I feel much more calm and confident going into the 2nd half of the track. I love his real-life examples for the content he teaches – this really helps with understanding the concepts.”

“LOVE the lighting in the new building classrooms SO MUCH more! My eyes are not so tired at the end of class. I had no idea how much the dim lights were affecting me before.”

Week of January 14, 2019

Derek Duderstadt – C# .NET Fundamentals 1 – Introduction to C# Language & .NET Framework – Days

“Always answers our questions clearly and concisely. Encourages us to ask him questions. Always patient and positive. Relaxed but professional”

“Excellent at engaging with students and making sure he is teaching at the pace the students are learning. When the class was grasping everything well, he would give examples of some advanced material. When the class was struggling, he slowed down and made sure everyone was on the same page.”

“Derek is a great instructor, very informative and entertaining.”

“Derek has been a great teacher, always checking if anyone needs help, always making sure we ALL get it before moving on. Keeps the class fun and entertaining, honestly one of the best teachers I have ever had.”

“Amazing job! It shows that you care and are knowledgeable about what you teach. I have enjoyed the first week into my new beginning and am excited for what’s to come.”

“The instructor responded positively to student comments. The instructor did a good job of deferring questions that will be covered later in the track until the appropriate time.”

“Thanks, Derek!”

“Derek’s great! He made what is for me a very difficult subject seem accessible.”

“Things just got better through the week. All of the students in my class really hit it off on day one as far as who we were sitting next to and by Friday the whole room really felt like a unit.”

“Love the atmosphere and my classmates.”

“Not only has our instructor been amazing but also my classmates and the environment!”

Eric Reid – Full Stack Development Project – Deployment & Employer Presentation – Days

“Eric was quick to help when needed and gave great advice!”

Jon Lindley – Full Stack Development Project – Deployment & Employer Presentation – Days (STL)

“Greatly appreciate all of the presentation practice. Definitely helps to calm my nerves and work out problems in my speech.”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – Cybersecurity Essentials with CompTIA Security + – Days

“Kasama made the course easy to learn.”

“Great instructor.”


“I would not, this training is perfect to help us understand the concepts and pass the exam.”

Frank Pflumm – Systems and Security Career Foundation – Days

“Pflumm does a great job of keeping everyone entertained while staying on track and providing just enough light humor combined with great knowledge.”

“Pflumm is one of the best instructors I have ever had and I have had at least 20 in the last 5 years. Not consecutively BTW”

“He’s great on of the best teachers I’ve had”

“All questions are answered when asked. There is a lot “why” explanation that couples with facts that are explained.”

“extremely personable instructor.”

“Frank Pflumm is a top-notch educator! I can’t say enough great things about him.”

“Pflumm’s knowledge of the technical skills and his ability to explain the importance of soft skills is a perfect introduction to what it is that Centriq does. He clearly cares, and that in itself is enough to boost my motivation.”

“Pflumm Sauce is the best sauce”

“Classroom environment is welcoming and open.”

“Pflumm is an excellent teacher and lecturer. I am pleased to be in his class because he is personable, knowledgeable, and thorough in his explanations.”

Chris Nuckolls – Introduction to MVC – Model, View, Controller Fundamentals – Days

“Chris is great, it is really helpful the way he explains things”

“Very knowledgeable and funny. I definitely enjoyed learning from Chris.”

Chuck Wieners – Advanced MVC – Design Patterns, Unit Testing, & Advanced User Interactions – Days

“daily retrospectives were great”

“The daily rewind documents were a helpful aid in remembering what was done previously.”

David Ray – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Windows Network Infrastructure with DHCP, DNS, and Routing – Days

“Sensei Ray brought us into his dojo of networking and did his best to show us the path to a solid connection, his training was good.”

Caleb George – Microsoft Windows System Administration 2 – DM, Permissions, Shares, DFS, Shadow copies, Backup, and Group Policy – Days

“Caleb helped me in any misstep that I had while learning the material”

“I really like the new building and learning environment”

“I like the labs, the quick guides are very helpful”

Jeff Overhaug – Networking Fundamentals 1 – CompTIA Network+ and Intro to Cisco Devices – Evenings

“Jeff is obviously one of the most knowledgeable instructors I have had in this track so far. This is clear in how he teaches his course with minimal looking into notes/material, everything is in his head and he knows it front and back. This is very assuring as a student as I feel I can clearly trust him in his teaching and I can trust the knowledge he is imparting to me as a student. Also, this makes me feel very confident in coming to him with questions in the future.”

“The best I’ve had at Centriq so far.”

“I enjoyed learning from this instructor”

“Nice new building you got here…”

Week of January 21, 2019

Chris Nuckolls – Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep – Days

“Instructor’s ability to provide real-world experiences and examples: He had amazing analogies that made learning or reviewing whatever subject as simple as possible.”

“Chris very good in getting the class to think through issues they were having and good at relating the material to the real world”

Derek Duderstadt – C# Fundamentals 2 – Complex Datatypes & Collections – Days

“very interactive. Always reading body language and noticing when we as a group need to stop for a moment and talk things through to hit the reset button.”

“Excellent at making sure all students are following along without slowing down enough to frustrate students who are up to speed already. Knows when to stop and prompt students for questions even when they are not asking them. Can lead students into questions that they were having trouble formulating themselves.”

“Derek was again a great instructor. Always made sure we understood before moving on to new content, checked frequently on how we are doing, clarified any content we had questions on and kept the content entertaining enough to help us keep interest in it.”

Jason Presley – Introduction to DATA – SQL, XML, & JSON – Days

“Jason is actually the BEST instructor we’ve had so far. (My opinion, at least.)”

“Data is really my forte! LOVED THIS PORTION!”

Frank Pflumm – CompTIA A+ Essentials 1 – Hardware, Devices, Networking, and Operating Systems – Days

“Pflumm is the man.”

“Pflumms overall knowledge is very broad and thorough. Any additional questions that arise he is always very happy to explain further. He is one of the better teachers I’ve ever had.”

“Always willing to make sure students understand before moving on.”

“Pflumm’s classroom environment is open and welcoming.”

Hai Hilvitz – Comprehensive Systems Project – Design, Build and Deploy – Days

“Hai is a fantastic instructor. Breaks things down in a way so every student can understand it.”

“It is an excellent course”

Chris Dunbar – Systems and Security Career Foundation – Days (STL)

“This is my first week with Chris but I already feel confident enough that I will be able to handle the pace of the program and fully comprehend the materials that we will be covering. I appreciated his thoughtfulness in mixing authentic hands-on working world knowledge and anecdotes with the necessary information that we will need to navigate into trying to not only secure employment but maintain hopefully long-lasting, successful IT careers. I greatly appreciated the feedback offered on our rough drafted elevator pitches and how we can improve them over time and practice and repetition.”

“We have an informative, honest, and patient instructor in Chris. I hold in high esteem each one of those qualities!”

“Again, Chris is very aware of relating subject matter and real-world experiences.”

“Chris was very good at answering questions and providing detailed feedback including real-life examples when possible.”

“The classroom had a very welcoming environment.”

“This being the first week for me and having maybe a basic understanding of technology, the pace of this week will help me going forward to know what to prepare for.”

“So far, so good. Easy to follow, very necessary, and as a result, I am more confident already.”

“I wish I had known this program existed before now. Currently, I am transitioning careers. The amount of material presented and retained is surprising. The spirit of everyone that I had the pleasure of interacting with is the same, uplifting, supportive, genuinely concerned about all of our success. This is an enlightening spiritual journey for me that happened right on time. Thank you!”

David Ray – Microsoft Windows System Administration 3 – Days

“David was very helpful with any question I had during the week”

“the course was easy to follow and we had a good pace the whole time”

Chad Johnson – Linux Administration – Intro to Linux, DHCP, Email, Firewall – Evenings

“Can chad teach the entire track? Serious question.”

“Chad is the best teacher I’ve had since starting at Centriq.”

Jeff DeMaranville – Microsoft Windows System Administration 2 – Evenings

“Jeff remains one of my favorite instructors. His patience creates a very safe learning environment. He excels at reiterating new concepts. I love his positive teaching style.”

“I really appreciated the step by step instructions (pdf) Jeff gave us to be able to replicate what we’ve done and taken time to answer our questions thoroughly.”

Week of January 28, 2019

Steven Russell – CT-19-NET2: Networking Fundamentals 2 – Windows Network Infrastructure with DHCP, DNS, and Routing

“Steven is an amazing instructor, great at teaching and helping others understand the material he is trying to teach. I give 5 out of 5 Gold Stars!”

“Steven challenges me in a way I’m just not used to. There were more than a few times in class where I felt overwhelmed by the material and ready to throw things, but Steven had a nicely unique way of bringing me/other students back down to Earth, I appreciated this very much, and it helped me grow and learn the material.”

“I feel like I have learned more from Steven.”

“I really enjoyed our class doing the labs we did!”

Frank Pflumm – CT-19-A+902: CompTIA A+ Essentials 2 – Security, Server, Cloud, and Help Desk Support

“Pflumm is the man. This guy literally makes me excited to learn.”

“Pflumm is one of the better teachers i have ever had. He takes what is a lot of information to absorb and makes it easy to understand and digestible for someone who has had no prior experience in the field. He taught me subnetting without driving me crazy.”

“Whatever you need to do to keep Frank Pflumm as an instructor at Centriq, you need to do it. Both of my parents were teachers, so I spent all of my formative years around educators. At an early age I became acutely aware of what qualities make an above average educator. (I even married a teacher.) My theory about what makes a great teacher has been proven time and time again during my years of college and during the countless hours of corporate training classes I sat through over the last 30 years. Frank embodies an amalgamation of the best qualities of many top educators I have witnessed over the years. 1. First and foremost, Frank has an excellent grasp of the subject matter he is teaching. 2. Because of this he is able to relay this information from many different angels to make certain it is both relatable and understandable to the entire class. 3. He welcomes questions and checks to make sure we all understand by regularly asking, “Does that make sense?” 4. Frank effortlessly interjects humor into his delivery, making even the most monotonous subjects easier to digest. 5. He is also brings his real life experiences so we can see how what he is teaching is applicable to us as new I.T. professionals. 6. It is easy to see that Frank takes his job seriously because he cares very deeply and takes full responsibility for the personal success of each of his students. This is most evident when he stays after class to give every student who needs one on one help until we are able to understand confusing concepts. Finally, when I came to Frank after the first week of class with my concerns about being able to learn everything I needed to, and feeling like I was drowning in too much information, he was able to talk me down off the ledge and helped me to see that I needed to get out of my own way. He used his own experience as a student at Centriq to reassure me that I had made the right choice in enrolling and give me the hope that I needed to keep going. It is unfortunate the technology doesn’t exist to clone Frank so he could teach my class the entire track.”

“Pflumm’s classroom environment since i’ve started has been very welcoming and transparent. I enjoy this environment.”

Jonathan Lindley – CT-17-CSF1: C# Fundamentals 1 – Introduction to C# Language & .NET Framework

“Jon really makes the class interesting and encourages learning.”

“Great class so far, looking forward to the rest!”

Chris Dunbar – CT-19-WS1: Microsoft Windows System Administration 1 – Active Directory, Server Core, RDP, and RSAT

“very patient and willing to help. provides a relaxed learning environment which makes class less stressful”

Chad Johnson – CT-19-A+901: CompTIA A+ Essentials 1 – Hardware, Devices, Networking and Operating Systems

“Chad is willing to answer anything we need help with.”

“For someone like me who is very new to IT, I appreciated Chad’s real-world and relate-able approach to covering a wealth of material in five short days. I liked the honesty and constructive criticism on elevator pitches and presentations and the urging for us to come out of the program successful in order for us to reap the benefits. This week made me feel more confident about IT because of Chad’s “If I can do it, you can do it” attitude.”

“Chad is GREAT!!! Some information presented was so fast my highlighter was smoking. After going home and daily study of the material it all came together during labs. At the end of the day, the pace was very relevant.”

“Chad did a great job a sharing his knowledge with the students. I enjoyed the learning process.”

David Ray – CT-19-PSP: Microsoft Windows PowerShell Programming for System Administration

“David supports students with their learning beyond the classroom by offering extra academic support and provided clear and accurate formative feedback to students on their performance indicating what they need to do to improve.”

Jenna Beckett – CT-17-FED1: Front-End Development 1 – HTML5, CSS3 & Frameworks

“Very responsive to students. Answers any and all questions confidently and quickly. Able to assist struggling students quickly without delaying the entire class.”

“she’s an amazing person and I loved her as an instructor. Very creative and inspiring.”

“Is amazing. Very knowledgeable and also does a great job at explaining it in a way to understand it easier. Can tell that she enjoys her job which makes for a positive environment.”

Eric Reid – CT-17-MVC4: Distributed Computing – Dependency Injection, AngularJS, & Web Services

“Best instruction given yet. Feels clear coming across with hardly any misunderstanding. Had just the right pace too.”

“great job sharing information”

Chris Nuckolls – CT-17-MVC2: MVC and Data Integration – Connected SQL, Entity Framework, & n-Tier Architecture

“I like Chris, he is really passionate about what he likes.”

“Chris does a great job at tying everything into real world examples and thoroughly explaining concepts.”

“This week was good and challenging.”